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  1. Raizer

    diesel spam

    I noticed that too, $100 difference seems rather OTT!
  2. Raizer

    diesel spam

    3" dump to 2.5" at least seems to be the go, if not full 3". Edit: looked at a lot of 1kz exhaust and intercooler designs and dyno sheets etc. I'm going full 3" and a w2a barrel intercooler (or the kinda rare factory w2a set up) when I can find time and motivation to actually do it lol.
  3. Second the vinegar, countdown home brand do a big bottle cheap. Dunno about leaving it for a couple weeks, I've found after a day or 2 the vinegar seems to lose it's grunt so I change it for fresh, another day or 2 and it's ready to be flushed and neutralized with baking soda then sealed (bit of oil heavy 2t mix has worked for me in the past.)
  4. I've used those plugs on a few scooters, they work well! Just don't over squish the crimps
  5. Those Briggs stickered Zenoah engines are a decent engine, was just parts availability that makes them uncommon these days. Bike carb and a small spanny would wake it up once she gets the feel for it! Remote kill is a good idea too
  6. Vin exempt vehicle, just go into AA/VTNZ and ask for an MR2B, fill it out and then chat about the weather etc acting confident like you get a new plate everyday. It 100% has been registered in NZ before 2011, you just don't know the old plate number If they say it needs an inspection point out that that is for anything imported after 2011 so doesn't apply, if they still want to fuck you about go to another AA/VTNZ.
  7. 5/16 UNC for MK1, 12mm for MK2. Edit: that's coming from a UK Ford forum, but yeah thinking about it that's too small, the poster there seems to have put the size of the top shock nut for mk1 ha.
  8. 1/4" is what the Walbro ones have, think the Mikuni on my Husky is 1/4" too. https://www.walbro.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Walbro_FPC_pump_PS_EN.pdf Running one of them on my green Gyro
  9. Raizer

    diesel spam

  10. Also it just hasn't got the torque range to pull 5th gear, maxes out 4th at 80-90 at ALL the rpm, change to 5th and it drops off pipe and sits on 65-70. Discovered on a steep downhill it will come on pipe eventually in 5th, but fuck it'll never get there without a big ass hill or a typhoon level tailwind! New piston is almost here, so I'll set it up again and just keep it as a city pester as it's a blast around town. Thinking CG125(?) disc front end and a few other improvements will be a good idea and also have thoughts on building something a bit more serious with my spare
  11. Well that sucked. The forks started bottoming out a little on small bumps, then they stayed down and the front went light, front wheel washed out doing bang on 50k as it's a moped and it can't exceed 50k... Huge thanks to @Tumeke for pulling the bike off me, my leg was tangled in the kickstart. Also massive thanks to @johnnyfive for the punishing CT loaner!
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