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  1. With all this weight added, Its going to feel slow. Better be safe with more fuel and all of the boost
  2. My one is hardwired in the S4 which needs it the most, but I use the supplied ciggy plug adaptor when im using it in other cars
  3. In my experience you pay for what you get, If you are thinking of buying one then you must need it and it will be worth its weight in R32 GTRs which is worth more than gold I run a Escort Redline and its been epic. Best result so far in optimum conditions has been a weak alert about 8kms away
  4. I do agree, Great coffee, very cuddly, best suited as big spoon
  5. Do you know much about mk2 Kjet injection?? I need to find someone that knows all about that fuckery
  6. Giz ecotec so I can do skids in it
  7. I opened this thread thinking, fuck yeah this is something I need to look into as we have a broken one sitting here.... it was not what I expected lol
  8. I like how there's a choady cock and balls on each piston, Its very fitting
  9. Yup fair call. Just let me know if you would like me to enquire about it. I know them both quite well so could possibly get a deal going on too
  10. On the topic of St Arnaud accommodation, I know the owners of the Tophouse Inn and could quite possibly organize something there. kinda famous murder/suicide happened there, still complete with bulletholes. Also its Nz's smallest pub https://tophouse.kiwi/
  11. smash a 4-age in there, even better a 4-agze The guy I sold my Trueno to dumped it at a wreckers up there somewhere coz it needed new wheel bearings (he a mechanic btw). So there's a good 4-age there
  12. I know him! He built a "chris craft" style mahogany skinned boat for the Talleys at our Nelson site. I did all of the mechanical and electrical side of it, So I fabricated everything out of 316 stainless, Engine mounting plates? Stainless, Little bracket to hold some stupid thing? Stainless. You want period style gauges? sure thing! I proceeded to buy the most expensive Hot Rod style gauge set that I could find. I spent as much money of theirs as I could. Unfortunately I couldn't talk the Talleys into a period correct engine, so I had to put in a diesel yanmar.... yawn. Got along alright though, I got it up to 32 Knots on the sea trials, coz you know im going to test the fuck out it Thanks for listening to my sharn
  13. I wonder if @ThePogstill has that sweet Mosa 2 stroke welder
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