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  1. Raizer is losing the plot with Scooters!

    Oops. MOVIE NEW CONCEPTS BY MY OWN I blame @MichaelJFox @GuyWithAviators and @Shakotom, bunch of bad influences haha! To make it worse the one on the rack is just the one that didn't fit in Andrews truck...
  2. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    I've got a Dio bearing and seal kit here if you do decide to refresh things
  3. KK's Honda Cub

    Looks like a Zongshen YX125 rather than a Lifan, just out of interest how much did you pay for it? Edit: now that I see the pics on a big screen I take that back, wrong flywheel cover for a Zongy Primary clutch like that is fairly standard on the 125 and smaller engines from what I've seen. The high performance variants and the bigger capacity engines are secondary clutch with the lever on top.
  4. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Lol I remember that bit well, took ages to get the right spot to get past the 3 Honda blockade.
  5. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    I'm pretty keen at this stage, got Chandler going again but not sure it's the best choice since it never seems to be able to finish a ride without something breaking or falling off haha! Also the lack of suspension is a bit limiting. Might try get Plan B sorted out, or build something new.
  6. Raizer is losing the plot with Scooters!

    Sandy's Jog had been having issues with clutch slip since I got it going, whipped the cover off and it rapidly became obvious as to why... It's been a very long time since there was any pad on those shoes! The torque driver was fried too. So since I have a parts wreck here I figured it'd just be a simple case of swapping over the bits from that and calling it done... Maybe not Oh well I might as well raid the stock shelves then! ARTEK K2 clutch (really really nice kit!), Polini Hi-Speed variatior kit and Polini Kevlar reinforced belt should do the trick! The gearset input bearing sounded pretty bad, so while I had it apart to swap out the bearing I cleaned out the disgusting sludge from the gears And went back to the stock shelf MUCH better! Works damn well, although it's all rather overkill for a stock 49cc, so I may yet chuck a 70 kit and a decent pipe at it in the near future just cause it'd be a waste of a race clutch right? Oh and once again @64vauxhall came through with the goods and did a seat for it a while back Should be all good to go now!
  7. Raizer is losing the plot with Scooters!

    Have put a lot of Ks on the Chandler since my last post, crashed it again being a dick drifting on grass lol, fitted Polini brakes in the front and then did a 70odd K ride in the rain the other weekend for something to do/see how far the 2L tank would get me. The other night I got pulled over finally, I was shitting myself but it turned out they pulled me only because it'd blown the tail light bulb again, the 2 cops loved it! They just said I might want to chuck a baffle in the pipe as it's the loudest 50cc in town hahahaha Snapped the exhaust right after that and rode home with just an open headpipe lol. Couple nights ago I re-welded the exhaust, beefed up the exhaust mount, went to an even bigger main jet, swapped the oil again and also added a ballast resistor to try and keep the lights happy.
  8. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    First Google result for empty shed lol I've got nothing even started for the ride, haven't even got anything rideable to bring to Auckland next week haha
  9. Matteybean's MS65 Crown

    @The Dude was just selling it on Facebook, I'm guessing you got it from him.
  10. Raizer is losing the plot with Scooters!

    One day I'll make it through a full ride on the Chandler without something shaking off ha! Lost an exhaust stud and almost one of the rear shock mount bolts on Saturday.
  11. Tumeke's Suzuki B100P

  12. Raizer is losing the plot with Scooters!

    The blue AZ might be soon, maybe the white Gyro too. Also should be picking up 3 first gen Jogs in the next few weeks which will all be for sale too. Went for a lunch time hoon with @64vauxhall the other day Then took over central Auckland with @GuyWithAviators and @Shakotom that night Church of FOAMERS.
  13. 1982 RX60 Cressida 1UZFE Conversion

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think it'll be something like an E series diff in the RX60, mine at least was smaller than an F.