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  1. Find some coilovers that aren't buggered - or get yours reccod? Car is arguably worth more to future purchasers certed with 'judz'
  2. Cheers Clint, Still a small risk that the car may have had repairs in the past that I'm unaware of that may be revealed in the entry certification check then ... Looks like the guy has a VIN number assigned to the car (as it's on the cert check he sent me). Is there a way to check that this cert check paper work he's provided me is legit? Might sound a little paranoid, but just wanna make sure.
  3. A few questions from me for a potential purchase I’m looking at Car is an Aussie import, the owner says he has paper work and has taken it for a cert check - and has supplied me with the cert check fail list. Big list of small things, so I’m comfortable I can fix most. If I bring the car from elsewhere in the country to Auckland, I’m presuming I pay a new certifier to conduct a new check? Once the cert is complete, is it a simple process to get a VIN wof and reg?
  4. Had a ton of fun taking this down the strip at Meremere at the drag day back December. Slow racing is just as fun as quick(er) cars I've taken down the drag strip. Was running low-mid 20's all day, then a mate suggested taking off the air filter. Ran 3 mid 19 second passes after that! Sold this as of last week. Had someone approach me offering what I think is silly money for it, so that had me curious as to what people might be wanting to pay. Put it up on FB and it was gone in 24 hours, so must have been priced right and I'm glad it was a quick and easy sale. Was tempted to
  5. Had a quick gander at this marvelous machine and Caffeine and Classics on Sunday. Such a clean and crisp looking car man, you must be proud! Congrats on the Toyo-fest award too!
  6. ohhh yes - good work, that thing will hold the heat really well! Gotta start stacking that firewood now too so it's ready for action.
  7. Bro, having a wheel fall off ain’t no fun, let alone on the motorway! Hopefully the repairs aren’t too major and you’re enjoying it soon
  8. I’m in Papakura, so close by. PM me your phone number and I’ll give you a call
  9. All good - things take time right - Where did you find the ready made rx crossmember for it?
  10. WOF was successful - a few small things to fix before the next one but I'll get around to those in the coming months. Found some chrome end caps for the bumpers - fronts fitted nicely, but the rears didn't quite line up right, and would have meant drilling holes in the bumper which I wasn't too keen on, so on-sold those and will keep an eye out for more in the future. Looking forward to drag day in a few weeks, I'm fairly sure I'll be the slowest 323 to ever race at Meremere! Was tempted to find a spare diff and weld one up for twin spin skids, but people seem to want $200 odd
  11. shit, left the garage and got about 500m from home and a loud banging noise is coming from one of my front struts - turned around so won’t be making tonight
  12. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/wheels-tyres/alloy-wheels/listing/2819564525?bof=NtRrTiz4
  13. Doesn't matter that it's rusty does it? Purely an engine donor for the yellow mobile + maybe some other limited edition turbo model stuff none of us know about? You've already got the donor LSD, you've gotta get the donor turbo.
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