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  1. That sounds like quite a massive list of liabilities. Aynos . RVR and V3K are all Jap so leave them at home lol
  2. Just putting this up for some inspiration. New spark plugs and fresh fuel so far and she's running mint. Next up some un-slam so we can attempt a wof
  3. Scored mgf for $500. Just have to do a trip to riwaka to recover it lol
  4. We have come to the conclusion that the e34 is far to reliable for this trip so the mgf is now team @- i5oogt - and @datto_610 s punishment of choice sorry. Keep looking though. A non jap $500 shitbox will be just around the corner!
  5. That's not how you spell MGF (the F stands for Fail btw)
  6. Main thread has been updated for the 18th. I Will do a Facebook event soon. I won't be there due to other commitments sorry but @JustHarry will be
  7. I think we are gonna plan a lowkey coast mission for the same weekend just for a change
  8. i think we will make a call in the morning if this is to go ahead or not.
  9. whats Hanmer? /maybe I should book the usual house again
  10. so, I'm thinking we should get back into monthly meets, its been a while, Unfortunately I'm no longer able to do Wednesday evenings. what other evening would potentially suit?
  11. I took 3 pics. Was pretty rough to try and take them on the go. Last one is the view from the saddle
  12. What a bloody awesome weekend. So good doing support/food for you jokers. Can't wait for the next one Anyone for a do bro and a bacon snag? Yep you saw them here first
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