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  1. Good luck with that let me know how you get on. My last dealing was something along the lines of "we can get you a seat for $2.5K/year, +$500/student machine". They couldn't understand why I didn't want to spend 5 times my years budget on just the software I'd need to teach my courses.
  2. I'm now pencilled in for a new hip the week before so I won't make it for the first time. Sorry for the lack of commitment!
  3. Not an engineer either, Fusion doesn't make you do = first. One of my favourite Fusion things is setting variables, so as you tweak a design it updates everything for you. Ie material of v1 was 3mm thick, everytime you're referencing that thickness in the design just call it 't', if in v27 you want to increase that to 6mm you can just change the value of 't' and your design is updated without having to tweak each dimension. To be honest I'm only moving from Inventor to Fusion, so it's not a huge leap and a tonne more user friendly at the level of complexity we do at school. Moving away from parts and assemblies has been awesome. Two things I can't do in Fusion yet. Multi 'color' sketches within a single sketch, this is great for using with the laser cutter. And a gear calculator that lets you keep the centre distance fixed, while changing the gear ratio which is awesome for prototyping. I'll keep Inventor for those two tricks before I completely jump ship.
  4. Sounds perfect, both from the perspective I'm a better CAD user than a fabricator. Annnnnd I do love to a kick a tyre towards a pipe dream...
  5. I may have missed it, but who is doing the printing?
  6. https://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/personal I haven't used Onshape to be fair. But Fusion is free for education use and allows me to do everything I want...
  7. Rough paint, perfect wheels is the dream....
  8. Yeah I haven't had a huge amount of experience in the past 20 years of fibreglassing. Will try and do a decent job, flat bar should help pull the front straight too which will help with alignment. Good thing Kings Birthday is coming up!
  9. Bit the bullet and drilled the rivets out, this was the treat underneath. Will try repair the damaged material, then find some of those!
  10. Good out of the box thinking. Will have a Bunnings peruse....
  11. Unfortunately can't get to the back side. Also now not sure how much is bodge, and how much is NZ made 'bespoke'...
  12. Next random spam tech question, currently trying to unbodge my caravan. What do I replace rivets with going into fibreglass? Some are starting to pull through, just go up a size? Or rivnuts or...
  13. Kinda close is good enough. Kids are pretty damn clever (some anyway!). Currently projects are an oblique wing RC plane, autonomous lawn mower, laminar flow water tank for testing boat hulls, someone monitoring and transmitting water temperatures at a remote river spot plus a bunch more mundane things... Our major issue is getting stakeholders that are interested. And access to the equipment needed to prototype. 18 years of me saying "when you're rich and famous, I'll still be here, come and donate us some gear!" has to start paying dividends at some point.
  14. Good idea, what would some ball park figures for setup and cut time be? Ponoko is something I used years ago but had forgotten about, thanks @h4nd
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