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  1. kpr

    kpr's starlet

    ain't no time for that, just a squirt of rtv, red of course
  2. kpr

    kpr's starlet

    Yeah parts are pretty easy to get. can get most stuff from toyota. otherwise aftermarket has it covered.
  3. kpr

    kpr's kp60

    V3.0 Bottom end All the ARP's Threw the bottom end in the car, before attempting to put head on, since don't have an engine stand. One small issue. 16v sumps are a little bigger than the 20v one that was in there. Hits the bash plate/ brace. will probably modify the engine mounts engine to lift the engine 5mm or so. cbf'd taking sump back off.
  4. @kyteler can tell by picture of inlet ports
  5. fine idea @Stu, fine idea
  6. kpr

    kpr's kp60

    small update on this, new engine is still a work in progress. New block has been bored out for the toda pistons, new rings acquired ( was thinking about getting something higher compression but spent too much already) Crank; the crank out of the spare 4agze block was bent?! Was over old junk by this point and brought a new genuine crank thanks @CorollaGT Head had 2 bent exhaust valves, which had no signs of contact on the pistons when pulled the engine apart, unlike the inlet valves. guessing i may have got slightly aggressive on the exhaust cam timing at some stage. Otherwise its fine. Done a little work in the chambers while head is off. Hand finished the transition into exhaust seats. previously was a small lip, knocked that off into small radius. plus knocked off a few other little bits . Assembled with kelford beehive springs and ti retainers, top side is even lighter now due to the smaller diameter of the spring and retainer. engine guy has the last exhaust valve, as needs a little bit of a zing to get clearances correct. Going to ditch the oil cooler for now. First reason being, it probably has bits of rod bearing stuck in it. also suspect it even needs it, plus is more shit to go wrong and it weighs something. so yeh mostly the last too reasons.. have welded a bung in the sump to monitor oil temps. before the sensor was in the sandwich plate for the cooler. tl;dr : found more broken stuff. spent more money. should be running again sometime
  7. kpr

    Specific engine building technical questions

    you could use it if you weren't at the other end of the country. rings should be fine, usually ring lands on pistons are first thing to go on a cast piston. stronger parts will still fail if the tune is off. detonation is like a first year apprentice jacked up on a 500ml monster energy, wielding a large hammer in one hand and a gas axe in the other. shits gonna get fucked up either way. best advice i can give re tuning, is invest in some kinda of audible knock detection if you don't have it already. chuck it on something you don't like, advance the timing till it pings its nuts off, so you can familiarize with what knock sounds like. most boosted engines will want to knock at low rpm under boost, and again at max torque. avoid it at all costs most people get caught up on afr, while it does need to be right. its not going to nuke your engine as fast as too much ignition advance. good fuel, cold iat's and non restrictive exhaust all help the cause also.
  8. kpr

    Specific engine building technical questions

    Also placing money on a fresh stock engine will be fine. main thing is to make sure the tune is on point.
  9. kpr

    KPR's 84 Hilux

    Firstly thanks for removing the rogue @dave from my thread. ban that guy Couldn't be bothered getting off the couch the other day so made a video. Kinda looks like a 12 year olds school project and if you've been following this thread, would have seen most of it before. should be slightly amusing none the less
  10. kpr

    KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    just hit it at speed. its super horrible at low revs at the moment, due to the big plenum and cam timing im running. stalls out real easy. but have a fix planned when makes it to the top of the list... its not as bad as it sounds, since what little low rev torque it has is multiplied so many times. but yep something diesel would destroy it with same gearing. Not really that interested in rock crawling. so happy with the compromise As far as usable powerband goes its actually better than most engines. since goes to 9 can get wheel speed up without changing gears.
  11. kpr

    KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    its got 4.7 crawler gears in the transfer case, so does the slow stuff all good. most of the stuff in that vid i was in 1st high range. 5th in low range is about same as 1st high range. something between 1st and 2nd high would be good when its in the middle ground it works sweet. shocks valved pretty hard with light spring rates. so over the little stuff like washboards on a gravel road its pretty bumpy. the harder you drive it the smoother it gets, until run out of suspension travel. Its really limited by bad front /rear weight balance, nose dives and makes tuning the rear suspension a pain. Not bottoming out but close to no travel left on those jumps. landing still feels ok in cab. much more would be a bad day.
  12. kpr

    KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    It does pretty well against safaris and the likes in the mud/dirt. but not really night and day difference like in the sand. The lower tyre pressure, power and less weight combo makes it work on the sand. sits on the top and arab spec it on the limiter. plus can just send it over any bumps with the coilovers and hydro bumps
  13. kpr

    KPR's 84 Hilux

    So yeah, took this to the beach. About to go out to the shed and watch it dissolve into a pile of rust. but for now a video: Gearing isn't the best for sand. but other than that and melting the clutch once, it went real well
  14. kpr

    KPR's 84 Hilux

    Do a wheelie bro