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  1. 6.5k is a mean deal on that.
  2. That would be so unstable. Mines rolls like a ship in a storm with only 2 inch of lifts. 6-8 would be nasty. As for rust check the between the seats and doors there is s spot that traps water. Have to lift the carpet.
  3. Also forgot to post this. New radiator
  4. Rebuliding the front brake calipers Went pretty smooth Brake rebuild
  5. Still hunting doors
  6. Today's progress. Went father into the hub. Swivel seals,bearings and bronze bushes are getting replaced slowly ready for a diff lock. Only have to open it once this way. Don't have a lot of picks was covered in shit all day More hub stuff
  7. Done wheel bearings today. What a shit fight. Last owner tightened the ever living shit out of the lug nuts. Que blow torch and my big power bar. At some point a seal has failed to do just that. Found a bit of water sitting in the hub.
  8. Lift kit is here The 60 looks a bit stupid now So much guard clearance atleast a foot. Lift Needs tyres. And big ones
  9. Lift kit finally on its why from oz. 2inch anti inversion shackles. Now to find some adjustable shocks.
  10. Anyone know when boc gas and gear is having their next sale ? I need welder
  11. Slowly ticking things off the wof sheet. Today was brake lines Brakes
  12. Well iv decided what direction this project is going in. Off road. Slowly chewing though the parts list. 2inch anti inversion shackles with longer shocks and 35s for a start. Made some progress on the rust. All the small holes have been filled. Took a wire wheel to them rust killed filled with fibre glass and hit with some primer. Pics to follow
  13. I am seriously pondering the metal state of the last owner. found a patch of bog covering perfect steel no rust, no dents. Nothing.
  14. Well i still haven't started on the rust. But I did start on the engine bay. One new thermostat and one less ac system(didn't work)
  15. Was not aware of that. Cheers