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  1. So, for curiosity's sake (since I've got a sudden hankering for these suckers without quite knowing why) - what did you pay for this one? I have no idea WTF a 330/430 is worth. Not many around..
  2. So, after more than a year of pesting around in the 'Cars for Sale' part of this forum and trawling through all of the car pages I could follow on Facebook, I saw a trademe ad for a 1978 Honda Civic that turned out to be in a warehouse six doors down from my office. A brief visit and some money later, I'm now the owner of this bad boy: https://imgur.com/azzbR3e Apparently it was running and driving up until recently, but while having a WOF check to get back on the road the workshop it was in caught fire. As a result, the front grill has gone a bit gooey, it's covered in a generous coating of soot and smells a lot like someone's chain-smoking grandmother. However, it's pretty straight, appears relatively rust-free, and is (HOPEFULLY) not beyond my limited skills to put it back together. The last Honda I owned was an early 90s CRX that was so full of gremlins I'm astonished I survived to sell it. Looking forward to having another Honda crapbox trying to kill me. Basic plan at this stage is get it running, get it a WOF, tidy up the rust there is and then a coat of paint. From there.. well, we'll see how much money I've got. Some sweet 4x120 work equips maybe? Would definitely be keen on a new front grill if anyone has one handy too. - Stephen
  3. Oh, and when I spoke to the guy he didn't say anything about it being factory turbo.
  4. I missed this build thread - I went to go take a look at these late last year but figured they were a bit too far gone for me.. and I'd have been murdered if I'd brought them home. I'll watch this with interest, love these things.
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