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  1. seen this in the unreads today and had to go check it out. What an epic read. @_matt - I'm very jealous of your talents, loved the build thread so far!
  2. Leone

    Sound deadening

    Would you Guy’s still put felt down in between the sound deadening and carpet or will only carpet over top of sound deadening alone be sufficient?
  3. Leone

    Sound deadening

    Thanks guys for the quick reply guess kilmat is the go... cheers
  4. Hi guys Sent his is possibly the wrong place for this. But I’m keen to try and make my car as quiet as possible as far as road noise go... I have seen the likes of dynamat and When I was talking to a carpet manufacturer they recommended putting the felt back in. Just wondering what the best combo is of an older car? Did a search but couldn’t find anything conclusive. Cheers
  5. I'm not sure.. I'll have to did thru the receipts but there are from central so well could be...
  6. Sure.. can I keep 4x4 haha? not keen on de sprang but certainly a lol lower and a lil wider offset might be applicable in the future
  7. To discus the build/progress etc etc
  8. Got this as daily hack. have fixed a fair bit of cancer. Ideal plan is to tidy up as much as possible without a full ground up build....maybe a set of custom rims.. dont have a lot of photos as such but here is one I took before I bought it. The previous owner lived it so I'm continuing the legacy Discussion thread
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