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  1. its an xr100r motor, seems to get along pretty well, max speed is about 110-115kph i think? such a good combo, the tune isn't perfect but hopefully can iron it out
  2. Small update, been tinkering away tidying up afew bits and pieces on this thing. new tank badges, peanut valve covers mounted the battery under the bike between the mufflers motogadget rear view mirror and afew other bits and pieces that i cant remember. its really starting to come together now few small bits of wiring to go and it will be ready to ride
  3. took this for its maiden voyage tonight, seems to run good and didn't fall to bits or blow up. Ran a little bit leaner than before from having the larger dia header pipe so smashed a bigger main jet in and it seems to be good! i skipped some stuff but i added a billet tail light, new headlight and front guard, gave the motor a quick birthday refresh and did a skid and all seems go for te urewera next weekend
  4. cheers bro! its all the easy work haha. the punishing part of doing body work starts now
  5. I hoping its as loud as my last muffler, it comes with an optional baffle which went straight in the bin
  6. purpose built moto is Australia, super nice bit of kit!
  7. soo my wheels arrived and couldn't help but slap them on and tape my flares on for a test fit, they fit perfect and look nice and aggressive. The height needs adjusting a little bit/lowering but am slightly limited by my rear arm angles but will get onto that later down the track when I do a new diff setup. looks rad though. got a package from Barry at mrp too, wildwood big brake kit, lower arm traction brackets and some orca's. its enough to get me going for now and hopefully some good lap times.
  8. I bought a purpose built moto stainless muffler, started making up a stainless exhaust, just waiting on couple of bits to be finished at the machine shop. my seat arrived back from the upholsters, looks okay might get it recovered and change my design a little bit after east cape.
  9. got this thing back from powdercoating all the bolts, springs and brackets came back from zinc plating got the motor pretty well scrubbed down and most of the bike put together today. ive got to make a new intake manifold for the xr200 carb and i have a nice stainless steel muffler i need to make the rest of the exhaust for and some new foot pegs wouldn't go a miss. still plenty to do before eastcape, seat should come back from upholstery tomorrow so will be good to see the bike looking mostly complete and tidy
  10. been trying to get this thing done fast, got it stripped down and sent it off for a rollcage, came back this week and i am over the moon, Nick Stewart at SAFEngineering smashed it, the fitment is amazing nice and tight and super simple exactly what i wanted some parts i've ordered have started to roll in 6 point 3x2 takata harness and bride zeta 2 for max fanboy mike shaw fibreglass n2 kit mocked up for now, will fit it this week all going well also picked up these potenza TR-3 wheels but cannot get lips to widen them until march next year so have something else coming in the mail still waiting for my brake kit to arrive so i can put that together, now the fun part of prepping it for paint which i'm really not looking forward to.
  11. east cape is coming up so thought i better actually fix this from last year/make it faster. started off by making up a new seat and brackets to hold bits and pieces this weekend, will fire it down to Lewis and he can work his magic on it for me. then stripped it down to a bare frame and packaged all the bolts up to get sent off to get re zinc plated. will do the standard sandblast and powdercoat for everything to tidy it up. next is motor work, big carb upgrade, stainless exhaust etc. will see how motivation goes and how distracted i get by other projects
  12. sooooo i sold this directly after breaking it. and then proceeded to buy it back this week since its my favourite past time. got it back in more or less the condition i sold it in 5 years ago, didn't run, had some questionable "upgrades" done and the front end had been taken off. i got it put back together and running on the weekend and took it for a hoon, it needs some ahhhhhh, refinement you could say. Plans are n2 kit, 13x9 or so with slicks, cage, paint and all other associated race car thing and then fall into a spiral of wanting to go faster and end up blowing all my money on it so here we go. ordered a bunch of stuff that should be here this week all going well. really want to try and replacate the Trust starlet cup car livery too. How it looked when i got it. after a bath and some wheels i had laying around for the time being, if someone has some 13x6 or so 3 piece wheels that they want to sell that would be grand! so yeah, tell me in stupid for doing this etc in the discussion/suggestions on what to do,
  13. Mitch.W

    Honda chaly

    the old 3 years to assemble poweder coated parts trick left me low on motivation hah.
  14. im just having heaps of fun setting up the jet unit at the moment, may take afew box's of beer to figure it out.
  15. thought i might as well make a build thread for this thing to keep track of whats going on with it. popped up on trade me locally and i couldn't help myself, there was no pictures and the guy had no clue what it was or the parts it had. i went and checked it out for shits and gigs expecting it to be shit. had to hide my excitement when i was looking around and seeing more and more PJ'S parts, managed to convince the guy to withdraw the auction and sell it to me on the spot for $400 which was ideal. Story was it was sitting in his friends garage and he did some panel work to his car and got the jetski as payment. starter motor was bung so he bought a china replacement and kept jamming on the flywheel (he didn't know what was wrong) i got it home and tore it to bits gave everything a good clean up and checked the starter motor wasn't too munched. i Have a new genuine starter motor on the way which will hopefully fix the issue. so far i have found it has pj's full exhaust, intake grate, ride plate, pump nozzle, steering and straight bars, finger throttle. also has a skat-trak impeller. it has had a bunch machined off of the head as it has bigger washers to space up the head bolts. Plans are to get the rest of it cleaned and back together for summer enjoyment, trying to not strip it to bits and give it a full restore yet as i want to enjoy it. feels like it has good compression, going to tidy up the exterior paint and new hydro turf and graphics and a reproduction fuel tank and SBN38 carb after a bit of a clean This was after about 2 hours of cleaning, previous owner thought that oil went in with the flywheel which was cool too as it just went in an came straight back out the bottom of the cover and went into the hull afew of the bits in tonight after giving everything a quick clean heres the starter motor eating the flywheel