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  1. Yeah, I hadn't even heard of the event. @mattj with the rotary Anglia from Nelson will be heading down too.
  2. Is anyone else going to Chrome on the 8/9th of March? We're trailering down my brother's 180SX Type S/X as it won't quite have cert.
  3. Lock it in, I'll pop it outside so you can collect sometime on your way through Richmond.
  4. I have an umbrella that mounts to an arm which you could clamp to your deck...would need a couple of decent g-clamps.
  5. Hannah has a debating thing on all day which has squashed my hopes of attending. Unless it runs into the afternoon? Will expose my kids to barrydom if so...
  6. Shanghai Customs. Pretty spendy but solves a lot of the issues.
  7. Awesome, will PM my number so we can sort a time/day that suits you. Actually school is probably as good a place as any.
  8. Swell, I'm struggling to think of a logistics solution that doesn't take significantly more effort than just riding it out, parking in the cars for sale section, barrying with your good self and riding home when full to the brim of barry.
  9. Would you have room for my CL50 on your deck/a ramp long enough to push it up?
  10. May as well. I'll put it on the calendar.
  11. @yoeddynzusually makes an appearance. I guess I'll take my CL50 out there if it hasn't sold by then. I had a pretty good clean out last year so all my other treasures are being hoarded.
  12. Love your work BTW, this is one of my favourite OS projects. The 4x4/720/Kingcab combo makes me swoon even in stock form.
  13. I reckon there's a few products here that aren't in the aliexpress café racer thread? Would be good to add them as I hope to be doing some shopping if the CL50 sells, what size is your headlight? I think I need a 7"...
  14. There's a & $400 SJ50 in Tauranga...don't ask how I know. Or a $500 CT110 with no plate...
  15. Great minds think alike. I've been on the hunt for something similar for a while. Tempted to WR250R as I haven't spotted one as lovely as yours and just rock the wof/rego on hold until it gets to 40 years old in 2048...