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  1. michael14

    Lowering - RX30 Cressida

    Right - I have got in touch with a supplier via trademe (oldscoolautos) and they have shortened RX30 shocks, so that could be another good option I reckon, just need to find springs at the right height then doing the aftermarket shocks is probably a win win, new shocks and captive springs!
  2. michael14

    Lowering - RX30 Cressida

    Ok - I will try make it in there one time, bit niggly with their open hours and my work schedule, but we will see. Probably diligent to take my springs in and try match them up to something they have in a lowering spring I guess?
  3. michael14

    Lowering - RX30 Cressida

    Thanks Bling, did you get Chamberlains to make up some springs for you? If so, what was the cost?
  4. I rung them about reset springs, I assume that involved some kind of heat treatment @Bling
  5. Wouldn’t know how much to take off to get it low enough (only really want to drop 50mm or so) or how to tidy it up haha
  6. michael14

    Lowering - RX30 Cressida

    @JBlades any recommendations in Christchurch?
  7. Cutting is exactly what I’m trying to avoid haha. Struggling to find an aftermarket spring at the moment. 1980 RX30 Cressida.
  8. Actually @Beaver I believe you are correct. Key word being “or” in the wording of that document. Happy days.
  9. @Beaver do you think 2.2(19)(b)(ii) contradicts this? Given that they heat the springs (to my knowledge)
  10. Can anyone advise on the legality of reset coil springs? Thanks.
  11. michael14

    Lowering - RX30 Cressida

    Must be in luck! he has replied to me @Evan
  12. michael14

    Lowering - RX30 Cressida

    I've been messaging @cressy who said he used some Starlet shocks, just waiting to hear back from him. Only concern was whether they were a direct bolt in or not as I am no mechanic, willing to give it a go as long as it is straight forward though!
  13. michael14

    Lowering - RX30 Cressida

    Does anyone know what other type of coil springs will fit into/lower (rear suspension) a RX30 Cressida off the top of their heads? I have made contact with a few places in Christchurch but none seem to have any specific lowering springs for a RX30. The car came with some lowering springs in it but they were not captive, would prefer not to cut the standard springs. Thanks in advance!
  14. michael14

    18R Engine - Belt or Chain Driven?

    Good to know - thanks
  15. michael14

    18R Engine - Belt or Chain Driven?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know for sure whether the Toyota 18R engines have a cam belt or are they chain driven? Had a quick google but nothing conclusive. Thanks, Michael.