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  1. Usual story broken down Fords and Chevs helping hahah. Nah some guy in his falcon got a flat battery watching the cruise on the Onemana hill so gave him a jump.
  2. Went to 2020 and booked for 2021! Bring it on!!
  3. Brady at BLG Engineering whipped me up a set of new coilovers for the front and camber plates Also made new 4x114.3 front hubs and mounted a set of 4 pot wilwoods. He also supplied a new wilwood master cylinder and prop valve as well as rear rotors & 4 pot wilwoods to get mounted to the diff.
  4. Last minute missions for beach hop. Built the exhaust with no mufflers, Was so loud, had the bomb rap going on but bit too loud haha. So chucked a couple of mufflers in last night. Gave the old siren a bit of a birthday before it goes in the truck. Mount that and we are good to go for beach hop next week.
  5. All go here this week. BLG Engineering sent up my 4 pot rear calipers, so my mate is currently making brackets for the diff for these. BLG Engineering is currently building some coilovers for the front with camber plates, and 4 pot wilwood fronts, so those should be here in the next few weeks. Also picked up a set of refurbed 15x 6.5 and 15x7 SSR Formula Mesh for the car as another option for wheels, one of the 7s has been damaged so will probably relip to 8 or so for the rear when i get too it. But for now will keep the car rolling with the new stud pattern of 4x114.
  6. Got a few goodies on the way for this. But this week, Managed to score a old school Haynes manual off Trademe so that was a handy score. Got so much detail in it, right down to how to rebuild the motor and box Also had a clean up of shed and sorting parts out, Pic of the cleaned up S5 RX7 box the car came with. Like new, unsure on internal condition so going to strip it down before it goes in the car to save any future headaches. Thats all for today!
  7. Nah i havent yet, getting mixed feedback about what to do so havent done anything haha. bit slow hahaha. needs a serious power upgrade, its tapped at 80kmh now its got the 15s on. Yeah itll get a paint one day but for now roll patina, focus on getting the rx3 built.
  8. double update tonight ^ Got the factory intake and exhaust manifold off and prepped it for the fenton style split manifold Got the manifolds on and all the parts from sticky flanges to make a twin 44mm to 38mm tail pipes exhaust to get some rapping going on . Also got the leaves in the front reset 2" to get it sitting a bit better. Bit of a before and after, looks much better i think! Finish exhaust, mount the siren and we are good to go to beach hop.
  9. Been driving this a fair bit, Supermarket runs, farm shop vege runs, pub runs. Its slow but fun to drive.
  10. Have bought a new mazda crate motor to build 13b PP out of all new parts, hopefully get into that shortly, In the meantime have been doing a couple of odd jobs, Pushed it outside to get some daylight and inspiration haha + I pulled the factory struts and leaves out of the car, Car came with some 2nd hand coilovers in so chucked those in and wound them right down for a laugh and chucked some reset leaves and blocks in the back. Factory struts have been sent to Brady at BLG Engineering, Hes building me some coilovers, camber plates, billet 4x114.3 hubs, and set
  11. huh thats good too know! will do some looking
  12. Thanks @cletus Now to decide if i want to go 4 or 5 stud then.... Cheers
  13. Hey @cletus Are the storys regarding re drilling of brake rotors for stud pattern change no longer being legal correct? Car in question will need both a vin and LVVTA cert Eg 4 Pot S4/5 RX7 Calipers and rotors redrilled for 4x110 or 4x114.3 PCD. Just want to confirm before i get rid of my brake setup iv got an go find something else too use... Cheers
  14. So whats my plan for this? Well. Plan at this stage is as follows: -13B PP Injected -Link ecu or the likes with built in dash (no need for aftermarket gauges this way) -Front Coilovers with S4/5 Front brakes and convert to 4x114.3 or 5x114.3 - Narrowed B2000 LSD (Has been narrowed 40mm from RX3 stock width) is currently 5x114.3 with RX8 rear calipers and rotors but may change to 4x114.3 to allow better wheel choice in 15s/16s -Reset leaves and blocks in rear - S5 RX7 gearbox -Custom exhaust, driveshaft, driveshaft hoops, gearbox xmember to suit drivetrain - Nice t
  15. So when i first looked at the car right before Auckland Lockdown V2 it was a bare shell on a chassis dolly, The previous owner spent a bit of time during lockdown and put the panels back on, factory suspension and steering and diff in and got it mobile again for me. He packed the car with as much as he could then when I picked it up the ute tray and back seat was chocka with bits as well for the trip home!
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