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  1. You may remember my (and beavers) old estate ....... I missed it like crazy Since then I built and sold this.... And after a lot of searching I got contacted about this last week. So today I payed for it, the base car is an original Triumph 2500 pi mk2 estate with 4 speed o/d. Was restored or tidied up in the early to mid 90's. Sadly a terrible aftermarket sunroof was added at this time, along with a modern roof rack which was screwed into the roof.... At least it is pretty much rust free Plans at this stage are to remove the sunroof and fill the holes in the roof along with a tidy up of the crazy cracking that has occurred at the rear of the roof and around the fuel cap. Rebuild the engine and tidy up engine bay.. Summer involves getting some coilovers made up and building some 15" 3 piece wheels to fit Future future involves new carpets, re trimming some retro fixed backs in the original leather from the spare front seats and re trimming the boot floor and back of rear seat in hardwood. Also has a tonne of spare parts including a full leather spare interior, a couple of Pi engines, a couple of o/d gearboxes, a few diffs and a nos tailgate and bottom valance I pick it up in 6 weeks time on the way back from uni will update then Heres a few more pictures... Discuss here //