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  1. After browsing a few online pics of cosmo/929/luce with rear 3-point belts, I went digging. Ended up being an easy / productive job - pulled out rear seat and parcel tray. Red interior an example off trademe
  2. That’s the ticket bro thanks, appreciate the explanation! Will register it as a 4 seater for sure then! Will pull out some of the rear trim and fingers crossed there’ll be some mounts
  3. Says “Replace front seat belts to R2 (if modified, LVV to cover) Replace rear outer seat belts to R2, R1 or S1, supply LVV Fit centre rear seat belt, supply LVV.” Im kinda hopeless at interpreting what Clint linked above, as I’m not sure where a 1985 import sits in the rules (I’m sure it’s in there, I’m just terrible with those type of documents). Front I’m a little confused on, as they’re ‘normal’ 3 point belts like in most cars, rear seat currently only has the outer two seats with seat belts, and they’re just lap belts - no centre belt. Which I did think was odd, but might have been an option out of Japan. All the pics I’ve seen of other cosmos/luce's look like they have 3-point belts in the rear. This being a 4 door passenger car (and one Im gonna be taking the kids out in every now n then) I’ll make sure the back belts are decent. I’m going to have a look behind the trim on the C pillars to check if there’s seat belt mounts, as that might save a bit of cost on labour, but looks like the middle rear never had a belt so will have to get one installed/certed.
  4. Has anyone had experience with belts and cert / compliance? I tried reading through the nzta guidance but got lost and couldn’t really find solid rules around 2 and 3 point belts.
  5. Had the compliance check done - small list of things to fix which is awesome, brake related mainly, rotors pads and currently not balanced right. One thing Im a bit nervous on is the seat belts, both front and rear have failed, rears are just 2 point lap belts but the front are 3 point ‘regular’ belts. They said they’re calling @cletus tomorrow to chat about the belts and book in a cert time for them. Can’t have a picture-less update so here’s two interior snaps
  6. Nice @Pesto Terry - get your build thread up on here. Don't worry about slow progress.
  7. Finally got around to doing two little jobs, oil change and flushed out the rusty old water from the radiator. Found a little bit of rot in the front drivers chassis rail, so will expect a fail on at least this, hopefully it’s not more than what it appears. (pic is from under the car looking up) Took it for a quick drive to put some petrol in and added some air to the tyres. It has a little hesitation at low revs, so will be troubleshooting that issue over the next little while, starting with ignition stuff. The extra engine bay stuff like AC, power steering, exhaust air pump etc really clutter up the engine bay and make even simple jobs take way longer than I’m used to!
  8. Sweeet rx2 - get a build thread up on here if you want, good place for chat and questions too
  9. Sharning in here, with no useful info on the decking up vs down. Parents house as a child had grooves up, as the timber ages / dries out, it splits, resulting in numerous splinters as a child from bare feet walking / running around (even gets my son now when we visit lol). I never knew that it had been a choice of someone's to lay the timber that way. Just presumed all decks were lame. Current place has grooves down, but yes when it's wet it's really slippery ... have almost bailed a few times. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  10. Yeh, I’m hoping it makes it a smooth(er) process, but we’ll see. Probably a silly question - but does anyone know if any of the markings on the cars windscreen need to be kept on the car? I’m guessing not, and can clean them off, but would be kicking myself if they were required come compliance time.
  11. I can say with (slight) confidence that it won't end up camo, with modgies, or titans sorry guys. Unless of course the opportunity comes up to borrow/test fit some for a shits n giggles kodak moment. - quick de-sprang on Titans would be good for a laugh. My budget is very tight on this, so will be getting it legal as the first thing to spend money / time on. Then lowering + wheels Then eventually manual swap, but that'll likely be years away, silly RX gearbags costing around $800-1000 will be the main reason for this. Happy that I've got a car in the shed though. Felt like a long time since selling the last car.
  12. Awesome - good to hear another viewpoint. I had chatted with V8pete and xsspeed on their compliance experiences, and was going to go with Penrose Compliance centre, but this place is real close to home so will be easier for drop offs and pick ups.
  13. @cletus - will likely take it to Cooper Tyres in Takanini - Had a friend take his impala through there and he said it was a relatively easy experience. I went in and chatted to one of the guys the other day and he said they can do a pre-check - point out any obvious repairs that will need doing. @fuel - cheers mate, ha rx7 sedan, yep its the 13b 6port motor, will keep that offer in mind!
  14. Don’t mind at all. Through auto hub shipping was $1550 - although as of July 1st there’s an increase they’ve said, I got in just before. But you also pay auto hub the GST bill too, so that’s 15% of the car purchase price. All things to factor in into buying something, just like the broker fee and paper work fees. This equaled roughly $1800
  15. This showed up at home today - pretty happy with how tidy it is, certainly not mint, but I would have been shocked if it was. Flat battery, no engine coolant and a little exhaust leak will be the first little jobs to do, along with oil change and filters too. Chatted to a local compliance place that will do a pre compliance check over and point out any likely repairs needed, before doing a full on compliance inspection so will try get it to them in the next week or two
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