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  1. Looking good. The wheels suit it. Like that you've retained the factory 'special' badges. It certainly is.
  2. Have I suggested before that the one with the sweetest voice must be named Melanie?
  3. Must also have a big kitchen. Always enjoy this thread @Raizer. Even though most of the technical detail goes over my head it's still an interesting read.
  4. Sierra petrol gauges work about as well as Falcon ones?
  5. Welcome to oldschool. Been following your progress on retrorides.
  6. Pretty sure the first white number plate saw was on a Sierra, NA751 I think it was.
  7. I ran light truck steel belted radials on an ADO16 for some years. Was impressed with the wearing qualities thereof. Disclaimer; may not be entirely relevant.
  8. Are stiffer valve springs a valid option?
  9. Pretty sure December 1951 is the cutoff for accurate speedo for a wof.
  10. +1 for Scotty. He made a new speedo cable for my Wolseley many years ago. Very good service and not crazily expensive either as I recall.
  11. igor

    The GC

    You drove that thing from Kamo to Maungatapere and didn't get caught? Did you sneak out the back way or what?
  12. I did give it a spray with CRC 5.56 in the first instance. Will give it a further soaking and warm it up a bit then see how I go.