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  1. I bought my steel for the new rear end before the shutdown thankfully, also managed to borrow a tube bender and started playing around with different looks to see what worked. bent up this long flat hoop to begin with but it want working with the look I want. gave it a little kick up and that back and then made 4 other rear hoops all in different lengths and mounting locations, spent about a day mulling over what to do with it. ended up with this, angle will be a little steeper than in the pic then today i went and bent up yet another one and decided to pull the trigger and whipped up these side bars. I'm really just waiting on company's to open back up now so I can get my brackets, and undercounted battery box etc cut out and make sure everything will fit before finish welding it up. that's about where I'm up to now, got a few more tabs to cut off and clean up, currently waiting on a parts order with new bars, indicators, headlight and tail light. also need to pull the motor to fix some oil leaks and paint it up but it looks difficult so trying to put that off for another day.
  2. so I've always liked the look of these things and always wanted to own one and have been keeping my eye out for one to chop up for a year or so and this finally popped I up at a reasonable price. its rough cosmetically and has done 130k's but it seems alright mechanically (apart from standard bmw oil leak things) and was the right price most importantly. I've been hoarding parts slowly for this thing since I got it waiting for winter to roll around to start ripping into it, but this forced holiday thing kinda made me just rip into it now since I'm bored, I started off today by tearing the bike apart and pretty happy I found no horrible surprises, plans are to make a new subframe for it, some different tires, simplify everything as much as possible and make it loud and uncomfortable to ride. I didn't actually have any before photos, but picture a r80rt with a naked front end and massive 150mm banana handle bar risers that bring the bars to the middle of the tank and bars with a 5" rise on them too, and cracked plastics all round with a spray can paint job. what it looks like as of today, will pull the motor tomorrow and give it a coat of black, I slapped on the airbox delete on it to see what its like, last part I need at the moment is a 22mm 180degree bend but cannot seem to get one in this lockdown we have going on! need some peanut rocker covers, repaint the tank and detab and powder coat the frame, depending on how rich I'm feeling I kind of want a motogadget electrics setup, they are super nice units but are rather spendy.
  3. Managed to get acouple of 35mm film photos at DGR too which didn't turn out too bad decided i should check out what was wrong before Te Urewera, pulled the rocker cover off and one of the adjuster grub screws for the rocker arm had worked its way out and had a bit of a party in the top end i dug it out and it looks to have been smashed about by the valve spring, i put a new one in and got it going mint. top end is a little rattly now but it works so im not touching it. Rode the Te Urewera ride weekend just been and had a hell of a time so much fun smashing the bike about, getting confident on the gravel hooning around a corner got thrown off and high sided the bike bending the foot peg and breaking the front leaver off and grassman came to the rescue and had a spare fa50 leaver that worked, front brakes proceeded to lock on randomly after that, thanks to the boys for helping me rebleed the cable discs, managed to rip the rubber intake manifold resulting in 5000rpm idle for the last half of sunday and assisting in trying to throw me off the outside of corners which was fun. Just to finish it off the bike fell over on the trailer on the way home in the dark and we didn't notice, ripped my seat and broke the clutch leaver. the bike is in a sad tate now but will motivate me to finish making my new seat pan and get the seat finished and powedercoat the frame while im at it, Thanks to J5 and the other boys for organising the ride and everyone else for a good time!
  4. i should probably update this more. Junked the xl100 motor as i couldn't be bothered with stators etc anymore and bought a 1992 xr100 motor, got it bored out to 54mm and chucked a fresh top end in it for DGR bike was running super rad at DGR until the last 10mins it wouldn't rev above 5k rpm and was making a hell of a top end noise, got home and pushed it into the corner in the shed and gave up for a bit.
  5. I've been hooning this thing a bit. ran into my first issue which was the lights stopped working and we couldn't find where in the original loom the break was so ended up just wiring the headlight and tail lights straight to the stator through the trail tech which worked a treat and that also ment i could ditch all the original handlebar controls and ignition switch and rip out the entire old loom which tidied the bike up a whole heap. bike ended up dieing on me on my way home from work and had to push it home, it had lost spark so i pulled the side cover off and turns out one of the screws out of the stator had made its wat out and had a bit of fun behind the flywheel and knocked the points and one of the windings. so i chucked my spare stator in and after mucking around with the weird timing advance setup these use managed to get it going just in time for the penny pincher's first big ride. We managed to travel around 550km's over two days all on back road and gravel which was super fun my bike ended up making it to the lodge where we stayed the night then when i when i was full cut and tried to start it to do a drunken skid as ya do there was no one home and we couldn't get it to fire up at all the next day which was lame, have a feeling something to do with the points is fucked again so it may be time for a xr100 motor with a cdi setup for reliability. i ended up riding one of the other boys a50's on the way home and that was a great time, really have to work hard to keep those things humming up hills and just in general. Note: the Irvine's mince and cheese pipe sitting on the engine casing, i recommend 50km @9000rpm to warm i through throughly Next plans for the bike are to get it going reliably, ride it more, i am wanting to play with a fibreglass mould for a new seat pan and recover it in some brown leather, also i managed to destroy the speedo drive in the original speedo on this ride so may end up getting some nice small desecrate rev and speedo gauge, also get a good quality tail light as the aliexpress ones seem to rattle apart easily this being the second one i have killed.
  6. so yet again i failed at finishing a project and sold my honda chaly 90% complete, but for good reason, Blake had chucked his cb50 up forsale and i nabbed it and needed to pay for it somehow. quick rundown for those of you who don't know the bike, its a 85 cb50, with an xl100 motor installed, some bigger tires, coole lights, cool seat, genreal tidy up etc plans are to ride it and enjoy it go on some wild adventures on it, probably source another fuel tank to repaint in some wild colours, strip the wiring loom down to bare essentials and slowly rebuild the spare xl100 motor i have to eventually drop in there. only photo i have of it currently, enjoy
  7. fingers crossed i may actually know the of this, has a bunch of audi quattros too?
  8. i hadn't thought about skids in this thing until now and you got me wondering....
  9. fuck me that thing is pine worthy! need me wheels and height much like that! and door graphics? is that a turbo only feature?
  10. ah yes, it seems it is. maybe thats what the p plate was telling me
  11. so as i was browsing trademe for the 964 dream, i saw this little thing for rather cheap, and close by! so naturally i flicked the owner a text, tee'd up a viewing and ended up taking it home, P Plate and all. its just had a full top end rebuild on it, i got the vibes that the guys wife was sick of sending it to mechanics to get fixed and the dude admitted he knew nothing at all about cars. It deff needs some love, some rust repairs but it runs great. my first german car/non jap thing so this is all new to me and i have no clue what i am dealing with, current plans are slam, wheels and get it legal. Currently i am on the hunt for -4x108 steels in 15-16" to widen or cool alloys in 15-16x8 -drivers side (left hand side) door -and some spare front springs/some low ones if anyone has, or coilovers. but hey! i own a porsche, wh would have thought Discussion -
  12. Mitch.W

    Honda chaly

    should probably update this thing. been getting pushed by the penny pinchers to get my ass into get and finish this thing up. alll that has changed between the last post and now is i have 90% assembled it. i then got convinced that i should just slam a lifan in it because thats the most logical option.apart from that i have brought a bunch of parts off mmc, grips, leavers, foot pegs etc brought some low shocks for the rear but needs to go lower, how do people lower the front? cut/remove the springs? Need to: - get a numberplate - make seat pan and upholster it - install lifan and make rad exhaust - install more lows - new tires and wide wheels -skids and finally enjoy this thing
  13. damn. just saw this, i happen to have a tire machine at work that i can use at my disposal