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  1. yea way tougher with the dish, and yes he has 5 stud PCD all round
  2. Azhar runs 8.5 ZS all round on his coupe - so yes they 'will' fit!
  3. those 1/4s!!!! am I looking at the same car, earlier pics showed the 1/4s looking pretty much complete in matty B, now they are half gone? hats off to you either way!
  4. This! .....Time=money, buy it weld it in, move on. otherwise, great base for a project, good luck!
  5. I use Terei Brothers platers in West Auckland, but any electroplater can do it, just ask for either gold or silver passivating I just send in a bucket of old dirty rusty parts, and they come back mostly mint, not always though depends on how bad the rust is, pitting etc wont be fixed unless you prep and polish the parts first.
  6. man this project is huge - Looking forward to seeing the body resurrection updates, its all way above my skill level, so its going to be cool seeing/learning about the body work as it progresses
  7. Gotta say the car looks amazing man - love the hub caps/walls OG look
  8. rad looking car - how much was it for all that rusty projectness? Vote buying a wrecked 300c and dropping your body over its chassis
  9. Traded into a set of proper coupe seats, when you hear the term rocking horse shit- this is them. The seats I had were coupe pattern, but had sedan style black(instead of chrome) recliners, which don't include the foot and hand release for rear passengers. They were also ripped and needed repairs, so to score these was a massive bonus. They have been retrimmed by someone who obviously has glaucoma, and not quite the right pattern, but it means I can bolt them in, ill look tidy and will pass any test as long as you aren't a train spotter. Have also bought repro door trim as mine was w
  10. Tiny update, but one nevertheless Painted up my $250 rx2 steering wheel, it was sun faded and cracked, filled the cracks with resin. Colour not quite the same as original, but I dont care, beats paying $2k like others do, painted the gear knob to match, and got a repro shift pattern badge to suit.
  11. wow, a lot of skill there, looking really good
  12. absolutely amazing build love seeing updates
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