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  1. Wholey fark I'm sure it's been said before but that's a big big project! Great work so far man!!
  2. It's the razor 200? Don't need a foot pedal mate has a high frequency start via the push of a button. You will like it!
  3. We have one off these, it's farking awesome. Really good nz support to. For 3k you might get its bigger brother.
  4. The xcel arc gear is very good, there is few different levels of specs etc. Good backup support in nz to, there trade gear has a 3 year warranty.
  5. So I'm picking ya still get the sediment in the 500ml bottles?
  6. Welded from 38000 feet by a bird?
  7. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3064873364 400BHP??
  8. Yep been there played that game the old number 3 big end fail!! Thanks for all the info!!!
  9. You may have answered this some were before or on ya you tube channel, I haven't watched it all yet but did you document the build of the N/A engine?
  10. Fair enough all sounds logical! And I'm picking the best place to start for a turbo build is with the 4ageze?
  11. After all this testing are you going to produce the ultimate budget N/A 4age build guide? I'm considering putting another one in a project car coming up, yep they are getting on a bit but I like them!! In ya experience what would ya start with and what would ya do to it to get ok power without breaking the bank N/A wise? Or is it just easier to go down the turbo route? But I'm picking thats lots more dollars!
  12. Sweet as, ill block it off. At the moment it's going from the rear head sensor block straight into the rear of the water pump, I didnt even think when doing it years back but now someone has mentioned it what a fark up haha.
  13. Saw it at the show looked awesome mate!
  14. Structural stainless frames etc normally mig uses a different gas mix - Stainsheild. And stainless wire. Pipe or dairy etc or anything pretty - tig with argon for the gas.
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