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  1. justharrys 1965 pontiac bonneville

    bonnet fitting, post os meet, it reduces the hp by 10 again being so damn heavy photo credit to @governorsam
  2. Karls - 72 Green 260c Discussion

    We needed a GoPro to capture that epic guard rub with the alloys on
  3. Karls - 72 Green 260c Discussion

    sshhhhhh /i'm sure it will be fine when I tell her
  4. Discussion for the above car, I think those wheels can go in favour of some Turbo's/Steelies & Hubcaps
  5. Karl's - Green 72 260c

    so umm yeah I have an issue. another 260c. I couldn't help myself. it's got rego on hold and should go through a wof without any rust repairs. plus for those with ocd its only 33 rego numbers different to the red 260c. jap assembled. sold new in invercargill. plans are get it running and get it legal. the paint is stuffed so a re-spray at some point would be nice
  6. Naratechwin's 1981 Honda Accord - Discussion

    has the parts car still got live rego?
  7. I5oogt's - '72 Datsun 260C

    I still own this. got it woffed for labour weekend so it could attend datsun nationals in ohakune. but more importantly it got a wee upgrade. extractors next....
  8. Beaubots 1982 ER30 Skyline sedan

    I'm also glad you ended up buying this car. it saved me from buying it
  9. Beaubots 1982 ER30 Skyline sedan

    if you want to come and look at how mine is setup/take it for a hoon you are more than welcome to. also if you need R30 parts I have a parts car I bought for the LD28
  10. Carsnz123's Rusty Datsun talkie talkie

    I should really put a boost gauge on the taxi and see what it is running
  11. Seedy Al's Brown Crown Non-Wag

    me three.
  12. Karls - 1975 Datsun 260c Discussion

    The Isuzu is away on loan so yep used the ceddy. it's the poverty model compared to the red one, less chrome trim, bench seat and column change feel free to take it for a burn over the weekend
  13. Karls - 1975 Datsun 260c Discussion

    goes hard for what it is... tows alright too. it didn't complain with a dirty old ford sierra on the trailer either
  14. I tried out its towing capabilities today...
  15. update time. out in the daylight and re assembled. with a new sticker