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  1. I was gunna ring weber spec tomorrow re carbs for my eh but maybe not now haha Dont start me on single barrel strombergs arhhh
  2. Is it running better with the weber than the old single stromy
  3. @piazzanoob I'm thinking this could be the problem but hope not! but yeah will check it's got 12v when running. Leads test out ok with a multimeter and look In good condition, have picked up some new plugs will open the gap up to 1.3mm as standard on the blue motor.
  4. So I fitted a after market copy of the blue electronic dizzy to my little 149, got the correct coil bosch hec716 12v feed to it. Still seems a bit hard to start and is not running that well seems flat under acceleration. Checked timing seems all ok. Pulled a plug out and wound it over while earthing the plug, expected a big fat blue spark ie arc welding but it looks piss weak. Anything else I've missed to make it all happen? Is there a way to test the modules etc
  5. If ya dont mind me asking what did ya pay for the manifold?
  6. That farking mount really!
  7. rusty360


    Hey were did ya get the pads and compound from?
  8. rusty360


    Hes got some great videos and seems to know his shit!. I'm picking the da type polisher is much safer around the edges etc rather than a normal buff?
  9. @UTERUS yep very true startup load will be heaps more. I've got a motor at work that pulls 400plus amps on startup once running draws around 100.
  10. I couple of motor details for ya. Looks like frame size is same and shaft size to. Single phase is 13amps full load.
  11. Not that it will prob worry you but I'd say the frame, shaft size will be different on a single phase motor vs 3 phase. 3 phase power would be good, so much 3 phase gear out there that's normally a heaps better price that single phase.
  12. How farking stretched are those rear tyres!
  13. Sweet as I thought that might be the case. At the moment the rear outside belts just have big washers I'm picking this is how it was done back in the day, not sure if im gunna change these too doubler plates. If ya dont mind me asking how much is a seat belt cert? PM me if that's easier. Cheers rusty
  14. Awesome that makes sense. a picture says 1000 words! Would you mind showing me what you have done with the other two mounting points? Wheel tub and wheel arch I'm guessing.
  15. Cheers for the info. That face it will go on is on the same plane as the seat back is that ok? Is there a doubler plate size that the cert boys like to see? Or just run with specs on lvvta sheet. Can you put two belts on one doubler plate setup? Or does it become so big it's better to just have separate units for each belt.