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  1. Looks sweet in that old pic slammed on the ZS’s, will be interesting to see it with them on with the flares
  2. Awesome! great that you got a whole parts car too! Where in Canada did you find it?
  3. Even @Yowzer puttered up in his shitty grey Tiida through the fog with his lights off at 55kph on the open road to Auckland
  4. first meet up in ages! Was a bit late so sharns weren't as widely spread, but will try make it on time next time. Pics for proof there was some old cars there.
  5. Yeh I was just presuming it'd be like it used to be ... 3rd Wednesday of the month
  6. I'm easy for the location - used to be at Ellerslie Burger Fuel (there's a carpark behind burger fuel (Robert St, Ellerslie) on Hurst Street, up the ramp if its not raining and under cover if it is @shizzl Figured it's been a while - so would be good to get out n about next week.
  7. Wednesday 17th June? Any Auckland folk keen on meeting at the Ellerslie carpark for a burger?
  8. oldrx7

    How to get low

    try find some factory or already cut springs - put them in and work out how low you want it - cut more to suit the ride height at the front you want. Then look at what has changed underneath the car - clearances, travel, angles etc. Figure out if this stuff is an easy fix and go from there.
  9. If I had the money I would 100% be buying this over anything else for sale at the moment - TBH would rather this than a 808/3 coupe. If you had pics of it on modgies it'd sell quick / Did you ever end up with pics of it on the ground with the SSR jilbas?
  10. Sold the modgies and found some nice n cheap wheels to put on for now - could do with a re-polish but I'll see if I can be bothered spending the time on them. Need to sort some front shocks as the springs aren't captive, and get a set of 1" blocks for the back.
  11. oldrx7

    redrilling mags

    Cheers guys, so basically depends on the wheel, won't know until you get someone that does know what they're doing to look at it.
  12. oldrx7

    redrilling mags

    Dredging up an old thread here - but just after a bit of advice / experience with anyone thats had mags re-drilled. I know @rivalrx had some SSR's done from 4x114 to 4x110, and I see that Pine Engineering list a few wheels on their webpage that they can re-drill, but some they cannot. Is it basically down to each style of mag wheel?
  13. please keep the 1.4 badge on the back
  14. Man, terrible luck with the cashie panel job ... it'll all be worth it in the end I'm sure. Many others would have just given up by now I'm sure.