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  1. nah looks alot easier to use and makes sense to clean up errors cause cant go on being wrong right haha.
  2. Interesting, bit of a change from the last one, fixed what was probably actually an error on the old sheet which i was hoping too use on my car but ah well it happens haha
  3. Hey @KKtrips is this still to come? Was looking at the wheel/tyre doc out for consultation at the moment last night, and refers to the previous multi page fact sheet for tyre to rim sizing? Cheers
  4. +1 to Clints method, i did this with the Impala and doing the same with the RX3. That way you can build it once how you want and not doing shit just to get it legal that your changing after costing you more money in the long run. Do it once do it right always works well. Albeit takes longer to get on the road but in the end its worth it.
  5. Shit thats looking good man! You must be stoked. good progress forward
  6. Soooooo much better! Nice work
  7. Well managed to pick up a mint set of 17x8.5 5x114.3 ROH Z'S in the hope they fit the shortened diff in the back better and give a heap more dish. Test fit with a 4x114.3-5x114.3 and whilst too wide for the front fit perfect on the back. Reckon the staggered 7.5" front and 8.5" rear looks good! Will get them all polished up and mint again before they go on but at least i know they fit, and i can fit "legal" tyres on for vin/cert.
  8. Got my plates back from being smoothed and painted by a mate, Dummied it up with housings and front cover last night and pretty stoked on the outcome. Off to Revolution Engine Services to get assembled, the rest of the parts are ready for assembly.
  9. Yeah his looks real good Ill fit a 8.5 with a 20mm PCD adaptor on the rear due to narrowed diff, Front maybe, maybe not. See once they turn up i guess ha.
  10. yeah i presume hes got 5 stud hubs (havent checked with him though haha), iv already got 4 stud hubs made up, could get another set of disks and hubs i guess but will see when i get some adaptors for the rear and do a test fit. 8.5s look so much better though so much more dish. Full alloy onto axle flange.
  11. Purchased a full rubber and seal kit for the car from Azhar so thats here ready for when it goes back together. When i sold the 808 i had a pair of BBS RS in 15x11 with 5.5" dish and a pair of 15x8 with 3" dish which i kept for a rainy day. Heres a pic of the 11 on the back of the RX3 for a laugh, shows how big the flares had to be to make them fit on the 808. Anyway was browsing market place and stumbled across a set of 3.5" lip 30 hole BBS lips by chance. A quick measure up and they look to be perfect once guards are rolled to fit on the rear with the narrowed diff. Will give them a full recon, repowder coat centres, new hardware, full height hex centres and repolish lips once i decide on car colour. Fit front and rear with basically next to no spacer so thats a bonus too. I also found a set of mint 5x114.3 17x8.5 ROH Z'S. The 8.5" only came in 5 Stud AFAIK and have a huge dish compared to the 7.5" 4 stud versions. Unsure if they will fit on the front but will definately work on the rear with a 4x114.3 to 5x114.3 adaptor spacer. So will wait for these to get up from down south and i can work out what of these i will run front and rear and then get Toby to give a set a polish up. Have decided to sell the SSR Mesh and the 5.5" BBS lips as im not going to be needing either of these any time soon and iv got too many wheels it seems haha.
  12. My car had parts of two quarters on it too haha and a shit load of bog to make it look ok. Its definately worth it when done but can feel like you spend alot of time going backwards before you go forwards ha
  13. Oh you got some work ahead ! know your pain all too well though pretty much replaced all those rusty panels on the impala but mine didnt look that bad to start off, Hopefully dont get too many nasty suprises after blasting cause i sure did ha!
  14. Bit more progress. Mate Gav just finished up the brake brackets for the rear calipers on the diff this week so i got that in, First issue was U bolts for RX3 diff are much smaller so had to get a set of B2000 ubolts and blocks. Chucked those in and got it fitted up last night Have ordered a heap of bits for the wiring, sensors (water temp, oil temp/pressure, fuel pressure) as well as a new alternator, starter and electric water pump which are all getting stripped to go to Toby for polishing. I also picked up a few goodies from Franklin Performance for the motor so they are ready to go on once assembled. Also test fitted a set of 17x7.5 ROH Z's for some nostalgia! Got plenty of space to run a 8.5" at least on the rear so will keep a eye out for a set of those.
  15. +1 interested on the answer to this, as have the same calipers referenced for the rear of the RX3.
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