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  1. i assumed that would be the reply Nothing wrong with that format. Bring on the shit yarns and swimming
  2. it was actually every second to last Wednesday of the month
  3. with the ace number of people making it these days, would it possibly be a good idea to schedule meal prep? or is that too much thinking for wagnats? I like the idea of being able to sample all the things when they are spread out, and possibly even being able to limit cooking (and cleaning) to once or twice all wagnats... but i also like the chill vibe where the only thing thats planned is having a good time... this sword sure has two edges
  4. are you going full weirdo and capacity test each cell, then check the self discharge rate before building a pack? or just assuming they are all similar enough and give zero fucks?
  5. Im pretty sure the yellow jackson trailer was 100kg heavier at the end of that run, just from dust! Glad i didnt have to clean it
  6. Oh man! What a weekend! What a weekend!!! Thanks all for being lovely chaps and thanks shadow garage dudes for sorting this stuff out! So much greatness and such beautiful roads!!
  7. My location for the 3% of the drive where we have service See my real-time location on Maps:
  8. Me and sparky enjoying somengas station curry which is a solid 8.5/10 at ohope top 10
  9. Google has a cool feature of sharing location... It allows me to share a link which will be active for 72 hours that shows where i am. I will start this on the morning of the ride and ask one of the big wigs to chuck it in the first post or something. Alternatively, if you PM me with your gmail address, (chuck in a full name and maybe phone number if you like) i will add you to my contacts and will share my live location with you directly, and a little pop up will just appear on google maps to show where i am( as long as i have cell coverage etc). You can also just add me, neilvangeffen at and request my location via google maps Would be handy if the other support cars could do this also if they have an android device? Be able to check where we all are? I for one would love to see 40 odd dots on my map all weekend TBH... How To
  10. you want narrowest as well to make sure the logo doesnt get cut up? #notawagon
  11. i would like 2 if non wags are allowed to purrrr-chase edited to say 2, because 3 seemed a little silly...
  12. kinda. Mine says no rain, but only 24 degree highs (9 at night)
  13. I've had my hand up since May as support vehicle, so a little late now to try change my plans.... Happy to take a passenger, as long as they like vengaboys