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  1. Fusion has some great step by step learning videos on you tube. Might help out!
  2. Do I dare ask how you get a hydraulic hose repaired out there? Is there a hose doc on the island?
  3. One good thing I've found is there's heaps of you tube videos if you get stuck on how to do something.
  4. Fusion 360. Take a look I'm pretty sure there's still a free version or a start up company license. The full blown version was about 500 a year?
  5. Nah manukau rd. We're Road and track was many moons ago. Wooles eng. Across from possum borne motorsport. Nathan is the guy.
  6. There's a new guy who has just setup in pukekohe. 6kw laser. Very helpful. I've also used OSCS a fair bit with no issues.
  7. Any cad monkeys out there got a good font to use were you don't have to draw the links into the letters to stop the round bits falling out? Want to name some laser cut brackets.
  8. The 165?
  9. That 165 @ $719 IS good buying
  10. Just outa interest what did you get for the engine?
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