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  1. kpr

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    can you fit a hall sensor in there to read the orginal 20 tooth wheel? rather than vr.
  2. kpr

    kpr's kp60

    Engine is going to be rebuilt with a few new bits Previous bottom end was a silvertop bottom end. Balanced with arp rod bolts and toda 82mm pistons. rest stock. This time: Same toda pistons : awaiting new rings Brian Crower rods: just some off the self rods. mostly because they are around 100gm lighter per rod than what was in there ARP mains Toda Oil pump gears The broken stuff; Crank seen better days. Block had some unrelated pitting in the bores, looks like it had water or something sitting around rings when it wasn't in use for some time. mostly at the bottom of the stroke, so probably wasn't loosing any power from it. Head: valves look ok, awaiting 2nd opinion from engine guy So yeh no more 20v parts, had a spare 16v ze block and crank, will be base for new bottom end. Suspect that the valves have been starting to float. so will be putting these fancy beehive springs in. at the moment it has supertech singles. which are borderline for what im doing No#3 toast
  3. kpr

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Had same issue using stock toyota triggers with ms back in the day. my half assed solution was to run super tight clearance between trigger wheel and vr sensor. to get voltage up when cranking
  4. kpr

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    guessing it depends what you are shooting for? economy or power or just science? will assume science. but if economy. would it not be better to go the other way to a point, less advance and higher throttle opening to get the same airflow. which would reduce pumping loss?
  5. kpr

    kpr's starlet

    may a well get a 3s now and run all the bearings #bmw lyfe
  6. kpr

    kpr's kp60

    So, it didn't make anymore power with the 52mm throttles. Same power everywhere. Then hooked up the new fuel rail and injectors. was way down on power. then nunga nunga... RIP 4age. ran a bearing on number 3. shiny bits on the piston are where its been hitting the head. and valves have been having a go too. Actually surprised its lasted this long. bottom end was built 10 years ago, its been n/a most of its life. was supercharged for a bit. was turbo in my ae85 for awhile. revved to 9000rpm every time its driven. pretty sure it proven itself that all that was no drama. thinking what did the damage, was when it had the issue with pumping oil up into the head and out the breathers. resulting in low oil pressure and giving the bearings a bit of a hiding. just been a time bomb from then onwards. it broke on the dyno, so zero chance was suffering from oil surge at the time. probably wasn't ready for all this power anyway
  7. kpr

    kpr's kp60

    As mentioned above. trying to keep everything the same apart from throttles and adapter. But also didn't want to cut up my 20v setup. just in case this doesn't work. Found some thick wall ali pipe, that just happened to have the same 60mm od, as trumpets on the 20v setup and also 52mm id, which is the same as the bmw throttle inlets. so all i needed to do was machine a taper into the pipe from 52mm out to 53.5mm. Went and used the old boys lathe. found this hanging around his shed. gentle hint maybe...? test fit seems good, same length and top half as the 20v setup. which is plenty big, the taper was pretty aggressive before, possibly little too much. few more little things to do, then will be good to go
  8. kpr

    kpr's kp60

    So yep, those are bmw 52mm throttles. I wouldn't suggest running out and fitting them to your average 4age. have had to do a lot of little mods, to get them close enough together for the port spacing. right down to having to anneal the throttle shaft, as i had to re-drill it and mr bmw hardened the shit out of one part where the bearing ran. Anyway attempted to teach my self how to cad. sent it to @niswhale who cut me a template/test run out of mdf Amazingly i drew it right first go. and i was about to resort to hole saws and angle grinder.. After a lot of dicking around all the throttles fit on the flange. Have half made a fuel rail for some massive 980cc injectors i brought when was going to try outboard injection. To start with they will be just there to bung the holes. later on if all goes well will switch to them and retune. but for now changing as little as possible other than throttles, in the name of proper @Roman science. Hello tempted to run with mdf.. but this part is on its way from @Stu (cheers cnt) Since metal isn't fun anymore, its made from acetal. aka fancy plastic.
  9. finally a 4age with the right amount of valves
  10. kpr

    kpr's starlet

    yep, 52mm.
  11. kpr

    kpr's starlet

    too many dave's, im out
  12. kpr

    kpr's starlet

    Im all about the 3s
  13. kpr

    Romans COD piece

    Hmm yes you're right. I was still thinking 4age with a few more revs to spend before rods exit block. The ports must be pretty long huh.
  14. kpr

    Muffler Tech

    if you want to make it better with what you have. swap that 2.25 out with same design, but a 3". keep pipe after muffler 2.5" and shouldn't be much if any louder But yeh if you are going to build a whole new system, with turbo a possibility. what you have in mind should be good. probably want to run a baffled muffler at rear supercharged to keep noise down. swap it out for a straight though if go turbo. turbo stuff is easy to shut up actually, just put a turbo on it to start with