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  1. the b45's look awesome! and you managed to get a 1 piece scatter shield around the bell-housing ... tight fit!
  2. mate thats a cool car, lots of character! - much better than the hunter wag you were eyeing up!
  3. Trying to get along for the Friday / Saturday, basically just to wonder around and enjoy some beers. No car to take, and hopefully staying at a friends place in Whiritoa
  4. If it's still available and you're still interested in the wagon I can check it out sometime next week or next weekend. About 40 mins drive away for me
  5. For your wedding if you don't get any bites off here - message 'Hire a Rotary' on Facebook - He's a Auckland based fulla and often sorts rotary's for events.
  6. I've always used the general grease / whatever grease is in the gun, never had problems, but then again I've never owned a car more than 2-3 years after replacing them.
  7. Tried that before ending up with the welder - using the angle grinder and file, the nut would always end up rounding off again. However, success was had on Sunday arvo
  8. cheers all, welder is at the in-laws so that’s next weekends job now.
  9. any tips / tricks on removing this damn filler plug from my gearbox? have tried grinding / filing nice(ish) and square shaped, but sockets/spanners still slip off and round it off again
  10. sweet man, not taking my car, but will be down there taking pics. wills stop by for a quick yarn and perv (at the car)
  11. Nice one! What time you heading down on Saturday?
  12. heck yes, awesome update !
  13. awesome man! Fingers crossed it’s legal for the 13th. need to check this beast out!
  14. Rocker cover - cleaned grey (maybe steam/vapour cleaned?) with the raised lines in black?