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  1. Yeah it's got film on it, but I'm wondering if it's got film over a factory tint. Only one way to find out. Now how to get them off!
  2. I think I'll go get it tested by a tint place with a VLT meter and go from there. I have read that some mazda 6 wagons have a light tint behind the drivers seats. This could be why these windows are to dark. Cheers for the info!
  3. rusty360


    Cool thanks for the info. Were could I get the info for a crush space? I could make a new one if need be.
  4. rusty360


    Sweet as will do.
  5. Sweet looks like I need to get it tested then, fark another thing to do ahhhh
  6. WOF gurus could you fill me in on tinted windows, VTNZ has just failed the missus mazda 6 for windows being to dark. It's been tinted for a long time. Is there somewere I can find out the specs and what windows are allowed to be what darkness etc etc. MR VTNZ said it was a new rule.
  7. rusty360


    Diff gurus. I need to change the pinon seal on my EH diff. Can I mark were the nut is currently, count how many turns to undo, replace seal, re-install nut etc to same place. Or is it send to shop and just a new crush tube made etc?
  8. Cheers for the info! This could be the next thing to do. Dizzy all fitted up and running, still got a big hesitation and flat spot at from idle to revving. I need to check timing again to. Need to find out how the Mark's line up again. Is prob the carb as I've never had it off. I might try giving it a clean out to keep it running while finding the other bits to put the weber on it. I see a couple of companys make a adaptor plate from the weber to the original manifold.
  9. Now that's a good idea!! And I'm picking you just ran constant power to the relay?
  10. Im just waiting for the new coil to arrive so are sorting out the wiring. In the ones you have done have you beefed up the feed wiring at all? I know I need 12v constant so need to bypass the resistor wire that is built into the loom. Google tells me the hei coils can pull between 6 and 30amps which seems very high. Thoughts?
  11. I'm hoping so!! Please tell me more about the carb hack
  12. Very cool, I've all ways wanted one of these!! I went for a ride on a rotary powered one farrk it was awesome!!
  13. Sweet as cheers for the info, yep going from standard points to HEI
  14. Which one is a better option? I got a aftermarket dizzy to go in my eh. It's a copy of the VH commy one. Cheers!