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    Blizzo's scoot hoard and projects of win

    have been acquiring some bits for a while to build something radical, time to crack on with this

    Blizzo's scoot hoard and projects of win

    Another bike ticked off the to do list. The XR250R from a page back that i started restoring is finally finished. just need to make a bit of a rear rack / fuel can mount for our 800km feilding - picton - molesworth - hamner - rainbow rd - lake tennyson - nelson - picton - feilding trip coming up next month. Im really happy with how this bike turned out, people bag 250s for being slow but this thing still pops wheelies pretty easily and with the 6 speed sits on 115km/h quite comfortably without revving high. She got a clean sheet wof this morning, although riding it this afternoon my horn stopped working ha, along with my USB charger. gunna try ride the shit out of it over the next couple of weeks to make sure its reliable for the south island adventure.

    Blakes raleigh 20 resto

    still have this thing hanging on the wall in my shed, gave it to my now wife, although we don't get out on bikes together anymore with the sprogs. it is occasionally used to get me ass home when drunk from local bbqs

    Blizzo's scoot hoard and projects of win

    Xing Ping Xi / Aliexpress

    Blizzo's scoot hoard and projects of win

    Man, you know you have a problem when there is another 3 scoots in the garage not in this photo, another CT90 and the BMW in my lockup, and @TimShadboltfan27s MT50 in my woodshed Time finish some projects / other peoples projects / dehoard a bit

    Truenotch's 1974 Yamaha FS50 (FS1)

    fizzy would look cool with a small steel guard mounted moto spec, ie - on the underside of the bottom triple clamp. thats what im in the midst of with my CB50 as i got like the no front guard look in it

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    Keeping black plates is cool, but as this is a c90 you won’t be able to do that, unless you register it as a c90 / motorcycle and have it complied etc etc good score tho, just be aware that c90 have the same bolt pattern as ct110, and China engines aren’t a straight bolt in. Nothing hard to sort tho, I have just welded tabs to the frame before you you can make / buy brackets. Just something to think about

    Kicker's C50

    this is what i want in my life, i have a trailtech on the shelf waiting to go in my CB50, how do you run the indicators etc, just run them on AC and they are fine?

    Kicker's C50

    cams 125 / my 140 / pretty much any of the penny pinches 110s seem to vibrate the fuck out of any tight real bad. cam has even tried good narva lights to no avail. i think the best bet is LED although ive had issues with a few of them too. rubber isolators are the go i reckon. China engines although go well and are relatively reliable all seem to have some real weird harmonics / vibrations. cams 125 seems worse than most, and the batch of 110s we got. probs doesnt help he ran it on shipping oil for like the first 500kms
  10. BLIZZO

    Fat-Daddys ATC110 - Build

    in summary - i warned you. that guy is like terry53 but not quite as bad, wrecks bikes that dont need to be wrecked then wants too much for the parts. hes been wrecking mostly CTs for years, which is good if he advertises the parts as they actually are, but often flasely advertises them as being tidier when they are actually fucked / buckets of shit. do you have the pull start mechanism from your engine? i would look into trying to make that fit a brand new lifan 110cc engine possibly. or get an electric start chinese 110 and just roll electric start only
  11. BLIZZO

    Fat-Daddys ATC110 - Build

    yip as i said watch out about that seller as he is a cunt. i brought a CT rear rim of him that was supposedly in good nick with no holes, when i went to collect it had blobs of braize filling the holes up and was painted silver to look like it was tidy, couldnt tell by the photos. he was really really cagey about me collecting and wanted to ship it but i was in the same town as him for work. when he eventually agreed and i went to look at had him up about the shit quality he told me to "fuck off then what do you expect for $90, go and buy a brand new one if you want it mint" Well you shouldn't advertise it as great condition then you punishing fucking boomer. TL;DR i warned you
  12. BLIZZO

    Nicks Honda MT50 dirt scooter/PPSC gateway bike

    thing had no compression when i got it home, thinking it was a stuck ring, had been sitting for a looooong time. someone had done a shit job at replacing crank seal at some stage and pushed it like 15mm more in than it should have been so sorted that. clutch was also rusted together so stripped that and gave it a birthday. Exhaust was so fucking lol, was pretty rusty, there was actually 4, yes 4 bolts wanged into the rust hole, bird pood up and then had JB weld smeared all over them. soot on the bolts indicated that it ran like this, but must have been fucking slow as 60-70% of the header was blocked!! She was incredibly rusty and mucho difficult to weld but i eventually chased my tail enough with it and got it sealed up Bore was in pretty good nick so a quick light hone and new piston and rings got it sorted. seems to run well now, just need to sort that crab.
  13. BLIZZO

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Unfortunately you can’t here @Rookie saying “lash ya fucking valves John” on the sweet shot of you at Waihau Bay. Fuck that thing sounded like a typewriter by then
  14. BLIZZO

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Hoodie was mine j5, now your latest shop rag / cum rag Ok so video is up. I opted for middle ground of extended ride footage and but not too much boring ride footage, small vids of cool shit are cool to watch but dont show off the ride so much for how awesome it is. excuse the music, i dont do music that well, unless its made via pushrods. also whoever paid for a patch and didnt get one off me PM me your address and ill post ya useless fucks.
  15. BLIZZO

    Blizzo's scoot hoard and projects of win

    so they wee ST went bloody grouse on the east cape ride, i was surprised at how capable it was at full nang on gravel. used a bit of oil, started leaking a bit of oil out of the base gasket, found a few false neutrals and had the dogs slip in 3rd a couple of times, probs time for an oil change. didnt have any major dramas until about 15km from the finish all the spokes on one side of the rear wheel let go, making for an interesting dismount unsure what to do from here in, the tyre choice for 14" wheels is shit, what i have is really the only dual sport type tyre avail in NZ, and after 700kms its completley fucked anyway, and really i want something wider on the rear, heaps of full knobblies available but not what i want for this bike. i was kinda keen to sell it, but its actually really lush to ride, so im thinking maybe strip the wheels, powdercoat the rims black, new chrome spokes and run 14" wider road / scoot tyres for a supermoto type look, thoughts?????? think ill pull the engine back out now and slam it in the trombone for summer anyway, and do the wheels on the ST when i have the fucks to give, and probably pull the lifan 150 apart and fix the selector forks / dogs and wang than back in it. kinda over spannering too much at the moment.