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  1. sweet old cruiser that! good score, nice and original too, which will be a massive bonus in the future
  2. Some filling/blocking priming underway, coming out way better than I imagined
  3. Thanks guys, yes so super happy to get here, been a long process, cant wait to actually be able to bolt some nice parts back on it in the near future
  4. Steel work pretty much finished! Chopper has done a killer job on it, no filler in it yet, looking pretty straight in epoxy, repair certifier has had a look and is happy too!
  5. Have you considered acid dipping panels like the bonnet that is split apart? Personally I found this a cost and time effective process, and can be 100% sure that you have found and killed all the hidden rust/pinholes etc.
  6. yea man, just get it legal, could be unforeseen costs in doing that aione that could set you back budget wise before you even get a chance to modify, and besides, you get to cruise a while stock, might change your build direction
  7. love it, +1 for the vinyl roof, if its not ripped up you can get those re-coloured easy enough. also - you do realise it already has period correct wheels on it!
  8. wow, thats massive, nice work on getting that far, its flying along now
  9. Mock up- inching closer
  10. a spare set of widened steelies on the back could also be a sweet option to change it up!?
  11. Bit more done on the 1/4 fabrication, getting a lot closer now, also some filling work as well on a door and guard.
  12. yea way tougher with the dish, and yes he has 5 stud PCD all round
  13. Azhar runs 8.5 ZS all round on his coupe - so yes they 'will' fit!
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