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  1. with state of the art electric valves, compression, manifolds etc - how far can the island be moved? the tides coming in.
  2. A 2T will do 15k+rpm, why haven’t we seen gearboxless cars that do huge rpm’s and slide the efficiency band around with modern variable everything technology? Is it a big-cam conspiracy?
  3. can you guys hassle me to organise a chain & sprocket for ct and also a piston for sue
  4. woke up in a panic this morning from a dream I was in j5’s paddock at the start of this trying to fit the engine in while everyone roared off tonight job is to fit the engine then
  5. bloody hell fletch your going to lose your licence/crash into the paetiki bakery like @Testament
  6. has anyone used a china 4x4 winch? i want one for my boat trailer, it will live outside with a tarp over it, curious if they actually produce the line-pull that they state trying to get a runva one but they are pretty hard to deal with.
  7. was this in clarks beach last weekend? cool/unusual sight and drove past very slowly on the open road.
  8. Awesome trip, was cool to meet a bunch of new people - coming back for sure
  9. Glen Pete cam dave will need to make a plan re sunday, we have to pack pallet Prior to airporting
  10. shit i was confused here - (this is dave) @Lt Danand @Lt. Dan theres two of you!! what are the chances one of them fixes the ambulances, and the other is doing his best to end up in one. did they have to back that truck all the way out?
  11. bort you need to make molesworth happen theres no ifs or butts
  12. oh cullen youve done it again
  13. https://www.jaycar.co.nz/assorted-solder-splice-heatshrink-pack-42-pieces/p/WH5668?pos=19&queryId=e4b346968a1f3b9b158e89ea006bef48&sort=relevance just use these for everything ive started trimming the crimpy end off ring terminals and joining them to wires using them aswell instead of crimping them, so conveinenrt
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