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  1. Bens small bikes

    Mine came with a vent hose already fitted, my frame is fairly open behind the engine so it just threaded down around the swingarm mount.
  2. Bens small bikes

    Man that looks like it was so much easier to fit in there than a Chaly! Do a wheelie!
  3. chris' scoot hoard

  4. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Chain seems to have grown a fair bit longer and the whole scooter wants to try and twist around to the left when starting to move. Think I might need a beefier swing arm haha Fuck. Lol.
  5. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Sweet, 95mm overange Dio spec should be a mint upgrade. Just got to work out bushing and travel.
  6. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Kmp/h Had it to 94 the other day with the lean 165mj, reckon it'll do 100+ with enough fuel. It's fucking dodgy as over 70 though, rusted out wobbly front rim isn't doing it any favours lol. /Will easily do 100+ with a 16t front sprocket. Swapped in a 170mj and 17.5 pilot earlier and it's running a lot nicer. Keep meaning to send you pics of the old carb if you still want it.
  7. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Was meaning to ask you in messenger if you could measure your variatior, I've got a suspicion Honda may have used a variatior from a Lead or other bigger scoot in the Beat
  8. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Miss turned out to be a crappy loose fitting terminal on the coil earth, almost does hunnitz now! 165mj is a bit lean still (lol OOR said it'd be golden with a 140 and Mikuni said 155 max) Got a 170 to try, otherwise I'll order in 175 etc. The combo of a big cam engine with big carb jet + 2l petrol tank sucks!!!
  9. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Should be able to get away with either turning the Beat one down or having a new one made. Only thing to watch is that you don't end up with too much travel.
  10. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Set the tappets, chucked a new plug in and took it for a ride today. 165mj is pretty much spot on at WOT, has gained so much power right through the rev range with this top end, have to lean hard forward to keep the front down in second lol But after maybe 10 minutes running around it started developing a rather annoying misfire through the mid range FFS.
  11. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Took it for a ride, 155 main jet, 20 pilot, shit it hauls! Wheelies so damn easily it's a handful! Cracked the head pipe, that put an end to the ride. Running a bit lean up top with the 155 in it though, can hear and feel it's happier at 3/4 throttle than WOT. Chucked a 165mj in, should be pretty much spot on I'm thinking, will find out tomorrow.
  12. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    I'm running a 24mm on my 70+cc Gyro, it's about perfect sized for the engine. 12mm would have been such a restriction! Engine out, again. If I wound the idle hard in the carb wiggled into place, bit of hacking-I mean shaping- of the inner skin + grinding the adjustment screw right down small gave just enough clearance, 1 hole through the outer skin to let a screw driver through to adjust and it's done! SO MUCH COMPRESSION!!! I want to index the cam side cover so the "CDI" writing is level, there's a little tab that sits it where it is and this on the inside Can't see much reason I can't just put it on level?
  13. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Yeah man, I'd be thinking 28mm should be a decent size for it tbh. 19mm is way too small imo
  14. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Yeah mate the VM26 can be set up for 2t easy, Mikuni sell 2t emulsion tubes for them. Another option for less $$ is the 24mm PWK I've got sitting here waiting for a good home, you've got a lathe so it can easily become any size up to 28mm...
  15. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    So yeah I'm bored with it already. Hopefully this lot may help relieve the boredom Ported big valve high comp head with added squish band etc, balanced high comp piston with enlarged valve cut outs to suit the head. "easy start" CDI with switch-able adjustable rev limiter and a genuine Mikuni VM26 carb with adapter to suit my manifold.