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  1. Minutes after posting that I got a phone call to say my Nan had been rushed to hospital, so have made zero progress on any of my shit. But in the process of cleaning out her house today I discovered small bike life runs in the family haha My Nan on an uncles pretty new CT back in 82 or 83 I think the tag said
  2. Cheers man! Might see if I can sort it out a bit closer to home first, but will keep in mind for sure!
  3. Fuck it, I'm just going to send it!* *Going to start on another flywheel this week lol
  4. So much fucking around with the timing, think I've found where the flywheel wants to be, but shit I'm unsure about running this! Have got a couple more donor flywheels, but no lathe to get them sorted. *I didn't drill any of those holes, and it's done 14,000rpm with 3 bolts in the past, but yeah fuck that letting go wouldn't be fun ha
  5. Pretty sure Ka-Bar is actually the brand, used to sell a lot of different style Ka-Bar knives and from memory the company dates back 100 years or more. Edit: https://www.countryknives.com/brand-history/ka-bar/
  6. These are $36inc each at Trade Zone ATM, picked them up this morning.
  7. So yesterday was the day to do the first start, but yeah had a few issues with timing and had to redo the flywheel. How it was at TDC: Compared to another engine So yeah it was trying to fire well after TDC. Bit of mucking about got it here: With room to adjust timing still Loaded fresh bolts up with red thread locker, spring washers + nylocks this morning Then this happened...
  8. Cleaned up the kickstart by filling in a few spots with TIG filler then ground it back, swapped out the glass beads in my blast cabinet for some medium grit garnet, that worked real well to key the pipe and kicker. Quick coat of CRC Hot Black high temp paint (highly recommend it over VHT!) And old pair of pliers + a chopped up drill bit were repurposed into a pin wrench Assembled the pipe, pics are a bit crap, we changed to LED bulbs and my camera isn't loving it. Ended up grabbing a 32x38x2 copper flat washer to use as the gasket, really needed 32x40 so I used a smear of maniseal to glue it into position on the flange, fingers crossed that it didn't move and that a non-crush washer actually seals! Threw the tank etc back on, finally looks like a bike again! Also noticed the other night that the kickstarter is meant to be on an angle, gave it a go and while still not great, I can actually get my foot on the peg now lol Long rides aren't going to be too comfy hahaha Just need to fill the gearbox with oil, drain the petrol tank and mix up a couple liters of 2t for it to run on while the oil lines prime and it should be all go to fire up! Will print off a degree wheel and chuck a timing light on to make sure I got it at least close lol
  9. One my grandad made in the Solomons, same story about perspex and alloy recovered from Japanese planes. Also a few stories about it being put to use over there too. Looks a lot like a Lee–Enfield No 5 Mk I (Jungle Carbine) bayonet, but it's stamped with S A so it's likely a Yank one of some sort.
  10. Washers are fine as long as the taper matches up. Lots of cars have thick washers from factory
  11. Scrounged up some 2mm plate on Friday and started again, changed the shape of the mount a bit to make it a bit more compact etc Soo much slower than a plasma haha! Stage6 at the back, thickboi middle and the 2mm plate at the front. Still a fair bit of trimming and bending to go. Got there though! Repro A50 kicker was closer to fitting than I'd expected Only about 20mm or so of bending needed. And that brings us to today Spring added more for having the angle I want while still being able to remove the rear wheel without taking the whole pipe off TIG "gas torch" Shit ain't pretty, but it clears! Fitting my foot onto the footpeg is not exactly comfortable, but it's just the way it is lol
  12. Maybe lol, either way I think the carb is going to be louder than the pipe ha! CAD prototyping lol I really want one of these!! Cleaned up and welded together for a test fit Bit chunky, I'd spec'd 2mm plate but they got cut from 3.2, but having it in the steel has shown a few small changes I'd like to make to the shape, so will grab some 2mm plate tomorrow and try again. Am pretty happy with the way it's going though, should be a more than solid mount!
  13. Think I got it sussed tonight Everything seems to clear, maybe a little close to the swingarm, but it'll be fine.,, The Stage6 bracket fouls on the swingarm and may be a little short, so I'm going to do a bit of CAD prototyping later and attempt to make my own, just need to scrounge up a bit of plate tomorrow. This is a repro A50 kick lever: Might be able to heat it and reshape it to clear, will see if I can fix the start of the internal spline in it before I bother though! Honda Wave one: More than enough clearance, but would need to reshape this bend: And playing with muffler position I'm heavily leaning towards up-swept, it'll have the curved tip cut off leaving a 1" straight exit.
  14. Think I manged 1 step back, 2 steps forward today. I wasn't happy with how it ended up yesterday, so I started again 95mm cone this time, with more relief cuts to get a result much closer to round Good 35mm longer! In the words of AvE "a grinder and paint make me the welder I ain't" Also added the internal stinger while I was at it. It goes 180mm into the chamber, same length as the original external pipe. Pretty much nailed the length this time!! Going to take a bit of creative grinding/a tighter radius bend here though. Leaving the muffler and mount bracket off until the rest of the pipe lines up.