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  1. All good mate, was just a cheeky offer - it looks like it'd be a blast to drive.
  2. I'll offer to pedal the celeste for you
  3. WOF was successful - a few small things to fix before the next one but I'll get around to those in the coming months. Found some chrome end caps for the bumpers - fronts fitted nicely, but the rears didn't quite line up right, and would have meant drilling holes in the bumper which I wasn't too keen on, so on-sold those and will keep an eye out for more in the future. Looking forward to drag day in a few weeks, I'm fairly sure I'll be the slowest 323 to ever race at Meremere! Was tempted to find a spare diff and weld one up for twin spin skids, but people seem to want $200 odd for a diff head - so scrap that - plus I think this thing would struggle to turn the wheels standing still anyways, so not worth the effort / cost of a replacing the diff really.
  4. shit, left the garage and got about 500m from home and a loud banging noise is coming from one of my front struts - turned around so won’t be making tonight
  5. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/wheels-tyres/alloy-wheels/listing/2819564525?bof=NtRrTiz4
  6. Doesn't matter that it's rusty does it? Purely an engine donor for the yellow mobile + maybe some other limited edition turbo model stuff none of us know about? You've already got the donor LSD, you've gotta get the donor turbo.
  7. Awesome to start from the beginning and watch / read where this has gone ... almost predictable but still so cool! Glad you've got a yellow one, and 2 door too! Sounds like a you may be acquiring a 4th soon too lol
  8. @cletus @Poo ... Best burnout trophy not being defended by one of you two?
  9. Wof successfully acquired on the weekend, so have just entered and paid.
  10. Good luck on the wiring stuff mate! Good to know the motor's running well now though.
  11. So I didn't end up using the rx7 shock insert, they do however fit the 323 strut, and would be useful for someone not wanting to shorten a 323 shock. Only if they're lowering the car 30-40mm though. Not short enough for my springs. I had myself confused for a bit when I compared the two shock types. I had them side by side and the shock shafts are the same length, but the rx7 shock body is shorter, so in theory if I was to space them up (see my paint diagram below), then there would be no benefit to using them (apart from price). Spacing them 'down' however, with a collar type spacer would work. However, after pulling out my struts and taking a look at the inserts in them, they looked / felt very new, so decided I may as well get them shortened, and sell the rx7 inserts to save myselft the hassle of shortening and making a spacer thing. (reserve met on trademe if you'd like to buy them lol). Had a mate shorten the 323 inserts for me to keep the springs nice n captive, wire wheeled the strut body, dusted them with some black paint, and got them back in the car the other night. Also replaced the rear shocks, cos why not. Have got new brake shoes, cylinders and pads, so will get around to doing that soon also. Will aim to get the car back on the ground the next few days, and hopefully wof time in the next week or two.
  12. No idea at the moment - @madaz62 - I don't think he visit's too often. How much you want for your motor? I've sold it already for you.