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  1. Crossmember moved forward and welded into position.
  2. That came off relatively well
  3. Ok so last year i decided to build something different. I wanted something weird looking i could fit 6 people in and take to events such as beach hop and kumeu hotrod show etc. Started out at a double cab L200 ute. Plans are to chop the top off, fit a 3800 and auto with twin turbos. Move the front wheels forward to have engine sit behind front axles. Make a custom flatdeck Make up other stuff as i go.
  4. I still have this. Still building it. I get slower at doing things the older i get.
  5. 25 years later and yeah nah looks the same. Plus side is the tires have stayed inflated the whole time
  6. Because Chris is so useless at updates heres a few pics of this cars progress.
  7. Been working on this 65" Ranchero lately. Dropping in a 351 Cleveland and Manual transmission. It currently has 4 wheel drum brakes with a single system master cylinder and no brake booster. My customer has supplied a 4 pot wilwood front disc brake conversion and remote brake booster (booster is for single circuit brake system) Questions. 1. Are these bolt on brake caliper mounts acceptable ? My understanding is the multi piece caliper mounts are a no go ? They are alloy with what looks to be pressed in steel inserts. 2. Can i use the bolts supplied ? 3. Can i use the wilwood braded lines ? 4. Can i use the single brake system or do i need to upgrade to a dual system ? (my recommendation to my customer is fit a late model dual system booster/master cylinder off something else) Cheers.
  8. We are doing some late as nights here at the moment. Chris and i are trying to get both our own projects up and running asap. Heres some other random pics of the Subarus progress. Have just ordered a set of custom lips from 41 degree wheels. Wheels are Work VS-XX with 6" inner lips. Outers are 2" dish for front and 7" dish for the rears. Greg at 41 degree wheels has been a great help and when they didnt have the correct tooling for what we wanted, they have gone and made up new tooling to get the 7" lips made. Picture below of a wheel when purchased. (17x7") Rear tyres are friggin huge! I remember my Diablo had 335-35-17"s So i suggested Chris should get the same size as they are such a awsumly wide tyre. Got a spare pair while we were at it.
  9. Question for Clint. I cut the roof off my Subaru Outback but now it wont get a wof. Would this be easy to get certed ? All the structual crap is there. If i tidy the edges up can you see any reason why i couldn't get you to do your magic on it ? Ta Bowl
  10. Good points there. Unfortunately the intake manifold is very limited in regards to space where the meth/water injector could disperse the vapour effectively. Unless it was directed up towards the blower (need to post pics of intake manifold) The manifold is a cut down standard 1UZ (upper-part) with a 25mm thick plate welded to it. Not alot of volume inside it.
  11. At this stage i can only assume the blower will be ok with the "wet" system. It is a GM671 styled blower that normally sits on top of smelly old chevs with 4 barell carbys sitting on top. The idea for the Meth/water set up was to cool the intake charge to avoid any possible detonation problems. In the past when i have worked on blower set ups ive always seen or installed a backfire plate. Im unsure if one will be needed on this job ? (will probably fit one anyway "just encase") There will be no fuel running through the blower, just air. The 1UZ injectors are being replaced with a set of 8 x 440cc RX8 Denso Injectors. Im told to run a 50/50 mix of meth/water. With this in mind im guessing it would be flammable ? Like you couldn't "lite" the mixture ? If running the meth/water injector post blower would any pooling even occur ?
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