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  1. In this case, there was no point in me posting here, I'll learn
  2. Quick follow up here, I've had plenty of useless advice so far from around the place from noone with any real experience so will plug away getting the trans functions of the ecu to work , there's not that many ins and outs. I don't have exact wiring diagrams for the Hilux or the donor so am averaging many diagrams which is no fun. I went through the same exercise a few months back with an A750f and 1KD swap and it works ok still.
  3. It’s an ecu controlled engine now, but I’m turfing the electronic diesel pump for a manual one to get adjustable boost and fuel pressure. there must be a way of using the stock eng / trans ecu just for the trans Just need to brain how
  4. Thanks yeah thought about that but no adjustment would be an issue This one is built into the engine ecu but I didn’t realise the Pajero etc had them, will see what I can find. I’d been looking under 30-40le as well
  5. Hi gents, I'm lobbing a 1kz and a340e into an old rn 90 Hilux and will run a manual diesel pump ( probably ) instead of the engine ecu. I can't figure out how to drive the trans, I've made manual shift boxes for these before but want this to work properly, either with the engine ecu or another trans ecu. Anyone got any ideas or has done it before ? If I can fool engine ecu then that the easiest way, just can't brain how. It has the tps cable on it already. The boxes are super common but Google wants me to buy an aftermarket TCM and I don't want that for a $1000 truck Thanks
  6. Cheers I got one of those but the driver they sent with it still needs a registration. I ended up getting an OBDLink MX + bluetooth thing off trademe, works grouse, logs some data and I can check and clear codes via phone. Next job is get a Can sniffer and get dash working, anyone got any time with this sort of thing ?
  7. cheers, no luck so far, anyone else got any ideas ? I registered on the Toyota Europe GS site, it said all done no problems then just dead. Im going to try a bluetooth phone OBDII reader thing but I doubt itll do what I want. Also transplanting a 1KD common rail diesel into something else is possible, I done it and am driving it
  8. HI all, anyone got a Techstream access code or know a hack ? Ive tried a few google ones and im pretty sure I just gave away my bank ( and likely browsing ) history. Ive tried paying for a subsciption too and no luck Cheers
  9. cheers, Its on its way but I think pn is 8966160N11. Ive got the techstream thing coming but Im dont think they can disable. The car its going into ( 2012 fj ) has a chip key so I may be able to reset the immobiliser for the key in there already but have no idea.
  10. Hi all, I need the immobilser deleted from a 2009 ish Prado ECU. I can get it done in oz but anyone know of someone who can do it in NZ ? From what I understand ECU has to be opened, chip accessed and eeprom disabled. Some of the remote start kits do the same but I think still need the original key once the engine is running. Cheers
  11. Can't remember sorry, I would remember a dude called Julian to.
  12. Also Craig at Hillside fab whipped me up a sweet stainless tank, 70L or so, Hobby car manual has really clear criteria for these so it was easy to make to spec. Ill get the trunk upholstered by Chop at some stage.
  13. Somewhere in there I took it to Winton Upholstery and Chop packed it out with Cow skins, I wanted it basically stock looking with lots of soothing browns, he did that, super clean and easy to deal with. The 6 weeks of to and fro with the TAC and its legal, I missed the hop and nostalgias which I was fuming about but it would probably not have been that smart to drag it straight up there, now I just to get the carbs talking better and maybe sell it or not, havent decided yet.
  14. I wired it up with a Painless harness which was painless, then took it outside , and thought I was really cool Took it to the Lurkers creepout won best Hotrod , my first Trophy for a car, and really the only one I care about, solid peer review, then to the great cromwell standaroundathon. the chopped 51 belongs to Stewie the painter, its a mans car. Also pictured is some kid and some dudes gut.
  15. Then off to Michael Stewart Restorations in Cromwell, these guy know their shit, Stewie and Chiz have both worked in body shops offshore and are the only guys I spoke to round here that could actually see what I was trying to achieve with it. Chiz raised the front fenders 5 inches ( OMG ! ) and only the purists seem to notice , and they hate it anyway. I wanted the factory line from the fender through the door kept, and didtn want the gap between the fender and headlight closed too much. Got it home, started scratching it engines in the background here are T58 gas turbines we race in jet boats, see 777 river racing on facepalm. I build the motors ( Im a helicopter mechanic by trade )
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