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  1. Cool little kei truck for somebody. Boxed 1/32 ARII Scale Model Kit 1958 Daihatsu Midget Owners Series Classic Car | Trade Me Marketplace
  2. I get that 100% Clint. Back in the '00s a mate from Church had a new Monaro (six speed manual) and a VL Walkinshaw. Having driven both if I had to choose one to keep it would probably be the VL, stupidly heavy clutch, clunky race gearbox, wild cam and all. TLDR, different cars for different jobs.
  3. How much battery juice does the fan use in twelve minutes? Suspect not a huge amount. Sounds like a win to me.
  4. Would the wof man even notice what you'd done if it was nice and neat?
  5. That doesn't even make sense. What reality do these people live in?
  6. Best of luck with that. After 27 years I'd be fucked on anything other than AutoCAD.
  7. 100% this. Your car, your choice.
  8. There's an idea for your next project Alex. An all mowog V8.
  9. Splendid. Looking forward to seeing (and hearing) this at Hanmeet.
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