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  1. the cletus mobile (VG Valiant)

    My pick is the Tridents with eagers, can understand the appeal of the os turbos but they never floated my boat, even back in the day.
  2. Eastcapescapade November 24,25,26 - 2017

    Have ute and cage trailer, will travel. Happy to provide support/carry beer.
  3. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    Nice car, and nice work talking the better half into "the need" for a 4 door car, yet still retaining your 2 door rides.
  4. Beach Hop 2018

    Think I'm heading up thurs. Staying opposite public toilets next to surf club. Look for black car with green flames. Pop in and say hi and have ale/bourbon
  5. wtd - man with little dinger

    Why not just dry hire a machine and play.
  6. was the previous owner attempting a rebuild?
  7. chrisr hz tonner discussion

    Its actually just a half chassis bolted on to half a body
  8. chrisr hz tonner discussion

    Yes they were factory lsd, Drive shaft different to standard ute, from memory wagon driveshaft was closer.
  9. chrisr hz tonner discussion

    ahhh memories, My first ever ute was a 76 one tonner. Was contract roofing and it was my daily. 202 and 4 speed. No rocket ship but extremely reliable. yours is the genuine article too, lots of wannabe models around. Should never have sold it, Missed it so much I had to go and get a later model version. I still have a few random parts from the 76,(headlight surrounds, mirrors, door handles, wiring bits and pieces, air cleaner), If your ever in Tauranga bring a bottle of Jim Beam and take what you want. Have got Lpg set up out of it too, everything but the tank. Here's a few of the bits I dug out. And my late model version, 5.7 and 6speed.
  10. And like a heard of mildly bemused bumble bees, they were off! God speed. Ringningningningning.
  11. I will be scooterless but will still come over to meet and catch up. Look out for a black car with green flames on the front, thats me.
  12. Eastcapescapade November 24,25,26 - 2017

    I'm no doctor, But that abandoned air matress looks to have a tumor.
  13. I have land at Tauriko (lots of room for activities) and would be open to hosting a dirt day if anyone is keen? Register interest by reacting to this post and I will attend the Tga/Mmn ride to meet, greet, and discuss potential rural shennanigrins
  14. Eastcapescapade November 24,25,26 - 2017

    sounds like a plan that motu/toatoa rd is awesome, might have to fit some directionals for the tarseal sections round the cape though
  15. Eastcapescapade November 24,25,26 - 2017

    does a regular run down the beach from the mount to the kaituna river for a spot of fishing (drinking), put a plate on it and no hassels from the fuzz