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  1. We will be using the covered carpark which is situated directly below the Countdown Supermarket, as pictured above. The Countdown shopping complex is on the corner of Mt Wellington Highway and Penrose Road, Mt Wellington. Food options within the complex: - Burgerfuel - Pizza Hut - Dominos - Rack & Roll Ribs Food options across the road: - Sal's Pizza - Waves Seafood (Fish and Chips) - Chunky Chicken Food Bar We pretty much all go to Burgerfuel though. They offer us a free drink from the Coke range with every Burger and Chips combo purchased.
  2. That is an american cable. Neutral is white and phase/live is black. The earth is bare.
  3. Sorry mate, I really don't have any spares at all. Just the bike. Which reminds me, I should probably snap up the next parts bike spec F5 I find.
  4. You've done it wrong. Now that that's out of the way, great job. Love the colour and the execution. Pretty much perfect tbh.
  5. Have changed the thread title as I have a few other small bikes that should probably go in here. First up is my 1967 Yamaha F5. I ride this as much as possible and it's been absolutely dependable. It's sluggish off the mark due to the lack of torque and 49cc engine but it will top 70km/h eventually: 20180101_123155 by Neal OnTheTree IMG_1473 by Neal OnTheTree Next, I have a couple of Suzuki B120s. One runs and the other is for parts. I'll get around to them eventually: 20171222_195316 by Neal OnTheTree, on Flickr And lastly, I have this horrible photo o
  6. Not 100% sure to be honest. I think the sump is the same as an early Honda City, in which case ripping it open accidentally wouldn't be too much of a major. Will have a look nek week when I am down there.
  7. If you take the carb off (four bolts) there is plenty of room. As it sits, there's space but it's not spacious nor very tight. Just not a huge amount. I think it's an 8mm thread as there are only two fasteners to hold the housing on but can't quite remember. @- i5oogt - might be able to have a look but he's probably pretty busy with Nats prep.
  8. I'll bring a rusty trailer to chop. See you there.
  9. Did that time. Touch down next Thursday night, then straight to Smash Palace bike night. Civic is still in the same predicament it was in.
  10. Some more Moto-Social information: https://www.facebook.com/themotosocial/?hc_ref=ARQQrIUmGEjYRPdqhlPjW0qd32o95iXt44HjBJrNuHHF91gUzaLt7i1pYvLMGyEI3I0
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