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  1. Bit off topic but maybe of interest, every goose was having a moan asking if i tune the car between my tests. So this shows how much the power changes with fuel ratio. also what i keep and eye on when doing the tests. cbf'd watching = 13.5 - 11.5 - pretty much same power. into the 10's power starts to dive. Yeh ok, I just wanted to show off my mangy horse / unicorn photoshop,..
  2. @Dudley Gonna be jealous of my panel beating skills. Only using a builders claw hammer with some duct tape over the end, and a 6 by 2 One down 2nd one in progress. outlet needs to be towards the bottom so bit different to the inlet side. looking decent so far
  3. Im just hitting shit with a hammer and its working for once
  4. made lower bracket thing for radiator to sit on main cross bit is made from thin stuff and brackets 3mm. weighs pretty much nothing goes here managed to bend and beat bend into shape. bit more hectic than planned. looks to be working all good, just gotta manage to make 3 more
  5. bald supercats are amazing on the back of my paddock car, lush ride and little grass damage. would trade again
  6. kpr

    kpr's starlet

    wrong thread yo. but close enough. only got post iat sensor. The temps were never really an issue, china intercooler cooled good. just doesn't flow enough
  7. So somewhere way back up there was having a whinge about the intercooler being shit this one. it was the cheapest china special i could buy when first built truck. 600x280x75 core Got a new hypertune core, was meant to be 550x300x76, so had purchased some 3" tube which is also 76mm, to make some fancy end tanks. but turns out i got more than what i paid for... id of the cores are about 79mm So attempting to make it work anyway, I made this thing that bolts in place of the vice jaws to open up the tube. surprisingly it works since that looks like its going to work. back to mounting the cooler. radiator will need to be remounted also, since was hung off the old cooler.
  8. so, red line - Silver tape - 52-70 Blue line red tape - 51-62 = best overall to date some power loss, too big blue line - same as above jam the 35mm pipe down the middle as per left in below pic gain most of power back - red line block outer runner with blue plate - other red line with gain down low and loss up top Looking pretty good, Haven't decided if its worth the effort to combine the 2 with a variable setup. but pretty close to matching the best trumpet with the double. it would make a pretty nice power/torque curve combing the 2 positions together :
  9. These are up next for some testing. maybe this weekend.
  10. pretty sure old mate @Roman set his up like that. but was still some kind of issue not making it ideal for street use? need 8 injector drives setup as staged, whilst also being able to adjust the injector timing. so the fuel makes it down the hole at correct time without getting thrown out. no drama's for ecu's these days. but is still on the spendy end of the scale with most of them
  11. Another thing worth mentioning, is big cams on a single throttle setup will run like a bag of shit at low rpm, big plenum making it worse again. But of course with vtec not an issue.
  12. Was thinking about this the other day. maybe since the plenum is so small, the pipe attached to the the plenum/throttle body acts as an extension to the runner. Or yeh as @Spencer says, since there are so many brand name bolt on parts, most honda guys probably dont go down the build it yourself and test all things path. Then again how many people that put itb's on there engines, actually go further than wacking them on with some shiny trumpets and call it a day
  13. not really, other than few different things forever ago. have got a few ideas to try, just need to figure the most cost effective and least time consuming way to go about it.
  14. Yep, so basically simulating open throttles with a cold air feed. If i ever finish playing with the intake setup, i will go back to a setup like i ran years ago. Basically sections off the intake side of engine bay. pics of said setup in below link
  15. @RUNAMUCK I posted some of the dyno graphs from the airbox testing a page back. but can post them all here if you like. @Truenotch Thats same graph as a page back. Yeah about 5kw there. but a dip the other way either side of it. so just trading power from one place to another. Hard to get a gain in one place without loosing it somewhere else.