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  1. CT200 Auto-Ag?! What I would do for a tidy one of them as a daily.
  2. You may have trouble at WOF time, if that's something you do. And yeah most people kill 2 strokes, a couple times at least, then either get smart and go to 4t, or get smarter and don't kill them (quite as much)
  3. I have no idea what everyone(or myself) is gonna attempt to ride sorry. Currently at 26 I believe which is nice. I could cut and paste usernames in here I guess, if its helpful? Although theres a couple non-OS-ers. Will have to be tomorrow. Someone remind me.
  4. Niiice. I just threw the tacho from that out not long ago
  5. I love your dedication and perseverance with this thing, but I have one issue. Its one thing to maim and injure yourself on this thing, but was it family and co-workers now in danger now too?
  6. Should be a bit of a laugh eh, looks to be about ~23 people signed up at this stage I believe. I reckon thats a pretty comfortable number, not too hektik, should be sweet with one vehicle + trailer at this rate, which thphantum has offered to do for us. Dunno if we'll get many more people what with accomodation being a bit tight. But if we need another that could be sweet man cheers
  7. Does anyone know how cold it is there in November? I want to say surprisingly cold, but don't know tbh
  8. Theres not a whole lot at all. I think it'll be a quiet night
  9. Thats right, far overdue is an entry form. Please could everyone that is 100% committed fill in one of these, need to get a grasp on numbers. Don't fill one in if you don't have accommodation figure out, cause I don't believe there is much left on night 1. Also, not mad or anything, discussion is cool, just for those trying to find info in here
  10. To get thinner but still warped rotors?
  11. Dude seems to like dope cars and bikes. Nuts are backwards though
  12. Cold start on the Perkins with a half chooched starter motor this morning was hard going. My terminal arcing tool started to get a bit hot. Iced seat also sucked. Got in a few good hours of podcasts though.