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  1. I'm quite intrigued by the pleasure use bins, will they have multiple communal fleshlights on the one bin so we can maintain eye contact with the boys?
  2. Registered. I put in the daily as the car i'm taking but no doubt the wounders may have something better for me to take Maybe wambulance camping? maybe the vehicle I have for the next challenge? maybe just a boring daily
  3. I find it interesting that both these brands are not mentioned here DeWalt 54v flexvolt at work, cordless grinder goes hard even when leant on, I know your metabo one would give up when you start leaning on it. We are slowly building up a full set, The battery vacuum cleaner has been a godsend Full AEG set at home, and its been fucking awesome, grinder doesn't have as much grunt but that's to be expected
  4. At the same time? wow you are getting friendly with your clients. I do like this design more than the original, I also did like the weird looks I was getting when towing it with a shitty e30
  5. Is this still carrying on from the canvas skinned caravan or is it a different customer?
  6. You buy 2wd shitbox and participate in the next challenge. Don't think, just buy
  7. Oh hell yes I would! but i'm in the wrong island
  8. Honestly I was surprised it had tyre pressure monitoring
  9. If it has stability control then yes it can activate an individual wheel, detects slide, calculates which wheels it needs to brake to correct it. In some vehicles its used to keep traction when stuck too, it will brake the wheel with no traction If it wasn't for this my dad would have sent the s4 into the first ditch he seen, He admitted later that the car had corrected before he realised it was sliding.... "I have never driven this car, oh its a v8?! let me just fucking floor it in the wet" ... idiot
  10. Being a early Carib, I assume it uses indirect sensors rather than the direct battery operated fancy schrader valve thats mounted in the rim? What's the tyre condition like in relation to the opposite side? Exaggerated but a new tyre on one side and a worn tyre on the other side would make it think its tyre pressure is low, Daughter been doing some mean one wheeler roll backs g?
  11. Audi one is too small sorry, 240 x 200 x 50
  12. I have removed one of the 2 auxiliary radiators from my Audi, I will measure it up and get back to you. It may be suitable, it may not
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