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  1. *some of this may be a repost I grew up on a farm, and I'm a guy, so I looooove burning shit. I got the end off a lpg tanker a while back to build a brazier. It was big so I gave it a haircut to make it more manageable. I have been using it to convert everything I can get my hands onto into heat. In fact, my property has never been so free of rubbish. Today I put humpty back together again with the intention of disappearing some dying hedge trees. I welded some tabs to the top half so it locates on the bottom and drilled a 10mm bolt hole in each to keep it there so I can move it easily with the tractor. Should do the trick.
  2. But how will you do big vrod burnouts if you can't hold the front brake at the same time
  3. This is a much bigger job than the photos show! I did a nosey drive by the other day and saw it was nearly done. Looks mint.
  4. Drain the carbs after the meeting and refill with petrol. Then when you get to the track next week, enjoy the instant start and crisp high idle as your 16:1 comp engine runs right on the edge of knock. Then just as your envious competitors womble over to see how you got it to start so easily, and run without Italian tune up amounts of throttle, flick the fuel pump on and the idle will drop back to the typical methanol idle, albeit not as bad due to the glowing plugs and hot chambers from the brief burst on petrol.
  5. ill come if i can get a ride down in a Mazda
  6. Is that the new plymouth jokers? They are down the street from work. We have had mostly good results from them at work. Have used Robinson instruments with success also. Seem like knowledgeable barries with poor website skillz
  7. Spray brake clean backwards throught he injectors while powering them up to get any shit out too
  8. Looks like raising the hanger bearing would be pretty easy. How much more penetration do you need into the box? Can you make a 30-50mm spacer with a male and female spigot to go into the front of the diff flange to space the shaft forward? If you do it at the same time as the hanger move it will look 'stock' too
  9. Have you got the rubber/plastic bits on top of the springs inside the crossmember? Mayne you have them both on 1 side or 1 missing
  10. I ground a chunk of steel to hammer into the nut to free it up Then had to cut all of the rubber off the old hanger and press the bearing off. The new one should have gone straight on and I blindly slapped it on with the F facing the front. However, the F is supposed to face the back and the price was jammed on. It took a hour to get it off without fucking it. Fortunately the new bearing came with a new nut as that was fucked too. Haha. Reinstalled the driveshaft and also a trigger wheel to get driveshaft speed for the ecu and 4wd controller I am going to run.
  11. Spent the last few nights in the shed on the premise of getting a datsun ready to go to nats, but got a bit sidetracked on this. Speedo fixed Then I removed the driveshaft to swap for the less 2nd hand one I have in stock. While I was in there I noticed the rear diff cover had been leaking and was covered in shit and thought I better do something about it now rather than later when it runs out of oil. I whipped the back cover off and spent hours with a Stanley blade shaving the original paper gasket that had set like rock. The drain plug magnet was broken into a few bits so that got replaced with a donor from a smashed gearbox. Then I needed to replace the centre bearing on the driveshaft. It's a cnut of a job.
  12. Yes 30 and 87 Have you got it wired up as per the pic? Maybe move the yellow wire to ign. The relay hasn't got any trickery in it where it auto cuts out as it warms up. Maybe your yellow wire which is now sense if you have jumped it as per above, hasn't got a great connection to 12v. Plus it will always be on as its connected to battery and ground.
  13. It goes past 180 and keeps going to the zero stop. Maybe that one time I went to Mexico and spent some time there, it loaded up the cable too much.
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