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  1. i highly recommend those purpose built moto mufflers, have had them on my bmw and cb50 and they have a sweet tone to them and look rad, they also actually do muffling unlike those Chinese reverse cone ones
  2. long time no update, basiclly finished building this thing then with about 200km's of testing it was time to hit the brass monkey with the boys, i had the only breakdown if the trip losing the nut which holds the shifter linkage on, easy fix. This thing tractored along great for something not made for gravel, only had 1 river crossing i had to push the bike through as the air filters were too low. i deff took it some places it shouldn't go and tested out the strength of the sump on some rocks but its awesome so fun to ride, the only downside is the seat is extremely uncomfy and the loud exhaust gets exhausting after 7+ hours or riding at once. the time has come to sell this thing and move on to the next build so if your keen ill do a os/ppsc discount. learnt some much building this but i suck at owning stuff. Bit of a pic dump for you guys 10 days 3500k's and 3 dudes.
  3. Purpose built moto in aus, they are suppppee nice 3mm thick ones and have doubling plates on the inside in mounting areas. Not easy to find non aliexpress guards
  4. decided i couldn't make the twin shotgun pipes work without alot of testing and i need the bike on the road sooner so i cut them up and bought more bends and a 2-1 proceeded to chop them up, chop the rhs header up and spent an evening getting the headers equal length, went through afew designs and tacking then deciding i didn't like how it looked ended up with this and bought a purpose built moto stainless muffler have them on all my bikes and cant recommend them enough. my welding has deff gotten less tidier now i don't tig day in day out now, still fine just not super pretty and consistent like it was 1.5 years ago. also got acouple purpose built moto guards for the front and back to finish it off. will get a sound video but it sounds super rad nice and crisp and was worth the time to get the headers equal length. still needs black pinstripes on the tank to pull it all together but its about ready for me to take it gravel bash and drop it.
  5. got this thing all finished up, stickers put on to make it go faster. maybe made it go too fast? took it out on Saturday for a bit of a shakedown at manfeild and its knocking quite bad so i ripped the motor out on Saturday night in preparation for a new one and a new gearbox as the current one doesn't like going into gears and ill convert to hydraulic clutch while i'm at it too. will slap a quick coat of white paint in there too to get rid of the last yellow on the car
  6. Plan was to just drill a bunch of holes in some 31.8mm tube, then sleeve it with some 44.5mm tube and use fibreglass part to pack in between and hopefully that sucks up some noise, I have afew options on the go at the moment everything is pointing towards doing a 2-1
  7. forgot to update this, heaps has been done. Got some door cards cut out and chucked them in Interior all finished up made an exhaust, before. and its now on the car and done perfect 4age raspiness \ and thats about where i'm up to, car is getting stickers this week, i did some test laps of the street this weekend and it runs great everything works pretty well, i have my first race meeting in 2 weeks so hopefully it makes it through the day without breaking too much
  8. got these high pipes made up today, turned out super sweet looking, only downside is they are wayyy too loud so i'm going to have a go at making some baffles/mufflers. once i get them quiet enough that i'm happy with it ill make up some heatshields for them and a-couple of hangers too. (please ignore the terrible car in background its not mine)
  9. today i bought a build your own exhaust system kit i'm going to build a high pipe setup really wanting to run a twin pipe the whole way to the back but i am struggling to find nice mufflers that aren't huge and look like they are just straight bits of pipe like so. the other option is just to deal with it and get some good ear plugs. if worst comes to worst ill get another stainless muffler and go 2-1 and work from there. like so using a random china muffler i had laying around.
  10. forsure man! hopefully my bike doesn't fall to bits on the way down haha.
  11. i was struggling to figure out some electrical issues with this thing so send it to Kane at r twin works and he worked his magic and also balanced and tuned the carbs and made everything work as it should. went for my first proper ride and it bought up afew issues i need to fix. (i really need to take photos that aren't at my workshop soon) i had to add more brackets to my rear triangle anyway so am going to have to get that re powder coated but thats no biggie also i have to make a new mount for my numberplate bracket too. I mounted up the rear guard today which came up nice. am waiting for my front guard to turn up. need to try and get a wof hopefully then hopefully will be chopping it up again and i'm going to build some stainless high pipes 2-1. i am attacking a 7 day or so ride down to the brass monkey smashing a bunch of gravel and just taking this places i probably shouldn't be
  12. got my fortune auto coil overs welded them up and installed them along with my "big" brake kit. gave the diff a quick wire wheel and paint black before i slapped it back in. the underside of this car is so grimey/caked in dirt i need to get under it and water blast everything off. also got windows installed and a bunch of other small things done but im useless at documenting stuff. Rolled it outside and gave it a quick wash, the new height is nice and all the arms seem to be at an okay angle but hopefully it handles good because i don't want to raise it/rear needs to come down 20mm
  13. been cranking out getting this painted the last month or so, my first time painting so didn't turn out great but its all white now. painted the body this weekend, never want to paint a rollcage again either, wasn't much fun couldn't contain my excitement so put it all together last night and cut the dashboard to fit Next on the list of things to do is install all the new suspension parts up front with new bushes and ball joints etc. whip the diff out and install the new raito hopefully and all new suspension parts back there too build a rowdy side exit exhaust and then try and break it
  14. Been busy scraping all of the yellow off the car, whoever painted it last did a terrible job and the paint has been flaking off/coming off when you stick tape to it so thats been fun. also got paper back from MSNZ for my homologation, stripped all the sound deadening out of the inside and its all sanded ready for primer and top coat. also did the rear tubs, cut out as much as i could for future slam/travel.
  15. its an xr100r motor, seems to get along pretty well, max speed is about 110-115kph i think? such a good combo, the tune isn't perfect but hopefully can iron it out
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