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  1. I'm back in town again for this if we are gunna do it again?
  2. Will be in nelson in my estate over the next week so may make it to this even
  3. Lets just say I have been through about 10 sets of rimmer ones.... Although the set i'm on now hasn't gone because i did gearbox mount at the same time i'm guessing. Have been through a few b-outs as well, I have a link somewhere for some Australian ones everyone seems to recommend though.
  4. Made contact with Frost Motorsport will go and see him next week
  5. Trusted fab shops in Wellington? Am needing some custom LCA's made up and my bottom mounts welded onto the bottom of my coilover sleeves... Anywhere recommended?
  6. Will see you there at 8:30 on sunday morning
  7. Will be leaving at some point in the morning if you wanna trumph up together?
  8. Anyone going along to this on sunday? Will be heading up from Wellington at some point cause too poor for nats
  9. Will be there as long as car stays unbroken between now and then
  10. Poor update but an update: Front coilovers have been ordered from Manon racing went with fortune auto Hope they arrive before I move back down to welly so I can get them welded up and crack tested before I leave rather then down there Went to Rotorua vintage car show this last sunday, there were lots of fizzing old barry's Car may be in a magazine if i can organise myself to get trim/ roofracks finished Discuss... http://oldschool.co....g/#entry1582774
  11. This makes me pine so so hard and regret the hell out of not making it to this again f***
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