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  1. does anyone have any opinions on spool guns? or have a alloy mig setup they are satisfied with? brands they have used etc that were ok ive only used some reeealy crappy ones and have shyed away from this process until now its the only good solution for boat works.
  2. Does it not run hydraulic lifters?
  3. we may need to collect a bike motor from hogans place on Englefield road and bring it back to the plant yard to join the homeward pallet
  4. This weekend - Myself, @Tumeke @slacker.cam and @peteretep are in Christchurch from 7am Friday and going to get some use out of our bikes that we shipped down for molesworth...... Plan is to do a day adventure and then stay in chch on friday night (victoria st) I think there is a general understanding to have din dins with EJ and Ant. Saturday head out around the Banks peninsular - stay in Akaroa - more adventuring Sunday and back in the afternoon to Wainoni to pack the bikes onto the pallets, dinner and fly home that night. Beyond the above, there is no formal plan, however it
  5. someone going on the ride have a manned business address i can send a courier bag to in time for this?
  6. im in, peter t is in. any other north islanders? can someone please hold us to task on this.
  7. hooo boy what an adventure My eyeballs seem to have a dirty sunglasses film on them
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