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  1. Raizer

    Welder buying spam

    Grabbed one of these to change from my 3M helmet (is a decent helmet, but doesn't go under shade 10 so is a bit dark for me) Must say I'm very impressed! LOVE the true colour lens.
  2. It's carboning up on the exhaust side, clean on the intake side. How are your reeds? I still think you have been nanging it too lean on the main jet tbh.
  3. Raizer

    Mechanical to electric speedo

    You've likely already figured out how to get a signal, but an Altezza speedo drive should fit straight in to the W57. And yeah, your pretty well onto it with finding a speedo and making it fit the face from your mechanical one.
  4. Raizer

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    I got mine done with the og black plate easy enough, but you have to send a pic of the frame number from memory.
  5. Raizer

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    That is a sweet C50 Deluxe! Was keen as on it myself lol
  6. Raizer

    Raizer is losing the plot with Scooters!

    Finally got around to fitting another new rear sprocket and actually aligning the rear wheel, new gold AFAM chain and other than welding up a few cranks in the exhaust and remounting the oil cooler I've just been pesting about on this lately, took it out the rive the other day and while it's not at all good off road, it is at least highly amusing to ride off road.
  7. Raizer

    Raizer is losing the plot with Scooters!

    Finally got around to getting the Let's on the lift, it's only been what 11 months? lol Had the engine out in about 15 minutes, discovered the one way valve between the oil pump and carb wouldn't open even with 100psi of air behind it, so that's what the original problem was, just a tiny bit of crap had got through the pump and jammed it up. Stripped the shrouds and head etc off Cylinder is salvageable. quick sand with 400 got rid of the alloy smear and it's good to go. Crank bearings spin fine, so I think I've been lucky enough to get away with just replacing the piston and rings. Will need to sort an exhaust for it too as it donated it's pipe to Markku's FA, might make a manifold and go to a bigger carb while I'm at it.
  8. Raizer

    Kicker's C50

    I prefer the standard reg/rect set up personally, I like having indicators and horn etc running from the battery circuit.
  9. Raizer

    Kicker's C50

    Running ballast resistors in them @BLIZZO? My 140 was doing bulbs just about every ride until I added one.
  10. BVB's WOF is better, I would almost bet Shaz is behind the pentagram hole punch haha
  11. Raizer

    Raizer is losing the plot with Scooters!

    Had to get a pic of the Gyro with the Mothership so pulled it out of storage. Managed to fuck the paint yet again. Did a thing to @Truenotch's FA And been mucking around with Chandler a bit. Getting the itch to start building something else
  12. Raizer

    Welder buying spam

    They are gas and gasless, @GuyWithAviators has the same one. https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/cigweld-cigweld-weldskill-135-inverter-plant---mig-arc-w1008135/554061.html Just over $100 more ATM, but the inverter makes it a much nicer machine.
  13. Raizer

    Hilux Brake Disc Backplates

    That's 4th Gen. 2nd is this style
  14. Yeah man, could be a good excuse just to pest about with you, Sandy and @GuyWithAviators etc the weekend before. Hitting Auckland the next week, locked in accommodation this afternoon otherwise would have made it work!
  15. Stupidly I'd assumed this was going to be the day after OS drags again and had planned around that. Lol fail.