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  1. I have a Haynes FC manual that has plenty of stock rebuild specs/info if you would like to borrow? PM me
  2. Mate that is so close to perfect its not funny, well done!
  3. Whats wrong with Rota's?
  4. Excellent engine choice. Lots of polishing to do!
  5. Yep that sounds like him, top bloke he is.
  6. Cool looking project. Did a guy Simon do the plenum?
  7. I was parked next to you (blue fc rx7) at the nats show, so had a good nosy round you commodore, looks the goods mate!
  8. What the hell is a juddie??
  9. Good to see an update, cant wait to see this running. Nice singing too haha
  10. Nice car mate, was one of the best at summerdrags this year. Loving the new intake set up, will be interesting to see what happens on the dyno. Honestly who doesn't pull a bit of a cheeky skid on the road every now and again, at least its out in the country away from any busy roads and neighbours.
  11. How much do you want to spend on an engine? Mate has a green bros 13B PP hes trying to get rid of, 300hp atw. Would be a weapon in a starlet!
  12. Awesome car/needs dodgy drillport