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  1. good progress, gonna look pretty wild once its done. what colours it going? some 70's racer graffics would look amazing imo Shes at the right place now - chopper will sort it out. but man, you must have snaked me, I'm waiting to get into his shop too haha
  2. TBH I think sunroofs (sunrooves?) are friggen sweet period correct mods, and wouldn't really detract from the car at all rather add to its "rad"ness. Its a pretty time consuming thing to do, and needs to be done right, by someone who knows knows how to fab, you might get away with a roof cut from a sedan and take out the section you need, but if its not welded right, its warp central.. I would call Chopper at Choppers auto body restorations in Kumeu, he pumps out some quality resto and fab work.
  3. sand blast, and that POR 15 chassis black stuff Powdercoat would be spendy, and wouldn't last, once it chips moisture can get under it eventually lifting it off, and it cant be touched up
  4. dabuzz

    16L colt boot

    go to para rubber, they have heaps of different sizes, and will normally give you a sample if needed
  5. Slightly off track, but in keeping with the 'prep' theme. When you have panels acid dipped, they coat it in some stuff that looks kinda black to stop flash rusting, and can store in for ages. does that have to be fully washed off, or just scuffed up and epoxyed over?
  6. dabuzz


    Anyone have experience with caprithane? Thoughts? @Spencer?
  7. Where did you buy the acid?
  8. dabuzz

    Rust Worm

    interesting, I'm thinking of maybe spot blasting (lightly) with some garnet, hit again with brunox, then cross fingers and epoxy. Be good to hear what the experts say though.
  9. dabuzz

    Rust Worm

    Any tips on removing rust worm properly? Roof of car has a number of spots with worm in it, have used orbital scotch disc on some of the areas so it looks shiny then hit with Brunox But I really want to know if there is more I can do, don t really want it coming back tracking again in the future
  10. nice job brutha, a lot of hard work there, giz a hoon
  11. You see this post on FB? A good few comments on it with people who know a bit about them
  12. Solid project, going forward nicely, have they used black etch primer? - seems unusual.
  13. wow - i dont believe it...... Top work, now push it back in the shed for another 3 years, just to be safe
  14. there are two different sizes for rx4/929 models, and not by much, put a vernier across the small end of the taper to compare - going by images (eyecrometer) you have the wrong ones