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  1. I found installing the airbox first then filter then clamping was the easiest way. They do sound good though, not too loud
  2. I have an ali one for my Dax. Bike isnt running yet but build quality seems good https://flic.kr/p/2htBH7y Oh I did breifly mount it on my other bike, it isnt quiet but is better than no muffler
  3. I didn't sell it for much, $4600 or something. Did it pop up for sale? Apparently blew a headgasket after Damien sold it. And would have some rust requiring attention by now
  4. I cant help but feel a front guard and a lower seat would improve this x1million. Or full fairings
  5. Asked my sister in law who works at Taneatua petrol station if she remembered 40ish small bikes pass through. She wasnt working that day but got told all about it. Much wtf from the locals
  6. Two tyres the same size make a good bit of difference
  7. So a Dax update, have been slowly accumulating parts and then stripped it right down, got some more cracks in the frame welded up and began the painting process. Conveniently I was working night shift (no one else in the workshop) and we have a large oven that is meant for baking varnish onto electric motors Left it to sit for a while then started making it look like a bike again Still a long way to go, lots of little jobs like tidying up the original badges
  8. Thanks to @Raizer I got some Honda Gyro front shocks (already shorter than spacy by 10mm) then shortened the shock a further 20mm. At this stage I havnt cut the spring, its just got more preload to make it stiffer. The rear still isnt lowered (apart from when I sit on it), but need to sort out a kick stand instead of center stand as it drags a bit much even at this height. Once Ive sorted that then should be able to get it a bit lower Pic from previous page for reference Other than that, still just using it daily to get to work and its going sweet. Knocking sound from previous post was loose bolts holding center of the rear wheels to the rim
  9. Am still working on lowering it (too many projects), wont be that low so I can retain some ridability but will see what I can do. It developed a knocking sound from possibly the gear train today so hopefully nothing serious
  10. Still using the Spacy as a daily (still not registered.....) and have got the Chaly running pretty good, 38 idle Jet, 82main and the needle one clip up from the bottom. Apart from being a bit obnoxiously loud its pretty good. And into the Dax, got a new seat and exhaust from webike, discarded the muffler that came with that and attached a Supertrapp Replica from aliexpress. Also have a 120/90-10 tyre on the back to check it was all going to fit. Chain will be a tight fit but hopefully ok
  11. Finally got the Chaly running with new exhaust/carb/head Had got sidetracked when I only noticed one of the intake manifold threads was stripped after I swapped the head. So then ordered some threaded inserts off aliexpress that were M6 inner thread and M9 outer. Then once i had everything attached it just wouldnt start, no compression..... checked all the headgasket and things Id done and couldnt fault it but when kicking it over it would just chuff air and fuel back out the carb. Did some thinking and decided to check valve clearences (which id set before I put the head on) and dontcha know it, the intake valve was tight as. Loosened it up a bit and first kick it started. So now its running and have ridden it around the driveway, need to order some jets of ali to get it right, idle jet seems a bit big and a unknown size, main jet is a 75 at the moment which shouldnt be far off. Have been using the spacy as my daily for the last 7 weeks or so (probably should register it...) and apart from blocking the carb a couple times it been good. Quite fun to ride and offers a bit more wind protection on the cold mornings than the DJ1 ever did. Hopefully be able to commit some finances to getting the Dax finished by the end of the year
  12. Cool, at least they still look good. Im looking for tyres for mine and options for 215/45 are fairly average/expensive
  13. What size tyres do you have on this? The factory, hard to find 215/45R16?
  14. Break the bank and order a twincam head! Cant wait to see this complete