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  1. sentra

    Good source of stainless tube and bends?

  2. sentra

    Zeubin's 1972 Datsun 240z

    who is this zeubin guy
  3. this was cool, 10/10 thanks @cletus for the bike, and stoked to finally meet @Raizer and @flyingbrick
  4. actually neal just txt to say "speak to clint!" is it possible uncle clint? please mr clint?
  5. ill ask neal in the morning if he managed to find me something allready however if not then 1hundy%
  6. sentra

    AMR300 and AMR500 talk

    Is Bart Helmpsons Blower belt timing resonance thing? It seems like a good idea
  7. This + and also when your setting it up when you push it in, don't "accidentally" push it more than a little bit further than fully releasing or you will bend the little fingerinos
  8. sentra

    Anyone else attending Emex 2018?

    yup heading in for a look for one day at least, holler out. i find emex talk topics to broad to goto, were a bit spoiled up here with them though
  9. sentra

    Doing neds box

    2mo (Friday) at the workshop if anyones around free beer* All welcome onehunga 021774037
  10. Haha yeah - although probably easier at room temp with all the time in the world than squishing through a hole if we could get v0 + decent uv from unpigmented unfilled resin we would change to literally anything else in a heartbeat - I'm keen to learn about liquid caprolactam inmold polymerisation to nylon 6, there is a guy in Rotorua who apparently does it - he hung up on me immediately hahaha The future sure doesn't feel bright in high tech nz manufacturing, just lots of losers wanking themselves about 3D printing and a handfull of actual g.c's who are getting old. (I'm sitting in a hotel with nothing to do hence the rambling)
  11. I've been meaning to have a play with zinc stearate - there is so little practical information about this sort of thing past around industry (in nz) looser consultants wanting to keep baby powder a sellable secret. are you familiar with tim scott/mr handley (Plexinate)? -he's good for a yarn about this stuff, we are currently using polyurethane/polyester mix to try and improve surface finish in closed mold lrtm process, multi-year battle. It's 2018 I just want to buy working solutions not know about these things!
  12. i cant see the context of what your meaning however liquid wax / wax in styrene solution is added (to polyester and vynlester atleast) due to it not curing at the interface with air, not as a release agent- the idea is the wax allways wets the surface enough to stop the air touching the resin directly, if you use unwaxed resin in open layup the open side stays sticky forever, in closed molding i have not seen a perceivable difference in surface finish with or without at the approx 0.5-1% (we) use it in im not very familar with epoxy - may be a diffirent story