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  1. Tiny update, but one nevertheless Painted up my $250 rx2 steering wheel, it was sun faded and cracked, filled the cracks with resin. Colour not quite the same as original, but I dont care, beats paying $2k like others do, painted the gear knob to match, and got a repro shift pattern badge to suit.
  2. wow, a lot of skill there, looking really good
  3. absolutely amazing build love seeing updates
  4. dabuzz

    Sound deadening

    did you just buy 1x 36ft 80 mil pack? was it enough to do a car thoroughly?
  5. Yeeeooow - haven't seen this thread since the heart transplant! Best decision you ever make - best!
  6. More goodness underway!
  7. 2.5 Manawatu mufflers reso, into AES/PAC rear, both great quality, the rears are really good at keeping noise down, will have to see though, have built exhaust in 4 parts, so can change up sections easily if needed
  8. Some big jobs are underway, sills have been repaired. rear 1/4 removed and the fabricated replacement is taking shape. Also another shit attempt by the last panel beater uncovered and had to be rectified on the A pillar/cowl area. Smaller jobs include, Fuel tank has had the dents pulled out. I discovered that while I was looking through my dash parts, (as that will be one of the first areas i will be starting to assemble), I found the heater core was blown out, and leaking. Have had a new core made, and had to locate a NOS heater tap, which I have luckily found but cant be sent to me just yet - lockdown woes.
  9. 100% will not hate on a motor swap - if i owned it id have a 13b PP rotary in it before sunset. looks like a great car, your choice of motor will have it singing
  10. that'll sell in a heart beat - so badass
  11. Exhaust nearly finished, twin 2 inch, into 2.5 resonator, over diff into AES/PAC boiler. Brief was I had to retain factory heat shields, top job!
  12. Dropped off the old money pit to choppers, instructions to build exhaust and get through repair cert, maybe skim her up if $ allow ready for paint
  13. Looks fking amazing! Top job man Enjoy the thrashing at chrome
  14. man that's mad how quickly this has progressed - well done!