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  1. those wheels should look good on it - awesome van by the way too!
  2. sweet little machine!
  3. what a find! & that inspirational pic! god damn that'll look amazing
  4. Owned this just over a year now - still going good! Tracked down some head light trims recently and have hopefully tracked down the two sill chrome pieces I'm missing (for not an insane price). From looking at Rx4s at various events I'd noticed that my grill had been painted a light silver, and most I've noticed seem to be a darker gun metal type colour, so I decided to paint it a darker silver and keep the lighter silver as an outline. I recon it looks sweet, in combo with the grill headlight trims changes it a fair bit see pix for a comparison https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53792-oldrx7s-1977-mazda-929-wagon-discussions/
  5. Nice, escort wagons are cool cars! Awesome work on the home made 1/4 bumpers, only ever seen people chop them down, not fold and weld up to make them look legit like you've done!
  6. yeh by the time you buy those plus tyres tho ... expensive
  7. il leave this here for ya
  8. sweet ute!!! rims look good on it too what's the plans?
  9. Thanks man! i can't take credit for most of the hard work that was put into it, but its had some love over the years. Get a build thread going for your one bro
  10. Looks awesome on the tridens! Never seen one with a front like that before - must be rare in NZ?
  11. Unfortunately not. I'm off to Japan on the 2nd-14th Feb for a snow holiday so I miss two of the best summer event's that I'd want to go to. Next year for sure though. Planing to be at Nats in Featherston with this though.
  12. Yep the 616 rear lights / garnish FTW. surely the 616 coupe would be one of the rarer piston'd mazda's around?
  13. good work man, back to bare steel to see what youre working with. those salt roads over there eh? doesn't take long for the rot to hit
  14. wow the wheels look good man!
  15. Nice time difference!!! well deserved trophy too!