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  1. Might as well go the whole hog and cable tie a set of plastic hubcabs over the freshly blacked wheels.
  2. It's up to the individual certifier's discretion, there's no official minimum (I went through this with my Merc, it failed on having only 1mm engagement to the CB.) How thick of a spacer are you planning on running? If you go slightly thicker than the length of the centering hub then there is stepped spacers that make it easy.
  3. Is it even really an Imp anymore with that engine?
  4. Looking at the lvvta chip lookup page the cert is registered to the vin not the plate, my plate isn't even listed under vehicle details.
  5. I think something is trying to tell you that you need to build an angry 3 cylinder engine at some point. Echo lost a piston, V6 tried to make itself a triple etc
  6. Wait till you try a diesel! 20 Nm, 40 Nm, 105° then 105° was a bit of a nerve wracking process haha
  7. I was under the impression that they were a total no go in general unless factory fitted? I'm looking into ways to modify my Merc mufflers and hide a pair of valves in there, was told to hide the cables and controller well/try to convince WOF guys they are factory fitted AMG options haha
  8. That's a lush muff! I've used FMF exhaust packing sheet on a couple bike mufflers, seems to hold up well and the packaging says it adds something like 4hp haha Got any plans on how to hide the valve actuators etc for cert/WOF? Could try make the cable look like it's coming from an O2 sensor lol
  9. "Compared to conventional type bolts, torque to yield bolts offer the engine manufacturer a number of advantages including; greater flexibility of design, reductions in component costs, more accurate assembly and reliability of seal. Engines designed utilising torque to yield (TTY) head bolts require fewer head bolts to achieve the desired clamping loads than those using conventional bolts. With fewer bolts the engine manufacturer has more flexibility in cylinder head and block design as well as reducing the cost of the engine."
  10. Yeah it's a thing, predating lift arc start. You want to be real good at sharpening tungstens with a scratch start machine as you will be sharpening a lot of them!
  11. I persevered for a couple years or more, but now I've got a decent hf start machine with pedal etc I'd never go back. I found starting the arc with lift tig easy enough, but having to try to speed up as things heated up and then breaking the arc at the end sucked!!
  12. Briggs aren't really my field of expertise sorry, @ESKIN8R might be more help.
  13. Peel the label off the Duplicolor... /Might be the other way around, but either way Duplicolor and VHT are the same thing, one brand has a stuck on label on the cans, peel it off and it has the other brand printed on the can.
  14. Sounds like breakfast to go at Bort's.
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