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  1. Nelson folk keen on a passenger? I could ride down otherwise, @yoeddynz, @scooters, @ThePog. I'm not sure who else might be interested.
  2. Clubsport may have been driven by a Mum with kids in the back... Anglia is nicely balanced, so much grip at both ends. I should have worn ear plugs, a few hours in the Anglia took me a few days for the ringing to stop. Bring a Valiant next year!
  3. Matt took it down to Chch back in March where it beat a Mitsubishi Colt...
  4. Seems like a religion of a kind. First ride with an old mate who lives KTM, has an 1190, a 640 Adventure and a 200EXC. What did he ride on Sunday you ask? His mrs's xt225 as the KTMs all needed work.
  5. Interesting, my students build model hill climb vehicles as a project where the ramp approaches vertical. It is basically an optimisation project with gearing, weight, centre of gravity (amongst other things). They really only have time to develop 3 or 4 iterations in a term that includes learning Inventor (they are only 15 too!). I've done some brief reading, I wonder if we could combine the data from across the class to develop a hypothetical best combo. Is there a Taguchi for dummys beyond reading Wikipedia? /sorry for thread hijack!
  6. Yeah, we had 10 teams this year, took 4 up to Nationals from Nelson, 2 of our teams won events, so worthwhile coming up. Getting the hang of getting parts cheaper than Les, so if you're after anything let me know and I can share the links with you.
  7. Oh dear, another workshop teacher! We've probably met at an Evolocity event.
  8. Has anyone done small engine EFI? I enquired with Ecotrons and they want US$1599 for a kit suitable for my FT500, Aliexpress has a similar looking kit for about 1/3 the price from the Super Turbo store which is a lot more appealing.
  9. A mate shot a documentary there a few years back about the Lord Howe Island stick insect called "Stuck on a Rock". Sounded pretty hard case.
  10. Brushless front wheels are great for flat lands but a little average when it comes to hills. Mid drive is great as you can run through the existing drivetrain to adjust gearing.
  11. Some pretty amazing cars here at chrome if you're not up to anything this weekend. Out at Ruapuna.
  12. Yeah, I hadn't even heard of the event. @mattj with the rotary Anglia from Nelson will be heading down too.
  13. Is anyone else going to Chrome on the 8/9th of March? We're trailering down my brother's 180SX Type S/X as it won't quite have cert.
  14. Lock it in, I'll pop it outside so you can collect sometime on your way through Richmond.
  15. I have an umbrella that mounts to an arm which you could clamp to your deck...would need a couple of decent g-clamps.