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  1. I have a Haynes FC manual that has plenty of stock rebuild specs/info if you would like to borrow? PM me
  2. I have pov spec Tein HA's in my FC at the mo. I don't find the ride too harsh with them, pretty happy for a $800 second hand score. The height adjusment is a bit limited though, my rears are wound down to the end of the threads and its still not quite low enough. Would guess you will need an adjustable camber link for the rear as well? I think Racing Beat do a fairly cheap one. The rear camber on mine needed a fair bit of correcting after fitting those teins
  3. Haha yea my mum works nearby, shes driving the mazda this week as I have theived her hilux to go fishing.
  4. Yea that sounds like us, cheers man! Did around 1200k's in the 7 over the weekend, all went without a hitch.
  5. This thread has most of the model information/differences http://ausrotary.com/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=157720
  6. I have a s5 13bt block in pieces and some stock s5 parts (coils, engine sensors and stock ecu etc) Rotorek NZ has lots of FC parts and is good to deal with.
  7. Cheers for all the comments guys! I love 80's jap turbo cars and rotaries so the FC was a easy choice (still have a hankering for a tidy first gen 7 though!) Drove this thing back from Tauranga to Gisborne on Saturday morning, was a good chance to get a feel for the car. Still pretty laggy but has heaps of top end pull, the first time I overtook someone I gave it a nudge in 3rd and a bit of 4th ended up with the speedo needle back round at 0. Woops.
  8. Made 385hp at 15psi this arvo. Should do for now.
  9. Haven't heard anything from them this week so I can only guess everythings going ok. Haha its not so bad mate i used to hate it too, then moved away for 7 years and recently came back again. Definitely better the 2nd time round. How long you been gone?
  10. Cheers mate! Na still hiding down here in Gisborne for now
  11. Yea i hope so man, was real impressed with their workshop etc. Would have loved to carry on with PPRE, they are an awesome team and were so much help last time, cant stress that enough. Money well spent for sure. But, they can be super hard to correspond with, email/phone calls etc go unanswered often. They have heaps on though I guess. Just ran out of time (really want to get this sorted and get some serious k's on it this summer), so took a bit of a gamble with Dtech, heres hoping its all good!
  12. Pointless, picture-less update. Have added some Tein adjustable suspension to this thing, Masterpower S70 turbo and a electronic boost controller. Then it has sat in the shed for the last 4 months looking sad so was dropped off at Dtech Motorsport this weekend to finish off all the little stuff I have been to lazy to do (including new exhaust, the old one was a shit set up that dragged on everything and cracked all the time). Standby for more horsepower/epic engine failure.
  13. Mate that is so close to perfect its not funny, well done!
  14. As above, apart from the obvious spinny thing on the side. Going to have a look at a cheap hack this week that has apparently a S1 RB25DET and wanted to know if there are any obvious external differences between the n/a and turbo engines so I'm not ending up with a high comp time bomb +T conversion
  15. http://performanceforums.com/forums/showthread.php?67290068-Minica-ninja-style ^^ Never seen one of these before. Awesome conversion too, video at end of page 2 of thread is sweet.
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