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  1. Have been prepping smaller jobs inside underfelt cut for floor and hoodlining, plus foams, spent ridiculous amount of time trying to get seat mechs to work correctly(still not 100%). Major part is its now finally at the painters, spent a day yesterday helping prep underside, good things to come
  2. congrats! lots of summer cruising ahead.
  3. Dash painted matt black, originally did it satin but was too shiny still, so had to rub it back and redo, far better now. Car fully sound deadened, and have also made a new parcel tray
  4. dabuzz


    Painted my dash matt black, has some dust in it, can it be fixed?, dont want to buff shiny
  5. dabuzz


    $60 at resto supplies
  6. Just got sent these pics from the late 90s. Was bought in Chch and driven up to Auckland, pretty sure it had a piston motor in it by then, as the rotary had been replaced after it died. Probably one of the last drives it ever went on!
  7. No photo, just a rant, at myself, decided to start fitting a few parts up inside starting with the wiring that runs front to back, the very first part to actually go into the car permanently.....and ive ficking lost it, searched twice, wtf, if this is a sign of things to come I'm screwed ffs.......
  8. Boot all painted up now too, for a complete novice like me, it was pretty tricky getting into all the tight areas , but came out pretty good overall imo.
  9. Hell yes! She lives!! Sounds good man
  10. Fuck yes- after something like 9 1/2 years its finally got some colour on it, just a home job in the garage, but it's not seen so thought I'd just hit it. Majorly stoked
  11. Still busy prepping boot have re-epoxied, seam sealed, and filler primer, all ready for top coat. Have also cleaned up cabin, ready for some colour to seal it off. Dash and boot lid filler primer applied also. Purchased a new elcheapo spray gun for top coating inside car, and settled on Blak Mat for sound deadening. Full kit of 2x packs, roller, and tape was $375, still cheaper than 1x dynamat pack so I'm happy
  12. Car came home a while back, until I organise a time with the painter. Was hoping to go straight to paint but didnt work out, this has actually been a blessing as now with lockdown I can do a few small things on it. Have sanded back and re-epoxied inside the boot, filled where necessary and I'm currently sanding all that back, I fkn hate sanding......
  13. sweet old cruiser that! good score, nice and original too, which will be a massive bonus in the future
  14. Some filling/blocking priming underway, coming out way better than I imagined
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