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  1. couple pictures from doing more assembly. starting to look good now
  2. picked up my gasket kit for the motor last night, hooned that in and gave the motor a few coats of black, didn't come out as good as I wanted but its done now. Then today I started assembly of the bike for the last time, got the wiring loom in, motor and gearbox and seat and tank. really hanging out for my peanut valve covers to arrive too as I can't stand the standard ones. got my tires ahwhile back, after heaps of back and forwards I decided on some TKC80's for maximum trendiness and got them mounted up, was super chuffed with how they were looking and then tonight I went to put the front wheel on and well.. the front doesn't fit, it fouls on the lower for brace so going to have to think up of a solution to that, wither start chopping or go with a smaller front tire which its a 3.5" and currently have 4". Cant wait to get it outside as cameras don't love my workshop lights. Just waiting on swingarm and headset bearings to arrive early next week hopefully and then the wheels can go on and I can see what it really is going to look like.
  3. Yeah there were afew options but wanting to spice it up a little, with the rest of the biking being black it’s sort of the centre piece, will be less in your face when it has the bmw badge on and some pin striping too.
  4. got my tank back from paint today and couldn't resist sitting it on with the subframe and seat to have a glimpse of what its going to be like. got me pining to get it all together
  5. been hanging out waiting for some stuff to arrive. frame and wheels and a few other little bits came back from powder coat. turned out so good couple little bits of pitting but once the motors in you won't see those also got my seat back from lewis what is amazing couldn't recommend him enough. also some moto gadget barend and pin indicators came in got a modern motorcycle speedo and tail light but haven't got photos, currently the carbs are getting vapour blasted and im waiting on a top end gasket and seal kit for the motor to come in so I can rebuild that and paint it and then I can start putting the bike together, and make the last few parts for it, exhaust, battery box etc
  6. yeah talk here or something
  7. car was going great until the afternoon when It started to get a bit of a bottom end knock. so I cleaned the interior and put a red brix I picked up and Kurt made me a sweet knob that's about up to date, picked up a new motor and a j160 off Phil to slam in, new motor is a fresh redtop bottom end with big port head and 286 cams or something, I will be putting my stock head on for now until I can be bothered going link, ordered all the parts for my j160 conversion too. also managed to get some stock metal rear guards without big in them which ill get thrown on when it goes into the panel beaters for a little bit of rust/im too lazy to do it myself. Discussion -
  8. bogged it up and went drifting at manfeild got sick of having a mismatched car so got a rusty bonnet painted to match and got some new front wheels too 14x8 -12 R101 then towed it up to meremere for the annual 86/70 day they have up there, took home a prize for best driving style which I was happy about
  9. had this thing a bout 8 month or so now I guess, thought I better make a thread to keep track of what goes on with it. bought it off callum from down in Christchurch. Looked like this when I got it, some people will know this car, basic run down of when I got it. Lisse spec ae85 trueno -Bluetop 4age, t50, t series rear end with dropped lower arm mounts -bc coilovers -bunch of poly bushes, front rca's, power steering knuckles, manual rack. that's about it really, simple fun car. drove back home with some alright guys little Hondas and some fancy gt2 porchse once I got it home I put smaller tires on it and lowered it a bit then after about 3 weeks of ownership I got reversed into and that smashed the front end up a bit, new rad support, new bumper (still haven't put it on yet) and still trying to find a good bonnet and corner lights. went and bought some new wheels, 14x8.5 -15 mk3, rolled the guard and found some bog.
  10. finished all the fab work side of things so stripped this thing down to a bare frame. gave the motor a quick scrub up, waiting on a new top end and carb rebuild kit to turn up as the pushrod seals are a little leaky so I might as well do it all while its apart and get the carbs sent away for vapour blasting to clean them up then ill spray the whole thing black. tried my hand at fibreglassing and it didn't turn out tooo bad, not super happy with how it turned out but I know what to do next time for better results, sent that away to get covered by one of the chch boys. now is just a waiting game for shops to open back up to sandblast/powedercoat all my stuff so I can re assemble it all and do some skids.
  11. yeah technically it should be certified, I think any mods to frame? but I don't think many bike wof men will care, if I need to I will, I see no problem with it passing cert
  12. fizzed it all up today, been stripping out all wires/ all non essential wires/cables off of the bike and routing through tubes where possible to clean up the look gonna have a go at fibreglassing the seat base tomorrow which should be interesting
  13. did a bit of long overdue maintenance on this thing, I vibrated the speedo to bits with too much gravel riding on the motu, ordered a mmc speedo and slapped that on, waiting for my new headlight to arrive too. old new replaced the clutch which was long overdue, started slipping before distinguished gentleman last year and I packed some washers behind the springs to give it some more clamping pressure and just left it but as it worked I just never put my new clutch in, decided to smash that in and man it feels so much better, leaver is so much lighter new spring on the right vs old ones
  14. got a little bit more done today. made some CAD templates. transferred and put onto steel and smashed a hole in and again made some cross braces to bolt the seat up to. and was left with this subframe kit tonight, gonna weld it all up tomorrow and may start making the seat base too.
  15. I bought my steel for the new rear end before the shutdown thankfully, also managed to borrow a tube bender and started playing around with different looks to see what worked. bent up this long flat hoop to begin with but it want working with the look I want. gave it a little kick up and that back and then made 4 other rear hoops all in different lengths and mounting locations, spent about a day mulling over what to do with it. ended up with this, angle will be a little steeper than in the pic then today i went and bent up yet another one and decided to pull the trigger and whipped up these side bars. I'm really just waiting on company's to open back up now so I can get my brackets, and undercounted battery box etc cut out and make sure everything will fit before finish welding it up. that's about where I'm up to now, got a few more tabs to cut off and clean up, currently waiting on a parts order with new bars, indicators, headlight and tail light. also need to pull the motor to fix some oil leaks and paint it up but it looks difficult so trying to put that off for another day.