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  1. impact drivers/rattle guns - knowledge me up.

    Yea I have had my Panasonic for 7+years in a trade application using everyday never failed me and batteries are still mint! Old boss got 9 out of his before the drill itself was toast
  2. impact drivers/rattle guns - knowledge me up.

    I really rate my Panasonic gear batteries last for ever only thing is they are expensive and not as many other tool options as some other brands. Mate is a tractor mech and he swears by his Milwaukee driver also
  3. Seat bolt points

    Sweet so if we put some plates in it may need cert if the warrant guy picks it up otherwise just need to make it look factory?
  4. Seat bolt points

    Hi there, I have a mk1 escort that we have done some rust repair work on and part of that we replaced the drivers and passenger floors in doing so the original mount points have been removed. Is it now just a case of bolting the seats through with some appropriate sized plates and 10mm bolts? What does it need legally?
  5. 1600 extractors

    Cheers for the info guys, shaneo why do you recommend the ashley law ones if it's for track work? Too noisey for the road?
  6. 1600 extractors

    Hi guys, Anyone had any experience in which is better in the way extractors 105 speed, Ashley, any others? Positives negatives opinions? Car is mk1 escort soon to be with a 234/244 cam already has higher compression and twin 40's.