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  1. Where would one potentially find a cycle such as this?
  2. Are you still requiring entertainment in Tga for couple of hours when you arrive?
  3. These used to go pretty good for an ole 3.3.
  4. Millie and Shanaenae Milliie and Laquitia Millie and .........
  5. Pretty cool, So much room for activities.
  6. Thphantum


    Totally. And there's no way I have those skills, but that's the level of workmanship I wanted on this car. Took me quite a while to find the right guy.
  7. Thphantum


    Had a sunroof removed a while back. Paid good $ for a craftsman panel beater. Once the insert was tigged in it went to paint. The painter only used high build primer, no filler at all. Then a metal flake paint so it had to be spot on. Makes me lol watching the yankee hot rod shows. Fabrication is finished now it's time for body work, out comes a big drum of bog. Lol.
  8. @MopedNZand @GuyWithAviators and I had a luchtime Brian Lown on saturday and discussed the anticipation.
  9. I wont be using it again after it comes off. I'll do some research and see what model it is next time i'm in that particular shed.