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  1. Mustang e motor 210kw. That sounds like that will need a big battery!
  2. Check this out its farking cool.
  3. Don't yell at me but anyone done this or is in the electric car field on here. I saw a mk1 Cortina that had been done last week and shit it was cool.
  4. I think there's plenty of people like that. I still remember ya 7 being advertised for sale on here, it was the one @S124AB had for sale in akl? I remember it was bloody well priced, should have brought it myself haha but had no cash. Looks mint now.
  5. Wholey shit you have chopped out some shit there! Must be great starting to put it all back together. How are the patch panels fitting?
  6. Actually come to think of it I've had two snap, one was due to the oil pump failure thou.
  7. These little shit boxes go for ever and are so much fun to drive. Only thing I ever had go wrong was cambelt fails on the mighty 2e. So easy to change, lost of bent shit if it breaks.
  8. Wholey fark I'm sure it's been said before but that's a big big project! Great work so far man!!
  9. It's the razor 200? Don't need a foot pedal mate has a high frequency start via the push of a button. You will like it!
  10. We have one off these, it's farking awesome. Really good nz support to. For 3k you might get its bigger brother.
  11. The xcel arc gear is very good, there is few different levels of specs etc. Good backup support in nz to, there trade gear has a 3 year warranty.
  12. So I'm picking ya still get the sediment in the 500ml bottles?
  13. Welded from 38000 feet by a bird?
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