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  1. or an uuuuber exotic briggs v-twin?
  2. Open 4th gear braaps please!!! Looks and sounds amazing, awesome job @98cc !!
  3. wheelie seat in todays issue ct70 http://www.pipeburn.com/home/2018/05/28/honda-ct70-scrambler.html
  4. heres the v8 article anyway http://www.geocities.ws/MotorCity/Factory/2760/Viku2.html no cutting, but a lot of thought. what about a 3cyl turbo charade or something...? suzuki/daihatsu 2 stroke kei engine?
  5. Something like @98cc 's two stroke outboard engine would be epic but still the actually fit in a gearbox issue. if youre running thoughts on 'what fits in a mini' theres that finnish dude that fit a rover v8 on an austin princess box into his clubman.... otherwise theres an r1 on TM at the moment ...ps....you prettymuch should do this
  6. Not so superbike, but would some kind of quad engine work? They have reverse usually (or quad gearbox on superbike engine..?) Just need to find one able to produce enough power. Still the amr300 route? cbr engines or ninjas are usually cheaper than r1s as theyre still they standard go-to behind a hayabusa. Cbr keeps it honda too if you dont go honda big red engine haha
  7. i think thats about all thats in my garage these days
  8. I realize you've all seen, but seems appropriate.... if the spider sounds anything close to this it'll be amazing
  9. fair enough - i hear lanolin is good on patina. darkens it but stops it going further. plus you can then imagine youre riding a sheep
  10. get one of those skyteam dream tank/seat kits - instant cafe excellence.
  11. Not that ive ever heard of or seen it done, but if you put a couple of dry ice pellets in the intake then tested it would they leak visible gas out any holes/leaks? or soapy water test on outside. But youd be more scientitian with dry ice
  12. +1 on fuel tap/pump - my FR had fueling issues for ages and i ended up selling it. guy who bought it direct plumbed from the tank past the small diaphragm pump/tap and problem solved.
  13. plug gap check against spec too
  14. the oil pump tweak was more thinking out loud, thinking more oil would reduce the chance of it seizing at WOT. your gas reasoning sounds more sciencey, so go with that. but definitely start with the needle i think, depending on its taper it could make a decent difference with just what adjustment you have available in the notches what are the running symptoms like as it is?
  15. crankcase air leak, or any air leaks really (unless its huge) shouldnt make that much difference. Needle should help anyway - i'm guessing you've still got two notches to drop? is the replacement filter paper or foam? / have you oiled the foam? ive seen carb airleaks around the top where the slide removes from if that gasket goes too. if it runs well at that setting have you tried upping the oilpump setting to compensate?
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