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  1. You can also loop your test wire through the clamp to increase the reading if your meter does not go low enough. Eg loop it 10 times through the clamp to move the decimal place by 1
  2. fletch

    New Plym Boes ZOIP

    Yea that place is actually middle of nowhere. On the side of the mountain so when it rains, it rains. It's not a shortcut to anywhere so only like 5 cars a day go up it. Probably 15mins to new Plymouth.
  3. fletch

    New Plym Boes ZOIP

  4. fletch

    New Plym Boes ZOIP

    I'm in the souf isle then, but belt road campground is great. Right next to the sea, and the walkway which takes you to town and along the beaches. Etc etc etc
  5. fletch

    Fletch's 1974 Datsun 260c Wagon

    I also got a new friend for the wagon! just need a coupe now right? Its the best starting L series i have ever seen, low kays, been in a shed 15 years, immaculate interior. Undecided if i will keep it. might start a build thread
  6. fletch

    Fletch's 1974 Datsun 260c Wagon

    next step is the head. i have been gathering up parts for a while. some manifolds and carbs etc here chose a manifold to run and started matching up the ports and chambers Got a couple sets of carbs and rebuild kits, but decided that efi was the way to go, so gutted a pair of them, pressed in some aluminum and bored the centre out. Have fitted some injectors but havent taken pics yet. hope to finish the head in the next week, and get it to the shop for a skim. I got to get my act together, the family is coming with me to chch for nzdatsun nats in october!
  7. fletch

    Fletch's 1974 Datsun 260c Wagon

    whoa, a year later... so i got the bottom end together But to get to this point took a few steps back and forward. I opened up the combustion chamber a bit and it turned out i would be around 12.5:1 comp which is not daily driver material. The bore spacing of the head chambers to the bores is lol so i had to mark each one to the head. The head gasket is also terrible spacing, but some guy in the us is getting cometic to make him a custom one to his design so ill try and buy one of them Gave the piston a bit of dish to drop the comp a little. Not sure if we did it the right way, but it worked out sweet
  8. Gave it a wash and drove up to auckland a few weeks back. Came up pretty shiny. Fitted some new shocks to go with the reduced suspension travel and its lush again. Had a few funny issues at first and stopped and gave all the spade terminals on the coil/ballast resistor and away she went. Sat on 70mph the whole way, even passed a car up the mahoenui hill at more than 70 Also, gotta catch em all!
  9. Got the ok for this. Saw a couple of mudbug 125's lying in the grass by dads cowshed last month. He thinks 1 of them is a runner. I suppose I'll need rego and a plate right?
  10. How about a Hitachi SU? Aka flat top from 260z? They have an accelerator pump. People think they are shit, but they are just 40 years old and need a re kit.
  11. fletch

    Brake imbalance

    Has it got abs? Might need 'cycling' to free it up?
  12. fletch

    SR20DE -> SR20DET ECU wiring

    Look up nico club forum. They had all the fsm's for all the different years and models I did the same on heaps of rb's 10-15 years ago and it was usually just a few pins difference. I think it's way easier to have the correct loom if you are trying to run a stock ecu as there are sometimes random resistors taped into the loom in different models
  13. Are the brake lines to the cylinders metric or imperial? Pre 71 cedrics had imperial fittings. 71 on had metric.
  14. fletch

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Snap off every 2nd tooth?