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  1. oldrx7's 1977 Mazda 929 wagon

    So after having numerous moments thinking the exhaust / floor / crossmember was going to be damaged / destroyed due to the ride height being this: I've decided to get some 17's to help with ground clearance - helps a lot and they don't look too bad IMO, but will be keeping the 13's and change them up everynow and then depending on where i'm driving to i suppose!
  2. oldrx7's 1977 Mazda 929 wagon

    so the front ride height has always bugged me since getting this - so the last couple of weeks i’ve been sorting it out got the old cobra springs out that i’d cut a coil out of and took them to archers to get some new slightly lower springs made up, shocks ended up being a bit harder to sort, no places seemed to make standard inserts for these anymore , so took the strut and spring into autolighn and asked them to find a shock to suit, they used a trueno shock slightly modded to suit, picked the struts up this morning and got them back in the car today Stoked on how it’s sitting now - makes the guard gap less large and the front cross-member is 50mm off the dirt so no chance of going lower from this - some 165/65/13 tyres on the fronts also have helped the front look see ya’ll at drag day
  3. azzurro's 125p Pickup dyskusja

    Awesome ute man! +1 on the mesh rims. So fancy with disc's on the rear!!!

    Find another diff head? Brap to drag day and do skids?
  5. bmxnz11's 81 escort van

    those wheels should look good on it - awesome van by the way too!
  6. rxtoy's sprinter discussion

    sweet little machine!
  7. Oldmatedans 76 ta23 st chattitty chat

    what a find! & that inspirational pic! god damn that'll look amazing
  8. oldrx7's 1977 Mazda 929 wagon

    Owned this just over a year now - still going good! Tracked down some head light trims recently and have hopefully tracked down the two sill chrome pieces I'm missing (for not an insane price). From looking at Rx4s at various events I'd noticed that my grill had been painted a light silver, and most I've noticed seem to be a darker gun metal type colour, so I decided to paint it a darker silver and keep the lighter silver as an outline. I recon it looks sweet, in combo with the grill headlight trims changes it a fair bit see pix for a comparison https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53792-oldrx7s-1977-mazda-929-wagon-discussions/
  9. Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    Nice, escort wagons are cool cars! Awesome work on the home made 1/4 bumpers, only ever seen people chop them down, not fold and weld up to make them look legit like you've done!
  10. Chrisr 86 fc3s rx7

    yeh by the time you buy those plus tyres tho ... expensive
  11. Chrisr 86 fc3s rx7

    il leave this here for ya
  12. cupcakes b16 hundy

    sweet ute!!! rims look good on it too what's the plans?
  13. Thanks man! i can't take credit for most of the hard work that was put into it, but its had some love over the years. Get a build thread going for your one bro
  14. Cletus' '68 Plymouth post car

    Looks awesome on the tridens! Never seen one with a front like that before - must be rare in NZ?