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  1. got my fairings back from the painter on the weekend. he did a pretty lush job I think. Im glad I put a lot of effort into the prep. Bit of a mockup on the bike Really happy with how the custom tail piece worked out with the XR250 tail light. The tool bag is a cool touch I think and the colour is pretty close. I used the original real mudguard piece mostly to have somewhere to mount the number plate. Would have looked cool without it but will also serve some purpose of stopping too much shit getting flicked around. It is also a small memento of its previous life a
  2. the latest tasks on the africa twin have been the wiring. Ive put together a custom carbon fibre dash which I will show once its finished. The existing wiring for any accessories consisted of both "twist n tape" and household TPS wiring so anything non factory got ripped out and binned. I have a few accessories that i want to run (LED lightbar, USB sockets, Koso temp/volt meter and heated grips. I thought the best way to run all those tidily would be to run a decent guage wire direct from the battery though an ign controlled relay to a small fuse box which can be used as a distribution post, t
  3. Smacked out some pannier racks on the weekend. There is one more re support thats not completed yet in this photo, its a removable strut back to the lower point of the rear mudguard. Its my 3rd set of these ive made with my little 16mm plumbers bender. usually use 1.6mm tube but steel and tube was all out so these ones at 2mm. Nice and strong, gave the bender a work out though. started to the hang of it nicely: The aim was to get them as slim as possible. think i achieved that, didnt want to risk the bag melting on the exhaust so left a bit of room there, ive got a we
  4. feels like ive been making no progress on this thing even thoough ive been slamming heaps of time at it. Discovered the possible reason why it had a full engine rebuild 5000km ago, at 65,000 kms, when these things are known for clocking up 200K+ without being opened. Some fucking Einstein obviously tried to make an incorrect battery fit, and thought shit, this piece of plastic cant be that important, ill just hack into it so make room. Too bad they weren't clever enough to realise that the hole they just made is he back of the airbox, behind the filter, allowing all sorts of gru
  5. yay new page. Anyway, after losing heaps of motor vation on the africa twin the Brass Monkey is quickly approaching and we have planned a 7day south island adventure around it so i'm fully barred up. The main thing holding me back was doing the custom fibreglass side covers that will be slimmer than the unicorn turn factory ones, so better for panniers. I spent the good part of a day bogging, sanding, bogging, sanding, bogging and priming and priming and priming the plugs i started to make aaaaages ago. they came out alright. sanded down to 1200 grit then release waxed. I w
  6. man this is some picture heavy shit. must be due for a new page surely
  7. so after almost 4 years of owning this thing and doing nothing but moving it around between 4 different sheds its time I did something. With the Africa Twin not far away from being completed (not actually starting the G/S until AT is done) it was time to get it home into the shed, so I went and dragged it back from my lockup where it was buried in dust. Since turning myself into a bit of a adv barry and G/S foamer I have concluded that the only thing to do to this bike is restore it to as close to original as possible, which is made possible by companies like Sibenrock in german
  8. anyone heading from chch up to hanmer with space to GC freight something to the start for me? ive got some small (300mm) cast wheels for my smoker i wanna get up north. In chch at the moment but figure if i can get to the start then can maybe slap them on the seth afrikans ute to make their way north?
  9. Think i'm out soz guys. A shame as the bikes ready and waiting but the mrs is pretty unwell and it wouldnt be fair to leave her with the kids for 4 days while I hoon around the south island. Well I could have but it was a toss up between this and Brass Monkey 2 months later, and the Brass was always going to win. Maybe next year.
  10. support vehicles are for pussies who cant tie stuff down good
  11. Yea I picked up over 2 m2 of well seasoned plum a week ago so have that stacked away for a start. will start cutting some manuka from sources I have though work to add to the pile.
  12. During lockdown the wife I went down a rabbit hole of watching American barbeque shows, and man some of that stuff looked delicious. have been to a couple of bbq joints in NZ and def a fan of the old low and slow so thought id ignore all the sensible advice of starting with a weber kettle and go straight to a wood hungry offset. I had a look at some of the "decent" off the shelf options such as the prime smoke XL and Oklahoma Joe highlander but they are still made with poo thin 2.5mm mild steel and have lots of design flaws that would require modifications to get to a decent spec anyway.
  13. Yea I made the panniers as far forward as I could, the weight is all forward of the rear axle which shouldn’t make it too bad. Dunno I’ll try the smaller front end and see how I go, might get a few ponies back without ass much tyre weight anyway
  14. End result was good other than it drooping a bit during welding. Turns out although the muffler looks cool it sounds like a TRX350 ie shit, so will be getting a nice small stainless one from overseas long boi air filter sorted and started playing around with bag positioning, wanted to get them as far forward as possible bent up some 16mm tube in my little bender that i got specifically for making pannier racks Buzzed them up with my poo MIG then dropped at powdercoaters added a wee tool box that i picked up from an old bike shop selling off some shit. f
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