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  1. Lol just found that and came to post it here
  2. Piston stop. Bad.
  3. Fork-wise, do GN125 etc forks fit on an FR? Essentially making a ct110-ish looking bike but with the correct amount of strokes thinking that crushed/bent one is prime for this
  4. Could it be so that sènior @herbamaster is the mystery wellington beater? ....woah. Future joyful POS moment warning. also,
  5. they work on stock rims but look like they'll roll off on every corner lol. had them on my FR no worries. pretty sweet tyres. definietely clearance issues but running no front guard and not sacking the balls out of the rear theyre mint
  6. colour coded filter cover even. flaaaash also. ooosh.
  7. pics down this a bit of how it ended up, i probably have more in-progress on the actual build thread i cant remember
  8. if the top of the fork assembly is the same as an FR50 ive got an adapter plate design that works for a lower bar setup if you want it
  9. Cant help thinking that would look sick with a vintage husky-esque loaf of bread seat. That whole vintage super moto thing is so sweet
  10. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice. btw you need dicks on your car.
  11. something boxy could add some staunch to its brat-ness too. I've seen a few builds now using the AG100 tanks which look pretty cool i think. cheaper than an RD50 tank (which are on aliexpress if you go for that look too) and pretty readily available.
  12. total buzzkill lol but im digging that red tank over the chrome. Nice frame work though
  13. Found you a better engine... In keeping with your theme bikes too. Should fit sweet
  14. Decided its time to sell this..sob. 1974 FR50, classic rego, just got it in the mail..40 bucks or so per year. Will come with 3 months new rego Located in hastings Pics to follow tomorrow. $750 Few bits and stuff with it, ie, - All original parts that came off it - haynes shop manual - spare 6v coil and points - spare carb jets, plenty to upjet with Chur Posting in for sale too.
  15. seen this? electric re-makes look pretty cool