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  1. Wife was away for the week so I took the opportunity to do some Cerakote on the engine side covers. first time having a crack at this, its pretty cool stuff. Kinda like a liquid powdercoat, just as strong but thinner. Process was sandblast the cases, ultrasonic cleaned them in simplegreen, then soaked in an acetone bath. Cook them in the oven to gas them off then spray with the Cerakote. I got a small HVLP detail gun to do the spraying which made it super easy. After spraying its straight into the oven at 125c for 2 hours to bake. Pretty simple and really looks the part. The burnt bronze is a very close match to the honda bronze / gold.
  2. Have been a bit absent with updates here. Havnt done a lot in the shed since a pretty major back malfunction which looks like its going to require surgery to fix, i got a wee but done before it got quite bad so will fire a few updates through. For those of you interested in the XT250 soz but i had to PPSC it, ended up selling for a moonbeamish $5,000 pretty easily so was quite happy with that. I stripped it back to the frame and painted it, zinc plated just about every bolt and slapped all the NOS bits on that it came with, looked a million bucks in the end, probs why it sold for a million bucks. As far as the XR250 goes a had a bunch of parts turn up. this extra ginormous box turned up from the U S of A, it was 3/4 full of packaging and 1/4 full of this Clarke 16L tank. Pretty stocked with the quality. Also had a full decal kit turn up for once shes all back together. Blue '86 design seat cover also turned up from the states. Its since been shipped off to @64valiantfor some foam repairs and fitting to the seat. Shmancy Wiseco big bore forged piston turned up, this is a 77mm bore piston which gives a displacement of 277cc with every so slightly higher CR. it also came with a full top end gasket and seal set which was handy. Since im want to make it look all pretty tidy I decided to get the top end vapour blasted. im going to cerakote the engine side covers and couldnt be arsed spliting the bottom end so the cases can just get the scotchbrite treatment. Top end stripped and ready for blasting: Vapour blasting does such a lush job, its crazy how much it peens and seals up the alloy. After blasting I ran everything through @Flauskis ultrasonic cleaner. Its crazy how many beads still come out of thread holes and stuff when you think you already have it clean as, def a must do for any engine blasting I think. with the blasting all done I sent the head and cylinder off to my machinist and he did a bunch of stuff, started with boring the cylinder to the wiseco specs and doing ring gaps for me etc. then he surfaced the head, did a 3 way valve job on the valves and lapped them all in, the decided to tickle up the ports with the die grinder. Didnt get many photos soz but im tickle pink with the work. I've now put the engine back together, healthy doses of assembly lube, blue loctite and correct torque settings. man i love fresh zinc plated fasteners. Next up is restoring the plastics. this is a painstaking task and there is no easy way to cheat it, especially with white plastics. I tried cheating with the DA sander but it just doesnt do the job like straight line hand wet and dry sanding. Process to fix fucked plastics was razorblade - 320g - 600g- 800g - 1200g - 1600g- 2000g wet and dry. Then hit it with some cut on a medium speed drill wit polishing pad, wipe off cut then hit with a high speed fine polishing pad. just be careful to not hold for too long in one spot and burn though, I had to start from scratch in a few spots. Rear fender came up good enough, not amazing but will do. Sitting on the bike with new tool bag and rear indicators Next job is to do a DIY cerakote of the side covers and get the engine completely back together, then onto the rest of the plastics.
  3. yea thats weird, views seem to have re started? pretty sure it had a good few hundy like 2 years ago
  4. these are super sweet bikes, my father in law has one that he's had since 1985, did his first brass monkey on it in 1986 and then his last one on it earlier this year. also talked about wanting to get rid of it so ive put my name on it. shit they sound good.
