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  1. Or even fifty years ago. Was load rating of towbars even a thing way back when?
  2. Been up to 70 demerits back in the '80s when any speeding ticket was 35 whatever the speed. But that's enough of that.
  3. Gotta love old cars with simple electrical systems. The issue with the interior light may well be related to the wee push switches in the door shut area. Does it work on door with one/some (edit, forgot it was a coupe) door open? You will be reinstalling the trailer plug in a more sensible manner?
  4. Can't join you this year chaps. Sadly I have to spend the money I don't have getting the coon a wof. All the best and I look forward to reading about it here afterwards.
  5. What's not to love about a Marina? Disclaimer; I may be biased cos Grandpa had one. Still pissed off with uncle for selling it outside the family when the old boy died.
  6. Stayed there once when it was a Top Ten. Was pretty good then. Still sorely tempted to spend money I don't have and join this circus but resisting strongly.
  7. I had one for a couple of years in the early '90s. Original 214 petrol and four speed. Top speed on the flat 35 mph but didn't like to take it over 30. Fuel consumption averaging 10 mpg. Real stump puller diff gears. Almost never used first gear unless heavily laden. Perfect truck for town deliveries or hay making. Rolling roadblock on the highway.
  8. But then you have to get them all out again. A chain might make that easier.
  9. This would make sense, 1 being front and 2 being rear.
  10. Looking good. The wheels suit it. Like that you've retained the factory 'special' badges. It certainly is.
  11. Have I suggested before that the one with the sweetest voice must be named Melanie?
  12. Must also have a big kitchen. Always enjoy this thread @Raizer. Even though most of the technical detail goes over my head it's still an interesting read.
  13. Sierra petrol gauges work about as well as Falcon ones?
  14. Welcome to oldschool. Been following your progress on retrorides.
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