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  1. On vehicle i like to thread poly rope into the cylinder then wind it over by hand until piston stops. The use the trusty wind down compressor. For double springs i made a tool years ago out of a long spanner, a bolt and some rod. Bent rod into a flat sided oval and welded to bolthead. Wind bolt into cam cap thread. Slide spanner through the oval and lever over spring. Edit : forgot to add spanner was bent in a J shape with the ring end at the curved end. Worked average but only on motor with same thread.
  2. Few teething issues appeared before going to wheel alignment, electric fuel pump died as i was driving it to the place. New mech pump on there now and running sweet. Waiting on call this week to say alignment is done and then will take it for a drive to run it in a bit. Then all going well off to vtnz this weekend for wof.
  3. Cheers for the heads up, that ute is not mine, bloody close though. Might get made to sleep outside if i brought a 3rd one home this soon lol
  4. Them ozfalcon guys are good value. Massive knowledgebase. I have my XC project hosted there.
  5. The following jetting, apparently gives excellent throttle response, very smooth idling and excellent pickup on secondaries. For a stock 3.3l Crossflow Motor. Primary Idle: 75 (70 factory fitment) Secondary Idle: 65 (60 factory fitment) Primary Fuel: 140 (135 factory fitment?) Secondary Fuel: 220 Primary Air: 160 (160 factory fitment) Secondary Air: 180 (160 factory fitment) Taken from And
  6. Motor is together and in the hole! Runs fine but need to sort timing and mixtures out. So obviously i put that off and got onto cleaning up and fitting the gen 2 hubs and brakes. With new bearings, pads and rotors. Wheel alignment in next day or two hopefully.
  7. Sounds like a job for me if it lands on a clear weekend. Remind me closer to the time. Edit : free of charge of course.
  8. Job description for the Marshalls?
  9. I was looking at going efi in the xc, then they changed the rules in april and now it will need certs. Which i don't want the hassle with personally. Will be watching closely, might get reinspired.
  10. Ended up needing to go into town so dropped pistons into block and started cleaning gasket paper off the sump etc. Wound motor over by hand 16 times with plenty of oil on the cylinder walls. Have always done this, was told by an ancient engine reco guy when i was doing my apprenticeship that after 16 turns the rings will be scrubbed in enough to just jump in and drive it without pussyfooting around. I thought he was taking the piss at first but i have never had a set of rings not scrub in since then. Front and rear crank seals next then glue the sump on and get onto the valve stem seals.
  11. Not gonna lie. Have been neglecting the ute after the other weekend, got onto it again this week though. Stayed after work one night to strip the blue ones motor down. A bit sludgy and next to no resistance pushing the pistons out. Had to do an axle seal and exhaust leak on the cruiser yesterday so didn't spend much time on the motor, degreased the sump and rocker cover. Got new rings on the pistons. Might get into the shed today and sandblast the hubs and calipers ready for painting.
  12. Haha that's ok then. I drive past the track twice a day, always wondered what it would be like on a track day. Might be a good chance to find out.
  13. Blue ute sitting on lawn minus motor, gearbox and driveshaft. Have ordered rings and gaskets for a slap together smoke stop build. Rockauto for the win again. Want to say a big thank you to @Sambo for selling me a 32/36 weber. Will be great once i have a non smoker under the bonnet. Waiting on the mail again now. Rings etc meant to be arriving on the 9th. Also just bought some gen 2 hubs and brakes. Will clean them up and get them on there eventually.