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  1. This a epic ride! Just dont fall off the road around ruapuke it's a loooong way down to the sea there. My olds had a Bach there for 30 plus years. Actually a random question would someone doing the ride be able to grab a pic of our old place at kawhia for me? It's just up from the pub. Cheers rusty
  2. Yep eh wagon, the correct place is prob right in the middle of the side rear window. I'm picking you cant mount on the top of the wheel arches like the old days? Even below the side window would only be the height of the low back seat. Think I've got the lvvta seatbelt info on my work laptop so will have a look there to.
  3. What's the go with putting 3 point seat belts in the back of a wagon? I'm all good at the moment as junior is still using his car seat with built In harness so a lap belt is all good. but not sure what I'm gunna do at booster seat time.
  4. The finger looks farking ouch!
  5. The old stromy is back on!! How did they wide band go together?
  6. Gotta be a bargain at 23k? Surely would sell on trademe for that no worries but gotta deal with trademe!
  7. Funny you say that re the 465. My old man farked around for moons with a 600 on his 302, the experts had a few goes. The old man one day said fark it went a brought a brand new 465 bolted it straight on outa the box. Fark me what a different car! Drives so much better uses heaps less gas. So agree bigger is not always better!
  8. Your not wrong Bridgeport's for life.
  9. Update - Stirling has got nothing new, the cheap ones outa oz are wrong bore size to big. Resleeving is $75 bucks each. So that's the go I'm thinking.
  10. Cheers I think I used them for a booster rebuild way back.
  11. I saw those guys on trademe and was about to push buy now but thought I need to check and for some reason my wheel cylinders are a 1 inch bore 25.4mm so are like 150 each from the same crowd.
  12. Dont think the states ever got the eh Holdens?
  13. Hey Mike, ya wagons looking awesome I'll flick ya a pm re brake bits later on
  14. New cylinders are looking like 150 plus.