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  1. Very good. Looking forward to pics of "rusty" car models. Will be interesting to see how you make the holes look realistic.
  2. My first thought on seeing this was to wonder if it was my dad's old car (rego KH854 I think). Then I decided it was the wrong shade of blue. Wish you both all the best with it.
  3. It cheers me to see a couple enjoying a project together the way you two are.
  4. The tag on my Wolseley is held on with screws. It was never a problem at wof time. Guess they didn't look very hard.
  5. Have you tried another spark plug? Given that the other three have spark and you've already changed leads that's pretty much the only thing left.
  6. Ex Northlander now resident in the South here. Where is Burger Fuel located in Whangarei? Was back up there in January visiting family. So much has changed since I left in '94.
  7. Was thinking of you and this just the other day. Good to see it's not been forgotten.
  8. The Hilux we had at work in the early '00s was so shagged the front leaf springs bent the wrong way. It wallowed like a pig and was generally terrible to drive but everyone in the office knew that and drove it accordingly. It still got wofs but maybe it shouldn't have?
  9. So theoretically I should have got a cert to change my Civic from the factory 12" steel rims to 13" steel rims of a later iteration of the same model that I bought as a parts car?
  10. Following both your build threads with interest. Have vague memories of seeing pictures of River Rat in NZ HotRod magazine back in the day.
  11. Still sounds like a win to me.
  12. Late to the party but I think it looks pretty damn good on those black steel rims without the hubcaps.
  13. Or even fifty years ago. Was load rating of towbars even a thing way back when?
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