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  1. Time for me to stop being useless and organise a meet! Just to get back into the swing of things, this month's meet will be at Burger Fuel across the road from the plaza. Park up in The Plaza car park at 6.30, spin some yarns, and head over to Burger Fuel when we're feeling peckish. Discuss meets here Chur, see you there
  2. New meet up, and possible deal with Burger Fuel in the works..
  3. Hey boys and girls Next Palmy Monthly Meet is this Wednesday at Burger Fuel Park in the Plaza car park and wander over for a feed when we feel like it Chur
  4. A few of the Palmy crew have shown interest in this! I'm down, and I'm always keen for fish and chips on the beach.
  5. This month's Monthly Meat is Thursday the 29th of June (steak night) at the Ashhurst Inn. Easy to find, on Short St, just past the petrol station. Map available here Get some meat in you
  6. Sorry guys, I let life get the better of me. I'm organising a late-notice meet for tomorrow night, gonna make a post about it now.
  7. Ripstarters meat is up, let me know numbers so I can book!
  8. Back to an old favourite this month! Meet in the Plaza car park at 6.30PM, then head over the road for ripstarters at De Coree.
  9. I currently don't have the time or motivation to organise something like this due to having the worst boss in the world. GG life.
  10. I've passed this on to the Palmy crew, will see if I can drag a couple of rowdy Cams along
  11. The meet would, of course, include stopping for lunch and a couple brews at a local pub somewhere around the area..
  12. So, instead of the usual monthly meet this month/next month, I have decided it's about time we had a joint meet with the Welly guys! (And anyone else that feels like making the trip) like Pongaroa a couple of years ago. Looking at possibly driving from Palmy to Masterton, then from there to the beach at Castle Point. Currently wanting to see who would be interested in doing this on a weekend late Nov/early Dec, and when people could make it. Weigh in, guys!