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  1. Yuuuussss. Pics please...
  2. An yesterday i picked it up from the booth and took it back to the panel/painters place so he can fit up panels and get stuck into it.
  3. Well things have been all go to end 2021 on this. The couple of weeks before xmas the painter baremetalled the shell and last of the panels. Bolt on panels have been epoxied and all the steel work done. Xmas eve we put the shell in the booth and cleaned it up and blew some epoxy over it. Stoked there is only a couple of minor repairs required to the steel work, on the whole its a very good shell.
  4. All happening this week. Got sent some pics last night from Mark at Revolution Engine Services of the new block all together. 13B PP all brand new bits, franklin engineering bolt on's, polishing by Toby Gollop and plates smoothed and painted by Tony. Pick it up this week, another big piece ticked off. Body is basically baremetalled now and we are throwing some epoxy on the shell on Friday this week then she will be all go in the new year into the filler etc. All starting to come together nicely!
  5. Another piece to the puzzle completed. I couldnt justify the $2k + for a factory steering wheel they go for, if you can even find one and jump on it fast enough. Managed to come across one for a fair bit cheaper that had a horn pad but was missing the horn spring/housing/mechanism. Was hoping id be able to find that easy enough, Turns out it wasnt that easy and finding a complete wheel would of been easier id say! A chance conversation with Andy Duffin and he mentioned a guy who had messaged him with a damaged RX3 wheel which would have the parts i needed. A quick FB message and was able to nab the damaged wheel which had been sitting in the guys workshop for 20 years +. Was able to make a complete wheel with my decent condition one so pretty happy about that! Will help make the interior look how im planning.
  6. All go at the moment. Mate doing the fabrication has shaved/filled the engine bay excess holes, made a new gearbox mount on the body, mounted the heater/blower for RHD (Was still setup for LHD), did the windscreen wiper conversion for LHD to RHD, reattached front seat mounts (old owner had taken out for bucket seats) , few other minor bits and pieces on the body. Shell has been dropped to mate whos painting it, is part way through baremetalling it again and hopefully get engine bay blasted and get the whole thing epoxied next week. My Classic auto sound headunit turned up after 3 months, a factory look but modern internals. Will go good with the factory interior styling im going with but has all the modern functions such as bluetooth etc. Ordered a PROMUFF muffler and 2 x resonators off BLG Engineering for my exhaust, didnt quite get time to do before painter but itll get done before paint goes on the body. (only half that pic is mine) Ordered a Haltech Elite 1500 ECU on black friday so thatll be suitable for driveby wire ill be running and should do everything i need nicely. Have also dropped interior off to start getting chipped away at. All coming together slowly, Should have the motor in my possession in the next week which will be another mile stone ticked off. Next big push is panel/paint prep, get on to rotisserie for underneath, then final bits and pieces and get it painted.
  7. Glad to hear it was worth sending to dashboard restos. Took my cracked dash pad to upholster with my interior told me to take it home and send it to auckland and do it properly first time.......open the wallet up for a bit more of a reaming haha
  8. Epic to see another 64 here! Sing out if you need any bits, iv got a few 64 bits lying round still from my build
  9. Thought id give this a revisit after sitting in my shed/s since 2014 with nothing happening. Hooked pump up to a fuel container topped up the water and kicked into life after a couple of winds. idled in the shed for 20-30 mins without over heating, so now my memory is being tested as to what actually the issue was. Generator light is still on so somethings not right there! Think ill pull it out drain the fuel tank and then sort the fuel pump in the correct location when iv got a minute and see how it goes with a test drive.
  10. sweet good to know, have just deleted mirror holes off my doors a couple of weeks ago ha!
  11. So if im reading that right, RX3 Is MA therefore a internal rear view mirror is ok?
  12. Few goodies turned up on the slow boat from Aussie today. A Dynamic Metalcraft Australia Billet filler neck & cap for the fuel tank, nice powder coated tow hook, and a gas strut conversion for the bonnet. Then also my Motorsport 3D dash turned up to suit Haltech IC7 dash. 3D Printed replacement cluster to bolt into the factory location and keep the factory air vent and the likes. Stoked how its turned out should look nice and tidy in the car. ++
  13. Hey man, i dont sorry but ill try find out as my mate will know im sure. Cheers
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