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  1. i just wanted to come and say i like this. Thats all... i have nothing else of value to add to this post/build, you're doing a killer job!
  2. terrible timing (on my part, i should have considered this!) but we have a little one due on the 9th of Dec... and with Lexys history, there is no way i'm going to be able to make this one sorry. And i was even planning on riding this time hahahaha
  3. Instead of paying people to marshal, you could offer a free 1/2 day for marshaling the other 1/2 of the day? I hate putting my hand up to marshal because you always get told "we'll swap you out in a few hours" and you never get swapped out haha, but happy to do a 1/2 day
  4. Thats ok, as i actually meant the cosmopolitan club anyway haha, my bad
  5. Like what? Other than rounding down?
  6. Your serial port is way slower than your math conversions you'll be fine. Even with floats. Plus the wideband probably doesnt have a very high update rate anyway. Still, using decimal is way better there Also, roman, its 0-1023, not 1024 BTW
  7. Nah, just shows you the last x amount of seconds. I can add an input so that it stops when you flick a button or something? So flick a switch and it starts, and when you flick it again it stops and shows the last x amount of seconds? The idea was never to do super crazy tuning with it, but being able to do a pull and see a little history would be ace. Looking at a number on the screen when doing a WOT run just isnt feasible if you ask me
  8. I made this. Can send the hex files if useful
  9. im keen, also keen to end up at the RSA again TBH
  10. haha, my car runs and drives liek a bag of dicks and was way better with factory carbs but it hast he POTENTIAL to be great This was always a temp ECU, as it was broken and we hot glued some components in there and 'dead bug' soldered them to the board to make it work, so we only ever tuned WOT for drag racing... That temp fix is still running today, and we did that 5.5 years ago, so i've been running a BADLY tuned car for 5.5 years because i dont wanna spend time tuning something thats going in the bin anyway i have no pics, but this is dead bug style soldering;
  11. i think there is a small margin of people that would actually care? if it runs and drives well, then joe bloggs wont give a fuck? if its someone that loves to tinker then as long as its at least well documented and runs some well supported code etc, then i dont think its any different to a micro/mega squirt if someone wants to get the car and pay a man to tune it to squeeze every last ounce of power out, and that man will only work with a link/haltec etc then old mate money bags can pay the extra $$$ to put a link in if he really wants? I think whether or not it has a good tune in it is going to be the real deciding factor there..... nobody going to pay max dollars for a car with a shit tune, regardless of how flash the ECU
  12. dug it out a few days ago. Sitting literally next to me on my desk hahaha edit: RusEFI has e-throttle support
  13. someone should photoshop that front hub in different colours and see how it looks... stands out like a sore thumb, but might just be the price to pay?