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  1. Pretty sure I said bigport 4age barrys not general barrys In other news the heads are still siting in the same place on my bench, because yuck
  2. Lucky its not the 20v version, else you would still be in the driveway suffering for smoke inhalation
  3. ae86 and ae82 have different part number head. but that could mean anything. So thats why redtop 4ages suck so much. they made the ports screwed up put smaller cams in and heaver rotating assembly could be worse, could be talking 20v's
  4. ah yeh that makes more sense. I just looked up some part numbers and found 3 different numbers for bigport heads.
  5. I assume the ae82 used those mounts on the head? which were made in back in 83 along side ae86's. which means the "fwd" casting would have had to be made back then. So maybe the 2 different heads were being produced at the same time. doesn't seem like a toyota move though.
  6. Did someone say tvis was nice of toyota to keep the bolt pattern the same on smallport
  7. So Ive always turned my nose up at anything that isn't a smallport 4age. But since everyone jumped on the smallport wagon. I thought i would attempt to make bigport great again @kyteler the gc sent me some horrible bigport stuff along with an ae82 bluetop head. I also had a bigport head thats been hanging around forever that i dug out. so... soon as i put the 2 together, it seems all bigport heads weren't created the same. first difference; the top one is obviously a rwd one and bottom fwd. as the top head doesn't have the fwd mount cast into it hea
  8. ^ I remember how amazing yet horrible that was. said dumb shit, complete with youtube clickbait. if tldw. it almost gained 1kw. so success ? just need one of these
  9. I always knew this topic would end up at the holy grail, the su carb
  10. Next video will have dumb shit
  11. Nice. whats the yourdyno controller and software like to work with ?
  12. Heres another one on intake manifolds. on the gold junk engine i posted a pic of a page back
  13. ruthless, would keep your feet warm in the winter i guess. how about some group n cuts to keep the idle down
  14. does your engine bay not melt with timing that late? Ive just ditched the stock triggers on my 20v which are 24-1 vr in the dizzy. now running 36-1 hall cam speed. runs a whole lot nicer no other changes. i do think the stock setup was getting pretty tired though as it spat the odd trigger error
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