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  1. Very cool! Thats a well sorted triumph! I was just wondering if the bushings you got were superflex ones? and how much dynamat did you use, did you get the bulk or mega pack? thanks
  2. Were did you get all the front bushes and steering parts from? id like to replace all mine too.
  3. The ute hasent been doing to much lately but i recently picked up a MA engine for it, so that should hopefully increase performance slighty. And then these cool wheels popped up for sale, so i had to get them. Just the gold against the yellow sounded so good in my head! i gave them a test fit and they look better then i actually imagined! They are slightly to wide for it, but im just gonna chuck some tires on them and go from there. Other small things to do this month. I wanna try bring it to the old school palmy monthly meet! Finish making sill extensions, get them color matched. Buy fender mirrors, Get a mazda sticker made up for the tail gate.
  4. @kdotlowe sweet that's awesome news! So all you had was a chassis number and that was enough for them?
  5. @kiwi808 Awesome! That would be sweet if you could ask him! Any information would be super helpful, I would hate to Chuck money at it then the refuse to re register it, I gave the transport agency a message so I'm hoping they come back with a positive reply. Thanks man yeah I'm super stocked that I keeped it all original, it's such a comfy bike to ride as is haha!
  6. So another deal came up for some more cb500/cb550 stuff, i couldent pass the deal up so the other week i jumped in the ute and picked up this hoard of honda goodness! The green one is actually a super good example, its all complete theres just alot of patina! the plates still in the system so that will make it super easy to get it back on the road, I really wanted to make my original cb into abit of a cafe/brat but it was just to good to hack up, and even this green one is just to good, I proabally wont have time to do the green one, so that may possibly be coming up for sale soon, but thats not guaranteed yet, but then it also came with this red one its missing a few parts, but that makes it a perfect candidate to build into to something sick! i wont feel bad about cutting bits off! theres just no plate! so im really hoping it wont be a big hassle getting it back on the road! it also came with a couple of engines and a heap of spare parts! super stocked with all this stuff! so i gave the carbs a clean on both of the bikes chucked some spare engine bits on the red one, and i manged to get them both running which is a massive bonus!
  7. So i ended up getting the handbrake cable and it ended up being broken! The guy said he had another one, so im just waiting on that one to arrive! its been ages now haha! Anyway a good deal came up for some motorbikes and i just couldn't pass it up! so i decided to take the ute on a 400km journey, The ute went well apart from it starting to splutter at steady throttle, but i figured if i pulled the choke out slightly the miss completely disappeared, and to be honest the ute probably is abit low for all the weight it had on the back, but atleast it looked sweet and thankfully it dident brake down haha! It was a good little adventure, and im looking forward to many more missions in it.
  8. @Seedy Al Thanks heaps man! yeah i feel i just got really lucky with this ute. I used a guy from my town in levin automotion motorsport engineering, it was $250 for the pair, its worth it to have a low car tho haha. nice that looks sweet, the thin whitewalls look good, were did you get your ones from? i was looking at the STA parts ones, Are those street fins for sale haha?
  9. @chasinthemirage sweet yeah i still havent sorted it yet, its such a pain to drive tho, yeah theres no bushings at all so theres so much movement in the linkage, were would i get the correct bushings?
  10. @Tumeke shit that looks good! alot better then i expected! the thicker whitewall looks so good too,
  11. So im still waiting around for that indicator lens and handbrake cable, so i couldent help myself, Ill be getting some spare leaf springs soon so ended up getting the leafs springs in it reset, just because i really dident like the angle it was sitting on, I bolted them in today and im super stocked with the way it looks, its sitting perfectly even with the front now, i also gave the whole ute a good buff and the paint came up so good! the wheels also got a coat of black paint, im still unsure if i like them silver or black tho. And do i get some whitewall tires or keep it as it is? i might try photo shop some one.
  12. @kicker yeah true i actually dident notice any bushes so ill have a good inspection tomorrow, yeah the paint up well.
  13. So i did a little bit more this weekend i removed the old rusty brake lines and my roll of bundy tube turned up. So i painted this under seal stuff all over the chassis and underbody it came out looking pretty good and tidy then i started bending the tube to shape After i bleed the brakes and they were all working i went and lifted the well side back on, i also gave the well side a good clean out i was thinking of painting the inside of the tray but i think im just gonna keep it as it is. The front seems quite abit lower then the back so i really need to get on to bringing the rear end down as soon as possible. Im just waiting for the indicator lens and handbrake cable to arrive then i can go for a wof. I also decided to go for a decent drive in her today i covered about 60km, It runs and rides really well the only problem im finding is it dosent really like to go into first and second gear, you have to do it very hard and fast I noticed the linkage had alot of play in it, Would the linkage be causing these hard shifting issues?