  5. I usually just nibble, preferably earlobes. I’ll get the sack trimmed especially for you xox
  6. Let’s be honest the group splits into multiple packs anyway. We are only riding 250s, there has been 250s before. The main reason we are doing it is because we wanted to make a big trip of it clocking up 1000km+ on the way there and back. I’ve done cape every year on a different small (sub 140) bike every time. The only bikes in my stable suitable for it now are the trombone, which isn’t suitable as it falls to bits on gravel (Mitch can attest to this on our last gravel Hawke’s bay ride) and the next smallest is the xr250. We are all going self sufficient and camping so will be lugging a shit load more gear than everyone else, so it won’t be a dramatic difference. My XR is only happy at 90kmh on the open road anyway. tl;dr, quit ya girly whinging
  7. Bring ya tent ya pussies. Guess it’s easier to have the soup kitchen in a motel than a one man tent.
  8. Maybe fucked if you drive a Toyota Corolla. they can’t be worse than the inland road when we did it in 2018, it was chooched As then from logging machinery / new metal / shit loads of rain.
  9. Hmmm i'm a bad man. A good deal popped up on a 1982 XT250 recently which I snapped up. Even has current reg and wof. Comes with a few new parts to give it a bit of a tidy up, get spic and span. Might do a few rides on it then take some trendy photos and sell it to some hipster to fund a bunch of expensive BMW parts I need to buy.
  10. sell xr100 to fund compliance! def worth getting done. Mitch is in the process of getting his 1990 250r complied.
  11. We are thinking of XR250'ing east cape this year for something different, with the addition of riding there and back from palmerston north, doing as much offroad as we can
  12. Whilst at the Brass we were discussing some rad 250cc trips to do on our XRs as @Mitch.W is building one at the moment. I had lost the pine for mine a bit so decided to give it a bit of a birthday. I stripped it back a few years ago and had the frame powdercoated and what not but it was a bit smokey and I wanted a more classic XR look to it. Have also always pined the twin headlight Baja XRs which gave me a bit of inspiration. Found a set of XLR250 Baja twin headlights pop up on marketplace so I snapped them up, also got a 1990 red tank off the same kid. One thing I dont like about the XR was the fuel range, this engine was uncorked and was now running much bigger jets and only got like 120km to a tank. Thought shit, might as well go all out and then ordered a Clarke 15.8L (stock is 9) tank from the states. Didnt really want to spend like $500 of a gas tank but trying to find larger tanks that dont look rank for pre '96 XRs is rather difficult. Pulled the bike down and gave it a good clean. Lots of the fasteners had worn their zinc coating off so i pulled just about every single bolt off the bike and sent it to electroplating to get them coated, they couldnt do the dark almost black zinc like factor so might zinc it will have to be Because the jets were so big in this bike and it went so well i always wondered if it had a 280cc kit in it, the fact it was smokey convinced me a good idea to pull the head and see what sort of condition everything was in down there.\ Shes been burning a bit of oil, piston was even grottier. And the barrel had a lovely mirror finish. Oh well, its going to need new rings and a hone, may as well get a.... Wiseco forged, higher compression 4mm over 277cc kit. Now to wait for parts to arrive. Have picked up a stock front fender, which i will painstakingly restore along with the side plastics and rear fender. will grab a blue seat cover, tool bag, fork gaiters then slap a decal kit on it and call it a day I think.
  13. Before I left for the trip one of the editors of Bikebound.com must have seen the bike on my insta and hit me up for a wee feature which was pretty choice, he must pine dakar era shit. https://www.bikebound.com/2021/06/17/africa-twin/
  14. Took the bike on a 3400km trip around the south island for the brass monkey, great times were had and the bike ran well. Seems to be a tad rich judging by residue on fairing behind tail pipe, need to investigate potential choke issue. Other problem is bad engine vibes relating to throttle position. Dissapears when clutch is in so not running gear etc and def engine. seems to be related more to throttle opening rather than revs. I synced the carbs at tickover as manual suggests but im wondering if there is an imbalance when the butterflys are opened more than 1/3rd ish. Will play around more and see if i can get it better, still ran good, just not as good as it should.
  15. so I kinda never posted photos when this was actually finished. well here ya go..
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