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  1. Join the Cortina and Ford Facebook groups. Heaps of parts etc on there. Quite a few helpful guys too.
  2. Been doing the Same with my young fulla. Here's his ride
  3. Was a bit hung over on Anzac day appreciation day, So I made a fire thingy out of some junk I had lying around
  4. Early celica 5 Speed should handle
  5. Nice work, love me a mopar. Picked this one up when I was in the states a couple of years back. Did about 1000miles on route 66 in her. 383 and 904.
  6. Those twin headlights are actually kinda cool.
  7. Fair amount of precipitate coming over the next two days. Should be dry on the day but a lot of wet underfoot/tyre
  8. Rest assured there will be a large chilly bin stocked with ice in support vehicle no.2 that you can place your brews in for safe keeping/travels.
  9. What's your flavour of amber liquid mate? I'll make sure there's a couple of coldies in the car when I pick you up.
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