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  1. Update time, took this to hanmer at the begining of the month. all was going well until on the way back... pulled off the road to adjust one of the kids seatbelts. went to pull away and had no gear selection. turns out the box was jammed in 5th and had snapped a selector fork.... fuck... managed to drive it back from just outside of Hanmer to Christchurch in 5th, there were a few dicey moments like the big hill out of waikari and the turn back onto sh1 but made it back. fast forward to the weekend just gone and its fix it time, man i need a hoist for myself. it made the job a hundred times easier. because of the lack of good gearboxes in stock we converted the car from short case r30 gearbox to long case box out of a 280zx. that did unfortunately mean loosing the bench seat thanks to @JustHarry the total GC for sorting the use of the hoist helping to get her done
  2. I have 3 cars to get wofs on next week, last minute prep lol
  3. Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    It was posted on bookface. I have updated the main thread on here now
  4. Bike is not required. there is a good chance that some of us will go for a drive up Jollie's Pass/Tophouse Road etc instead
  5. Entries & Payments updated today. 12x peeps left to pay, please do this asap.
  6. I broke the turbo diesel Cedric’s gearbox this morning, I had to drive it home from hanmer jammed in 5th gear, also would recommend marble point winery as per @RUNAMUCK. Legit platters/wine tasting etc. called into the camp today too, they are looking forward to seeing us.
  7. Corbie's MkIII Cortina Wagon - Discussion

    A pinto is for life, not just for christmas
  8. Entries close this weekend. I will update the entries & payment details tomorrow hopefully (pesky work got in the way of doing it today)
  9. Karls - 72 Green 260c Discussion

    I have a bunch of brake parts to install first and a passengers side headlight assembly to fix
  10. Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    thanks to all that came along and an extra thanks to @chasinthemirage for bringing me some petrol after i ran out on QEII drive
  11. Hanmer meet prep. Last wof was 2013 @RUNAMUCK
  12. Karl's eb civic discussion

    does the 5 speed EN box fit the EB motor? I am possibly picking up a parts car on the weekend (EB)