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  1. I have registered and paid.... forgot to put a reference but name on form and bank are the same... Also put my preferred car but that might not be an option... see earlier comment about taking the daily lol. See yall there.
  2. yep thats the guy i messaged, be nice to add to the history, just one peice missing, and he might have the answer...
  3. Found a Mark Sheehan on FB, whose profile which looks exactly like the type of person you descibe above.... so sent a message fingers crossed haha
  4. quick restart of the laptop and suddendly pics are good to go.
  5. After the luck i had finding owner number one, i thought I'd try reach out to other owners using details from old invoices and once again success. I text the number and after a bit of exchange, they thought it was a bit scammy getting a text out of the blue from a random number talking about a vehicle that was some time ago.... anyways got some history and pics of the car to add here... Which leaves I think two owners which I havn't managed to get ahold of, but it would be interesting to try and track them down... just to complete the story... this owner sold to the Americans and i got it from them, the owner was being deported from overstaying and the rust was extreme when I first got it but they were not even worried about it as it was nothing compared to what was on the road where they live in the states. Might add pics here... the rust is extreme lol History so far, pretty sure this is a NZ New built in Waitara, and shipped to DN, I know one of the people who was working at Subaru Dunedin doing prepurchase inspections/modifications like towballs as a pretrade or apprentice type work - he has a contact for me to reach out to see if any more history/stories of the old days selling subies, whcih could be quite interesting. Original Owners >Sheehan Family possibly Wanaka based > Unknown woman in Glendhu Bay > this chap > Americans >Me.
  6. Randomly going thru the box of reciepts i found an original owner's manual which had intials and a last name, bit of sleuthing later i made contact with the original owners. Both in thier 80's and still living in Dunedin, after a bit of a chat I asked if they had any photos or history of the car, they asked for my address, and i forgot all about it - fast forward a few months and my kids ring me exited to say that an eldery couple showed up to look at my car (and they showed them, in the shed...full rust repair mode with windscreen out, covered in newspaper and dust etc etc) they then left these photos and said it was a great car, all thier children learned to drive in it andused it for camping adventures For some reason i can't add the photos to this post( but could to the one above) so will update it once i figure out the issue.
  7. Geezzz.... its been a while since I updated this, continuing to fix rust in a 6 monthly cycle, the visor got stolen off the car sitting in my front yard in CHC so have replaced that, found some wheels off an old rally car with flipped centres, had them repaired and painted, got some lowering springs and wound down the tortion bars, managed to make the cover pic of a FB haha - based on the pic below - must have been talking about wrecks . The motor has been pretty tired for some time and i have been ummming and ahhhing about a rebuild vs some kind of late model replacement as conversion is pretty straight forward, I would love to diesel convert it but no real options that will work...easily. Wish i had cleaned the wheels.....
  8. voted yes... might be in a new car tho, few months to ID the issue and get it back on the road. Also could i surgest getting people to pay the cost way ahead of the time, then if people pull out last minute it doesnt affect everyone else.. (sorry for my last minute pull out on the NI trip just been)
  9. Ill endevour to come along, i guess i need to send the car back to the workshop.
  10. I see your needing to track down brake and cluthc masters... if you dont go new, there is a guy with a few of these (or other mazda utes of similar vintage) stored behind a shed in rangoria..if you get stuck LMK, and ill track a phone number down for ya.
  11. Im possible to be traveeling but if not im keen to help out. Im not so familiar with these, but can hold a torch or pump the breaks or something
  12. For color surgestions, Cream, deep brown... or painted to look old... below is what i dream of... probally real expensive but dam! This is a wrap... but you get the idea
  13. another vote for no flares... plus a 2nd one from the misso
  14. nothing in the SI on Trademe, any other recomendations for a bare minimum bike on a budget?
  15. Altho i dont have suitable transport (yet...something might pop up with the right price point that would do 75KMs/hr), i wouldnt rule a trip out and if i was going on a big roady (similar to this or nats) then id like to hit as many cool spots/things as possible.
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