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  1. It could be working, it could not be. Best way to check is to monitor the charge light and see if it goes on and off etc, or if it stays off. Though, you have a BMS with a separate port for charging right? and it charges when you first plug it in right? In which case the BMS should be working fine. Thje charge port isnt connected to the battery pack unless the BMS connects it, so if it charges, the BMS should be working... What BMS did you get? Because the one i found that looks like the one you have doesnt actually have a balance feature, so might be worth checking if your has it or not. Initial charge is a cunt, especially with mismatched cells, as i assume you didnt check capacity or internal resistance of each cell before building a pack right? If you have access to a lab power supply, just charge each bank individually by setting the power supply to 4.2V with a 1A current limit or something like that, and let them all charge individually and 'top balance' the pack that way. Once they are all charged and balanced, they should be fine. Or If you're worried, get a Daly BMS. They have fantastic reviews and have a balance feature. You can also get one of these: active balancers which will start transferring charge between neighbouring cells if the difference is more than 0.1V, which might be nice to have. Plenty of reviews online that say they dont work, but plenty that say they do. I have 2 at home, and both work flawlessly.
  2. I'll take a 2XL Orange if i can (white print, i know, i dont care) but will take black if CBF
  3. Sweet, that will just be a current limited power supply, so when the BMS disconnects the charger, the current stops flowing so the light will go green. Wait a bit for the BMS to pull one of the cells down, and it will (should) turn the charge back on and the light will go red again. If it does that, then you're in business.
  4. so a BMS like that will only have a shunt of 55mA or something teeny like that. So to discharge a cell thats over volt will take a long ass time, and you need it on charge for hours. Especially first time to balance them all. Make sure its kinda working though by making sure you have power on the output, and the BMS is actually working, or else it will not protect the cells when charging and you might kill a few. Though if any of the cells measure too low it wont turn on, so it could be working without the output being on. When you say it switched off, was that the charger saying it was done? or did the BMS cut it off? or you turned it off? What is the charger? Just a current limited power supply? or something more fancy? other option is just using a smaller single cell charger to charge each set of cells of 4.2V and when charged do the next and so forth to 'top balance' all the cells in the pack, and then hope for the best after that.
  5. I didnt realise wagnats was optional KK. Once you go whag... Plus it's simple math... 1 > 0, therefore you must come plus no way any man (or woman) could contain that much enthusiasm on ice for that much time... SEE YOU THERE!!!
  6. Thursday morning for me most likely. Maybe arrive late Wednesday but probably not
  7. i assumed that would be the reply Nothing wrong with that format. Bring on the shit yarns and swimming
  8. it was actually every second to last Wednesday of the month
  9. with the ace number of people making it these days, would it possibly be a good idea to schedule meal prep? or is that too much thinking for wagnats? I like the idea of being able to sample all the things when they are spread out, and possibly even being able to limit cooking (and cleaning) to once or twice all wagnats... but i also like the chill vibe where the only thing thats planned is having a good time... this sword sure has two edges
  10. are you going full weirdo and capacity test each cell, then check the self discharge rate before building a pack? or just assuming they are all similar enough and give zero fucks?
  11. Im pretty sure the yellow jackson trailer was 100kg heavier at the end of that run, just from dust! Glad i didnt have to clean it
  12. Oh man! What a weekend! What a weekend!!! Thanks all for being lovely chaps and thanks shadow garage dudes for sorting this stuff out! So much greatness and such beautiful roads!!