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  1. Ned

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    the pull up holds the line HIGH when the switch is open. Imagine the resistor is basically a spring holing the input signal high. Then when you press the switch, it pulls the line directly to ground, and the spring stretches. Then when you let go, the spring pulls it back high. So when you press the switch, it is the falling edge you want.
  2. Ned

    WAGNATS 2020 - Feb 6 - 9

    fuck, reading 2020 in that post filled me with instant dread! is it really 2020 soon? :'( the old is definitely setting in! where did 1999 go? i liked 1999!
  3. Ned

    Last orders at Mercury Plaza

    im keen but thursday seems a little soon/hard i mean, theoretically, i COULD do it @UTERUS if you were keen.... day trip and disguise it as a work trip but seems hard
  4. Ned

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    hey man. 3v3 does not go directly to ground, it goes to a resistor, which goes to a cap to ground, and to another resistor to ground. It doesnt go directly to ground. You understand what a resistor does right? thats a pretty simple circuit and should work just fine...? i think i'd prefer it without the 1k resistor myself, so when you press the switch the cap instantly discharges, and keeps the pin low during bouncing while the cap charges? but thats just a feeling without trying any of it myself with a scope to see if that actually works that way. that way will remove some weird noise and false triggering, and will do a bit for debouncing. It really just slows down the button press, which works as debouncing
  5. Ned

    New Plym Boes ZOIP

    this event interests me. Havent been to a hawkes boes for quite some years...
  6. someone should build a tiny scooter teardrop
  7. i commend you for keeping this tradition alive my friend!
  8. a $60 warehouse tent over the top?
  9. wow. Been a while! this car still goes, and is actually the only car i own these days... Since the last updates, it has run 2 or 3 OS Drag Days, where it would just do run after run after run! like 30 runs in a day, and is just sooo much fun! slow... but fun! It has also been on a number of fun trips that im going to share with you now, and has proven to be a capable trow beast! BUT It also has done a lot of not-driving. 2 diffs and 2 gearboxes in 12 months? so we're pretty good friends with AA (plus) and theres been a fair bit of this But, it's all worth it! because days like this are hard to beat! We have some plans though... Great plans! And the 'final' piece fell into place today.... I have in my garage a shortened Hilux LSD with disk brakes, buying, today, a K-T bell housing, and in slackercams shed is a T50 with my name on it... Plan is to install all of that before drag day, and hopefully i wont smash all my driveline gear again which is great, because then i have no excuse to do other things to this car maybe one day... as i never wanted to do more mods as i was breaking diffs and gearbags already, so didnt wanna put any more power into it... Plus, i kinda like how fast/slow it is... its the right amount of fast you can beat on it on a daily drive around the block, and not get into too much trouble! but at the same time, triple digit HP numbers would be nice... Anyway, thats what we're up to. This car is my ONLY car, so that makes mods more fun... but i live in Taupo now, so cars are optional... plus partner has a car and i have a scooter, so she'll be right.
  10. Ned

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    why are you still dicking around with this? just buy a speeduino board, and start writing code... those ignition drivers all work etc as well as give you lots of other inputs you're going to need... or you doing it purely as an exercise on how to drive coils/learn something? I dont understand why you are using a fet to drive an IGBT to drive a coil, when you can just use a fet to drive the coil
  11. Ned

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    just post it here? or put it on dropbox/google drive and share us a link?
  12. nah, not yet. Was just doing the easy bits. I reall;y just wanted an excuse to get into the garage for the afternoon and didnt wanna pul;l TOO much off of it as i plan on riding it around regularly still