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  1. The real pain in the arse happens at night, between the bum pinchers and speedcocks you're arse isn't safe.
  2. MR1A Application to licence motor vehicle. Just put 01 in new usage section.
  3. Been sent a couple screenshots of Chey Thompson offering me a couple early Jogs on FB (I deleted my account in beginning of lockdown), would be perfect for an engine donor for this. /Fix a Jog too
  4. Raizer

    diesel spam

    Learnt about that when the linkage for the small butterfly managed to come to bits while driving, took me a while to figure out what was causing super rough idle with massive clouds of white raw diesel smoke (damn I got some filthy looks one Saturday morning when it completely clouded traffic on the North shore haha), have had the butterfly jammed fully open ever since. Just need to get the gaskets for the manifold and throttle body and I'll swap it over to the new one.
  5. Raizer

    diesel spam

    Thanks, will ditch the smaller butterfly and seal up the spindle holes as it's leaking at the spindle seals anyway. Was a Aussie hard yakka 4x4 Barry forum I came across that had me wondering as they all leave a 10mm hole in the EGR plate so they can keep the butterflies to avoid rough shutdown etc.
  6. Raizer

    diesel spam

    Finally getting around to cleaning out the intake on my 1KZ (well cleaning out the one I got from pick a part and swapping it on anyway). Figured I might as well blank off the EGR while I'm at it, would I be correct in assuming I'll need to remove at least one of the butterflies out of the throttle body with the EGR fully blocked off? I've not had fuck all to do with EGR but I believe at idle the main butterfly is fully closed and the small vacuum controlled one is shut so all the intake air is exhaust?
  7. "Stage 3" doesn't give much of a description, how many fractions of a race cam is is??
  8. Wasn't fully happy with the header section, cylinder has a 31mm port but the pipe was only 28mm id (less really with all the weld inside), the A100 header is too big (36mm id from memory). So I guess the only way to do it is to start almost from scratch and do it properly right? Off cut of 4140 stock. There was no way to tighten the nut up with anything but a pipe wrench, which wouldn't be too good for anything I finish it in, so after facing off the nut it got a bit of time in the mill Should be easy enough to get a bigger spanner to suit. It does thread right on, just need to clean the schmoo out of the thread lol A Honda 1000 exhaust gasket ring is the perfect size, so will order one at some stage. Now to attempt getting the rest of the pipe to fit ha
  9. Awesome! Next lesson, clicking it down to first at full mang with the front brake hard on.
  10. Also interested in this. Glass bead is the goods for alloy (mask up any threaded holes and still be prepared to run a tap though to clean the threads as the dust finds it's way everywhere!!)
  11. The Passola engine is in the same family as the early Jog eninge I was talking about (both are vertical Minarelli engines), but it's much closer to what came in the Razz than the Jog. Lower power output and you can't just swap to CVT as the chain drive set up is all encased in an oil bath arrangement + the crank has a different output shaft. If you wanted to stay OG style I actually have a set of cases and crank etc from an early Jog that I was saving to build one day, but I'll likely never do anything with it.