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  1. Giant

    diesel spam

    Holy lag batman
  2. Giant

    diesel spam

    Still looking for a good turbo for a td27t
  3. Giant

    diesel spam

    Hunting for a turbo to suit a td27. T2 flange would be good
  4. Giant

    diesel spam

    The dump pipe is also pretty bad. It's a right angle bend
  5. Giant

    diesel spam

    Would be for my td27t.(push rod) want to see how far I can push the little bastard before it pops Also are td27 and td42 valves the same tension and size?
  6. Giant

    diesel spam

    Cam regrinds. Anyone had one done
  7. http://blazeland.us/long-arm-kits/ Would these be certifiable?
  8. They are so dam huge. I took a few mirrors off cars in nelson when I owned mine. Turns out it doesn't fit in a city street
  9. Giant

    diesel spam

    What's the boost limit a 2lt can handle before it pops
  10. Giant

    diesel spam

    SD LD TD RD what's best what's worst. I'd go TD LD RD SD
  11. Giant

    diesel spam

    Upside would be better response
  12. Giant

    diesel spam

    Low idle would be the biggest issue
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