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  1. If it's still available and you're still interested in the wagon I can check it out sometime next week or next weekend. About 40 mins drive away for me
  2. For your wedding if you don't get any bites off here - message 'Hire a Rotary' on Facebook - He's a Auckland based fulla and often sorts rotary's for events.
  3. I've always used the general grease / whatever grease is in the gun, never had problems, but then again I've never owned a car more than 2-3 years after replacing them.
  4. Tried that before ending up with the welder - using the angle grinder and file, the nut would always end up rounding off again. However, success was had on Sunday arvo
  5. cheers all, welder is at the in-laws so that’s next weekends job now.
  6. any tips / tricks on removing this damn filler plug from my gearbox? have tried grinding / filing nice(ish) and square shaped, but sockets/spanners still slip off and round it off again
  7. sweet man, not taking my car, but will be down there taking pics. wills stop by for a quick yarn and perv (at the car)
  8. Nice one! What time you heading down on Saturday?
  9. heck yes, awesome update !
  10. awesome man! Fingers crossed it’s legal for the 13th. need to check this beast out!
  11. Rocker cover - cleaned grey (maybe steam/vapour cleaned?) with the raised lines in black?
  12. Having a durp moment - I'm replacing my engine mounts and not sure if i need to use the bit circled off the old mounts?
  13. Sloppy HJ? Dip hand(s) in grease first?
  14. wow talk about a can of worms, sorry to see you dig a little bit and end up with more and more work. Looks like you're well on the way though so good luck!
  15. I've always found what I've needed at the Bolt Shop - Only ever visited in person and dealt with them, so can't comment on phone or online orders.
  16. Cheers man, Guess i'll pull them out and apart and inspect whats what. Not sure what brand these ones are, have no markings or branding on them.
  17. Any one here running adjustable camber plates? Mine have developed a bit of play and it's slowly / gradually gotten worse and can be heard clanking while driving now. I'm gonna attempt to pull them apart myself, but before I do was just curious if anyone else has been there done that and if so, were replacement bearings / bushings easy to replace? Or do i just toss em in the bin and spend the $200-300 on new ones?
  18. IMO - accept that the year will never match. Attempt to change description from sedan to wagon by claiming mistake on records. but as @Flauski has said , that isn't always easy either.
  19. rather than open the can of worms as tortron said, would it be potentially better for the seller to see if they can get the registered description/plates changed to a wagon? Clearly the body is a wagon, so that could potentially be a way to half fix the issue?
  20. Nice man! Hopefully VIN inspections and Cert goes smoothly as possible for ya! PS: I really should pop over to yours and try your 14's on my car
  21. True true, need to compare apples with apples ... Fairly sure mine is a 3 or 4 core
  22. Thanks SOHC - good to know i didn't go ahead with this guys estimate!