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  1. We need to get together again soon for a 4 way Gyro pest, @Mrs 64valiant or @flyingbrick could take Plan B.
  2. So I've mentioned in spam a few times over the years that my great uncle owns an immaculate Nissan Gloria wagon that I've wanted to own for years. Well sadly he passed away last weekend, but it turns out the wagon was left to me! Went down to a small town past Wairoa today to pick it up, and well I found that its kind of gone down hill a bit in the last couple of years since I saw it last and can no longer be classed as immaculate This is how we found her, parked up since last October besides the odd little run to keep everything working: Hard to make out in the pic but there is a massive layer of dust coating the car here! Also found when we went to start it there was a lot of fuel pissing out of various places on the diesel pump and it had a near dead battery. So after pinching the 3 week old HD battery out of the Toyota dog kennel and getting the diesel leaks down to one drip every 5 seconds it fired up and promptly enveloped most of the district in thick blue smoke! -guessing oil had seeped past the valve stem seals while it sat, it cleared up pretty quickly. With that it was time to hitch up the trailer that came with it, drive the Toyota Kennel to it's final resting spot, thank my auntie and head off to Wairoa for some diesel and a $7 "Ultra Deluxe Supreme" car wash Looking a bit sharper for sure! Really need to get it up onto some 15's I think, once those 82 series tires are swapped out for something a bit more respectable I think the 14's are going to be tiny on it haha. Once on the road back to Gizzy my misses took over camera dutys, so here's some cows Here is about the point near the top of the Wharerata's that I realized turning the heater on full and thinking happy thoughts was NOT going to get the temp needle out of the H zone or the speedo over 40 lol So while we stood around the rest area at the top of the "Forys" waiting for the car to cool down with its coolant system full of rust with a touch of water and a shiny chrome radiator cap that doesnt fit or seal I took these Gisborne is the dots on the coast in the distance 20min later we were good to go So yeah the rest of the trip was pretty much uneventful really. Plans now include sticker bombing the roof and doors, sanding both front guards, probably mirror tint it out.... ...yeah fucking right! Nardi wheel + 15" wheels, some low and fix up the few dings and it should be a decent/slow cheap to run cruiser RDWaaaaT And thats my story Raizer aged 28. Discussion
  3. Beaver's '87 Gloria Wagon

    "I'm not longer running an A/C compressor (it never worked)." Ooh yeah... The A/C in this was lush as frig, but the idler bearing started screaming when I was out of town one night, so I removed the bearing and never got around to replacing it.
  4. chrisr's g20 van

    Plenty of room to load an arm chair in the back now though...
  5. Honda CL175 from hell.

    Good idea with the led indicators, as long as you're running them on a DC circuit.
  6. Honda CL175 from hell.

    Nice looking switchgear! I'm dealing with tiny gauge wires on switches too, I think I'm just going to add relays to everything as I really don't want to run headlights etc through them.
  7. The Barter Barber 1971 Bedford discussion

    Where in Hawkes bay is the box? And BNT for sure, hopefully someone from here may be able to swing you a trade discount on a kit.
  8. Suzi FA50

    A decent battery should help your lights at low rpm. /I don't see one among your underseat wiring, ignore me if you've got one.
  9. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    It could give you a good excuse to split the case and reseal it with some fresh case sealant and new gaskets? While your in there it wouldn't hurt to throw in a couple new crank bearings, maybe port out the intake channels in the case and polish everything in there while it's apart...
  10. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    Bit of inspo for you bro
  11. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    @Vintage Grumble are you able to do small belts? You likely know, but that looks to be a Toyota Prius water pump, probably the best thing to come from a Prius lol Got carb specs in your book there?
  12. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Crank seals could, but I'd think it would be a bitch to start if they were that gone. Normally cheap and easy enough to change at least, even if there not the cause it sounds like there due to be refreshed anyway.
  13. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Damn that's lean as fuck! Throw that pic and jet spec etc up in your thread over on 49cc man. Something's really not right! No sign of that 102mj being soldered and drilled at all?
  14. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Michelin S1! Metzeler ME1 are meant to be a really good tyre too. I'm still struggling to get my head around it having such a large MJ in there lol, by all rights that should be absolutely drowning a 49cc engine!

    Just at a quick glance I think it's a CE50, so it's 1986 or 87 I'd say. Could be CG50 but that bent front fork style screams CE to me, CG has the same vertical Minarelli engine as the CE but with a touch more power tuned out of it. Edit: Frame number should be stamped in the frame just in front of the engine, should be visible if you have a look under it.

    That's sweet!! The old school Jogs like that are harder to find a lot of performance parts for, isn't a huge range of pipes and cylinders etc to choose from these days.
  17. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Yeah that sounds like lean hang too, have you tried adjusting the low speed/idle mix screw? You no doubt already know the drill but set it to a fairly low idle, wind in the mix screw until it starts wanting to cut out, then wind it back out until you find the point where it idles highest, then fine tune in tiny increments to get the best throttle response. I'm still WTF'ing at the 102mj, I'm at something like 107 with a pipe on a ported 70cc and open filter!
  18. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Seriously a 102mj?? I would have thought stock would have been in the 65-75 range. Either way that does look lean for sure. How old is the plug? And is there any brown on the smoke ring? This is from my Suzuki after a 1.5k WOT run, new plug, straght to WOT and no mid throttle. Borderline lean looking, but I'm happy with the CHT.
  19. How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    10,000 is generally the accepted safe zone for stock cranks, mine often sees 11,000+ though lol
  20. How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    That restriction plate is not in all SJ50's, they were supplied with the scooters to dealers and not all/many fitted them. The CDI story there I won't say is bullshit as I don't claim to be an expert, but in my experience it is a lot of bullshit lol, yes there's 5 wires but there's no magical rpm signal for a restrictor there. Some Chinese scooters with DC ignition has a looped wire which you cut to derestrict but I have never come across it on a Jap scooter. SJ50's are limited to 9000rpm but a cheap AC CDI unit solves that and unless your going to go with a ported cylinder, decent pipe and carb combo you won't need over 9000rpm anyway.
  21. How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    SJ's have decent Mikuni crabs and fancy NGK plug boots from stock Good score for a hundy!
  22. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Bog = lean normally, normally with a moooaww noise if really lean like if you tried running with no air filter. 11g is 4t territory for rollers imo, my Gyro came with a couple NOS sets of Honda rollers one set is 8g and the part number cross references with 2t Gyro and some Dio models etc and the other set are 11g and match up to 4t.