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  1. pretty stoked with spirit of Wagnats TBH! I passed my prize onto Lexy, as she was the real MVP in that situation
  2. When are you coming back to wagnats Jamie? Also, kk was right, it doesn't burn. #betterlivingeveryone
  3. Car packed, still need to find some clean undies and go meal prep shopping
  4. You coming!? Be cool to catch up, been a while! I really hope lexy let's me go haha. It's hard getting free time with a newborn in the house haha, especially since lexy joked about going and leaving me home with baby hahaha! Should have some new sleeping quarters too (sorry still not a wagon [yet])
  5. Still no wagon, and not even an old car anymore but as long as Volvos are allowed, im going to assume the rules are pretty lax
  6. Aliexpress has loads of options just saying
  7. I can make you some mate. Have a few designs on file already ive been making for some local businesses
  8. Fuck yeah! Nice! I found some sheets of 3660x1830 or something like that. Ended up with a torsion box table 3500x1750x200. Pretty bloody heavy haha! But for $50, thats a fucking win! Bet he'll want stuff CNCed every week for $50 now
  9. nice! thats what im looking for as well, something that size! Pretty sure those are pretty terrible for vac tables... Probably need proper vac pump to actually hold anything down...
  10. sweet! how many watts? i keep seeing some cheap ones pop up, but are only 750W and im hoping for a big one! Shop vac works ace my little CNC, but keen to plumb all my things into one unit. also, BIG fan of cyclones! oh my, my cheap china one does a 10/10 job! and stops you sucking big things through the impeller of your vacuum haha
  11. also, fasttrade is amaze balls for fasteners in general. online website with pricing and deliver quick etc will trade again and again and again
  12. you can add a 4th servo to the device, and spin the marker around 180deg and have an eraser on the end, and trace the same path it wrote for the last number, and write the new one
  13. i really want to make one now haha. Seems fun!
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