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  1. @Beaver Yea mate I'm in, I am still looking for a bed on the second night.
  2. @datlow Sweet Man, That would be great. I'll pm you for deets.
  3. Sweet Deal Boys, I'll get on it. @HighLUX Yea mate, if you have a spot going i'm in.
  4. OK, so I'm keen, I pulled Maria's YB100 out of the shed and it runs, so I will give it a tickle up and get it legel Beagle. Is the first page a good indication of whats going on, or can someone give me a tl,dr? Also, Is anyone going through Taupo that might have space to get the bike to Whakachangi? I'm happy to pay gas etc.
  5. Dave, you have basically confirmed the reason you tune itbs alpha n instead of map, good jerb.
  6. What rocker ratio and seat pressure are you running that needs 1/2" push rods? We have big blocks and hemis running 4-500 pound seat pressure on 7/16" push rods, so unless you are even close to that 3/8" should be fine.
  7. If you have no money then start reading and do it yourself, there isn't much too it if you follow the instructions, but beware that it is like physics, in that if you just know how to plug numbers into formulas, but don't really understand why, then you will have a much harder time making it work than if you spent a bit of time to learn what each thing actually does.
  8. I'm not sure I would restrict the overflow of the surge tank, if that is what you are talking about?
  9. But Good job on checking the simple shit first.
  10. Also, I might have jumped the gun, I forgot you are running a MS!, so I don't think it can do PWM fuel pump control, soz babe.
  11. A fuel cooler is definitely not needed for an application like this. As for how to fix it, my bet would be running another fitting into the fuel tank and plumbing the return in there. Your MS should also be able to control the fuel pump with the built in PWM so hook that shit up too, as it makes a diference on over pumped cars. Also to answer your question about fuel pump voltage making a difference, yes, it makes a huge difference and will effect your fuel pressure significantly, which you should be logging is you aren't already. Use the technology Alex!
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