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  1. fryup

    Chrisr 86 fc3s rx7

    I have a Haynes FC manual that has plenty of stock rebuild specs/info if you would like to borrow? PM me
  2. I have pov spec Tein HA's in my FC at the mo. I don't find the ride too harsh with them, pretty happy for a $800 second hand score. The height adjusment is a bit limited though, my rears are wound down to the end of the threads and its still not quite low enough. Would guess you will need an adjustable camber link for the rear as well? I think Racing Beat do a fairly cheap one. The rear camber on mine needed a fair bit of correcting after fitting those teins
  3. fryup

    Sheady's Nana Spec R100 and 323

    Mate that is so close to perfect its not funny, well done!
  4. As above, apart from the obvious spinny thing on the side. Going to have a look at a cheap hack this week that has apparently a S1 RB25DET and wanted to know if there are any obvious external differences between the n/a and turbo engines so I'm not ending up with a high comp time bomb +T conversion
  5. Whats wrong with Rota's?
  6. fryup

    Evans s1 rx7

    Excellent engine choice. Lots of polishing to do!
  7. fryup


    Had a pile of shit 01? nissan wingroad (prob same/similar engine to primera) do the same thing to me, was one of the coils bringing the engine light on. Tracked down a cheapo second hand one and just swapped them round until the light went away.
  8. Yep that sounds like him, top bloke he is.
  9. Cool looking project. Did a guy Simon do the plenum?
  10. fryup

    Shakotom's '84 VK MAYTE!

    I was parked next to you (blue fc rx7) at the nats show, so had a good nosy round you commodore, looks the goods mate!
  11. fryup

    Cholo's 323 Wagon Makeover

    What the hell is a juddie??
  12. fryup

    turbo engine oil flow explanation

    You wont get bugger all turbo info from goughs (cat dealer) best to go to garrett direct.
  13. So there is a circuit in my car which is draining the battery over about a 2 day period. Have been working round this by pulling the negative off the battery every time I park it up, but this is a pain in the ass. Was wondering what the best method would be to find out what is causing the drain? Not the stereo/amp, have unplugged them and made no difference. Car has no alarm but has immobiliser fitted. Any help would be much appreciated, dont want to take the car to a sparky for what I'm sure will be a fairly easy fix.
  14. Good to see an update, cant wait to see this running. Nice singing too haha
  15. fryup

    madazda mazda rx2

    Nice car mate, was one of the best at summerdrags this year. Loving the new intake set up, will be interesting to see what happens on the dyno. Honestly who doesn't pull a bit of a cheeky skid on the road every now and again, at least its out in the country away from any busy roads and neighbours.