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  1. I think a lot of people are in the same boat re having kids / life getting in the way of projects. Glad to see this is set to get some more attention! I've had my lancer over 10 years now, 3 kids a wedding and now some serious house renovations later its getting closer to where i want it
  2. Did find this from a guy on the toymods facebook page. Twin turbo version. No intercooler but apparently went very well and zero lag. With 9psi coming out of the turbos the supercharger would charge that up to 26psi via a switch for the pulley on the gearstick. Intake temp was a problem however.
  3. yes, i have seen that. It is literally the only thing i can find online about a supercharged turbo 1G haha. Not sure exactly how that set up operates. Ive seen a few 4agze turbo setup now so i have a vague idea of what to do. Mostly going to be trial and error i think.
  4. Brought myself a decent welder so now I'm finally teaching myself to weld! woo! This has pretty much been my first real go at fabricating metal stuff. So suffice to say i made some hella average intercooler piping then proceeded to cut it all up and make it again, pretty happy with how its looking now. (after a lot of grinding) I still don't know how well this whole endeavour will pan out so I'm holding my breath. Next stop is relocating the thermostat and all the water lines.... more over sized pictures to come
  5. anyone here know a thing or 2 about twincharging??
  6. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/30134-be4vers-4g63-ex-lancer-1981-discussion/&tab=comments#comment-778138
  7. Its been a long ass time since i've posted anything here! So whats been happening? had 3 kids which takes up about 99.9% of my spare time nowadays got married and with my 0.01% I turboed my EX Lancer! It went a bit like this. +t my na rvr engine (thats been mint for years) after collecting parts for ages. Evo injectors, evo ecu, tdo5, custom made manifold. Relocated the alternator. etc etc. Proceeded to drive car without the vacuum line to the wastegate because i couldnt find a T joiner at the time. Smashed number 1 rod through both sides of the block . Ripped out fucked engine Found a 90000km rvr engine at the wreckers Repainted the engine bay in ef falcon purple with big chunky holographic flake Replaced the swaybar with a gsr one and replaced all the bushes up front and fitted sigma lower control arms and painted everything gross colors S14 alloy radiator Got a sweet mmc grill, gsr tail lights and garnish out of Japan.
  8. this is a very slow reply but i changed the driveshaft because the original one was too long
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