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  1. Hey Team, JB gave me a rough outline of the track, i converted it to a route and then re converted back to a track so it hugs the roads we will be going on exactly. Ill have a garmin 64s on my bike displaying this incase people get lost but if anyone else has some form of garmin GPS and wants to know where we are going each day download the GPX file from my dropbox in the link below and just chuck it in ghee (to your device). Uruwera ride.gpx?dl=0 Captain bliz
  2. its 500ml of gearbox oil, not 2 stroke oil, it doesnt burn off, just gets brunt down into a tacky shitty mess that gums everything up, plus would fill my pipe with shit. im pretty hori, but not thaaaaat hori. If it was 2t oil / petrol yea id just smokescreen until its gone.
  3. sooooo speaking of white smoke ive learnt a timely lesson today. When you go to replace crank seals in a 2-stroke dont be a jew and go to your seal supplier and get a normal rotary seal. normal seals are designed to keep oil in on the inside (spring side), whereas crank seals are a 2 way design and designed to keep induction pressure on the inside, and gearbag oil on the outside. rebuilt bike, filled gearbox oil with 800mls of Motuls finest, went for a 2 km ride, couldnt see the road behind me, had boomers in my fancy suburb yelling at me whilst walking their little designer dogs, quickly realised something was wrong, got home, drained gearbag oil, only 300ml came out. aside from fitting genuine crank seals, i now either need to tip my entire bike upside down or take engine out and tip that upside down to get rid of all this bloody oil ha
  4. This is the motu road, its even narrower and very rough in parts. these are very small bikes. i would not be driving a full width car trailer through it, i also would not be driving a bidd ass f150 through it
  5. i would probs strongly not reccomend not bringing an F150, the motu road is incredible narrow in places, this thing would just be a burden, if we met cars coming the other way (which we always do, as rememeber this is a public road) you will have to back up for miles, and with this many bikes would just be a giant clusterfuck
  6. PPSC shakedown run went alright yesterday, i loaded up with gear just to make sure it stayed on the bike, great success. Ridge road - Apiti pub - pohangina loop from palmy. Bikes were neck and neck matched. Mine was rich, couldnt figure out why, pulled carb apart one more time and whilst doing so found a rag jammed in the piece of the casing that connects the carb housing to the airbox from when i paint stripped the engine. that explains it being flat as hell until 8000rpms Gr8 success
  7. fucking glad im going self sufficient TBH, how many support wags we got this year? im thinking we are gunna need 2 again for sure lawl
  8. just make sure you put your donation in the honesty box. Don't want to anger the locals,
  9. PPSC this year are all gunna be fully self sufficient. Im sorted for luggage, got a sweet 40l motorcycle drybag off aliexpress. this fits my small new kathmandu singleman tent and thermarest, small sleeping bag and i have put 2 motorcycle jackets and some motorcycle pants in here to get an idea of what extra room i have in the bag, should be plenty. The tail section of the bike has a small compartment that holds my spare tube and puncture repair kit, and the factory tool holder has most of my tools with a few extras to go in the tank bag. Tank bag will hold my wet weather onesie, tools, camp cooker and food as well as a few tools. Its pretty big. Just need to figure out where i put my booze.
  10. So this bad boy is all finished just in time for DGR, had a pretty lush day filled with a few ales and some quality @My name is Russell banter. tried to find some penguins to club, couldnt, so got a photo instead when i got home i packed my tent, themarest, sleeping bag and a shit load of clothes into my 40l bag to see how it will sit for east cape, perfect. Gunna be lush to be 100% self sufficient this year yea rad
  11. couply hours in the shed and the GP looks like a bike again, should be doing ring dings again later tonight if i can get an hour or two in the shed once the kids are in bed. Tight timeline for DGR but gunna make it!
  12. oh oh oh i forgot the coolest part. Had our resident PPSC pinstriper do some subtle tank art for it. PENNY PINCHERS SCOOTER CLUB BUY FOR CHEAPS SELL FOR HEAPS
  13. sooo we moved into our new pad. i sorta half unpacked my shed and then got the itch to do something motorcycle related. Im taking the GP125 on the Te Uruwera ride, and decided to use it on DGR also, so what better idea is there to completley strip it down 2 weeks before DGR and then have it sandblasted and powdercoated right? bai felicia Got it back from the blasters yesterday and took it straight to powdercoaters after i put sacrificial bolts into all the threads. Hes gunna have it ready next monday maybe so might have to take a day off work next week to smash it together before DGR. Gave the cylinder and head a lick of paint and scraped back the ends of the fins while I was at it. I had all the bits for the '82 Z50R sandblasted at the same time so i can start restoring that for the young fulla now too, excite.
  14. @Tumeke i got the last 241 in 18" off richard, but im only running it on the fron as they chew out pretty quick on the rear. I brought this shinko 244 (far right) for the GP for this ride, its 18x3.00 but then i stumbled upon the NOS 18x3.00 trials tyre (on the left) which im gunna run in the interest of period correctness. Those 244's are available in a heap of sizes and are good tyres, i run them on my XR. can probs sell you that one if ya want as i likely wont use it now but probs easier for you to grab one local.