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  1. I wonder if @ThePogstill has that sweet Mosa 2 stroke welder
  2. Delphine Metallic is the best E30 colour IMO. Here's a link to my shitty E30 for useless reading (Car is long gone but I will own another) I've also found the E30 community to be amazing with plenty of people going out of their way to help out a fellow E30 enthusiast
  3. I can get it this afternoon if you like? I shall pm you my phone number
  4. I'm in Ashburton (45 min away) and possibly could pick it up this weekend and store it at mine, What size truck are we talking? Class 1?
  5. Maybe for you... for me its just like any other tic tac that's been in my mouth, except with more flavour
  6. Lucky for me I have perfected my technique so it will all be over in a minute... 1 minute 30 seconds absolute max
  7. Fucking hell! why are genuine BMW ones like $16?
  8. They are generally pretty cheap
  9. I wouldn't go that far, Its not a waste of time if one is not a complete muppet when it comes to electronics, but like I said with the Dynafari wiring, It aint no thing but a chicken wing. If it is the ecu temp sensor thats faulty then the average driver will not know any difference, temp gauge may be reading correctly but (for example) ecu sensor isn't reading over 70c and needs to get to say 86c before switching to closed loop fueling
  10. If check engine light isn't up, the obd check wont do shit unless you are using it to monitor real time outputs, like what is engine temp reading vs actual engine temp
  11. Its definitely viable that the ecu can have its own temp sensor (euros are good for it). So if the ecu temp sensor is reading wrong the ecu will think that the car is cold and run it on open loop, essentially dumping in more fuel to be "safe"
  12. Somewhere on the dash there will be a button or dial with a label "Vol+" if you increase this setting the problem should go away, if its still there then increase the setting a touch more. Hope this helps
  13. I'm going to start spamming your you tube channel saying things like "we need to see the sexiness behind this voice" P.s... Clean your workshop, I'm not mad... just disappointed.
  14. Are you trying to trigger me? coz its working! haha Hopefully old mate at the swap meet doesn't have a whinge and cause more trouble for you!
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