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  1. I've got a half round one but I guess we could hang a mirror above it.
  2. So it looks like this is a thing. I have entered and paid. I'll be co-piloting the Sigma down from Tga with @MaxPower. The mighty Sigma is being handed over to its proud new owner at Hamner so We are looking for a ride from Hamner to Chch Airport on Monday morning. I think our flight leaves around mid day. @HighLUX will probably be joining us too. Can anyone help with airport transfers?
  3. Sounds like a hoot. Here's a couple of pics for potential purchasers. This thing really Flys.
  4. That looks like a 4in 1 bucket on the job. I'd recommend whipping up one of these. Leveling bar you just grab with the bucket.
  5. Looks like you put in a few late nights and got it back together for Americarna. Good effort.
  6. Yea I went a bit overboard. Probably could have got away with one axle and no brakes. Also took the drawbar steel right back to the centre pivot of the tandem springs. Tows real nice.
  7. Recently finished this trailer designed for side by side, small tractor, Two quads etc. Engineer mate suggested doing the bulk of the welding from side to side with minimal welds running front to back, which allows the trailer to flex just a lil bit. Seems to be working so far.
  8. Well that's close to home and I do have days off this week. Could possibly go have a look for ya.
  9. Why are the legs bolted on the end instead of underneath the slab?
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