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  1. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Tomorrow's (today) mission is to degrease and wash the frame, heavy cut and polish then fill the gap with the contents of one of those parcels Also grabbed a carb etc from my stock shelf lol There seems to have been a slight mix up at the factory, somehow this ended up cast on my factory replacement 49cc moped engine... Should be good for a laugh!
  2. Ever since I got let loose on @BLIZZO's rusty trombone in Kawhia a while back I've been craving something with gears and wheelie pulling torque... Had been wanting to put a dirt bike 2t into something like an old Suzuki AC50, even lined up a cheap KTM 100 to donate it's engine but no cheap bikes popped up. Until @MopedNZ came across this old Honda CF50 in Gisborne on TM, I went and picked it up and after doing a bit of a deal with him it's ended up staying in my overcrowded shed. Gave it a few kicks, no spark and as I've got no interest in playing with 6v points systems I gave up trying to get it running. Instead I turned up attention to the paint, @Shakotom banned me from painting it so I've just been cutting it back with 1000 and 2000 wet paper Couple parcels arrived from one of my suppliers this morning, ones presold the other is "stock" Finally cleared the shed enough to get it on the lift this evening Engine fell out soon after
  3. Those look like CV carbs rather than flatslide?
  4. FlyingBricks NF75

    Tubes? Should be able to run tubeless with your rims
  5. .75 to .80 is ideal hypo scooter swish too, this thing is going to move!! Full circle crank is the go for 70+cc scooter builds with read valves, but either way yours is going to be nuts
  6. Still want to stuff a crankcase port engine crank, lowering the crankcase volume increases the primary compression and forces more air/fuel mix through the transfers and boost ports. /Your shaping will likely more than overcome any negative effect from the slight decrease in primary comp. //Giz a ride!
  7. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Where's your idle mix screw set? if it's between about 1 to 2 turns out the pilot is ok.
  8. I was impressed at how well prepared he was having a hinge all ready to go haha!
  9. We need to get together again soon for a 4 way Gyro pest, @Mrs 64valiant or @flyingbrick could take Plan B.
  10. Beaver's '87 Gloria Wagon

    "I'm not longer running an A/C compressor (it never worked)." Ooh yeah... The A/C in this was lush as frig, but the idler bearing started screaming when I was out of town one night, so I removed the bearing and never got around to replacing it.
  11. chrisr's g20 van

    Plenty of room to load an arm chair in the back now though...
  12. Honda CL175 from hell.

    Good idea with the led indicators, as long as you're running them on a DC circuit.
  13. Honda CL175 from hell.

    Nice looking switchgear! I'm dealing with tiny gauge wires on switches too, I think I'm just going to add relays to everything as I really don't want to run headlights etc through them.