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  1. Yeah man, could be a good excuse just to pest about with you, Sandy and @GuyWithAviators etc the weekend before. Hitting Auckland the next week, locked in accommodation this afternoon otherwise would have made it work!
  2. Stupidly I'd assumed this was going to be the day after OS drags again and had planned around that. Lol fail.
  3. Raizer


    Had a few of them that saw the East Cape guys over the weekend saying to come, but yeah you're likely right tbh
  4. Meant to be a big bike thing, but it's due a scooter take over!! Just out of Hastings, Jan 26, if we ride in together then best club should be ours!! Wet tee, lots of drinks and just caos in vest pest mode should be ace!
  5. Raizer

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    There's the right way, the wrong way and the Max Power way!
  6. Raizer

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Think that's all the pics I've got haha All the hardcore guys have left my Mrs, @chris r and me at Smash palace alone lol /At least one of the QCR guys is will past done hahaha //) @sentra bring me a fycking ciggy au
  7. Raizer

    chris' scoot hoard

    I'm still thinking it's leaned out too Really needed to check those crank seals for leaks too just thinking about it.
  8. Raizer

    chris' scoot hoard

    You've got a decent Polini high-speed variator in there bro.
  9. Raizer

    chris' scoot hoard

    Needs the trolley handle fitted!
  10. Raizer

    chris' scoot hoard

    Result! Stoked to see some of the spiders etc making their way onto it too
  11. Raizer

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    That exhaust mount makes me sad.
  12. Raizer

    diesel spam

    GMB pumps have never given me any issues, there's one on my 1kz and I've fitted them to plenty of other cars.
  13. Raizer

    chris' scoot hoard

    One day you'll pull something out of the back of the fridge or somewhere and find enough jets to tune 50 scooters! Looking good though man!