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  1. Rode my pushbike to work for the first time this week, appointment to see the surgeon tomorrow to get the all clear to start physio. WR250R is now paid off so I can start eyeing up other options. If anyone is keen on my FT500 project (rego on hold) I'd love to exchange it for a lifan'd (or similar) beauty.
  2. You mean the F1 cars going past while @tortron packs the bags in record time?
  3. http://www.speedhunters.com/2012/12/vintage-daily-bensopra-cedric/
  4. Interesting project, there was a white one of these with pale blue airbrushing with SR20DET in Dunedin in the early 00s on Enkei Tarmac Evos. Looked like a death trap!
  5. I'll be on a WR250R at the moment, there's no way my body will be up to a small small bike unless I heal super quick!
  6. I'd be happy to give it a shot if they actually work, was thinking of giving one of these a try too. Being 5ft 2 in a modern soap block car.
  7. Good observation, she doesn't technically aim for the gutter, it just feels like it when you run the spokes of alloys across the kerb once every couple of months.
  8. Going on a 2GR-FE powered Toyota Mark X Zio, having said that it doesn't get driven like a race car as handling is towards comfort. Price isn't really the purpose, a meaty side wall that my wife can crash into curbs with glee is the idea...The brakes should be easily cleared with 16s as the 2AZ model has the same brakes AFAIK.
  9. Keeping on topic of tyres, I'm looking at these for my family wagon as my wife has a habit of parking by feel. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2834853803 Stud pattern and centre bore are identical, offset is slightly weaker, 45 vs 39. Stock is 18x7.5 vs these are 16x6. Load rating is quite different as they're obviously off a Hiace and a 'light commercial tyre' Tell me why I shouldn't do it...
  10. My folks have just picked up one of these. I know ugly AF, but at least they got the bumper sprayed to match the rest of it... https://www.toyota.co.nz/new-car/hiace/HIACE-HSHA-SI2/?skuCode=HIACE-HSHA-SI2-058-11# The major issue is that apparently they can't remove the rear seats without creating issues for the curtain airbags in the rear. The reality is that the seats in the rear is a once or twice a year kind of thing and it will be used as a trades van 99% of the time. Can we make up a plug to fool the airbag computer into thinking the seats are still there? Or is it a little more complicated than just detecting that the seats are occupied? Cheers, Will
  11. Good idea - I haven't stayed in a campground here since I was 8 so others will have a better idea on where will put up with us the best!
  12. Yep the very same - hopefully in March the weather will be more suitable for outdoors port and cheese. Blenheim has Rarangi campsite here https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/marlborough/places/blenheim-area/things-to-do/campsites/rarangi-campsite/ (I've never actually been here @yoeddynzor @ChrisQCR?) Nelson is a little more problematic, the Tahunanui campground while being pretty mainstream has a 'green zone' https://tahuna.nz/accommodation/green-zone Looks like we'd have to book tent sites in a max group size of 6, but is $132 for a group of 6 at a non-powered site, or people could book cabins or whatever?