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  1. dmulally

    Phosphoric Acid Metal Prep

    Sounds like it needed a bit of scuffing first.
  2. dmulally


    I guess so but you'd be sanding for aaaages afterwards and then buffing
  3. dmulally


    It is for my C20. I cant decide on a colour and it has far too many rattle can touch ups for my liking. You know the ones where they thought nobody would notice but just looks crap.
  4. dmulally


    Hey, does anybody know what the legalities are in driving around a vehicle in bare metal/only a clear coat?
  5. dmulally

    Bike carbs sizing

    Not that I can recall. Even if it were sidedraft it would have some problems. I think if I pulled the carbs apart and had 1" straight tubes it would be ok. But I needed to angle the runners and that pushed them out a little. It is up and running now with the weber so I won't be looking at bike carbs again. They are in my ever increasing parts bin for shit I shouldn't have bought.
  6. dmulally

    Fiat 500D-Any tips tricks or advice

    What do you need to know specifically? I used to have one in italy about 20 years ago.
  7. dmulally

    Gav’s Honda N360

    I'd personally not bother but then I drive like a nanna both on and off the track. Providing you could weld some plates with captured nuts in the right areas, I'd make it bolt in. But if you're not circuit racing I wouldn't bother as it would be unlikely that you'd be T-boned.
  8. I have not only a C20 vanette, but an SC12 and a commer van carb hat. All can be had for rip off high prices.
  9. dmulally

    Non cross-flow motors - what is out there ?

    Are the mounts on the front of the engine or middle? I have a sunbeam rapier engine in my commer van with a lexus 6 speed. If doing it again I would look at a nissan vanette diesel with 5 speed as it has a cable shifter. I have one if you want one. Either that or enlarge the dog box and use a holden red. A Daimler V8 will fit length wise but probably not width.
  10. dmulally

    Damo's Crap

    Looks similar to a holden grey or red motor 3 speed box. If doing again Id go holden red with an auto and just change the diff.
  11. dmulally

    Damo's Crap

    Sorry Flash. Just saw this. It is a four on the floor setup. The shifter sits in a cup that is attached to a long shaft that curves round the engine and makes a cable shifter feel precise. Even with the Lexus 6 speed you kind of throw it in the general area and it will find gear.
  12. dmulally

    Damo's Crap

    All of the parts have landed from the UK and naturally the only part Im awaiting is a brake line from the local Pitstop. I handed my reat one in to plumb in a rear balance valve. I also put in a new brake master. Hoping that fixes the sagging brake pedal. The other two god awful jobs I have completed were bashing the inner lip of the rear guard and putting in a bronze bush to sort the gear change. I have no idea what the original bush was made of as the housing was empty. I assume fag paper or bread knowing Rootes Group.
  13. dmulally

    Damo's Crap

    Im pretty much waiting on parts at the moment and with not much else on and a relunctance to start a new project, I got the lister up and running again. I forgot how quiet it is.
  14. dmulally

    Damo's Crap

    Welded up a carb cover for the twin choke weber. Ill have to bolt it all in properly and open and close it 50 times for it to fit smoothly but it should work ok.
  15. dmulally

    Damo's Crap

    Fitted a towbar today. Just doing odd jobs whilst waiting for brake drums to be machined and parts to fly in from England to help with gearchanging and brakes.