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  1. Hiace Super Customs also have radiators flat under the front, they might be worth looking at too?
  2. Raizer

    diesel spam

    Bit of concrete evidence, filled up in Tauranga. New year's trip: 38.74L Today at same servo: 23.46L Mind: blown!
  3. Raizer

    diesel spam

    Foots not much lighter here lol Guessing it's from the engine actually being able to breathe now in my case
  4. Raizer

    diesel spam

    Boost + cleaning all the EGR and breather scum out of the inlet
  5. Raizer

    diesel spam

    In follow up to my last post, just drove from home to Opotiki so about 150k of twisty hilly road. Last time I had no power to overtake and it was a slug on the hills, had closer to 3/4 tank than full left etc. This time it pulled up hill and overtaking and the needle is still on the top of the full mark!!
  6. Raizer

    diesel spam

    Took 8 odd hours, but I gave the 1kz in my van a bit of a birthday today, main issue was a leaking rocker cover gasket but since the floor has to come out and the boost pipe had to come off I figured I might as well ditch the EGR, cleaned a good 5mm thick layer of scum out of the intake ports, swapped the intake manifold, TB and boost pipe for ones that I had already cleaned out (+ my TB had a boost leak from fucked spindle seals and a hard/cracked gasket and the small butterfly linkage fell off years ago so was jammed open all the time) Also new glow plugs and a catch can (cheers for tha
  7. 303-312kph top speed for the 99 model, "limited" to 299k from 2000.
  8. New piston arrived, still sitting in the package waiting for me to find the enthusiasm to attempt fixing the A50 again. But came across this gem while looking through a few pics at Mum's earlier Where it all started! haha
  9. Raizer

    diesel spam

    I noticed that too, $100 difference seems rather OTT!
  10. Raizer

    diesel spam

    3" dump to 2.5" at least seems to be the go, if not full 3". Edit: looked at a lot of 1kz exhaust and intercooler designs and dyno sheets etc. I'm going full 3" and a w2a barrel intercooler (or the kinda rare factory w2a set up) when I can find time and motivation to actually do it lol.
  11. Second the vinegar, countdown home brand do a big bottle cheap. Dunno about leaving it for a couple weeks, I've found after a day or 2 the vinegar seems to lose it's grunt so I change it for fresh, another day or 2 and it's ready to be flushed and neutralized with baking soda then sealed (bit of oil heavy 2t mix has worked for me in the past.)
  12. I've used those plugs on a few scooters, they work well! Just don't over squish the crimps
  13. Those Briggs stickered Zenoah engines are a decent engine, was just parts availability that makes them uncommon these days. Bike carb and a small spanny would wake it up once she gets the feel for it! Remote kill is a good idea too
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