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  1. Shit yeah wof passed as expected, will need a set of tires for the next one as these have perished. Cleaned up the plugs on the back of the instrument cluster as the guages have been playing up lately, bumped the timing up a bit too, working through the list of jobs to do. Diff swap to better ratio is the next big one.
  2. In at work for a new wof before becoming the daily driver, in good company for its sleepover.
  3. Took the 1year old for a test drive this afternoon. Wow. Those webers should be factory fitted. Really opened the old bitch up. And the noise is great too. Nearly got a onewheel peel going doing a uturn.
  4. Fuck me, best price on a filter kit i can find is 80 bucks... last flo i bought new would have been 35 or 40 retail. Bastards.
  5. Well yeah But nah Not sure what i ran this one on, possibly my falcon when it had the single barrel stromberg? Or i swapped the weber base with one of the guys and got this in return. Oh well, best be ordering a new one next week. Already loving how much freeer the engine feels, haven't messed with timing yet just warmed it up and set mixture by ear. When i get back to work i will play some more, but for now ooohhh boy i forgot how the old webers sound with no airbox.
  6. Now to track down the ramflo off my old cortina, only lived in a dozen houses since then..... think i know what nail it is on in the shed
  7. Bloody hell just looked at the date from the last post, haven't done anything to the ute since october aside from a few runs up n down the street to keep the battery charged. Got daughter outside with me this morning and we swapped the carbs over. Did a bit of cutting and grinding of the factory cable mounts and throttle wheel, drilled/tapped out the coolant port in the manifold and glued in a bung. Testfired and it runs, will fill with water after lunch and warm it up, set mixture etc. Have bypassed the water choke for now, no need for it over summer anyway. Pics to follow.
  8. As per raizer's find above. Just cut fuel hose and fit with 2 hose clamps. Easy as.
  9. @NickJ guessing you have sorted it by now but fitting a non return valve just before the filter/primer should help sort your issue, used to fit alot to forestry vehicles to keep them mobile when waiting on new primer units etc.
  10. Carby rebuilt with various new bits, set it all up for 2l baseline, new jets etc... realised i forgot to order a new choke pulloff unit so will do that monday. Might have sold the deck off the parts ute, too cheap but needing the funds for more parts buying so hoping guy turns up next week.
  11. Have been dicking around with other projects lately. Finished swapping inlet/carb and linkages on the rideon so i can mow the lawns the lazy way after 2 years of procrastinating. Built a brazier from some old rims and when cutting the opening covered the good ute in sparks. Rained overnight and now the ute has freckles over the roof and one door. F$#@^#@%=#! Rebuilt the combo switch and tested. That worked at least. Stripped, cleaned and checked the numbers of the carb i got from @Sambo, will order new jets etc one day now i know what i need. Have a transdapt adaptor for th
  12. Well have not had the chance to drive it anywhere since the wof, did get a chance to take the boat out though. Daughter outfished me yet again, but a good day had. Unloaded all the spares off the tray from its last trip home from work. Don't want to daily it until i have sorted the diff ratio out. Gotta pull the diff head out of old blue and see how bad it really is, hopefully get away with steelwooling the gears and a throw in a set of bearings.
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