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  1. Congrats man, so much work done, and to at last drive it with the engine finally in there must be great!
  2. All of which is getting silly - simple rules for what should be a simple system. Annual wof's for all cars.
  3. Stubbled over this on insta … might be from Puerto Rico
  4. I'm sure you've already had the thought - but what about a rougher unpainted bonnet to chop up? Or nah, send it.
  5. Man, reading stories like this makes me feel so lucky with my importing experience. Is there a reason why you're not naming the brokers company?
  6. Yeh I get ya, was more that you’d be able to do the assembly and porting etc yourself, using 2nd hand bits to keep costs down. Aka Doug styles with his PP and that thing hums along real well. But yep, if it goes bang through R&D then there’s not the abundance of cheap n easy to find parts
  7. A man of your clever-ness could easily build a 13B - bridgeport or PP will give you all the high RPM's you'll want
  8. Any factory colour that mazda's were coming out with around that time will suit it well. https://www.uniquecarsandparts.com.au/paint_color_reference_mazda Lots in here to browse - for example ...
  9. Good list of stuff you've done. Do you have a before and after vid of muffler change? Curious to hear the sound difference. Recommend overflow container being your favourite beer in king can variety
  10. Agree with no flares - I don't have a good imagination so can't picture them 'looking right' if that makes sense. The work you've done so far on the front guards looks good, and if the mega dished moojays can work with no flares then that gets my vote!
  11. Oh yeh, and do the coupe's have rear seat belts?
  12. Awesome! 4 coupe's are boss, and even though that's got as you've said some 2000 era mods, it's nothing that can't be altered / changed to suit your taste. Agree on the wheels, that car deserves much better than some $500 advanti's. Something 14"/15" japanese would be the go IMO. Or titans of course.
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