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  1. On gas... Whats everyones go to now with Bunnings offering it? Is BOC or anyone else competitive?
  2. @Valiant something odd ball like 5x101 right? Yeah alot of meat on the to get them redrilled
  3. Finally found a hub and bearing combo to convert Cortina MK3-5 and Escort non RS stubs to 5 stud! Early Valiant hubs and bearings (RV1 SV1 AP5 AP6 VC VE VF VG CH CJ) I got a set of VF hubs. Bearing seal will have to be bored out to accept the cortina seal (53.5mm to 55mm) and hubs redrilled to 5x114.3 from 5x101.6 I'll post up more once I find a disk and caliper combo that works. Thinking RX7 rotors and calipers as I've got a set in the garage or Altezza... Hub height - 55mm Caliper bolt spacing 82.5mm RX7 FC - Disk height 65mm, 276mm OD, Caliper bolt spacing 160mm, Pad size 107x68x14mm, 4 pot alloy Altezza - Disk height 48mm, 275 OD, Caliper bolt spacing 123mm, Pad size 144x64x17mm, 2 pot slider alloy Will have to test both but slightly leaning more to the altezza as they cost nothing and bigger pad. In other news hopefully finally getting the V6 down from @fletch place with the help of @JustHarry so she should have a hunk of metal and a gearbox sitting in the bay by next week.
  4. I had a look into this for my Cortina but the lens' look way complex to cast from a one peice mould... Looks like $500-700 per lens really is the going rate
  5. Cologne v6, I've got 2 2.8 motors and a 2.9 from sierras. Plan is to build a stroker motor punching it out to 3.5 using an explorer crank
  6. @d.p.n.s yeah im way too lazy when it comes to updating my threads! Just need to work out rod lengths and piston compression heights for the crank. Looking like VQ30DE pistons and RB30 or 8v FE SOHC rods for it to sit at zero deck with about 10:1 compression. Other hand is use 4.1 X-flow pistons and 4.0 EL rods for about 8:1. If i can get a combo to get 9.5:1 or 9:1 then ill be happy as that leaves it open for boost....
  7. Damn i havent updated this in way too long. Long story short, the X-flow dropped its oil on my way to work about a year and a half ago. Bang, rod out the side... Threw in a Pinto, didnt measure the starter throw out and chewed the starter so it sat for a while. Pulled the pinto out and its now living in @d.p.n.s MK5. Few plans for the mean time involving an EFI V6, ITBs, T5 gearbox, and maybe an SC14.... And of course a post isnt good without a photo
  8. Damn over 3 years and no updates... Got the escort down to Chch, bought a mk1 escort, sold a mk1 escort, bought a house, was away for 8 months overseas with work, sold the courier, bought a ranger and life has just gotten in the way while projects have taken a back seat. But back to it... Pics of the MK1 I had to fill the void Back the MK2, so i sold the Courier diff as it was just too big and im not planning on making heaps of power. Went and got another standard escort diff which ill put a quaife ATB LSD into and if i end up breaking axles ill buy some off the shelf semi floating axles. Still planning on rear disks of the P11 primera type as palmside sell a kit. Had a wee tinker with the front brake set up as im not too happy with the princess 4 pot calipers, they are so damn heavy. Bolt on yes, bigger pad than M16 yes, heavier yes. Ive had some FD rx7 4 pots sitting in the corner for ages so decided to cut up some angle steel ive had lying around and see if i can adapt them to fit. Was super easy with some crude measuring and managed to at least get them mounted. They fit pretty well and the pads contact the 260mm disk bloody well. Will change from KE laser disks to BMW E30 vented items as they are 22mm thick as per rx7. Best thing is they fit inside 13inch wheels! Gearbox is finally attached to the dummy block and comes out of the original gearhole which is a plus
  9. J-W-G


    @RUNAMUCK Hey man do you do diff shortening? Ive got an aussie cortina BW75 housing id like to chuck BW78 axles and lsd into. Know any places to get a hold of a BW78 pref with disks already and falcon pattern?
  10. Rue - will be a 30 spline if its b1600 Matt - The spec will probably matter as I think XLT was the only one it came standard but i could be wrong. Best to go pulling diffs mate
  11. Matt most common LSD is 3.7 or 3.9? Cant remember off the top of my head Find them in alot of b2000/b2200 and couriers (XLT/4WD)Youll need to notch the housing for it to fit though
  12. Yeah I'm working on getting my welder down from up north to patch it up. Wellsides for these things are like hens teeth
  13. I bought another one... Bought another one from Invercargill (big thanks to Kyteler for storing it for me) way nicer XLT spec this time (2.0L MA, 5 Speed, rev counter) and wellside which is a bonus. Got a set of 15x6 steels from a hiace for cheaps, got them widened to 7.5 with a set of whitewalls in the 195/60 variety. Interior was complete which was a bonus, only bugger is that a spring is broken on the bench. Reckon it needs at least a 3inch drop... Best way to lower these things? //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52282-jesses-1984-ford-courier-uterus/?hl=%2Bford+%2Bcourier
  14. Maate hit it with the whitewalls! Just got a set of 4 195/50r15 ones off sta parts for $360 delivered... Think they do 13/14 inch aswell, cheaper aswell but performance tire they aint.
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