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  1. For sale. All intentions of being daily driver but hard to stop using the cruiser with its AC, cruise control and cupholders. Hasn't left the street since its wof in town.
  2. Used to have a spoonful a day growing up. Havent touched or even heard of molasses in over 20 years haha.
  3. Malt vinegar for a weekend did wonders. Quick rub over with a wire brush and it opens! Now sitting in the kero bath at work getting all the pins nice and free. the corrosion varies from patina stain to semi serious pitting. But progress is progress.
  4. Possibly a repost, i drink therefore i forget. Or something like that. Redwood table i made for my wedding. Rope bracing in middle and stainless chains on the ends. Roof rack for the wagon Fireguard for the minihuman. Since been painted and gate hung straighter. Picked up a free ute deck so built a trailer. Have nearly finished welding the extended front floor and sides on. Will paint with deckliner once done.
  5. It opens! But that is about it. Have traded the coke for vinegar, bit more aggressive. Still not able to open the tools out. Few more days and i might have to buy a sonic cleaner...
  6. Replaced the coke mix this morning. Softening up the rust quite well. Still haven't found where i left the sheath. In the shed somewhere no doubt. Need to clean up and condition the leather, nothing major but may as well do the lot. Was hoping to get the wire wheel on the dremel today to start picking the rust chunks off, but miss 1 brought a tummy bug home from daycare which has knocked me out of commission.
  7. Cheers mate, still fell a bit out of sorts. Talked to him a couple of weeks ago and aside from the cancer he was doing ok.
  8. Step 4. Eat chocolate caramel tart the wife made while i was drinking in the shed/looking for tool.
  9. First things first, well thirdly after finding the tool and then finding my way inside. Dropped it into one of the wife's piping bags with a can of coke to sit for a day or 3. Will check it after the funeral/family huzzah in a day or two. Still waiting on details.
  10. About 20 years ago my pop gave me a multitool. Said he had it for so long he can't remember. Had a nice leather pouch and all. Well it got used and abused, rolled bolled and arseholed. Until the point it was rusted solid on my workbench. Old boy passed away this morning, so i thought i should restore the tool he left me. Keep it going for another generation. Found it on a shelf down the arseend of the bench so here it is. Will derust, descale and free up before deciding the next step. This is very old and i am on the drunk end of the drinking scale. So bear with me. Admin f
  11. Shit yeah wof passed as expected, will need a set of tires for the next one as these have perished. Cleaned up the plugs on the back of the instrument cluster as the guages have been playing up lately, bumped the timing up a bit too, working through the list of jobs to do. Diff swap to better ratio is the next big one.
  12. In at work for a new wof before becoming the daily driver, in good company for its sleepover.
  13. Took the 1year old for a test drive this afternoon. Wow. Those webers should be factory fitted. Really opened the old bitch up. And the noise is great too. Nearly got a onewheel peel going doing a uturn.
  14. Fuck me, best price on a filter kit i can find is 80 bucks... last flo i bought new would have been 35 or 40 retail. Bastards.
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