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  1. Good work Pete, keep it up.
  2. Can you change your thread title when you actually decide to make it faster, so I know when to check your thread again, because these updates are boring as fuck Roman Dayfe...
  3. Dieselmeken is THE diesel dude in the world, just send you pump to him and it will come back with like 300 hp of dieselness inside.
  4. Wait, steeb has a 454 and decided to buy a RFB, what the fuck is going on? Also, +1 for other projects so this thread can die in peace...
  5. Sounds like you need DieselMeken.
  6. 60 psi isn't a high fuel pressure Roman, so that won't have made any difference. I would say you just have shit in your tank, pull it and clean it properly if reliability is on your priority list, I have seen shit in a fuel tank cause all sorts of problems.
  7. LOL, Do a LS swap...
  8. They didn't do that last time i did one, they just give you a piece of paper that you have to say that you own it and its legit and then you have to get it sighted by a JP et al, easy peazey.
  9. Bike revinning is easy as, just take it to any vtnz, costs like $100 and they give it a wof and make you pay rego when it passes.
  10. Have you had the head flow tested with a velocity probe? What about if the air is going supersonic and becoming turblent?
  11. Good to see this thing up on here Pete, great work so far!
  12. As much as you like your carbs, if you supercharge it you should definitely go efi your life will just be better haha
  13. You have thought about this way too much Dave, nitrous is a very well known quantity and all of the products involved work well by all acounts. we have a couple of cars at work that spray 500-700 hp into carb fed motors with no problems.
  14. You are on the money Dave, there really is great things to be done with nitrous. I'm looking forward to seeing you battle evenly with a car for a few laps and then blast past down the straight. Good jerb.
  15. FYI Flauski, I have nothing but good things to say about China carbs, so there is at least one person out there who thinks they are OK. Fingers crossed for you Russ, hope this thing runs as good as it looks.