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  1. No idea at the moment - @madaz62 - I don't think he visit's too often. How much you want for your motor? I've sold it already for you.
  2. My brother will be 13beeing his 626 in the next few months, so will flicking off his 2L and 5spd. Freight might be killer from Auckland though.
  3. Should be sorting a WOF on my car in the next few weeks, will hold off entering until then. But will be there regardless. Probably won't race that much, am happy to help out on the track again if needed.
  4. That exhaust is gonna be pretty loud? Looks nice though Shit that A pillar 'fix' is great!
  5. Couldn't find a project discussion thread? Nice wagon! The mustard / matt yellow, wheels and lowering make it look choice!
  6. sorted some 1" blocks in the back I've got some new rear shocks and new front inserts, I'm going to attempt to use s1/2 rx7 inserts, as they were about a 1/3 of the price of factory 323 ones. Have read that a small spacer is needed on the base of the strut, so will see if the internet is true or lies. Will also look at sorting some rear bump stops, as a previous owner has simply chopped the current ones off on a flat square angle, so that needs to be fixed. Wof has just run out, so will tutu about with the suspension over the next few months and aim for it to be back on the road for November.
  7. Are you still southern based? Good work on the motor choice too!
  8. I'm away next week, so won't make it
  9. Looks sweet in that old pic slammed on the ZS’s, will be interesting to see it with them on with the flares
  10. Awesome! great that you got a whole parts car too! Where in Canada did you find it?
  11. Even @Yowzer puttered up in his shitty grey Tiida through the fog with his lights off at 55kph on the open road to Auckland
  12. first meet up in ages! Was a bit late so sharns weren't as widely spread, but will try make it on time next time. Pics for proof there was some old cars there.
  13. Yeh I was just presuming it'd be like it used to be ... 3rd Wednesday of the month