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  1. rusty360

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    I'm after some info for a raspberry pi build I am doing. The code is all written and is working well. Is counting units per minute and displaying the previous minutes production. I'm very lucky my brother is a programmer. I've been learning a bit of python along the way. The problem I'm having is the input into the pi is basically a on off switch, I am getting a lot of false triggers or button pushes, I have tried adding debounce time etc. The system worked fine on the bench but as soon as took it out to the machine it must have picked up alot of electronic noise from the machine. I'm picking I need to add some resistors to stabilize the pin. The program is looking for a pull down input. Anyone got any ideas how I could improve this further? Or make the tiger more stable. Cheers rusty!!
  2. @cletus Hey Mr Cletus, How bigger doubler plate do i need to add a middle seat belt to these existing mounts for the outside seats.there is currently a shitty white one bolted on underneath the outside ones. or is this not legal? and it would require its own doubler mount? they currently just have a big washer behind them which was normal back in the day I think. Its going to be for a spog seat as junior has become interested in car shows. I also need to add a tether bolt for the seat and there bugger all to fix the bolt to. 63 EH wagon. I was going to add a removable bar between the two seat belt bolts on the back of the wheel arches to mount the car seat tether off, thoughts around this? A couple of pics to show what I mean hopefully. Thanks for ya help!!!!
  3. rusty360

    Steelo's 1985 AE85 Levin

    I will dig out my 4age book and get back to ya! One loom I did went into a Angila and the other was a 4age-ze loom.
  4. rusty360

    Steelo's 1985 AE85 Levin

    Hey mate I've done a couple of these looms, from memory you can get away with 4 wires to get them to run. Use the existing alternator circuit in the car. You just need a good print out of the pins on ecu. Have you got the body loom that plugs into the ecu? Also the fuel pump relay?
  5. rusty360

    Oddball bolt suppliers in New Zealand?

    These guys have never failed, used to only deal in cash.
  6. Nice looking cars mate!! How much of mission was it shoe horning the 4age into the starlet? This is something I have thought about doing for a while, do any of the factory mounts line up etc? Cheers!!!
  7. rusty360

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    I'm thinking raspberry pi is ticket as I can just plug a computer screen in and go. I've just gotta learn how to write the program now!! And pick what model pi to buy!
  8. rusty360

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Cheers for the info guys I'll have a looky at the raspberry pi info online.
  9. rusty360

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Sweet as cheers for the info. I'd like to display the info on a small tv screen say 19inch. Dies that change anything?
  10. rusty360

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Ok I'm not sure if someone will know the answer but here goes. I need a thing to count how many packs are being processed per min and displayed on a screen. I can get the trigger or pulses easily off the machine. But then would need a unit or program to display this as a number per min. I would need to display the last minutes product while counting the next one and so on. Any ideas? Cheers rusty
  11. Thank you sir I will have a read!!! How much would a cert man charge me to cert new seat belt installs?
  12. Would anyone have the specs for seat belt mount doubler plates? Or do I need to buy the hobby car manual for that one section? And what about sprog seat teathers? Any legal requirements around these at wof time?
  13. rusty360

    Akl monthly meet

    Shame the old pub is currently closed there.
  14. rusty360

    Custom Driveshaft

    +2 For Russell top bloke!!
  15. rusty360

    Mofs 1979 Escort Panel Van

    O no it's gone wees on the floor!!