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  1. main event thread has been updated. (plus the event is on facebook) see you guys there
  2. yep awesome meet, thanks to everyone who came along. next one will be on a Sunday at a pub or park etc
  3. have made it Wednesday night for anyone who wants to come along
  4. sorry guys will get a meet up soon, its been a while
  5. they put us right in the furthest away corner possible. against the steam scene trees and mcleans island road. we were only there Saturday, I was on carpark duty for scouts on Sunday so cbf with bringing an old car out for that
  6. we will be having a club display at the swapmeet. who's keen?
  7. So yeah, I still own this. it ended up getting a full Brake rebuild, new fuel tank etc and some other odds and ends. I have been daily driving it along with the EB Civic. It ended up getting a part respray on insurance thanks to a young driver that pulled in front of me causing a crash... luckily I know of a few parts cars so the insurance company happily repaired it its currently waiting on me to clean up the surface rust on the back of the new bumper and fit it.
  8. sorry for the late notice. July meet up, its on the book of faces too if you need a reminder
  9. I’m glad you are saving this car. I have a decent condition grille in my hoard if you need one
  10. Monthly meet updated. 7pm next wednesday at Spitfire Square, see you there
  11. we havent done one of these for a while, so turn up at 7PM Wednesday for an impromptu burger meet. spitfire sqaure
  12. ok lets do this. impromptu burger meet @ 7PM - 17/4/19 at Spitfire Square
  13. Oops totally forgot to arrange something. Is anyone keen for a burger at spitfire square tomorrow?