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  1. And you know crowbars are the v.i.p supercharger tensioner
  2. Duratorques are leeegit they are a key component in my wash-the-boat-once-a-year program
  3. sentra

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    be gentle with rusty hes a good boy
  4. sentra

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Hey rusty your highout function is not returning anything, what were you aiming for?
  5. sentra

    delete please

    as per title - all sorted cheeeers
  6. sentra

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019

  7. sentra

    Unclejake's '95 Chev discusion

    Slap some new bearings, You live on island time now, plenty of time to do it again
  8. sentra

    DIY crack testing cast iron block and heads

    if we drain the propellant can they go in the airplane? you can fill them back up with lpg on your end
  9. what if they are both equal height?
  10. sentra

    AW11 MR2 with thin flywheel

    And for the love of baby jesus don’t end up pushing it too far and bend the little fingers
  11. its also coupenats at vinegar hill.
  12. sentra

    wanted to borrow: M20 Tap

    will it go in lathe? if so, jingle the bottles when your outside.
  13. sentra

    Lovers Lane BBQ Burnouts

    will my little mazda make it back up the grass hill? gravity will get it down.