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  1. Kick off at 6pm @Greenie @HighLUX @Mop Head @MaxPower @Kass Bring the whanau too.
  2. As the days get longer I will start doing Texas bbq nights. St Louis ribs, sticky chicken wings, shotgun shells etc. Perhaps could sort this for following months meat meet if anyone's keen.
  3. 1 hr on the cart, 7 hrs shotgunning pg's in the support vehicle.
  4. Going to start mocking up the axels on a trailer I'm building at the moment. Where is the best place to mount the caliper on the leading axel? Was thinking centered at 10 o'clock in front of the axel. Anyone have any experience with this? Is there a science to it?
  5. That it is. I think we are telstaring. @Greenie we are coming past yours if you need a pick up?
  6. Could open the burger caravan/pool room/mancave.
  7. First campers have arrived. Set up day tomorrow and perhaps a couple of refreshments.
  8. No pics from me but a big thank you to John for putting this on. Great bikes Great people Great adventure Definately would trade again.
  9. These will need to placed carefully in support vehicle No.1
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