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  1. He'd be even more horrified to learn what's going to be in it.
  2. ^This. At least such was the case some years ago when I bought a Falcon that was on "farm" rego. Fairly sure it hasn't changed.
  3. How about rough sawn?
  4. Did you make it to the show @Lord Gruntfuttock?
  5. How'd the Cleveland like pulling 6k? Seems like a lot of revs for an 8.
  6. Can't be many of us who don't have at least one of these stashed somewhere. Kind of keen to attempt at least part of the Central Otago rail trail on one. Be a bit of a mission but not impossible.
  7. Thoughts on iron head vs alloy head? Heard a few bad stories about the early alloy head 4.1s. No idea if they were true.
  8. Also consider what you are hanging the chain hoist on, this being potentially the weakest link. I have seen a 302 Cleveland and C4 trans hanging from the bottom chord of a roof truss made entirely from 100x50 pine. The creaking sounds it made did not fill me with confidence.
  9. Love that green paint. Reminds me of a humbrol colour teenage me used on far too many models. Does it have a little bit of metal flake in it or is it just looking super glossy in your pics?
  10. This is my thinking too. We have a joke in the office that 1 + 1 = 4 but we call it 10 to give us a decent margin of safety.
  11. Nothing wrong with overkill. As a draughtsman fresh out of polytech I had a go at designing a timber boardwalk structure. The senior engineer had a look at my design, took out half the columns, and reckoned it would be about right.
  12. The Mitsubishi boys seem to be dominating.
  13. My Civic was refused a wof a couple of times for weeping oil past the sump gasket. Once again not a huge amount but they didn't like the look of it on the day.
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