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  1. Surely there's some fuses in the relay box? Or is it sealed?
  2. Hey mate, I'm not a pro wire guy just a back yard basher but yes would definitely add some fuses in. @Lord Gruntfuttock sounds like he's a wiring guru. They make some really nice little fuse blocks now. Reading above sounds like ya loom is already fused?
  3. Arh sweet as, working out exactly what to buy off rs was a bit of a mission anyways, as they don't list them complete have to nut the male the female the pins, the sockets and then the pin locks!. They did seem pretty cheap thou.
  4. Forgot to ask but does epoxy go over it ok?
  5. rusty360


    I'm picking its in shop primer now?
  6. Looking good man! How do ya find the brunnox works? Seems to hold out the rust ok?
  7. Arh i see great option mate, they will be mint then. I've got some ali stuff that's lost in transit!
  8. From ali? Rs components do a massive range of plugs and sockets if ya don't wana wait, they ship overnight from oz
  9. These will seal 100 times better to. Prob smaller footprint to.
  10. The roller unit must have some serious bolts into the floor to stop it trying to flip backwards. Looks awsome man, is it tricky to get car on the roller in the right place. Are you going to do some tuning or is it just for a play. Epic build
  11. Love the colour! Looks mint. Great idea re the rear seat. I'd love a van ethier escort or anglia but wondered how I'd fit the kids in it.
  12. She's no half arse job this one! Looks awesome!
  13. Epic build man! I'm picking there will be no sideways load on the roller? Ya just running a standard p series housing i see.
  14. Have a looky on rs components, there search filter is really farking good to. Automotive connectors then filter for only the 8 pin ones.
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