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  1. I'll have a hunt through the shed, but I think I used the only good spare I had to replace the striped one in my last post in here Might be worth comparing Dio and other models, might find a solution there.
  2. Lol my 96 Hiace has a better safety rating than that new Mitsi van And that's with them lumping all 96 Hiaces in together as the low spec trade model and stating it hasn't got airbags or ABS (which mine does)
  3. Toyota factory interval for SW20 is 5,000-10,000k (3,000-6,000 miles) or every 6 months "whichever comes first". I aim for 10k with my 1KZ, but pretty much just do it when the oil light starts talking longer to turn off in the morning around 7k.
  4. Fuck yes, @GuyWithAviators sent a couple vids, sounds fucking awesome! Going back a fair while now, but Smith and Smith managed to get a screen from Japan fairly cheaply from memory.
  5. "question is, how far do I go with this?" Dunno how far to go, but something like this would be a good start at least https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/volkswagen/new-listing/3133906103
  6. Most of your pics aren't showing, you need to host them somewhere other than Google photos.
  7. Raizer

    Crash's Ariel

    Looks like you've linked to Google images in the first post, you can't hyperlink to Google, you can see them but pretty much everyone can't.
  8. Still done pretty much nothing at all with bikes since coming off the A50, but running about on the Mrs Let's 2 picking up parts for my van recently has semi reignited the spark for 2 wheel life, also this has happened 1983 Honda Stream, the original Honda 3 wheel scooter that the Gyro grew from! And yeah this too 197? Yamaha Chappy with Honda CF50 forks and a lot of patina, should be a good match with my CF50 "Chandler" Also on the hunt for a Suzuki JR80 engine, for reasons...
  9. Oh yeah, likely daytime running light for Europe or somewhere
  10. It's going nowhere, not sure why Suzuki added it tbh.
  11. Raizer

    Aubz fa50

    That'll do wonders for stopping your skirt blowing up at high speed.
  12. In my HiAce it's actually in the ECU. My Pajero JR had a stand alone trans computer in the passengers kick panel (just remembered it had the same issue ha)
  13. Do these have electronic controlled transmissions? My HiAce had the same symptoms, turned out to be leaking caps and a broken trace in the trans control. Wasn't actually slipping in first, the ECU wasn't shifting down below second gear so it felt like it was slipping, but manually shifting to L worked fine.
  14. Hiace Super Customs also have radiators flat under the front, they might be worth looking at too?
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