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  1. Saw it at the show looked awesome mate!
  2. Structural stainless frames etc normally mig uses a different gas mix - Stainsheild. And stainless wire. Pipe or dairy etc or anything pretty - tig with argon for the gas.
  3. Fark wee skidded the shit outa that Blue top, never killed it I remember one Bathurst day being given shit by the v8 boys que a 4th gear on the limiter burnout till both tyres popped. Outa of interest you wouldn't know were I could find a RWD thermostat housing? The one currently in my shed has corroded into nothing. I've been reading a bit on the web about the 4age cooling systems the car I'm doing some work on has no heater so has the rear head sensor block connected straight to the heater water pump feed I'm thinking this could Create a radiator bypass? What's ya thoughts? What d
  4. I remember we had a ae82 skid car we put a 4age. I remember we reckoned the blue top 40mm crank revd better than the red top 42mm crank, only seat of the pants thou. Then I remember we got a 4ageze and were abit disappointed.
  5. Does anyone know were you can buy just this plug? Want to make up a few leads.
  6. Hey I've been send a few files to the laser cutters lately and they are struggling to see the part or open then. Is there someone he I could send a file to, then we can see if you can read it or I've farked something up. Been using DWG, DXF formats. Cheers rusty.
  7. How stunning does that river look
  8. Not a logging truck, anglia van. I'll have to see how much of a mission it will be to swap it back to normal use.
  9. Im looking at buying a project rego is currently on hold, but just looked on car jam and see its on exempt class A, is this anything to worry about?
  10. Surely there's some fuses in the relay box? Or is it sealed?
  11. Hey mate, I'm not a pro wire guy just a back yard basher but yes would definitely add some fuses in. @Lord Gruntfuttock sounds like he's a wiring guru. They make some really nice little fuse blocks now. Reading above sounds like ya loom is already fused?
  12. Arh sweet as, working out exactly what to buy off rs was a bit of a mission anyways, as they don't list them complete have to nut the male the female the pins, the sockets and then the pin locks!. They did seem pretty cheap thou.
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