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  1. For my folks it's their only vehicle with proper back seats (their other car is an 86 they've had from new). They also have better sound deadening etc. than the courier style van.
  2. Not trying to spam this up too much, but in my opinion real estate agents are not working for the seller either. They're working to maximise turnover. In a house worth 600k, 2%= $12k, to get $50k more of a sales price will require a whole lot more hustle for the agent to earn just $1k. A mates way of dealing with this was to offer 10% commission on $ over X, that's a real incentive to maximise what they're getting for you. We sold our house ourselves, was really easy, made a sign, listed on trademe, had an open home, took names and numbers at the open home, rang the people who attended t
  3. Ahhh yeah, unfortunately not, my folks ended out just using the seat as a part of the bed structure, they're pretty happy with it. To be honest it's probably just a switch that tells the van if there is a load in the back seat.
  4. Any spacers on the wheels or was the fitment just that good?!
  5. You can download deepnest.io and it will give you overall dxf dimensions if you want a quick check?
  6. Nope, sounds like a rotary gearbox, I had one in my first Chinese engined bike. You have to keep counting pretty well. Once you get used to it it's kinda sweet, the way I thought of it was that you could ride it in jandals... accelerate up to speed, then come to a stop and repeat.
  7. I'm not sure what Bart and I are up to in that photo...
  8. To be honest (as far as I'm aware!) there's nothing that we did that wasn't 100% legit, however, as some pointed out at the event it probably wouldn't want to be a huge amount bigger...
  9. @Truenotch writes very well, @Chris.QCR has the media experience and always seems to come off pretty well, and@RUNAMUCKwas the driving force that organised the event and also the media experience! To be completely honest they could just be directed to this thread!
  10. @peteretep the rivers look like they were all pretty high through the Rainbow due to the recent rain - the previous weekend they were half that deep. I'd also say a decent twist and go will find out out on Jollies Pass right at the start if it's up for the mission (apparently it was as/more gnarly than Patriach). The Maungatapu generally gets worse as you head up it, I'd say if you decided to pull pin and head back to the road you'd arrive in Nelson at a pretty similar time to the guys that go over the top. @Chris.QCR might be able to confirm that though (did you beat Aaron/Mark to town on Sat
  11. This was my first mission based OS event. What a super crew, @Mof, @JustHarry and @- i5oogt - were an insanely patient support team. (I really hope your diff noise is nothing serious @Mof). It would have been easy to have a niggle at me for riding a cheats bike, but there wasn't even a hint of it. I loved chasing the FR50/CT110/MX100 up hill (the downhill not so much!). I'm looking forward to having an excuse to build something for future events too. What a bunch of GCs, options for the next top of the south invasion are already being plotted out in my head.
  12. Did you ride the GN back from Hanmer as well? That's some serious km if so!
  13. First riders were in Hanmer about 45 mins ago. They are currently enroute to Chch, young Bart would be there already.
  14. Yeah mine too, biggest day I've ever done on a bike!
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