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  1. Yoeddynzs 1978 Chevanne - Discussion

    But what price safety?
  2. Yoeddynzs 1978 Chevanne - Discussion

    Uncle bought a Bluebird like this, in '82 I think. It had plywood and carpet in the back where the seat should have been when he got it but the seat was fitted soon after.
  3. d.p.n.s mk3 discussion

    Except that almost nothing is the same.
  4. Ya hooligan. Looks like fun.
  5. Tristans 1971 Triumph 2500 pi estate

    One vote for retaining the stripe. Looks a bit bland without it. Good to see a wagon being saved.
  6. KK's XE Falcon Longroof - Discussion

    How about a 429?
  7. Sheeperz MS65 Crown Chitty-Chat

    Crowns are like Pokémon? Gotta catch 'em all?
  8. Kind of. Here's the link from spam. https://www.aixam.com/en/
  9. You are seriously considering adding a turbo to this already monstrously over powered machine? Why ever not?
  10. Infinit WDEBDY Hillman Minx

    Would look sweet running rebel with the wheels sticking out past the guards. Shame it's not the '80s any more. Those white steel rims look sweet too. Got a full set?
  11. Tortron's 3.8 Mayte fair dinkum Mitsi Ute

    You're a fucking wizard mate. That roof looks amazing.
  12. I have plenty of those big brown hairy spiders with darker patches on their backs. Can bring some to Nats for you if you're interested.
  13. How's progress on the 120Y wags Alex?