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  1. Can’t take any credit for this - neemia has been chipping away at it doing an amazing job
  2. All going to plan, there will be a floor by the end of today
  3. electronic pedal in a jetboat? barra tb has it as standard, and the old mechanical arrangement is absolutely rubbish,
  4. Uncle Neemia has been working away at this, one more bulkhead to go in, then it will be “flowcoated” with gel coat to make it smooth, and then the floor can go down, the flooring plywood will be encapsulated both sides with fiberglass, as much as I dislike wood, I couldn’t justify solid composite (coosaboard) material and I didn’t want soft foam core flooring.
  5. All the racing lawnmower forums are dead these days, I’m trying to determine if the crank, cam and lifters on briggs flathead 28 is interchangeable with the 28 ohv motor, all the info online is for flathead- maybe because of their class rules? there is one comment I can find that suggests that it is, if this would be convenient as there is a billet flywheel, crank, cam, rod & piston available for the flathead motor and I have some ohv motors onhand. (The non avs early kind) Trying to end up with a light weight air cooled 500cc vertical shaft motor that will do 5500-6000rpm for my amphibious boat thing, currently using a 200cc and it’s a little underpowered and it makes me nervous turning the pot metal flywheel so fast. I guess the other way is to find out if the 28 flathead is common in nz, Shiloh?? I forgot your username to tag you!!
  6. New beam’s laminated and machined from @Ned’s 3d scans, amazing outcome for such a big surface and “low cost” scanner Realising I don’t have enough talent for structural fiberglass work, talented uncle Neemia from work took over and is doing an excellent job, a layer of glass is over the inside of the hull and the beams bonded in place to be laminated over the top of.
  7. @Ned came and scanned the floor to be able to make new beams and a new floor, Also fanboat Brian came over and convinced me to stop being a weaner and cut the last peice of wood out of the back. all the serious misery work is done for now, will make up new beams and floor panels then probably get a friendly boatbuilder to glass them with a chopper gun as it’s not a performance machine.
  8. 17 years after its last birthday, it’s time for another The floor was dubious the first time around, wood is a terrible product. All wood to be removed this time. Stringers, beams and transom. A very happy @Tumeke helping with the misery is it time for a barra
  9. Mpw are highly regarded, there’s another guy a stones throw from there (malcolm) maclean metal spray who does the same sort of work who would be the more cost effective option for weld/spray/machine/assemble stuff
  10. Do they take vband clamps with a wider vee groove? I don’t think the one on my exhaust is correct as it’s sitting up on the shoulder of the flange bit and looks uncomfortable
  11. The motors from early 90’s but only done a couple of hundred hours/religiously maintained as part of rescue fleet - nothing suggests crud but I will poke further to check What j5 said sounds sensible, I will just crack the stick a bit to break the vacuum and check next time - surprised this didn’t come in up when googling
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