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  1. that motobrain thing looks dead as a door nail.... no posts on facebook, reddit, no youtube videos etc
  2. I'm so excited for this! i've been doing some teardrop work the last couple weeks because summer etc gonna be great!
  3. You planning on designing a custom PCB for that now that you have a working solution? Looks bloody great
  4. or remove all the parts and just wire your china charger in instead? you have all the cell pins, temp and batt + and - there... just make an adapter so you can plug it into china one and call it good?
  5. I should be in town sat-sun 5th and 6th oct for some mercury plaza if anyone is keen to join me
  6. not the same as a KE, but in my KP i put a new feed and return into the stock plate, so tank is 100% original, just modified this bit Then i ran a filter and a pump externally, as well as some new lines for the feed and return. Another filter in the engine bay, and thats all really. works mint and was reasonably easy
  7. i have entered i have no bike see you in 3 months
  8. the pull up holds the line HIGH when the switch is open. Imagine the resistor is basically a spring holing the input signal high. Then when you press the switch, it pulls the line directly to ground, and the spring stretches. Then when you let go, the spring pulls it back high. So when you press the switch, it is the falling edge you want.
  9. fuck, reading 2020 in that post filled me with instant dread! is it really 2020 soon? :'( the old is definitely setting in! where did 1999 go? i liked 1999!
  10. im keen but thursday seems a little soon/hard i mean, theoretically, i COULD do it @UTERUS if you were keen.... day trip and disguise it as a work trip but seems hard
  11. hey man. 3v3 does not go directly to ground, it goes to a resistor, which goes to a cap to ground, and to another resistor to ground. It doesnt go directly to ground. You understand what a resistor does right? thats a pretty simple circuit and should work just fine...? i think i'd prefer it without the 1k resistor myself, so when you press the switch the cap instantly discharges, and keeps the pin low during bouncing while the cap charges? but thats just a feeling without trying any of it myself with a scope to see if that actually works that way. that way will remove some weird noise and false triggering, and will do a bit for debouncing. It really just slows down the button press, which works as debouncing