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  1. I think we are gonna plan a lowkey coast mission for the same weekend just for a change
  2. i think we will make a call in the morning if this is to go ahead or not.
  3. whats Hanmer? /maybe I should book the usual house again
  4. so, I'm thinking we should get back into monthly meets, its been a while, Unfortunately I'm no longer able to do Wednesday evenings. what other evening would potentially suit?
  5. I took 3 pics. Was pretty rough to try and take them on the go. Last one is the view from the saddle
  6. What a bloody awesome weekend. So good doing support/food for you jokers. Can't wait for the next one Anyone for a do bro and a bacon snag? Yep you saw them here first
  7. Entries @ 23/02/2021 : Willdat? - PAID Chris.QCR peteretep mof - PAID Tumeke - PAID Sentra Slacker.Cam - PAID Aaron Card - PAID Governorsam Runamuck Chunky_t JustHarry Kenny Paton WankBankA100 Mark Iddles - PAID Truenotch - PAID Steve Aitken avengertiger - PAID Gary Grant - PAID Tyla Vincent - PAID Sean Buttle - PAID
  8. Lies there are equal parts Mitsubishi. Datsun and BMW right now with a splash of Suzuki for terrible measure
  9. I'm gonna take the y30 Cedric up. Going on Friday Will take the OS banner too. Look for the rest of the mirage wounders rhere too haha
  10. Entries @ 10/02/2021 : Willdat? Chris.QCR peteretep mof Tumeke Sentra Slacker.Cam Aaron Card Governorsam Runamuck Chunky_t JustHarry Kenny Paton WankBankA100 Mark Iddles
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