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  1. Sparkle

    Kicker's C50

    K. Looks rad bro. Big fan.
  2. If i was to do it again I'd probably swap a F20c Honda motor in. I spent about 13k on the m10 in my car (engine builds snowball!!) and it smacks out about 190hp at the flywheel. M50 would probably be best bang for buck as said. But yeah. F20c A standard m44 wouldn't be too bad, but theyre not super amazing engines as far as horsepower goes. Fuck that m3 motor is money well spent.
  3. Well, after close to 9 years of ownership, and being off the road for over half of it, this ute has been passed on to its new owner @Sinfull Hopefully he'll keep this thread updated and you Auckland guys see it at the monthly meets some time in the future. Farewell old girl!
  4. They don't really tbh. Maybe start an once every 2nd or 3rd month
  5. Keen for a meet at some point. Been a while!
  6. holy shit, so Betty is going for a trip to the UK! Shit I really wanna go down and tell the original owners down the road. They'll shit bricks and exclaim "WHY?" Any chance we can tee up a passenger seat ride in it before it goes?
  7. But actually, how much longer. Want a ride pls, you can give Mrs Sparkle the drive. I mean... you know.
  8. yea gold. @kyteler will so, no, but just ignore him
  9. sorry dude @Beaver just saw this. If all falls through I can grab
  10. That only applies if you're a big wuss. I prefer my mates to see me riding one.
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