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  1. @Mrs Donk you bought a great car there, everything done right - any plans for it?
  2. well done man! sweet tow wagon for the RX
  3. Not too long tbh, total GC. I'm putting my old 1/4 back on it and will just fill it up with bog to suit. Hes going to make it into a trailer or something so doesn't have to be flash
  4. Tried to find a new 1/4, found a NOS one, but by the time it got to me it was nearly $5k! - pass. otherwise options are very limited for these coupes now Have ended up taking the 1/4 off this half cut a mate had stashed (ill weld my shitty one back on the half cut), once removed it had plenty of Mexican repairs, it wasn't great, but still better than what I had, Choppers Auto Body says hes far happier repairing this so its currently at the dippers awaiting a full strip.
  5. The sills are not straight, one of the sills had a small crease it it, so instead of pulling out the crease, and making a new rear section to suit, he made the new section with a crease it it to match - wtf
  6. Ok, so now I'm (mostly) over the mess the last panel guy carried out, i have been setting some plans in motion to start the next stage make some $ and get panels repaired properly. So as its part of the story, ill now share pics - the pics Tbh, dont really show how bad it all is, the rear 1/4 is very buckled, and the wheel arch flare, i cant even comprehend. You can sort of see in the first pic, where the rust was, at the very top of the flare, and at both lower corners. panel beater suggested, that there would be more rust between the inner and outer skins, and that a whole new section should be made, and installed, that way the inner can be treated properly, this all made sense, and i agreed. panel guy - lets call him Noddy had a new arch section made off a sample i gave him, when I gave him the sample I expressly said make new section a mirror image as sample was for RHS. this is where it turned to shit...... Noddy forgot to tell fabricator, and made as per sample, not mirrored, so profile was different. I said lets remake the correct profile, Noddy said, nah mate, ill make it work.......
  7. sweet ride, personally, id keep it a sleeper, lower it slightly, and just make it as tidy as possible. good score
  8. Exhaust looks good, alway tight on those 1300s. hes doing mine as well, at least I know he can weld nice haha disappointed about the flares, i still reckon the escort flares would have worked, but your call, it'll be a cool little car either way
  9. i messaged him last night, said between 4 and 7 weeks, the Covid thing has pushed him back alot. I'm in no rush though, might give me time to build another motor to make a few extra $ in the mean time
  10. That is a different motor, was my spare standard one, not as detailed as the one sitting in my car, but a nice original motor for a resto. I decided to sell it, no point having all that money tied up, when the car is still just a giant paperweight. Its cheap, but it doesn't owe me a lot, and i'm hoping someone will snap it up so I can pour the $ into panel and paint.
  11. Why is it chicks hate these so much, I'd love one too, but mine cant stand them Anyway, I Vote LSA conversion next on the list!
  12. Yup twin dizzy only, although, the US market had bigger single hole exhausts on their twin dizzy's much like the early single dizzy rx3 motors etc
  13. Thanks man, yea has been good doing it over the past week or so, unfortunately I'm pretty much caught up so apart from a few smaller bits, ill have to wait until the panel is underway again before I can do some proper updates again. I'm actually inspired again, got a bit over it especially after the panel setback, but doing this log has reminded me of how far I've come with it from where it started.
  14. And here she is in all her glory!
  15. So to recap - here are the specs- Mazda 12a Twin dizzy bridgeported, and exhaust ported. Plates skimmed and Nitrided Rx7 6 port rotors, with 3mm carbon apex seals Cross drilled E-shaft for more oil flow Fully balanced rotating assembly High volume 12a rx7 oil pump, and FD Rx7 110psi oil regulator. All new bearings (incl torrington) seals springs gaskets, - everything possible. 48mm IDA Weber carburetor Electronic ignition conversion Modified front stack to accept oil pump and also machined later model twin pulley hub so can run twin belts