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  1. Threeonthetree's Two Stroke Motorcycles etc

    Sorry mate, I really don't have any spares at all. Just the bike. Which reminds me, I should probably snap up the next parts bike spec F5 I find.
  2. Square’s 38 Chev taildragger discussion

    You've done it wrong. Now that that's out of the way, great job. Love the colour and the execution. Pretty much perfect tbh.
  3. Hanmer Springs 2018 (24, 25 and 26th August)

    Forms Swaps his economy sedan for a hatch. Receives lifetime ban from his own forum. /These are the days of our lives @Nick Ritchie
  4. Mofs 1979 Escort Panel Van

  5. Threeonthetree's Two Stroke Motorcycles etc

    Have changed the thread title as I have a few other small bikes that should probably go in here. First up is my 1967 Yamaha F5. I ride this as much as possible and it's been absolutely dependable. It's sluggish off the mark due to the lack of torque and 49cc engine but it will top 70km/h eventually: 20180101_123155 by Neal OnTheTree IMG_1473 by Neal OnTheTree Next, I have a couple of Suzuki B120s. One runs and the other is for parts. I'll get around to them eventually: 20171222_195316 by Neal OnTheTree, on Flickr And lastly, I have this horrible photo of my '74 Suzuki GT185. It's an L model so the first to gain a front disc brake: 29745936_10209296527490825_942430002_n by Neal OnTheTree, on Flickr It also does lots of gearbox wees as the drive sprocket seal is chooched. Will just sit on them for a while as I extend my garage and do other adult things like fix my house. But I'll crack on with either the B120s next or possibly a certain CT90 that @GuyWithAviators gave me a new kickstart lever for.
  6. Joe's 1976 CB400f

  7. Tristans 1971 Triumph 2500 pi estate

    No stripes = No gripes
  8. Sheeperz MS65 Crown Chitty-Chat

    So do you own this thing @sheepers?
  9. Discuss Mr Burn's E30 M3

    Doesn't have an M3 badge m8, must be fake.
  10. Honda "Chelli"

    Dodgy reg mayte, probably best to scrap it tbh.
  11. Honda "Chelli"

  12. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Wheelie good progress m8
  13. FlyingBricks NF75

    Mass Air Flow Sensors? /Digging the faring on this scoot tbh.
  14. Discuss here about Yoeddynz's little Imp project...

    I didn't really look at the guessing game but when I stumbled upon it later on and saw it was an Imp: SWEET JESUS LAWDY THAT A FIIIIIIIIIINE VEE-HICKLE I'd like to request a ride in it at some point. And then maybe we could go for a drive in it too puhuhuhu