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  1. Do we need a back up vehicle to carry the back up bikes?
  2. Got all my forms filled out, acommodations booked, filled the gas bottle for the weber, all i need is bourbon and other stuff and Im sorted. @HighLUX did you sort a bed for gissy?
  3. Does that no. plate allude to you being the love child of Arsenio Hall?
  4. Gearboxes were one of the main archilies heals in these utes, Can't be too many good second hand units left in circulation. You might just be swapping out with a someone elses junk.
  5. Will be rolling strictly Jazz cigarettes in support vehicle no.2.0
  6. I even purchased a new trailer just for @HighLUX's ride that got postponed so I get to show that off !
  7. Yea count me in again for sure. Highlight of my year!
  8. This wasn't one of a few bought in be Wellsey and Grease?
  9. There are murmurings that this may be canned. They are making a statement on wed.