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    yep will be all good
  2. Also jealous of these south island hills, can keep your water and rocks though
  3. Suspension brace didn't fit with new plenum. probably could have made the plenum 15mm shorter and it would have. but good excuse to make lightweight version brace. Almost ready for test run to the wall of shame for the old one
  4. Afr wise, 14 - 14.5:1 will be hottest. going either way will be cooler. but running the hottest afr shouldn't put enough extra demand on cooling system , unless borderline already.
  5. Them gains when the blades disintegrate
  6. Any suggestions where to get a decent tube and fin intercooler or just a core?
  7. So, i was wrong.. it wasn't the intake that was restricting it on high boost. Still starts to brick wall around 200kw Red line is the new setup, Blue dual setup Not following what it does on low boost: Decided to test the pressure drop across the crappy china intercooler. I'm not fancy enough to have 2 map sensors. so these are back to back runs. Red run is measured pre intercooler. Blue post 1.5psi maybe doesn't sound so bad if were running 30psi. but at this boost, its 10% pressure loss. The way it gets worse as power and rpm increase suggests its junk also. was almost at the top of my list to replace anyway
  8. From memory around 40mm to the roof, from the face of bellmouth. There was quite a bit of room from the edge of bellmouth to the plenum wall . New one air can basically go straight down the runner rather than all the air having to come over the edge of the bellmouth
  9. Yup highlights pretty well whats left on the table, with the usual short runner intakes that are used on most turbo stuff. Is a bit more complex making it all work nicely though. Not even possible in some cases I'm kinda sold on the idea, that the the bellmouths were too close to the roof of the plenum, on the dual setup. The dual setup had bigger slots into the main plenum, area wise than the original stainless single throttle dual setup. but made less power. It really started to brick wall around the 200kw mark, more boost didn't add power as it should. Hence why i done all this testing at lower power level. The starlet also hated it soon as the plenum roof was stuck in place, even with taper tubes removed and a big open hole in the side. speaking of starlet,, will try the new intake on it when its on the dyno next, see how it performs compared to the open trumpets Also i'm sure a lot of people will be disgusted at how big the runners and plenum are on this thing.
  10. Ok Just finished putting on the snuffleupagus. looking good so far! red is the dual plenum. blue new runs from all the other testing i done up there ^ somewhere blue: new plenum with correct runner length. green: weld elbows with dual plenum red : long ali bends with dual plenum pink: dual plenum bolted straight to throttles New setup wins everywhere. when back on the normal 13psi should get interesting
  11. Pity its a 3s. If it was done based on a 4age it would look more like this :
  12. Managed to stick it together ok ish with the old mitech. have done worse have done better.. Lost count how many days spent on it, but here it goes compressed into 10 mins :
  13. Since runners would be already entering the plenum on a weird angle, decided to aim them forward a bit as well, for firewall clearance. That meant could run a full bellmouth on each runner also. So build up the sides with welder and linished them back nice plenum just needs a little trimming to fit base plate. then try make a mess of it with some janky welding Awaiting a 5 to 3" reducer to stick on the front to change to intercooler pipe size
  14. I thought that may have been the case the way you worded it. worth seeing if toyota has them. I can attempt to measure the gap between the water pump and water neck on my 4age setup if you like? to see if they are the same. no guarantees tho as its a knob to get to without pulling stuff apart assume you have seen these ones ? 57 shipped bit spendy for a bit of pipe i guess.
  15. just get the right pipe. rwd 4age one probably same