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  1. Finally got the Chaly running with new exhaust/carb/head Had got sidetracked when I only noticed one of the intake manifold threads was stripped after I swapped the head. So then ordered some threaded inserts off aliexpress that were M6 inner thread and M9 outer. Then once i had everything attached it just wouldnt start, no compression..... checked all the headgasket and things Id done and couldnt fault it but when kicking it over it would just chuff air and fuel back out the carb. Did some thinking and decided to check valve clearences (which id set before I put the head on) and dontcha know it, the intake valve was tight as. Loosened it up a bit and first kick it started. So now its running and have ridden it around the driveway, need to order some jets of ali to get it right, idle jet seems a bit big and a unknown size, main jet is a 75 at the moment which shouldnt be far off. Have been using the spacy as my daily for the last 7 weeks or so (probably should register it...) and apart from blocking the carb a couple times it been good. Quite fun to ride and offers a bit more wind protection on the cold mornings than the DJ1 ever did. Hopefully be able to commit some finances to getting the Dax finished by the end of the year
  2. Break the bank and order a twincam head! Cant wait to see this complete
  3. Finished assembly and took it for its maiden voyage around the block. Acceleration is pretty average but once it gets into top gear it goes pretty good. Need to adjust idle as once warm it wants to stall
  4. Yea, the Dash is pretty much what made me want this. And it even all works!
  5. So my engine turned up from Japan last week, assembled it all on Sunday and last night acheived its first start
  6. Been meaning to do the waikaremoana trip at some stage by car so perfect excuse. May not be a winter trip though, will see how weather/life goes and if nobody has done a recce will do so and report back. Id imagine there will be next to nothing re:gas after murupara and before gisborne? Will see how the mrs is closer to the time before I can commit to the ride, may have Dax done by then also depending how carried away I get with the spacy
  7. Im keen to do a rece of the murupara to gizzy bit. But wont be for a couple months probably so may not be of use. Doubt I will have a suitable bike for the trip by then however
  8. Its the stock height pretty much (its on the stand so sitting slightly higher) but I do have a plan to lower it once Ive got it running.
  9. I hadnt even thought of that. Not really in the habit of naming vehicles. But how can i not
  10. Fitted the wheels to spacy to see how it looked. Not bad I reckon
  11. LED lamps will likely blow as most scooters run the headlights off the ac circuit
  12. Yea tend to be just a few common sizes generally stamped inside the drum
  13. Most common fault ive found with electric start is brushes on the starter or a poked start relay. Brakes, might just need adjusting, might need new pads. For $30 id just replace the pads as if its been sitting forma while the brake material could have fallen off the shoe
  14. Havnt really achived much with any project, waiting for Spacy engine to arrive but have beadblasted rims, painted and fitted new tyres (thanks to mr Mopednz Callum) Chaly is waiting for parts to arrive, Dax is waiting for funds for parts, DJ1 is being used daily but will possibly be sold once spacy is reliable