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  1. kpr

    kpr's kp60

    Moving pictures and loud noises version of last post. Got some decent sound quality this time
  2. kpr

    kpr's kp60

    So, thought i would try the small extractors on this setup. They look like this if you cbf'd scrolling back ^ up there somewhere. red line: big extractors blue line: small extractors green line : small extractors with inlet cam moved from 8deg advance to 10deg advance The near 20kw gain at between 4500 -5000rpm - was kinda expecting this, no surprises, some reason the small extractors just work. But beating the big extractors most of the way through to 7500 and only 3kw less peak was a surprise. especially after having to pull some fuel out past 6000rpm So yeh its way better on the street. and makes about as much power as a stock smallport at only 4700rpm. Basically a v8..
  3. kpr

    KPR's 84 Hilux

    wow having a mare. just some more paddock hacking. looks so tame in the vids. ask someone whos been in it.. and they will tell you how they wish they hadn't. @Stu@Snoozin
  4. kpr

    KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    Been kinda keeping it on the dl. but should be able to help out some os cg's.
  5. kpr

    KPR's 84 Hilux

    Stock cams back in for now since it idles on 2 cylinders at 2000rpm. At least until i get motivated to make a new inlet manifold. finally cracked 2 hundy on stock cams with few more tweaks. still only 13psi boost
  6. kpr

    kpr's starlet

    yeh no idea haha. i changed nothing. it did hook up alot better after a burnout. which seems strange on street tyres. some launch control would help, its pretty hard to hold it at the right rpms
  7. kpr

    Muffler Tech

    Will be fine.
  8. kpr

    kpr's kp60

    Last time at drags: 13.796 @ 102.22mph - 2.122 60ft yesterday : #22 (only change is inlet cam swapped to exhaust side and new bigger inlet cam + tuning) done 104mph in a couple of other runs, plus wasn't going full rapist on gear changes like last time. since 3 hours from home without back up vehicle. So yeh more power confirmed. if was set up for drags with some kinda slicks, would probably do a low 13 maybe very high 12. / break, so thats not gonna happen. Pretty happy with 13.5, not bad for a shitty old 4age with no turbo, in a chassis setup for going around corners Also thanks to the gc's that organized and ran os drags
  9. kpr

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    A+ rant. Probably only for factory fitment?
  10. kpr

    kpr's starlet

    dyno is not far from my house. can use it when ever, so be prepared for dyno testing on everything. maybe even a ride on lawn mower. Pretty happy with 146, how much injector is using comes out to around same numbers. will probably revisit the cam timing an other fine adjustments at some stage. changing to the other cam setup and maybe trumpet length change, another 10kw peak should be do able. but would be all up top
  11. kpr

    kpr's kp60

    The above seemed pretty optimistic, and it was. found issue with the way it was tied on the dyno. was climbing off the rear roller when it come on cam at around 5000rpm. when torque started to drop at 7500rpm would fall back onto rear roller. then having to spin the rear roller back up to speed makes it look like it falls on its face after 8k.. dyno obviously takes into count the weight of the rear rollers to calculate power, but they aren't physically connected to front rollers or load cell Anyway tied it down properly and it spat out 146kw pretty consistently.
  12. kpr

    Hilux Brake Disc Backplates

    later vented brakes and calipers will fit with stock backing plates. just have to give them a little trim to fit the caliper from memory so guessing will work the other way..
  13. kpr

    Ash 85 crumpy yarns

    front an rear diff heads are the same in these things. front is just a rear running backwards. so yeh any rear head or center will fit front. cv's are weakest part
  14. kpr

    kpr's starlet

    Hows that new vtec system though. 60kw to 120kw in 500rpm