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  2. Sneaky side request here: Would you consider selling the rusty MGB Rostyles?
  3. The other member looking at booking a House is me. I can sharn away for a while (maybe even too long) but I would prefer to get to bed earlier. Plus a few people who are attending have expressed interest in chipping in for a house. Some have even said they won't attend unless they sleep elsewhere. This is not to make out that there is any sort of rift among attendees, just that sometimes some people (myself included) value a decent sleep above all else. I'll still be there getting balls deep into shit yarns with @RUNAMUCK but when I retire for the night, going back to a separate house does not mean I am avoiding anyone or anything. I just want to sleep. Ideally after some Bob Seger-esque Night Moves. I have paid to attend and will book my flights etc. I'll look into booking a house too but I and those who may accompany me will be there for all the shenanigans that this meet has to offer. xoxoxoxo
  4. Definitely a Valiant Hemi six. Probably a 245ci but could be a 265ci or maybe even a 215ci.
  5. That's such a sweet Barry table. Guts about the headlight but at least you managed to scavenge some cable from work.
  6. Top notch bumper modifications there mayte. Looking forward to more progress.
  7. Drillport it m9
  8. Just asked on EffBee for you m8. Will forward any local leads.
  9. Wat Just name your price. Roughly what it owes you is a good figure to start with.
  10. Sweet black plate with white dicks m8.
  11. KEEN. Might have to bring you down some Triumph bits too.
  12. You will always be a golden faggot, cunt. See you there.
  13. @Tumeke it's now for sale....
  14. I've entered. Once @Shewolf and @Tumeke enter the three of us will sort out flights and a day or two off work. Plus payment. Thanks for the reminder Bart.