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  1. But actually, how much longer. Want a ride pls, you can give Mrs Sparkle the drive. I mean... you know.
  2. yea gold. @kyteler will so, no, but just ignore him
  3. fuck yeah spanny
  4. more of your avatar photo, eh kk.
  5. That only applies if you're a big wuss. I prefer my mates to see me riding one.
  6. fuck, this looks so cool!
  7. super cool! Looking forward to watching it take shape
  8. oh man! so jealous. Awesome score! Af18 conversion with big bore kit and spanny? Spose the foot operated wouldnt work then though. SO GOOD!
  9. shit, sorry to see this man. Hopefully your bottom end isn't naffed.
  10. This is gonna be hilarious. Can't wait.
  11. lets see pictures dude!
  12. So good. Keen for a c50 duel. Scooter nats. Now there's an idea.