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  1. The Ender 3 Pro is great for the $, but I reckon the max bed temp is closer to 80-85 degrees by the time the build plate is attached.
  2. Was a solid turn out for a mid-winter meet! I'll let Alex post the photo shoot...
  3. I'm picking an Avenger on a Landcruiser chassis with a V10 diesel engine....
  4. I'm now away the following weekend, so if I play my cards right I'll ride over with you guys and Maungatapu home...
  5. You just need to get a key, and pay a $100 refundable deposit. Really straightforward, @JustHarryand @Mof drove over it in support of the Molesworth Melee.
  6. @ThePog could use it as an excuse to Dynafari over the Maungatapu. Unfortunately, if the weather is good I'm doing the Rameka/hanging out in Golden Bay.
  7. I like the way that you write so clearly, and photograph so well that there is plenty of information for someone to follow the process along at home with their own vehicle.
  8. I rode to my first ever oldschool meet on an RMX50, from Nelson to Kaikoura. I miss that bike! @anglia4 and @governorsam were there too. I'm pretty sure I averaged 10L/100km for the return trip...
  9. @Truenotch this is enough notice to start the grovelling. I need to do some sums - East of Masterton is basically uncharted terrain so the pine is real.
  10. @Chunky_tmentioned this... I meet the pre-requisites (other than riding ability). Maybe I just commit...what day do you reckon you'll leave from Palmy? There is a part of me that would love to ride from Nelson and ignore the dirty looks when I request unpaid leave...
  11. Does it run? Have you got plates you can steal off something else? Boom Molesworth-able @Chunky_tproved you don't need much else!
  12. It's a 2A from a Tercel apparently.
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