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  1. Batteries in tandem with one of these would be my pick then as I would get insurance fears with things plugged in long term attached to a fuel source. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3646442297
  2. NZ$ 82.35 55%OFF | 30V 10A Laboratory Power Supply Digital Display Adjustable Switching DC Power Supply Voltage Regulator 220 V /110 V New Arrivals https://a.aliexpress.com/_mM5FeCa what about flagging the batteries and running one of these? We run them at work as laptop chargers as way cheaper than multiple laptop chargers. I assume the the 24V is just running a fan?
  3. If I can get my bike up and back I could wrangle this I reckon. Pellets looked like a good option from the Auckland crew. I wonder if @ThePog will be ready by then. Front end disc conversion started yesterday on the NBC110...
  4. How big is it? I know a good local home for these kind of things...
  5. A good mate of mine has become a horsey spouse over the past few years. The float is a tandem axle, with braked axle, 5 stud with a 5" PCD. What are the (hopefully) 14" wheel options, and does anyone have a pair or more available?
  6. Drove 2GRFE family wagon from Nelson to Hanmer yesterday, 7.0L/100km is pretty respectable. Now that we have Milly the K11 it doesn't get driven around town at all.
  7. Good work! I have no idea, @RUNAMUCKwill sort it out, but to be honest your support, and the roads being open is probably the deciding factor. I've just finished my repairs /upgrades.
  8. Our local car club spotted this strategy so banned anything Rally or M+S. 7mm tread supercats hook up pretty well and will last 17 seasons...
  9. Mines got a slow boat from Japan coming with parts. Are they from Anaconda?
  10. Front or rear? I haven't done an audit yet, @slacker.cams rear wheel was an eye opener. Down to one mirror plus alloy mx bars
  11. The NBC110 is the bike of the future... One on TM in Chch at the moment. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3501380814 Here is mine getting naked...
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