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  1. I'm sure this has been covered a bazzillion times but Imma go ahead and ask. Cert for adjustable suspension, bolt in job, oh and wheels not factory also. Will the certifier be going over the entire car to check other things? Or is that left for WOF inspections?
  2. Book for cert and see what they say Must have some decent beans when you press the go peddle too.
  3. Stunning work! Did you consider a gilmer belt / pulley's?
  4. That's a stunning engine bay! Congrats on reaching that milestone of the build.
  5. Any interest in this? I'm new in town and always keen to meet peeps for yarns.
  6. Love all the trims and badges - Great stuff!
  7. I had forgotten how bad cut springs ride, so didn't really drive the car much at all between December to March. Had a busy time with house stuff over most of the summer months and once the house sold I began hassling the Mrs for some $$$ to buy an adjustable set up. She caved and I picked up some BC adjustables, (took Clint's advice re quality in comparing similar priced adjustable set ups), they're the FC rx7 model, and they bolt right into the HB which is super cool. Out of the box they slammed the shitout of the front though, so I've been fine tuning the height I want. Cosmo's have a really low underbelly, whilst not actually looking that low. Guard lip rub, inner guard rub, and crossmember clearance of 40mm meant I had to raise it up quite a bit. (2nd pic is showing underbelly with out of the box height - could drop it quite a bit lower if I wanted to for shits n giggles). Have only fitted the front's thus far, and man it makes a hell of a difference to the drive, much nicer even with rusty old shocks and cuts still in the back. Did the drive from Auckland to Tauranga the other day with only one scrape in a silly hump in the road. I'm happy with how it's sitting now, and will chuck the rears in soon. It's the first car I've owned that's had adjustables and geez I'm sold, such a silly gimmick of being able to play around with ride height so easily, but I love it. 15ish mins each side and I can muck around with height.
  8. Awesome to see the full car in paint! Huge milestone in the build, congrats!
  9. Because I'm an impatient bastard, I chopped some springs and found some cheap 17's for it. Will now begin saving for some FC adjustables. Took it to Meremere yesterday for it's longest drive in NZ so far, did about 8-9 runs as well, it's damn slow but still good fun having a few races.
  10. Nice, same code as my old 808 I had painted years ago. Suits the old chrome bumper mazda's well!
  11. Colour looks good, is that slight 'off white' that other older mazda's had? Or a colour unique to rx2?
  12. As I was reading I was dreading that it was going to get to, 'I sold the rotary and the datsun'. Sweet ride! Look forward to more pics
  13. Yeh if I find someone that I know with a set I’ll attempt a photo purely for Titan Tuesday purposes, other than that … Nope They're 4x114 which is easy and spoilt for choice now - just need to make sure the offset is right
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