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  1. mint16's 72 1200 Coupe

    Yamaha R1 carbs
  2. mint16's 72 1200 Coupe

    So these wheels: became these thanks to Aidan at Pine Engineering: Carb manifold flange made thanks to John VB Precision Engineering: Picked up some mint used GX mirrors ex Japan: Scored some interesting looking monsoon shields: Time for a test fit: Drilled new strut holes 30 degrees, more camber = more caster: Started looking into TRD LSD centre swap into H165 housing, some machining required: Electronic distributor adapter made for drilling rollpin hole in shaft thanks again to JVB Precision Tinkering: How the coupe was looking, time to prep body for restoration:
  3. Neal's Suzuki Jeepy Hunnit

    So fresh and so clean.
  4. Mint16's Triumph 60's girlie cycle

    Now FOR SALE, need to concentrate on other projects and its not getting used. Great for garden ornament, restoration project, or use as is. $100.
  5. Rescued this from going to scrap a few weeks ago. Would make an ideal shed/garden ornament. Surprisingly has no rust in the frame, guards are healthy but flimsy, tyres are shot, steering bearings are stiff, rear hub brake still works. Fitted new tubes and tyres, regreased front wheel bearings yesterday: Went to the infamous Round Again Cycles and bought a couple of Miller dynamo headlights to make one: Next up is wire the original dynamo to run headlight and taillight, and source a taillight lense from Round Again Cycles. Maybe even a slightly better condition seat.
  6. mint16's rough DAX 70

    Bought this off a fellow QCR member who got it off trademe, seller stated the kickstart was 'faulty'... Cracked engine open to inspect: Gearbox naffed: Sourced a cheap unknown condition donor bottom end for $20, and checked out what I had bought: Has mint 3 speed gearbox: Assembled motor with new gearbox, new gaskets, honed barrel and new OEM rings: Motor, exhaust, carb (cleaned and unseized), side stand and pegs fitted: Bike had no chain, used 427carguys unwanted ST70 chain: Bike ready to ride, no tailight, no indicators, no rego, no worries: Bike does 40mph all day everyday, pulls hard, gearbox is mint, poor exhaust repair in past has blown apart to open pipe. Future plans are triple clamps for handlebar change, straighten bent front forks, new seat, rowdy exhaust, rear swingarm change, rear shocks/spring change. Have scored an epic deal on some new Metzeler 120/90/10 and 130/90/10 tyres:
  7. mint16's 72 1200 Coupe

    Overdue update, completed gearbox: Seat mount adapters: 280zx seat fitted: Electronic dizzy conversion started:
  8. mint16's 72 1200 Coupe

    Gearbox progress:
  9. mint16's 72 1200 Coupe

    Steering box twists chassis rail under load, giving less direct feel. Brace sharpens up steering response. No idea on fender mirrors, havent looked hard enough.
  10. mint16's 72 1200 Coupe

    Fitted Maddat steering box brace last night:
  11. mint16's 72 1200 Coupe

    Rebuilding of a good 5speed currently underway... Cant wait til my front lip arrives!
  12. mint16's 72 1200 Coupe

    Plan is for nats 2016.
  13. mint16's 72 1200 Coupe

    Seedy, Enkeis are all alloy no steel. Scott, Ill do a parts display pic once both lips arrive..
  14. mint16's 72 1200 Coupe

    Cheers mate! I have a lot of goodies waiting to be fitted to this! Yeah tbh Im a little unsure on the Enkeis too but with a dress-up they may just look the bizz. Unfortunately the MK2s are the expected and preferred wheel of choice by so many that I kinda want to stare away from that on this car.
  15. Let the discussion begin....