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  1. +1 interested on the answer to this, as have the same calipers referenced for the rear of the RX3.
  2. Must be a good feeling to have it done and outside. Looks bloody good man good shit!
  3. Things are progressing slowly in the background, Have had my new PP'd housings and front cover over at Toby to get the maddog polish, Shit they came up so good. Plates are getting the casting marks smoothed on them currently and then painted ready for the engine to be assembled. Iv been trying to work out how the jigsaw of the dash/heater/glovebox etc etc all goes back together from a box of a million screws and bolts and a whole lot of parts. Taking its time but getting there. want to make sure anything missing or broken is acquired before final assembly.
  4. Eventful few months for the Impala. Gave her a bit of a once over before the wedding Doctor Cuts in the Mount gave her a good spruce up full cut/polish and groom before our wedding. And damn it came up good. A bit of much needed love after 12,000 + km of abuse. The grill i got from the states when i built the car was supposedly "triple chromed", looks more to have been "flash chromed" as had no copper coating underneath etc. It has flaked off over the years of driving. Thought id fix that up. Had Toby from BOP Polishers strip and polish the factory grill off the ca
  5. So the 235 rear main seal sage continued for quite some time, Old guy came round and reviewed my work and confirmed infact i had done the seal correctly but the rope was too "thick" even though it was from a 235 gasket kit. So i got another, and it was the same, This old fella spoke with his mate who was a ex old school engine reconditioner now retired who told him they used to use teflon gland packing so give that a shot, Found some appropriately sized at a local hardware store, 6.5mm2 from memory, wacked that in and the motor turned still so we were on to a winner.
  6. yep just 3/8 bundy tube type stuff we straightened out and bent to suit.
  7. Yep the pushlock fittings, just put the hardline straight into my Accuair VU4 Manifold and then a pushlock fitting on the other end for the soft line to go into.
  8. I just run 3/8" alloy tube from memory when i did the hardline in my boot.
  9. Sweet ok thanks for that @KKtrips & @cletus . might need some keeper springs to satisfy that then....
  10. @cletus couple of questions for you Whats the story with suspension droop. I feel like iv been told you need 35mm of droop when jacking a car up to pass a ?cert? , cant remember exact details. Is this right or am I dreaming? Also the multi fit spacers are a no no from what iv seen on your insta storys etc, are there any spacers apart from full bolt on ones that are legal (eg the hubcentric ones with only your stud pattern on)? just need to clear wilwoods with flat faced wheels. Cheers
  11. Got my new front end in for a test fit, Then a mate bought round some 15" SSR Longchamps so gave them a test fit. 15x8's on the front, and 15x8 on the rear with a 20mm adaptor and stock width diff (my diffs 20mm narrower) so will be able to run a fair bit more dish Pretty happy with how they look!
  12. Have been using the old girl a fair bit, The Mrs got me a epic pencil drawing done for my birthday of the car last year. The brother took a mad shot of it a while back i just found again, one night. Bent a axle a couple of beach hops back some how so ended up getting some dutchman axles out of the states that were a bit beefier than standard, nice bits of kit and reasonable price Late last year had a bit of a hick up, Was jumpstarting the truck out of the boot of the Impala on a hot summers day, All of a sudden there was a huuuggeeeee ban
  13. Progress has been a bit slow but things are happening slowly. Have found a 4.8 ratio b1600 diff head to rob the parts to regear my 4.1 ratio B2000 which will be a heap better for the PP N/A motor. Have all the brake parts now including bundy tube to make new lines up, a mates making brackets to mount the rear calipers to my diff. Motor still being done, Toby BOP Polishers has my housings and front cover to polish and a mate has my plates to smooth and paint. Have been keeping a eye out for a OG steering wheel, unicorn shit to find and $$$$$$ usually, managed to find one th
  14. Well made it to Beach Hop....Just Took it to Tauranga for a fundraising car show at Repco for a mate the weekend before, Started making weird noises an running like shit which resulted in a afternoon of mucking round on the side of the road and ending up with a tow truck ride home. Looked good before we left though! Hers a vid of it making some noise with the siren hooked up, shes bloody loud. Towed it over to Beach Hop and spent half of Beach Hop mucking round with it trying to get it to run right, After much mucking round testing, fiddling
  15. Usual story broken down Fords and Chevs helping hahah. Nah some guy in his falcon got a flat battery watching the cruise on the Onemana hill so gave him a jump.
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