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  1. Carby rebuilt with various new bits, set it all up for 2l baseline, new jets etc... realised i forgot to order a new choke pulloff unit so will do that monday. Might have sold the deck off the parts ute, too cheap but needing the funds for more parts buying so hoping guy turns up next week.
  2. Have been dicking around with other projects lately. Finished swapping inlet/carb and linkages on the rideon so i can mow the lawns the lazy way after 2 years of procrastinating. Built a brazier from some old rims and when cutting the opening covered the good ute in sparks. Rained overnight and now the ute has freckles over the roof and one door. F$#@^#@%=#! Rebuilt the combo switch and tested. That worked at least. Stripped, cleaned and checked the numbers of the carb i got from @Sambo, will order new jets etc one day now i know what i need. Have a transdapt adaptor for the swap whenever that happens. Nice bit of kit to be honest. Have not moved either white ute or parts ute, since the last photo. Been procrasting fixing the combo switch, now thats done i should just go for a drive somewhere.
  3. Well have not had the chance to drive it anywhere since the wof, did get a chance to take the boat out though. Daughter outfished me yet again, but a good day had. Unloaded all the spares off the tray from its last trip home from work. Don't want to daily it until i have sorted the diff ratio out. Gotta pull the diff head out of old blue and see how bad it really is, hopefully get away with steelwooling the gears and a throw in a set of bearings.
  4. In standard trim just put a 350 holley on it with either a manifold or just an adaptor plate.
  5. Just had a read of your thread nice work. This is glue, very strong stuff....bahaha gotta love the blues brothers.
  6. Fuckin murphy is a prick. Threw my spare boat fuel can on the back of the ute this morning before i headed to VTNZ. Passed the wof with flying colours and no notes i didn't know about already r.e. tires getting a bit perished and surface rust staining under the cab Full of smiles thought i would be able to take the boat out since i had no repairs to do, bloody ute died on the way to the servo. Milked it to work 200m at a time and pushed it the last stretch. Went through everything,coil was weak but working so put a new one on (can't hurt to have spares, new fuel filter to replace the one i put on put on last week with the pump, blew through the lines, started it up and it sat there running for 5 minutes or so. Sweet sorted lets hit the road n get some fuel. Yeah nah did not even reach the end of the street. Feeling pretty annoyed by now i undid fuel line from the carby and aimed it at the bonnet so i could see from the drivers door, mother f$%ker no fuel coming from the pump. And ripco have not restocked yet so once again the ute is stranded at work. Had to get the mrs to come pick me up, had to ride shotgun on the way home, not cool. Should have left fuel tank at home.
  7. Well i cocked that up.... heres the pic.
  8. Found the trusty 8ball gearknob, kindly 'donated' nearly 2 decades ago by a now closed down pub. Need to fill the hole with quickmetal and redrill/tap it, no idea what i last had it on but must have been big.
  9. Made it home sweet as mechanically. Definitely need to do something about the diff. Followed a truck most of the way, speedo said 120+, tacho was aiming high, people were passing us... Should be at vtnz this weekend, pending on any school holiday mishaps or if sun stays out might have to take the boat for a speed run up the river. No rush.
  10. On vehicle i like to thread poly rope into the cylinder then wind it over by hand until piston stops. The use the trusty wind down compressor. For double springs i made a tool years ago out of a long spanner, a bolt and some rod. Bent rod into a flat sided oval and welded to bolthead. Wind bolt into cam cap thread. Slide spanner through the oval and lever over spring. Edit : forgot to add spanner was bent in a J shape with the ring end at the curved end. Worked average but only on motor with same thread.
  11. Few teething issues appeared before going to wheel alignment, electric fuel pump died as i was driving it to the place. New mech pump on there now and running sweet. Waiting on call this week to say alignment is done and then will take it for a drive to run it in a bit. Then all going well off to vtnz this weekend for wof.
  12. Cheers for the heads up, that ute is not mine, bloody close though. Might get made to sleep outside if i brought a 3rd one home this soon lol
  13. Them ozfalcon guys are good value. Massive knowledgebase. I have my XC project hosted there.
  14. The following jetting, apparently gives excellent throttle response, very smooth idling and excellent pickup on secondaries. For a stock 3.3l Crossflow Motor. Primary Idle: 75 (70 factory fitment) Secondary Idle: 65 (60 factory fitment) Primary Fuel: 140 (135 factory fitment?) Secondary Fuel: 220 Primary Air: 160 (160 factory fitment) Secondary Air: 180 (160 factory fitment) Taken from And