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  1. What's the quality like on that headlight? H4/PH7 bulb? Thinking I may need a pair
  2. That doesn't sound good, I'd be whipping the wheel and clutch off and checking in the gearbox. That slot in the bearing cup is what turns the speedo drive.
  3. I mentioned the belt too, if you want a nice one/cdi/decent variator let me know before I place my next WeBike or Racing Planet order and I can add it and save you shipping. You will be hard pressed to get 70 from the stock variator, it's just physically too small for it, Malossi multivar would be my pick for them, think crap S-Drive is the only one available in NZ (it's a different crank to any other Scooter besides Street Magic, there's not many options!).
  4. No stress about the measurement, kinda gone a slightly different direction... /Still curious though, so what I wanted to know was if it's 95.5 max drum and if run a straight edge across the drum how deep in the drum is the speedo drive.
  5. 3.50 is a tight enough fit on my Suzuki, good work getting it in the little Honda!
  6. Ha that's awesome! Still can't get over how quiet Gary is with that pipe/filter combo.
  7. Any chance you could take a couple measurements from the 10" Dio front wheel for me? I need to know how deep into the drum the face of the Speedo drive part is and the od of it. /Guessing it'd be the same as your 8" wheel too if the 10" goes on. Want to get the front of my Gyro up on a 10" wheel.
  8. That big screw is idle, the small screw on the side to the left of the idle screw is the idle mixture adjustment. You tune it by changing the jets, buy in bulk cheap from AliExpress. Start rich and work your way down in size, I'm not sure where to start looking size wise though. Needle height adjusts the progression of fueling. The vacuum port opens the fuel tap on a scooter, the little port is indeed where oil is pumped in on a self mix.
  9. Are they not just the generic Lucas inertia starter found in just about every British car of the era? My overly high compression Escort used to kill them all the time and since I was working at a wreckers I used to just grab another from the pile, Vauxhall, Morris, Leyland, Ford, Rover etc all went straight in and worked fine. Only difference I ever found was Ford was 3 bolt mount and the others were 2.
  10. Some epic work going into it, but at what point does it stop being a Chrysler and start being a Joshbuilt custom?
  11. Lots of videos on YT of them like this (and MUCH worse), normally water seals gone/rotor equiv of a BHG. J-Port time
  12. Suzuki m120x, bit smaller than a Victa at 120cc, but sound so much nicer and imo go harder.
  13. PBR HARRRD!! /Disregard if your not ex Gizzy and I've got the wrong EX GSR in mind haha,
  14. Is it wrong I want that engine for a weedeater of doom? /Nuts looking little scooter!
  15. Canadian guy on another forum I frequent is playing with an old Spree, he's also fitted an AF18 but with a couple mild custom touches to the engine that may inspire you...