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  1. Bring it out to the ranch and we will sacrifice it.
  2. would you like a garlic care package while you're in town? Sorry spam
  3. Currently putting the finishing touches on this.
  4. Sure, All welcome @Vintage Grumble. Could be handy to have some input into track design too.
  5. Basically just me and @MopedNZ thrashing small bikes in my paddock, after work today
  6. Yea some good stuff. There is another company called kfs. Pretty sure they do a skip bin transkit. Might be helpful for you.
  7. Started with the donor chassis and ordered a bunch of custom resin parts to build the truck. Engine, cab, suspension, extra steering axel, and so on are some of the components you can choose.
  8. I ordered this last year during lock down, Then life went back to normal. Should really have another crack at it. FR Mack transkit from Auslowe. Mostly resin parts. Uses a freightliner conventional as a chassis donor. Goal is an 8 wheeler day cab Mack with 3 axel trailer in Mainfreight colours.
  9. Have you been hooning the Whakatane river? SunLive - Plastic spill into river investigated - The Bay's News First
  10. Join the Cortina and Ford Facebook groups. Heaps of parts etc on there. Quite a few helpful guys too.
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