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  1. yea thats always gunna be the way, you could do any grade 5 trail in NZ on a CT110. You cant rag on big adventure bikes for having a hard time of technical trails, its not what they are designed to do. 200KG+ adventure bikes are designed to eat tarmac miles easily and effortlessly, be fine on travel roads and occasionally do some grade 3-4 type trails, albeit slowly and difficulty, they are not made for technical terrain. I think people see Chris Birch sending his 1290 on grade 5 tracks and think its possible, but we are not chris birch. The the moped riders had come across people on lightweight adv bikes (KTM 500EXC, 501, DRZ400 etc) they would have been showered in stones and seen how much fun the riders were having. All bikes are a compromise, a CT110 can easily do offroad yes but its doesnt give you the adrenaline rush of something with power, it will also suck if you want to do long road sections linking trails. TL:DR - not one bike does everything well, so you need to be like me a fill your shed with 8+ bikes so you have a range to choose from. A freinds howty towty mum recently asked my why on earth i have so many motorcycles when you can only ride one at a time. I replied with "why do you have a closet full of shoes Cheryl, you only have 2 feet"
  2. I wouldn't call a 390 a big heavy bike, its about as small as "adventure" bikes go but it does make me lol with the popularity of adv riding these days the amount of people starting off on bikes not really suited for newby's to the world of motorcycling. Back in amazing days of the 70s/80s/90s a 250cc was a typical sized adv bike for getting offroad as well as touring, that seems to have at least doubled now. I'm all about big bikes, but i didn't learn to ride on them. I was watching a video on the NZAR page about some dudes on a new T7 with all the trendy gear and another on a DR650 riding oldlins rd and making it sound super knarly with "rock walls" and shit. I've been in there plenty during mancamp and its a piece of piss, people in stock rav4s doing it and shit, old boys on R80 bmws. We have had guys that have never ridden a bike before ride it on CTX200s etc. There seems to be so much keeping up with the jones' in the bike world now where you need to have the flashest bike, these 390s are case and point. She should be riding a $2500 Yamaha XT250 super sherper, would learn so much more skills and not be almost dead because of one single rock that she locked on to.
  3. Porika track takes you to a cool lookout point over the entire lake then winds down to the lakefront. Braeburn track is less of a track and actually just a gravel road. If short of time we may just turn around at the lake.
  4. Ah dumb yea that’s a highlight of the ride, ferry team might need to leave Nelson at sparrows fart
  5. We are on the 7pm ferry on Sunday so checkin will likely be 6, so will be trying to get back a bit earlier. Might split off with you chris. What part of the ride are we missing if we do that?
  6. looking at that UC student card in the guard post we must have been at UC at the same time!
  7. I’m used to being in the road at 5:30-6 on rides. I could sleep in takaka and still get back to you catching zyz in ya maggot sack Bartholomew
  8. I think he means $40 for the tent site at top ten jim soz, posted this before I saw other replies
  9. pretty high tech system. we stripping i bag and tag then in small lots in zip lock bags. then before planting i separate all the bags laid out over a couple of workbenches with a bit of masking tape naming what bag they are out of and a ruler nex to them for scale. once i photograph all of them they go in a bucket for planting. once back the jigsaw puzzle commences of separating them all back into their little bags. actually way easier than it sounds. He changes more for seperate bags but not a heap, on a big bike i might give him two lots, one for frame and one for engine etc.
  10. A few things, I’ve done it a few times before I wouldn’t want it on this frame - it’s only well protective if there is zinc powder primer underneath, this makes it even more thick - it hides frame numbers - on a bike I that’s not as special it would be fine, this thing is very rare and quite valuable now, so for originality paint is best. - powder is difficult to remove and any chips can get moisture under them and can’t be touched up as easily - powder doesn’t flex well, and these featherbed style frames are notorious for flexing - becuase powder is so thick it cracks when you torque nuts against it like cheap spray can paint can. they are the main points anyway. It’s also just a bit of a bitch to blank off all the threads and any bits with a tight fit wind up with issues
  11. So the africa twin got finished, XR250 finished, Z50 finished and its now just about 12 months since I last posted an update on this. It has been up hogging the bike stand for that time, which i'm getting sick of, so it's time for some action. Just dropped a couple of grand on parts on sibenrock in germany to get it to a restored rolling frame. some bigger ticket items like new fork stanchions and repro front brake rotor made a smallish purchase seem like a big one. Have already got some stainless spokes on hand and a big box of alloy bits ready to drop at the vapor blasters. Over the next month i should get the wheels restored and continue to strip, tag and box all the bits down to a bare frame. Currently having an internal fight in my head as to whether i powdercoat the frame or paint it. would prefer paint from an originality perspective and for touch ups, but nothing i've sprayed or had sprayed before seems to be as good as factory paint finishes. Any recommendations here?
  12. Porika is fine, if old mate is crying about it in a CT he must be a pretty new rider. The first time I did it Blinky bill did it on a CB350four, hayhole on a gn250 with road tyres. Mitch did it on a BMW r80 road bike on our brass monkey trip in winter and it was a walk in the park on my 200kg africa twin with 40kg of luggage. My father in law rides it both ways with the cook on the back of his africa twin. Mangatapu is far more technical than porika
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