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  1. bort you need to make molesworth happen theres no ifs or butts
  2. oh cullen youve done it again
  3. https://www.jaycar.co.nz/assorted-solder-splice-heatshrink-pack-42-pieces/p/WH5668?pos=19&queryId=e4b346968a1f3b9b158e89ea006bef48&sort=relevance just use these for everything ive started trimming the crimpy end off ring terminals and joining them to wires using them aswell instead of crimping them, so conveinenrt
  4. those pure nickle rods on an stick welder are amazing and make a first timer look like a pro. you would probably weld everything with them if they weren't so expensive.
  5. I just noticed my comment above sounds like dodgey border crossing - it wasn’t meant to!!! There’s a good ride out east that needs a little lifting to do
  6. do you have any bikes two man liftable over a farm fence?
  7. ive got a giant burn pile ready to go as long as you dont piss in my toilet glen proposed a border to border , coast to coast tour if we get stuck
  8. sentra


    @Mr Vapourwhat is the good stuff you put in the crockpot?
  9. @MaxPower please connect your brakes to the twister and accellerator to the break lever to scrape past this rule with a twist n stop
  10. I replaced 3 alternators before @Ned pointed out multimeters read high when they have flat battery’s….
  11. youl be fine with road tyres, its everything else thats the issue ill run a scoot again this year
  12. Every one of these I haven’t managed to get my $20 to j5 and I would like to resolve it this year can I get someone to aggressively hold me accountable please
  13. She is a planing hull, with enough power it will go faster and faster until it topples off its chine/r.i.p I had a look through the manuals and it just seems to be the turbo that’s noteworthy, bigger picture this motor needs to be replaced with something more modern and fuel efficient, being eco unfriendly is too expensive when there’s plenty of re-man mid 2000’s common rail marine engines on ebay
  14. the one labelled "3" that must be only adjusted by an authorised simon/jesse
  15. Ok - Next question - I would like to figure out if my boat (jet - so 1 extra rpm is 1000 more hp and 100 extra kph) is limited to 2650rpm by the pump throttle arm travel limiter screw, or limited by it already being at max torque output. (Max rated rpm is 2800) The screw is wound pretty much all the way "in" and has a security crimp tag on it. So i should back the limiter/stop screw off a bit and see if the rpm's rise. An extra 150 rpm will be like 8 knots so i'm pretty keen to try as it only does ~25knots now. It was built/owned by the airport rescue people who would be pretty conservitive, interestingly the hand throttle lever could only ever reach 75% of travel before being limited by the injector pump stop screw which i thought was really gammy and hard to drive so i modified the pivot point. They make the "pleasure boat" version of this motor with a different turbo that makes an extra 150hp, so if the screw doesn't make it go faster ill swap the turbo.
  16. Diesel newbie....I was about to post a topic asking for help with osmething but then realised there was a hole in my understanding how how a diesel actually works... does a diesel injector pump "throttle arm" set a rpm governor? So the injector pump should deliver whatever fuel is required to deliver the demanded rpm? (assuming the motor can produce enough power to deliver it) Attached is the "principal" diagram from my bosch injector pump diagram
  17. does anyone have any opinions on spool guns? or have a alloy mig setup they are satisfied with? brands they have used etc that were ok ive only used some reeealy crappy ones and have shyed away from this process until now its the only good solution for boat works.
  18. Does it not run hydraulic lifters?
  19. we may need to collect a bike motor from hogans place on Englefield road and bring it back to the plant yard to join the homeward pallet
  20. This weekend - Myself, @Tumeke @slacker.cam and @peteretep are in Christchurch from 7am Friday and going to get some use out of our bikes that we shipped down for molesworth...... Plan is to do a day adventure and then stay in chch on friday night (victoria st) I think there is a general understanding to have din dins with EJ and Ant. Saturday head out around the Banks peninsular - stay in Akaroa - more adventuring Sunday and back in the afternoon to Wainoni to pack the bikes onto the pallets, dinner and fly home that night. Beyond the above, there is no formal plan, however it would be great to see some people down there and if anyone wanted to come on any part of this adventure or have some beers/lunches/dinners along the way would be awesome. my numbers 021 774037 - anyone & everyone invited to all aspects. Entry cost is 1 smile. Bring togs. -David J
  21. someone going on the ride have a manned business address i can send a courier bag to in time for this?
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