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  1. Congratulations! I really want to see this flinging mud high into the sky from all 4 wheels, black smoke pouring from the exhaust, even better if there's a picture of you completely covered in mud other than a wide pearly white smile.
  2. So this didn't last long! haha I got offered a pretty good price so I sold it for profit
  3. I'm confused?? I thought the truck itself was the compensator?
  4. I cant make it to this, I'm on call Labour weekend. sorry people!
  5. Fucking tempted to use this to christen the Rocky
  6. Hi all, I thought being a 1990 that this will go here in other projects. Picked up this tidy little beast over the weekend, Plan is for it to be a daily/some 4x4 duties, It requires some rear wheel bearings, I will get rid of the auto hubs before I blow them and put in manual hubs, probably modify the drivers seat so my lanky ass will fit in it better and maybe a new window switch but otherwise everything works as it should, Fuel injected 1600 runs bloody well!
  7. It's like all those cunts in chch that drive around in their VX cruisers that look like they have never touched a blade of grass let alone some proper mud Oh wait, that was you hahaha
  8. The man said REAL four wheel driving, none of this "I went in a paddock" bullshit, Sounds like I need to come up and show you some of the sweet sweet forestry you have and see how far we can send it. you might want to fit a good winch before I come up though haha In all seriousness this is looking fucking great! leave the wheels black and man up a bit
  9. If there is knuckles to be fucked, I WILL fuck them. This is a good idea though, Im glad you're addressing this issue
  10. That air shroud for the radiator is going to be great for pushing mud up into the radiator when you go four wheel driv.... Oh wait... nevermind Hahaha
  11. Yes I sure can. I may have to leave it at work as the driveway is pretty full but its a secure site (hospital)
  12. I can if you can't find someone in chch, I'm in Ashburton now
  13. I've replied to your message and we will sort it Chuur
  14. I will be there with my camera, is there any point on the road where the car is airborne? Or at least lifting the inside wheel?