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  1. Late reply ,but for checking codes I'd highly recommend wiring in a small led off of the code testing plug. Made it easy to see issues. That long 12v signal is a bit unusual. Constant 12v indicates all clear so not sure what's going on there. May be worth pulling the battery for a bit and rechecking if you haven't already. The gaps between 12v should be 2 seconds to indicate a different code, so if its only slight its likely a code 5. The issues you initially described sound exactly the same as the ones I had with my cordia (4g62t). Fixed it by resetting ISC and TPS. There's a guide here that should work the exact same for you Cordia Forum • View topic - FAQ: Adjusting the Idle Speed Control and TPS (cordiapower.com). Worth setting these even if you think you've ironed out any other issues.
  2. What ecu error codes are you seeing?
  3. sweet datto man Are you taking suggestions for potential future engine swaps or are you happy with the LD28? If you are taking suggestions - VQ30DET
  4. A 2.1 looks like an interesting way to go. And sounds good man!
  5. Thanks dude, like yours too! I didn't realise they were uncommon until I saw all the GH Aussie models. Would love to find a full GE chrome bumper.
  6. Cheers man! Great to see another non slant-face siggy around. Hold on to those louvers! They seem to be pretty hard to come buy. You should also look at joining the Ex lancer and Galant Sigma pages on fb, there's a bunch of guys on there selling things and giving out good advice. Those starion engines are awesome, and there's so much you can do with them, with heaps of aftermarket parts still available. http://projectzerog.com has some good stuff regarding wiring, dohc head swaps, etc
  7. Absolutely, updated my thread about that today. The current engine isn't cutting it at all, and even hardcore mitsi-pervs have told me building up the current engine was pointless. All the awesome rally parts have long since dissipated really.
  8. Couple weekends ago I got sick of looking at the ugly light brown door cards, and after looking up different fabrics dyes I came across Duplicolor Vinyl& Fabric Spray. People seemed to be getting good results with it. The back cards already had punctures in them, and considering I could get a new set of door cards easy enough (and maybe more importantly, the stuff is $13 at supercheap a can), why not? Waited for a hot day, got them all extremely clean to get some adhesion going, and the old man gave me a hand to spray these up. Came out good in the heat Still looks great as of now, but ill have to report back in a year. Looks much better than I expected for $13 dollars Goes really well with all the small chrome pieces. Theres no way anyone would even be able to tell these were originally another colour, aside from how they no longer go with the light coloured interior. So what's next? -Paint/Dye a few other interior things. -I need new front seats for sure. The originals have no head rest and for a guy over 6' tall they just don't cut the mustard all. Hit me up if you're in the Canterbury area and selling a decent pair of recaros or some other reclinable bucket seat for a reasonable price. Late evo recaros would be sweet but with the prices I see them going for ... I'm not at all fussy. -I've been looking everywhere for a gauge cluster with a factory tachometer/ or just the tachometer itself, again if you know someone with one, please let me know; I'll buy it. -Looking at swaps, a narrow block dohc 4g63t engine & transmission (vr4/evo 1-3) seems the way to go. Even the latest series of 4g engines show their roots with the originals; My 4 speed gearbox can be connected to a 4g63t, and my existing rwd mounts happily fit a 4g63t - not that either of these things will be reused, haha. -Not a priority, but carpet would be nice at some stage. Speakers would be good too. BONUS PIC: How neat is this, the fuse box has a test light built in; sliding the dial over each fuse tells you whether it's good or not. Never seen a car with this. EDIT:Just tried to view this on a dsl connection. Sorry guys, I completely forgot what life was like before fibre. Ill make an effort to shrink everything from now on.
  9. Haha, thanks man. I already changed the rims about a year ago sorry, you posted just before the follow up posts
  10. Found a photo of that old rad from the inside after that accident Decided enough was enough, it obviously wanted the royal treatment. So I cleaned it right up a few weekends ago
  11. The engine decided for itself it was getting some attention. These darn shitsubushi's man. Can't look away for a second. I should probably give you a brief run down of what it actually is so it doesn't try to kill itself again. Its a 1600cc, Saturn 4g32 belt driven 4 cylinder, 8 valve engine, with a 4 speed transmission. 0-60mph..slightly faster than it takes to count from 0 to 60. I know most people think how it feels is better than how big a number it scores on the dyno charts, but considering the majority of Sigmas of this generation in Australia and NZ all had Astron 2 Litres and above, its a bit frustrating. Anyway so I was driving into town, when, somehow, one of the shroudless plastic mechanical fan blades somehow warps itself forward, cutting a chunk out of the bottom of my radiator. melted the original fan and put it back to shape. Found a Ford Laser Radiator at a Pick a Part that matched the existing hose connections well. No the ford hasn't given me problems yet, but it will do be over until I get one of those flash Fenix Radiators Part 2 of mechanical issues. Some time later the Mechanical Fuel Pump seized and killed itself. (Probably due to heat exhaustion, which these pumps hate.) Also unbeknownst to me originally, one of the original bolts had a defect in the thread, causing it to snap off in the head.Got it out safe thankfully. God this car is weird.
  12. On to some actual work Pulled the bumper and chin, and the left fender off to straighten things out. Rust proofed and spray painted while I was there Part of me wishes I could I leave it like this. Looks so raw and awesome. Choooice.
  13. I figured it was time for some new wheels, and considering I don't plan to rally it, it "Needs more low bro" These 13's weren't really my thing, so I thought 15's would be the right way to go Came out pretty good fitment in the rear was great. 15x7's right round. I kick myself for not buying the real deal jap deeper dish versions though and going to an 15x8 in the back. The front springs I originally sourced for the front were a bit high, but, eh. The next engine will bring it down enough hopefully. Went and took some half decent photos out in the wild Excuse that fugly front bumper, I was suppose to straighten it before I went out but forgot all about it. Car still looks pretty good.
  14. Link to build thread A place to talk shite about my sigma money pit. Cheers all.
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