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  1. Fizzing a bit for this actually.
  2. Forecast still improving. Rain prediction moved out to Monday arvo. Just cloudy for the weekend with a low of 6 on Saturday night.
  3. Weather forecast has improved to cloudy Saturday and showery Sunday. Still not warm though so I guess the answer to that is probably yes.
  4. Sounds like a plan Bart. Weather forecast looked pretty shit when I checked last night. Fine all week then rainy Saturday night and Sunday just for us then coming good again to go back to work.
  5. Not sure I'll have time to sort out the bike I haven't ridden since school camp in February '16. First thing'd be to clean the grass out of it and give the important bits a bath in crc. Also pretty sure the tyres are flat. I'm not fit enough to keep up with the serious cyclists anyway.
  6. I thought it looked like it was getting well braised.
  7. Aren't you just full of encouragement?
  8. Started getting organised for the trip today. Bought wifey some of the cider she likes and found our camp chairs under the piles of junk in my bus. Buying beer next week when it's on special.
  9. I've been given a lot of expired beer of various sorts, some of it up to three years past the date, and it's all gone down okay. Of course it was free which helps.
  10. I'd be inclined to load up before you go. Everything will be more expensive in Hanmer. New World has Speights 24 packs on special next week so that'll be me sorted.
  11. Plenty of ground clearance is a good thing on a big old car though.
  12. Also wishing all the best good luck to those needing to get wofs on cars before Thursday.
  13. I'm taking my daily but it's twenty-seven years old. Not quite OS but counts as Retro.
  14. Weather forecast. These guys are usually pretty good. https://www.yr.no/place/New_Zealand/Canterbury/Hanmer_Springs/long.html
  15. Angliaing to Hanmeet?