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  1. bort you need to make molesworth happen theres no ifs or butts
  2. oh cullen youve done it again
  3. https://www.jaycar.co.nz/assorted-solder-splice-heatshrink-pack-42-pieces/p/WH5668?pos=19&queryId=e4b346968a1f3b9b158e89ea006bef48&sort=relevance just use these for everything ive started trimming the crimpy end off ring terminals and joining them to wires using them aswell instead of crimping them, so conveinenrt
  4. those pure nickle rods on an stick welder are amazing and make a first timer look like a pro. you would probably weld everything with them if they weren't so expensive.
  5. I just noticed my comment above sounds like dodgey border crossing - it wasn’t meant to!!! There’s a good ride out east that needs a little lifting to do
  6. do you have any bikes two man liftable over a farm fence?
  7. ive got a giant burn pile ready to go as long as you dont piss in my toilet glen proposed a border to border , coast to coast tour if we get stuck
  8. sentra


    @Mr Vapourwhat is the good stuff you put in the crockpot?
  9. @MaxPower please connect your brakes to the twister and accellerator to the break lever to scrape past this rule with a twist n stop
  10. I replaced 3 alternators before @Ned pointed out multimeters read high when they have flat battery’s….
  11. youl be fine with road tyres, its everything else thats the issue ill run a scoot again this year
  12. Every one of these I haven’t managed to get my $20 to j5 and I would like to resolve it this year can I get someone to aggressively hold me accountable please
  13. She is a planing hull, with enough power it will go faster and faster until it topples off its chine/r.i.p I had a look through the manuals and it just seems to be the turbo that’s noteworthy, bigger picture this motor needs to be replaced with something more modern and fuel efficient, being eco unfriendly is too expensive when there’s plenty of re-man mid 2000’s common rail marine engines on ebay
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