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  1. They sit on the front of the rotor Any reason for running a triangulated 4 link with panhard?
  2. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    that was one of the things it was doing. swaybar solved that issue. the next issue was the way it bounced back due to lack to shock rebound valving. pretty sure its near enough now with the last changes. will do more testing next weekend same deal, want to run it all the time. and don't want to run too much bar on the road either, since it only has a rear bar, if go too stiff will make it want to snap oversteer. only thing i'm loosing out on as it is, is a small bit of flex. otherwise it feels a lot more stable off road as well
  3. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    pretty much everything offroad seems to be opposite. shocks are setup very progressive. bigger hit more dampening, since the shocks are doing most of the work rather than springs rebound is kinda case by case. but from what i've read most people end up with less rebound valving than compression when any speed is involved. my shocks come factory valved at 50/70 compression/rebound. which worked not too bad for out of the box. Currently have Front 75/50 comp/rebound Rear i have a custom stack on the compression that ramps up the compression with higher shaft speed and 50 on rebound before the the above changes it was always way into the bumpstops. because the wheels didn't drop out fast enough, plus compression was too low to soak up the landing since it was then using less of the hydro bumps, i was able to let some pressure of them. so they come in slower and less harsh
  4. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    yea nar that would turn into another suspension tuning nightmare. less changes i have to do between off and on road the better. ideally just a wheel swap
  5. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    The offroad stuff is a bit of a steep learning curve coming from car stuff. biggest thing that got me to start with, was springs rates are way lower than you would expect. i wasted a lot of money as was scared of going too soft. Basically the primary rate (both springs combine) needs to be soft enough to get the vehicle down to ride high with at least an inch of preload. which in my case is 6inches of droop. the preload needs to be there to push the shock out to full extension when doing jumps etc. kinda similar to what your staying about the race car stuff. guessing they are using the dual rate to do similar, since preload on a high rate single spring will make droop near non existent Seems to be a lot of different theories on how to setup the dual rate change over. seems none of the "suspension tuners" like to give out there secrets, especially when it comes to shock valving. Other than the few things above, springs are just there to hold the thing up, valving is everything on offroad stuff. shocks need to have fairly low rebound dampening so wheels drop out fast enough, so have max travel to soak up the landing. but too little is also all bad. the compression valving needs to be stiff enough to soak up the big stuff, while using most of the travel to do it and also not ride rough as shit over the small stuff. They are progressive shocks and can tune the low to high speed dampening to a point, by the way and thickness the valving shims are stacked. gives most people shits the first time you blast through the paddock at 80k's, after doing a few laps at 10-20k, as it actually rides fairly rough at low speed. now try make all that work on the road as well..
  6. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    cant say i've actually been in anything like that, so don't have much to compare it to. but sounds about right. the main issue was it getting upset mid corner. can deal with the body roll long as it isn't crazy, which it was borderline without the swaybar
  7. KPR's 84 Hilux

    Tray back on. Still handled bad on the road, better than with no swaybar but still junk. Figured out main problem was due to the lack of rebound dampening in the shocks combined with the dual rate springs. Basically how it was setup, if were going around a corner and hit it bump, it would hit the 2nd spring rate (which is over double primary) and bounce back. making the truck wobble like a bowl of jelly. Manged to get it to work alot better with some adjustments. Backed off the adjusters on the rear shocks so pretty much never hits the 2nd rate on the road. so there is no sudden change in spring rate. Letting the swaybar do its thing to control the roll. Tried the same with the front shocks, which did make it better but more body roll. Then went full retard and set it up so the front is on the 2nd spring rate at ride height. Surprisingly this worked sweet with alot less body roll. I need to drive something else for awhile, then test it out again before decide if its good enough. or if i was just getting use to driving a deathtrap. Offroad; again, surprisingly it rips in the paddock now. less roll and still soaks up the bumps good. rear rides nicer due to the later spring rate change. Because boring ramble: Put a light bar on it, because some gezzer on nz offroader said it would make it more capable off road and pick up the ladies Not gonna ever use it,, just a gimmick to scare 4wd barrys
  8. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    Maybe. Probably worth seeing how much cert guy laughs at me anyway
  9. KPR's 84 Hilux

    Lost count how many bottles of argon have sunk into this thing over the years. bar ain't gonna fall off. Bit less flex now. but still pretty good. Still need to make the tray fit, as the rear mounts interfere with the arms. so only did a short test run. still has a lot more body than your usual road vehicle, as expected. but seems more stable and progressively rolls rather than falling into the corners like it did before.
  10. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    Yeah it shutdown to everyone. pity as it was literally 2mins down the road. starting to get hard to find places to go up here now.
  11. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    yep kinda only place the bar can go, because some diddle put a fuel tank in the way. so yeah the tie rods have to be that long. but it also means they are working on less angle when suspension gets towards end of its travel
  12. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    Did send oldmate an update after done a bit of work to the truck, seemed stoked i was fixing it up. Unsure how he would feel now i've cut it up and put all the dents back in it Hopefully wont have to bother disconnecting and run with it on all the time. but worst case its only quick zing with the rattle gun to remove a link to disable the bar. so far its looking good to run it all the time. ran out of argon to finish welding it. so no test run yet. but jacking it up it still flexes fine. and since the rear spring rate is only half the front. seems to evened out front to rear flex. actually levels itself out now. before could jump on one side of the truck and it would stay sitting on the piss
  13. KPR's 84 Hilux

    With the soft springs and lack of rebound valving truck tends to do this.. watch very end, kinda missed it. Not turning in the vid, my crappy ali fish eyed camera just makes it look like its a corner. its ok in 4wd, just does it in 2wd under power. but tbh don't really care that it does it under power. mostly the body roll around corners is a bit extreme . enter "offroad swaybar" kit. its basically a weak swaybar that can handle high travel. not sure how well its going to work, will find out the hard way like usual. Had to relocate the limit straps again , 4th time??
  14. KPR's 84 Hilux

    seemed like a good idea. but exhaust grows when it gets hot. Edit: catcher mode on: