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  1. oldrx7

    Evel's 1969 Mk1 Escort

    wow talk about a can of worms, sorry to see you dig a little bit and end up with more and more work. Looks like you're well on the way though so good luck!
  2. oldrx7

    Oddball bolt suppliers in New Zealand?

    I've always found what I've needed at the Bolt Shop - Only ever visited in person and dealt with them, so can't comment on phone or online orders.
  3. Cheers man, Guess i'll pull them out and apart and inspect whats what. Not sure what brand these ones are, have no markings or branding on them.
  4. Any one here running adjustable camber plates? Mine have developed a bit of play and it's slowly / gradually gotten worse and can be heard clanking while driving now. I'm gonna attempt to pull them apart myself, but before I do was just curious if anyone else has been there done that and if so, were replacement bearings / bushings easy to replace? Or do i just toss em in the bin and spend the $200-300 on new ones?
  5. I'll measure your gap
  6. oldrx7

    re-registering a vehicle

    IMO - accept that the year will never match. Attempt to change description from sedan to wagon by claiming mistake on records. but as @Flauski has said , that isn't always easy either.
  7. oldrx7

    re-registering a vehicle

    rather than open the can of worms as tortron said, would it be potentially better for the seller to see if they can get the registered description/plates changed to a wagon? Clearly the body is a wagon, so that could potentially be a way to half fix the issue?
  8. oldrx7

    Rivalrx - 1972 Mazda 618 Coupe

    Nice man! Hopefully VIN inspections and Cert goes smoothly as possible for ya! PS: I really should pop over to yours and try your 14's on my car
  9. oldrx7

    Fenix Radiators - anybody used one of these?

    True true, need to compare apples with apples ... Fairly sure mine is a 3 or 4 core
  10. oldrx7

    Fenix Radiators - anybody used one of these?

    Thanks SOHC - good to know i didn't go ahead with this guys estimate!
  11. oldrx7

    Fenix Radiators - anybody used one of these?

    Who's doing the re-core? I got estimated around $800 last week and Rockauto have no rx7 style brass radiators in stock - Trying to avoid the cheapy alloy ones.
  12. oldrx7

    AW11 MR2 with thin flywheel

    ^ as above - I'd only lengthen the slave rod if it was a small amount. you should be able to space out the pivot point thing enough for the 10mm, and if not, then do both.
  13. oldrx7

    matteybeans 1978 rt104 corona

    Fair enough - Wasn't sure if the corona's were known for weak diffs/axels or not. Still the long term turbo plans?
  14. this was a sweet event 2 years ago, my radiator is out getting fixed, if it's back in time I'll pop along again.