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  1. we just upgraded the work car to twin spinner.... keen to see if it'll spin them, though, as it gets upset when you double pedal
  2. look about ready for whagnats 2023 TBH
  3. Sounds good to me! I'll be staying at the BreakFree on Cashel, but i have a car there i think, so should be a-ok to go just about anywhere and have a dins/beer
  4. im gonna be in town next week Tue-Thu if anything is happening? Or happy with a dinner place recommendation tbh i dont know where im staying yet, so any area is free game for recommendations
  5. Anyone keen to try Rotorua? Try get Tauranga Whakatane and Taupo to all meet there?
  6. Surely you would ignore that, just like the flashing low battery sign on the screen
  7. oh man, you were so grump when the 3rd alternator was 'shit' hahaha
  8. mmm, that was yum! Good to see you peeps, lil baby needed sleep or could have yarned much longer about things other than EVs too In town a couple more days if any of you lot who think EVs are still 10 years away wanna have a hoon in 'mine' and see what all the fuss is about
  9. Me and Lexy will be there, and will have 2 small humans
  10. We have access to a little bit.... what you after?
  11. Me and Lexy are in town next week (Thu 15th to Sun 18th) would be nice to say hi and see some people if theres a meet on around that time of month?
  12. Hey all, I work for Drive EV now, and on top of selling EVs, we also service most of the lower North Island for Leaf firmware updates and language conversions etc. We have a few garages around the country where we go and set up for the day and service a few cars in that town, and we're getting more and more in the Hawkes Bay, so looking to see if anyone has a bay we can for a day use every so often? Ideally, we would like a place to pull a car inside, has a power point or two to run our gear from, and would be turbo nice if there was a "customer lounge" for someone to wait around while I did the updates. For other workshops this works in their favour as they can now offer our services to their customers and keep them from shopping around etc, but I can probably make sure the beer fridge gets a healthy injection of libations if need be or something along those lines. We don't do it as a money maker, we do it to keep customers happy really. Let me know if anyone has any ideas! xoxo Ned 021 413 423
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