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  1. After much thought over the past few months I have decided to pass Rosie the Triumph on to a new owner. There was a lot of deliberation before we both decided it was the right thing to do. Since we've had the car there have been moments of excitement and much discussion over strong coffee about how we'd go about fixing it up, engine transplant ideas (would have to be a straight six!), wheel choices, paint colours, events and places we'd like to take it to. Then moments of clarity where we've come to realise that it's a lot of work on top of so many other jobs that we are even more excit
  2. I had an awesome day including driving (and being driven in) the Fiat X19. Such a fun car. The museum had a very eclectic mix of exhibits and just so many of them that a second visit is definitely required. Here are some of my point and shoot images: The first part of the museum is housed in the old Takaka jail: This lady is sitting casually amongst the army trucks: Imagine how long it would have taken to set up this display: There are little stories and information panels dotted around the place. This was my favourite (the one about pens and deat
  3. Good idea plus you could ask them for suggestions on where we could meet/park up. I think the grass area near Pohara might be a bit too mushy for parking at this time of year.
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