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  1. im excited about wagnats Bring it on! And you should come next time Tom!
  2. i drool over this project so much.... just wanted to say keep those updates coming!
  3. Steeb, i saw this and made you a knight rider scan bar. Please fit it to the car ASAP! not even joking
  4. Bottom of the north island
  5. Ooh, that looks pretty!
  6. I have some extractors but they run through a shit exhaust, so that and cooling is on the cards, and wanna so something else so decided a cam would be a good idea
  7. Nah, can't be done. Have to use antiquated push rod non cross flow engine sorry
  8. Its running a microsquirt, so can log whatever you like really What should i be logging to figure out whats going on? oh, and Richy, dont think that hasnt crossed my mind at least 7 times (a day)
  9. I can currently happily take it to 5500. Rev limit set to just shy of 6000 it think and seems happy to be there as well, just no point as it makes so little power there. And yes, they do us the same rods as a 7A. Just in case it wasnt clear, i'm not looking to build an 8000rpm screamer, but it would be nice to make power until 5500, maybe even 6000 Basically, i just want a cheap simple way of adding a little power for not too much money before summer/Drag Day in a couple months
  10. Cheers roman! I wanna stay with the current single throttle, but thanks for the offer It's an 1800 cc 4cyl Bore of 80.5 mm and stroke of 87.5 mm (essentially making it a stroked 5K with a slightly wider and taller block) I have no idea about compression ratio sorry, or valve lift but i'll see what i can find. Peak torque was around the mid to high 2000's i believe? about 2600 or 2800 from memory? was a pretty nice flat curve though if i recall and peak HP at 4400
  11. so.... i want more power. Last time i had a 7K on the dyno, she didnt make any power over 5000rpm, and peaked at 4400 or something. (a mighty 45kw). Up until the 4400, the curve looked good, and i kinda want to extend that curve a bit by 1000rpm or so and make some more power up there. 1) How do i go about figuring out what to get? i'm guessing i can't just call the cam guy and say "give me the thing i want!" and get the right thing. 2) Am i going to run into issues with the valve springs? Also pretty sure its hydraulic lifters, that going to be a problem? This is my first internal engine modification, so i basically know nothing. I've heard plenty of things, and can make myself sound knowledgeable and can speculate like the best of them, but kinda want some expert advice before i jump down the rabbit hole This is the "perfect outcome" in my head (excuse the high accuracy graphs) black is current, green is what i want Possible? or am i dreaming?
  12. I've heard about this... Glad to see pictures as it really shows the scale of it all. You're one crazy crazy man! Keep it up!
  13. Its so loud/perfect!
  14. I was able to see the pics this morning, and got through the first 2 pages until it stopped working. Keen to see the rest, your shits amazing!