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  1. https://www.lincolnelectric.com/en-gb/support/welding-how-to/Pages/preventing-arc-blow-detail.aspx
  2. Pretty sure it's known as Arc blow or something like that, keep your magnets at least 150mm away from where you're tacking. Have had it happen a few times with tig.
  3. I'm far from an expert, but I'd be thinking too much heat, possibly too slow torch speed?
  4. Need to figure out the downslope amp settings, seem to be getting half decent results (compared to the mess I was expecting to make at least), but really struggling to finish welds without blowing out at the end edge Also, likely related tbh, but it's a struggle to remember that I just have to let go of the switch to finish, been using lift start for years where you "snap" the arc to finish
  5. I got a Vertex indicator and matching mag base, it's no Mitutoyo, but it's more than good enough for setting up a diff and my fucking about on my lathe. https://www.machineryhouse.co.nz/M055?gclid=Cj0KCQiAoY-PBhCNARIsABcz7717tStVZReqkPq871_9og9kD1rNDNWSKIsxqoAj-Gkjpm-9xORMLZwaAqSqEALw_wcB
  6. Kei truck body on a short wheelbase LandCruiser or similar chassis.
  7. AC seems to work, that's my first attempts at alloy lol so hopefully can only get better from here
  8. Mostly posting as it'll likely be the only time it'll be this clean/organized haha Grabbed another trolley from Bunnings as well as a meter of 32mm pvc tube, cut it in half and got carried away cleaning up the ends ha SS filler on the side, alloy at the rear.
  9. First time working on a car "maintained" in NZ??
  10. Raizer

    diesel spam

    It's got mandrel bends over the diff at least (think I supplied them all tbh), rest looks like it's been made from mandrel offcuts. One day I might redo the rear section, but for now it's good enough, managed 9.8l-100k open road last week so it's doing the trick anyway.
  11. Ran into BOC today to get a lug terminal for an earth lead, they didn't have any in stock but they did have this...
  12. Far as I'm aware they use less power than an incandescent
  13. Have been running Narva h4 LEDs in my HiAce for almost 6 months, will never go back to incandescent bulbs again! They make the +50 bulbs I had seem like candles
  14. Raizer

    diesel spam

    So yeah I made the front half of a new exhaust for my 1KZTE Pit Stop made the rear half And fuck it has made a drastic difference to the van!! Sounds tough, not stupid loud (VTNZ inspector reckons it's just right) and has all the turbo whistle. If I ever tried to cut a gap at an intersection or whatever I used to just pump out a cloud of black smoke while it thought about accelerating, but now the turbo keeps up with the diesel pump so no cloud just GO.
  15. Nice! Although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't somewhat disappointed to open this thread and not find a bike engine golf kart build haha
  16. Sounds like a sealed catch can in the breather line should do the trick. My Hiace was oiling up the intake and boost pipe etc (also blowing out the fucked seals in the old throttlebody) Now I just drain about 100ml of oil from the tank whenever I do the oil and filter, intake is still spotless almost a year later.
  17. Would it really be one of my projects without a touch of jank? Have had a 3" in, twin 2.5" out muffler stashed away for coming up 2 years, turns out I needed an offset inlet or to remove the torsion bar adjuster to run a center inlet... So the center became an offset and the twin 2.5: outs became a single 3" Ran out of argon so had to find the confidence to fire up the new MIG, yeap I still suck at it! But it works and the exhaust sounds rather lush imo Now to figure out WTF I'm doing to get it out the back as currently it's just giving the diff a nice soot black coating
  18. @chris r, @UTERUS, @GuyWithAviators etc all said the same, @Shakotom said that's illegal though. /Prob going out the side tbh, neighbors shitty Bongo has a side pipe and gets WOFs so should be fine ha! //Main concern is I can't afford to lose ground clearance with some of the fields I end up in often. So committed to a MIG Remembered I don't know how to use a MIG so kept at it with my little TIG Should flow a touch better?! Took several attempts to get it to here, but it clears the bell housing, shift linkages and trans cooler lines so it'll be mint now. Grinder and paint make me the welder I ain't or something Embarrassingly I forgot to pick up some straight tube on Friday, so it's going to be a rather loud trip to the steel shop in the morning!
  19. Been kicking the tires of a few MIGs lately, mentioned to a customer of mine that I was in the market for a mig and asked what he would recommend on a minimal budget (he's a welding teacher at EIT), told me to go to BOC and check out the new Raptor ones and to name drop him. So yeah, this happened Chucked in a free 5kg wire and a pack of tips and also knocked close to $200 off the already discounted price!! Bunnings trip for some gas and I'm pretty much ready to make a mess of some steel ha! *fuck I need to give the old van a clean out one day soon*
  20. Yeah it's not too bad access wise, still a bit of a pain getting at the top bolts on the turbo, could be super easy if I took the rear carpet out and pulled the bell housing cover though. It's going over the swaybar + diff + Panhard then snaking around the spare wheel and diesel tank etc that's looking like it'll be the real challenge for me tbh, especially considering I'm using a lift tig on a gravel driveway ha 2.4 petrol version for reference.
  21. Tungstens acquired, still figuring out what I'm looking at with migs so am holding off for right now.
  22. It's only taken close to 18 months, but I've picked up where @chris r left off (failed flexi and upcoming WOF made me get off my ass and into the shed) It would have helped if Chris had the van on hand when he started, we would have known it was wanting to go straight through the shift linkage then haha! Figured out the patch needed with CAD Can't find the pack of tungstens I've got in a safe place, so that's as far as I got, will grab some (or a MIG welder...) tomorrow. That's with the stock on still in place, should have tons of clearance from the shifter when it's actually bolted up! Just need to order a 45 or 60 and another 90 to finish it up, might get fancy and throw a V band in there while I'm at it. Inspo from another Super Custom fan:
  23. Maybe wide body 200 series HiAce? Even the 2wd 200s are 6 stud from memory.
  24. Raizer

    diesel spam

    Good thinking re the ecu, mine had several popped caps which had melted a few traces on the board. Still ran but the trans wouldn't give 1st gear in drive and randomly drop out of overdrive, also went into limp mode at times.
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