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  1. ...or even older than the mean age of the drivers. Can't see me making it to this event thanks @Truenotch but definitely keen to catch up with fellow OSers if I happen to be in Akl at any time.
  2. Karl's eb civic discussion

    What do you need @rich1179? Logistics could be an issue but there is always a way.
  3. You sound like an ad for the Interislander.
  4. Can bring a small child's bike. Would need to put the training wheels back on for adult use though as it is really too small/unrideable even for me without them.
  5. Akl monthly meet

    Better install that lift kit mate. You booked in for Hanmeet yet?
  6. Karl's eb civic discussion

    Should get engine braking in L? Mine seems to. edit, oops sorry, should be in discussion thread.
  7. Tempted to bring a bike but my fitness level is low. I'd struggle to keep up with those who cycle regularly, especially if it gets steep. @smokin'joe, how many bikes could we transport in/on your 'cruiser?
  8. Karl's eb civic discussion

    Are EN Civic manual parts any use to you for this? I've got a gearbox, clutch and maybe flywheel in the shed and potentially other usable manual specific parts still on a wreck in the bus paddock.
  9. Karl's eb civic discussion

    All set for Hanmeet now then?
  10. You keen @crazytim? Can pick you up if you like, I'm near Balclutha.