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  1. Raizer

    Welder buying spam

    The manager of BOC here said they only have one decent sale a year now, think it's normally in August. I missed out on a multi function mig/tig last year and was asking when the next sale is etc.
  2. Raizer

    Honda C50 to lifan 110cc wiring

    Edit I should have looked closer at your pics, the 125 loom I've got here is different again. Edit 2: The red/black in the loom goes to the engines black/red. Plain green from engine just earths to the frame. Black/white is kill, earth it to turn the engine off. Yellow/black is the coil + The Green/pink with the otherwise empty 6 pin is the neutral light. I'd strip it down so you're left with a basic CDI loom and the 4 wire regulator/rectifier loom. Easy enough to tap into the factory lighting and charge circuits. On my CF50 I had to swap a couple wires around on my ignition switch to get it to kill the engine. Add a ballast resistor from a 12v scooter to protect the bulbs from over voltage (I've likely got 1 spare if needed)
  3. Raizer

    Raizer is losing the plot with Scooters!

    Sold the Vespa/LML, may end up as a rat scooter so that'd be cool. @MopedNZ and @GuyWithAviators apparently got sick of the trails of rust flakes I was leaving on rides so the GC's hooked me up with a new seat! Before: lol the whole rear half of the seat had collapsed down/made it actually really comfy haha After I used a few scraps of the original seat to really roughly patch the new seat: Yet another of @GuyWithAviators self-portraits on my bike haha And last night out of a moment of bored energy I chopped part of the front off Fitted old Cub indicator lenses, had to lay the horn back to clear the headlight lol Forgot to take before pics, but you can see the difference in the height of the speedo etc from this old pic VS If I find motivation tomorrow I'm thinking about remaking the muffler baffles so they actually do something haha
  4. Raizer

    Nick's Datto 1600

    Agree on both counts. Had an initially intermittent tick on my Cressida from the gasket/
  5. Raizer

    Unclejake's '95 Chev discusion

    Ooh yeah, didn't think about turning the engine over to get the the converter bolts.
  6. Raizer

    Unclejake's '95 Chev discusion

    Why not just leave the converter in the trans?
  7. Raizer

    KerryTGIs 1988 Hilux

    What welder is it, I've been looking at multi-process machines lately too.
  8. Raizer

    ford cortina mk1, help, pictures of lower front arms

  9. Raizer

    diesel spam

    Downpipe is restrictive on the 1KZ too (in the HiAce at least) https://icarusimports.co.nz/products/toyota-1kz-te-turbo-diesel-3-stainless-steel-dump-pipe-with-pyro
  10. Raizer

    Welder buying spam

    Grabbed one of these to change from my 3M helmet (is a decent helmet, but doesn't go under shade 10 so is a bit dark for me) Must say I'm very impressed! LOVE the true colour lens.
  11. Raizer

    Lux's collection of crappy 2T nangs

    It's carboning up on the exhaust side, clean on the intake side. How are your reeds? I still think you have been nanging it too lean on the main jet tbh.
  12. Raizer

    Mechanical to electric speedo

    You've likely already figured out how to get a signal, but an Altezza speedo drive should fit straight in to the W57. And yeah, your pretty well onto it with finding a speedo and making it fit the face from your mechanical one.
  13. Raizer

    VGs Pair O Cubs

    I got mine done with the og black plate easy enough, but you have to send a pic of the frame number from memory.
  14. Raizer

    VGs Pair O Cubs

    That is a sweet C50 Deluxe! Was keen as on it myself lol