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  1. I"ve got $5 says he wants to convert to Islam
  2. 100mm of rain over the last 24hrs, That's actually pretty much liquid that particular portion of the feild. Also have introduced bovine to increase the fecal content of the fun zone.
  3. Thphantum


    Wanting to purchase a DA sander to sand down a fibreglass truck cab. I have no idea what spec/brand I need. Recommendations please.
  4. Cheers. Did you sell your van to a tradie? Pretty sure I've seen it down these ways with signwriting.
  5. Do you have to be a ticketed welder to do this or does it just have to pass inspection?
  6. Chassis coming together slowly. Lots of scratch building
  7. @bathcollector couldn't fit the vernier inside the wheel, but I'm confident they are what you're after
  8. I don't have a vernier but a quick measure looks like they are 115x4. I can try to borrow an accurate measuring tool on the weekend if you like
  9. I'll have a look at them tomorrow
  10. I have a set of 13x7 4 stud hotwires in the shed. What pcd?
  11. Bring it out to the ranch and we will sacrifice it.
  12. would you like a garlic care package while you're in town? Sorry spam
  13. Currently putting the finishing touches on this.
  14. Sure, All welcome @Vintage Grumble. Could be handy to have some input into track design too.
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