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  1. The ticket is the same regardless of how many lvvta rules you break, might as well goto town
  2. I’m pretty keen to take sue down there, we did a couple of k’s of it on velobikes no problem so the actual beach should be ok...might need a push on the access road
  3. im going to rub brocklee the right way everyone here also should
  4. sentra


    if your getting the blasting man to spray shit back on, make sure you go check it in person first ive had two trailers that they have tried taking the piss (two different places, one of which is always awesome otherwise, the other pretty was a fly by nighter)
  5. roads going to be a bit wobbly from tiniroto to waikaremoana
  6. i dunno if it has any performance implications but i never really noticed it over how shit the rest of the car were, a bit more zingy in the seat?, one car (east west) was all solid and the other north south solid but soft gearbox mounts, both locked diffs. did them both for clearance problems - maybe your a bit more a refined fella though.
  7. i repeat the timeless log sharns to anyone that will listen
  8. I thought I saw it on the side of the motorway at meremere, maybe it will turn up at drag day
  9. i can offer a carpeted garage with a tv and couch
  10. Yup, much the same as last year, we racing for slips this time?
  11. Ahh shiiit I’m a useless cunt, if anyone’s going to drop out can you let me know