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  1. Going by FB the box and most of the good bits were gone before lunch
  2. Somewhat related to welder buying... For the last few years my welding "table" was a small piece of 12mm plate with a section of angle zapped on the back by a seagull with metallic diarrhea, the angle got clamped in my vice to give a surface as well as tie up my vice to prevent it being used for anything else etc. Well that's changed! Managed to sell my old DC TIG and my last .22lr for more or less the exact amount needed for the table, got to Machinery house on Friday and it turns out they have a sale starting today so they gave us the sale price and then a further $50 off with their "mates club" deal. It's no certiflat but fuck I am over the moon with it!! Modded some M16 bolts in the lathe, welded on Bunnings F clamps *Don't look too close, I'm still figuring out MIG* Oh and much less related, ol' @Geophy had a mate selling a drill press last month and it's found it's way to my shed too.
  3. Order some of these before it goes in, might save 5 minutes next time lol
  4. Raizer


    Repco brand paint stripper seems alloy safe. It's so shit it takes 2 or 3 applications to get paint to bubble and doesn't seem to touch alloy. It does make skin wrinkle up weird, but not bad enough I'd bother with gloves though
  5. Tonight? Saturday burgers seems like a thing Within an uber or @chris rr ride bludgeable distance of the CBD plz
  6. It's all ready for a couple coats of paint now, trying to decide between pink or purple, might go with both.
  7. TH180 I thought? AKA Holden traumatic
  8. Or have the wheels machined to have seat inserts pressed in
  9. Have heard of them, meant to last about twice as long as iridium plugs. Have seen them marketed as "lifetime plugs" or something like that.
  10. Jeep use 5x127 as well, but I doubt you will be finding 14s on 99+ Cherokee etc.
  11. My last 3 vans it's been no issue at all for WOF having removed seats. Have run through as 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 seater and the only issue was a missing seatbeat in my old Delica so I just removed the seat again.
  12. Someone's ripping you right off. They are the same price most of the time.
  13. Denso VE style pump, just with electric shit controlling the throttle and shit. They went common rail with the 1KD
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