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  1. So whats my plan for this? Well. Plan at this stage is as follows: -13B PP Injected -Link ecu or the likes with built in dash (no need for aftermarket gauges this way) -Front Coilovers with S4/5 Front brakes and convert to 4x114.3 or 5x114.3 - Narrowed B2000 LSD (Has been narrowed 40mm from RX3 stock width) is currently 5x114.3 with RX8 rear calipers and rotors but may change to 4x114.3 to allow better wheel choice in 15s/16s -Reset leaves and blocks in rear - S5 RX7 gearbox -Custom exhaust, driveshaft, driveshaft hoops, gearbox xmember to suit drivetrain - Nice tidied up painted/polished/shaved/deloomed niced up engine bay Wheels TBC, got a few ideas but need to keep working through that Colour TBC. Again got a few ideas but haven't committed to anything Spent half a day going through all the boxes of bits on the weekend an working out what iv got and what i need or want to replace, Majority of stuff is there which is a good start.
  2. So when i first looked at the car right before Auckland Lockdown V2 it was a bare shell on a chassis dolly, The previous owner spent a bit of time during lockdown and put the panels back on, factory suspension and steering and diff in and got it mobile again for me. He packed the car with as much as he could then when I picked it up the ute tray and back seat was chocka with bits as well for the trip home!
  3. Had Carl trying very hard to sell me 20B but couldnt bring myself to part with that many clams so alas 13b it is haha
  4. Not slapping it together haha. Will be a keeper so will do it once and do it properly, good parts, finish nicely etc etc. 90s throwbacks right thur haha yep not sure on colour yet, half of me wants to go a factory period colour half of me wants to not haha. Yeah bought it before Aucklands lockdown v2 and couldnt get back in to collect it so only picked up last week ha! thatd stir some people up im sure haha
  5. Well the 808 made way to make way for this...... By a chance conversation at Chrome 2020 I found out about this car, 1973 Mazda RX3 Coupe. Complete car minus a motor, Cars been baremetalled, rust done and most of the prep for paint has been done which is awesome. Came with a heap of extra parts and upgrade parts including -S5 RX7 gearbox -B2000 LSD diff thats been narrowed, with RX8 Rear calipers/rotors -Front coilovers -Factory suspension and diff as well -Lots of new bushes, rack ends, lights, badges etc etc Cars been real well done this far in and perfect base to build how it want and do it once and do it properly. Tell me im crazy and iv got a big job ahead of me here haha
  6. Spin some yarns in here.
  7. Well thats a wrap, 808 went off to its new owner on Saturday, Got some shots of it done by a mate before it got delivered.
  8. Damn man thats cool asf! Nice work. Suits those wheels and will be fun as with the Honda!
  9. In other unplanned news im listing this up for sale this week! Wasnt the plan but something else has popped up which means this needs to go to make way for something news. So if you know anyone then let them know.
  10. Shit yeah was awesome getting it out and about! yes that would be good, problem would be the brakes i put on the front id imagine but do like that look for sure.
  11. Few pics of it out and about at Chrome on the weekend popping up
  12. Well we made it to Chrome... Tune by Mark Haynes at Revolution Engine Services on Thursday morning which went well. Car was happy as with some revs in her! Wheel alignment Friday morning on the way to the track. Got out for a solid 40min session on Friday afternoon and car run mint, Had it out all day on Saturday on and off till Roll racing. Went to give Billy in his TRATA RX3 a race and had no clutch. Limped back to apartment and the boys pulled it out in the dark in the driveway on Sat night. Managed to find a clutch in Auckland and another mate shot up to grab it on Sat night. We chucked it back in Sunday morning and was back on the track by 10! Apart from that car run awesome and got heaps of good comments which was cool!
  13. Well here it is ! After working away since picking this up in December last year in a bit of a state here's my version 1 of the Mazda. Car was a mess when I got it so we've been busy in the shed with the deadline of Chrome Expression Session this weekend. Couldn't have done it without a heap of mates an legendary business's! Steve at The Shed Rust Repairs for the rust work Tony for the panel and paint Hayden at Jokers Wild Kustoms for hijacking the car and getting it running while i was away at MCM Marc at RE- Wires NZ for fitting it in for coil repairs ASAP after dyno V1 Mark at Revolution Engine Services for locking me in a last minute dyno tune tomorrow Toby for polishing the wheels and trim Andy Duffin at 3 Rotor Racing for sorting a new spoiler last minute before paint Grant at Cooper Tyres Waihi Beach for heaps of tyre fitment swaps and a last minute pre chrome alignment Jimmy T for painting the dash topper and gauge surrounds @64valiant at Midnight Upholstery for retrimming the dash topper Gav at Precision Workz for redrilling the wheels and fab work Super stoked on the finished result
  14. Busy week on it this week, Went for a tune, didnt go great, had some coil/spark issues, The coils and ignitors were mounted up in the guard and the wiring wasnt the best anyway so probably should of sorted that first. Getting it sorted by Rewires NZ tomorrow and then will get back on the dyno this week. Got the flares on this week, all the trim and badges etc as well as getting the wheels reassembled for tyres to go on. Finally got the eyebrow chrome for the front that mine was broken, as well as a grill badge so that finishes the front end off nicely. Busy week ahead pre chrome this coming weekend, Interior to be finished putting back together Coil wiring sort Tune Wheel alignment Clean/polish Tyres fitted Then we will be good to go!
  15. Haha good question, I have no idea, it came on the car when i bought it!