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  1. I have a timeless log sharn It pertains to my morning dump at Waikerimoana.
  2. I was a spectator on the Motu stage the year that McRae did that run. Awesome to watch.
  3. A superfantstic event, Huge thanks to the organising team for putting this on and an awesome group of attendees. Very stoked to be a part of it. Bring on next year. Props to @Beaver for his wealth of knowledge and willingness to share it regarding affairs of hydro generation. Also, very proud to announce that this years trip achieved a 1 star michelin rating!
  4. This spinny thing spins in a spinning motion, and power. Penstock rhymes with speedcock.
  5. Found your bag of bits this morning, will fax it back to you this week.
  6. The whole extravaganza is a slippery slide into 2 stroke depravity