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  1. Swannie’s KP60

    Also saw this on TM, cool car, keen to see it getting spruced and de-Barry-ed
  2. Done! (for now...) This thing is starting it's journey back to the UK tomorrow, so a last push saw the final jobs sorted. Took it for a buzz down the road, and other than sketchy (not bedded in yet) brakes, it was good! Nice to see it in sunlight, now to seal it in a box for a few weeks until it pops up in England!
  3. Oldmatedans 76 ta23 st chattitty chat

    Awesome chatting to you today man, Celica is cool as a penguins todger. Such a rad car.
  4. The Barter Barber 1971 Bedford discussion

    Can't really add much to the gearbox discussion, but just wanted to commend you on such an admirable idea. Have lost friends to depression/suicide in the past, seems to be one of those issues that often doesn't come to light until it's too late - this sort of exposure is great. Best of luck to you.
  5. Bellhousing off Tailhousing off and casing split - it was this join that was leaking. The surfaces look nice, no obvious nicks or cracks. Gave them a good clean up and RTV'd the shit out of everything... Sweet.
  6. Changed my mind. Shit I'm an idiot, that was a horrible job.
  7. Put a bung in that bunghole. On a whim decided to offer up the spoiler. Got it in about the right place and marked holes for drilling, but will hold off until I've painted it before I go there. Along the top it's going inside a box section, so will be sealed and riveted on.
  8. As long as it's in decent enough nick to register at the other side, and you've got some evidence of registration/ownership over here then definitely. Actually considered taking another one back to flog on over there, as you mentioned the price difference is insane.
  9. Shipping and associated paperwork will be about $2500. Looks like I won't have to pay much import duty as it's over 10years old and I've owned it for 3 years. After it's in the country I'll need to put it through an MOT (wof) and pay road tax. Suspect it'll be about 3k all in.
  10. Thought I'd try a video blog style update, just dealing with fiddly bits and pieces now. Big bit of news, some of you already know - I'm moving back to the UK in December, and taking the Starlet with me. Aim is to get it road ready by then, so I can MOT and register her straight away on the other side...
  11. Nice work with the refinishing - I definitely subscribe to the 'good and strong and not shit but not mint' school of modifying too, and you're ticking the boxes, haha. Glad the engine mount rubber suggestion seems to be a go. As far as the mounts themselves, if you need to lose 10mm total height is that something you could do at the same time as making up a captive nut section? Chop the tops off and weld a plate with captive nut in lower down? Otherwise, would have thought a hole and a welded in upside down flange nut would be strong enough - your crossmember mounts don't look far off horizontal so there shouldn't be too much lever or shear force on them, and if it's nipped up nice and tight most of the force should be on the mounting faces anyway. I've done the same with 2 of the 4 mounting nuts for my gearbox crossmember and that's got a weight hanging from it. It's also unproven and I'm not a materials engineer, so pinch of salt etc. YOLO.
  12. Yeah will get grubby over time to match the rest of the car. A lot of modded Toyotas and Fords that I lusted after as a yoof had Janspeed exhaust systems, that almost always looked like this: Guess that's where it comes from