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  1. Nah dont need any of the window writing, clean it all if you want. Theres a good list of all the documents you need to have on the NZTA website
  2. I had one of these, it always used to leak around the drivers side rear window in the rain. No doubt has rusted away by now
  3. I think I understand what you are explaining, basically that you will have 2x fuses supplying one device? A 5A fuse supplying a 2A fuse. There isnt anything wrong with that other that a bit OTT but due to the parts you have on hand why not.
  4. Check the voltage across the battery with the car running, should be 13.8 - 14.2
  5. 1NZ seem to have a following in smallish jetboats in NZ, have seen a few around
  6. Have you investigated as to if a Permatrim might aid the performance of the motor on a tinny?
  7. Looks and sounds great, definitely a complete package that you have built
  8. That brings back memories, my parents had a 1986 model, manual, silver. Bought it ex demo or something, dealer refused to take a trade in on the mk3 cortina wagon it was replacing. They had it till 2001 or something, eventually ended its life in the hands of the kawerau dog club. Dad impounded it on night shift(he was a cop out there) after clocking it doing 160kph
  9. I found installing the airbox first then filter then clamping was the easiest way. They do sound good though, not too loud
  10. I have an ali one for my Dax. Bike isnt running yet but build quality seems good https://flic.kr/p/2htBH7y Oh I did breifly mount it on my other bike, it isnt quiet but is better than no muffler
  11. I didn't sell it for much, $4600 or something. Did it pop up for sale? Apparently blew a headgasket after Damien sold it. And would have some rust requiring attention by now
  12. I cant help but feel a front guard and a lower seat would improve this x1million. Or full fairings
  13. Asked my sister in law who works at Taneatua petrol station if she remembered 40ish small bikes pass through. She wasnt working that day but got told all about it. Much wtf from the locals
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