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  1. Not to much has happend! just been driving it heaps really, went to some random park up the other night and some cool photos were taken. probably gonna be listing it on trade me soon tho, i wouldn't mind finding a old bike.
  2. Thanks for all the help i have been getting from people. Not to much has happend but i i gave it a quick little polish, it come up much better than i expected. Also picked up some lowering springs the back looks good but the fronts still too high, so i might get the fronts springs compressed a little. its looking pretty cool tho. Also test fitted some other wheels 14x7 Enkei Crossfever im leaning towards keeping the Work Equips tho. Also have some 14x8 ssr Starsharks that ill test fit, once i get tires for them. assume they will be to wide tho.
  3. Thanks heaps for that! Does it have to be a sigma five speed? Or do the l200 ones bolt right in? Yup sounds good the car should be road worthy soon, so I'll be keen on driving up in it and grabbing that stuff! My alternator has also stopped working, would you have a alternator to suit a 4g32? Thanks for the help.
  4. Sweet Wagon! Did your rear springs stay captive with those springs you put in? Or did you find other shocks or get those ones shortend? thanks
  5. Just rust repairs really. I wanna take my time and do it all properly, Interior needs a bit of love too, Injection gear most likely needs to be refurbished. But its getting there, planing to have it on the road this year! im following the project thread off your one, yours is perfect haha. Ill start a project build of my one soon, also have a pi saloon that ill have to make a forum for too.
  6. Tell me how too make this car sweet.
  7. After selling my hillman hunter estate i wanted to find another suitable daily. I found a Triumph 2500pi estate, but that has turned into more of a project then a expected. So then this sweet Sigma popped up for a fair price. Its pretty straight and tidy. interior is immaculate, Its only done 115,000.kms from new. still has the original 1600 4g32 4 speed Manuel. Plans are to give it a cut and polish, some lowness and either some banded sigma steels or some nice alloys. Does anyone know the best way to lower these cars? is there any other springs i can use? And is it worth converting it to five speed? is it a easy job? I then fitted some 14x6.5 work equip 02,s on. The car needs to be lowered so bad its looks ridiculous at this height.
  8. The journey has come to a end, I have sadly sold the car.
  9. Sweet thanks for that, Is It all good to take the keeper springs out of coil overs to get the front lower? And i actually never thought of having a full length roof rack but that actually sounds like a really good idea. Thanks man
  11. And i also finally got the roof rack mounted, good old battering tray hooks did the job, i just hope it dosent fall off haha. Do you guys reckon it looks better with the roof rack or without it?
  12. So after some wiring issues this things back on the road, I haven't actually got around to buying whitewall tires yet, so there only painted on at the moment, and it looks terrible haha, Either way its a sweet car to drive.
  13. So ive been driving this wagon heaps, and its so sweet. Decided i liked the idea of white wall tires so i got some. Thanks to the people who recommended me to get the sta ones, They were such a good price. Also in the process of doing the roof rack too, It should look good.