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  1. Saturday will be an activity in the morning. bbq lunch provided then pools in the arvo
  2. I have the wof booked for the diesel 260c on Tuesday. first one since 2009
  3. you should just convert it to LD28+T and never open the bonnet again.....
  4. last update for tonight gearbox filled with fresh oil taxi sign for hanmer meet pickups. 240k skyline steering wheel. os.Co.ng sticker
  5. the doors off the parts car were heaps better so they went on. the green doors look a bit funny with the blue interior but meh no rust wins. deleted the mirror mounts off the drivers door too
  6. I pulled the guard off so we had access to the windscreen pillar. no suprise that the a pillar needed a few patches and the bottom of the guard was full of bog....
  7. Can anyone who hasn't paid please pay up. I will send out reminder PM's to those peeps
  8. as of last night its still sitting on stands in the middle of the garage with no doors/guard on the drivers side.
  9. I guess I should pull finger and get it booked in for a wof....
  10. up close pics of Previous guard "repairs" drivers side next....
  11. a few more progress pics.
  12. frost pot will be in attendance @datto_610 can open the hunnit valve
  13. passenger side is pretty much done / just the guard to go also thinking about welding up the sill trim holes to keep the water out long term
  14. Progress, thanks to the amazing @governorsam one very rust rear passengers door... fixed
  15. list updated. final call for entries @Metalhead96 @kicker @Big Value Buddy @mint16 @KKtrips @malarky plus whoever else I have missed.