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  1. IMG_20210720_081438_1 by John Bell, on Flickr So yeah because the side panels had in coloured segments sanded and painted by a previous owner, I thought I'd whack some coloured vinyl on there and the new headlight to get it all matchy matchy. Had to try colour match to the slightly incorrect coloured tank bag. @Archetype was kind enough to send some off cut vinyl for me to simply stick on and trim out. Except I'm a talentless hack, and where the side panels have been sanded, it shows, and I struggled with creases and getting the shape cut tidily. So like most of what I touch it looks good from a far, but far from good. Good enough though. But yeah, did a trail ride a few weekends ago and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Bike out performs me, even had a very amateurish jam on their MX track and managed to stay on the bike, and even clear one or two jumps (and absolutely ruin myself on the rest)
  2. Added entrants to first post. Is there anything I'm missing? How is everyone getting on for accommodation?
  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure the CT had a sticking rear brake that entire ride sorry. Has new reflector and straightened number plate now . Might even fix the exhaust leak for whomever is lucky enough to pilot it this year. That bikes been an attendee every year now.
  4. On second read, man, am I trying to shirk responsibility or what! Added recent entrants
  5. I get its just 'banter', but to be clear, ride what you like, the attitude you bring is more important. Obviously though the bikes with a bit more poke might have to show some respect and restraint, not to keep passing everyone incessantly and roosting the shit out of the slower ones. I have no concern about any of you in this regard, anyway, its a public road, anyone can ride it, you're all adults, I'm just out for a ride. Other topic of note, before we get too many pages ahead is the drinking thing. Obviously many of the attendees are likely to enjoy their favourite refreshment. I had heard reports of perhaps a few people overdoing it, and while I don't doubt this, I don't remember actively seeing signs of excess myself. I'm a terrible judge of inebriation, and my jobs not law enforcement, I'm just out for a ride. Sticking out near the front of the pack predominantly, I'm only seeing most riders while parked up collectively, and many are indulging in refreshments to their taste. There's no way I can keep a tally on who has had how many units, (bikes and support vehicles for that matter). If its something people are legitimately concerned about, the only thing I could practically do is say no booze or similar, while that would be fine with me, I imagine it would upset many others. Who am I to specify that? I'm just out for a ride. Don't misinterpret this as an endorsement for impaired driving, but on these roads, I don't consider inebriated riders the biggest danger to me, my biggest concerns are my own riding, and oncoming vehicles. Again, not an endorsement for impaired driving, but (the only?) two instances of bike on bike violence I can think of were from sober people. This is a complete cop out, I know, I will alter the entry form to state that this isn't a piss trip, but I'm not particularly interested in being the one to have to draw that line or enforce anything. I'm just a guy on a shitty bike out for a ride. Slight side note, although its publicly accessible, I gather these guys aren't OS regulars, I figure someone must like them enough to keep telling them about it each year? OS tends to weed out irritants one way or another. I'm not trying to convince anyone one way or another, trying to share my viewpoint at least though. There may not be anymore to add to this one, but feel free, its more constructive than most of the spam LOL. Something that does need sorting out is a sticker I guess, where you creative peeps at?
  6. I intend to roll the real deal 50cc third time in a row. Blardy fellas on anything bigger are just overcompensating. Might have been the only 50 lately?
  7. Also, any takers for support drivers? Also also, bring twenty lousy dollars or you'll get twenty fuckn WHACKS
  8. Yes, someone might have to take the lead on the bunkroom booking, and try herding cats to ensure everyone within has a bed accounted for and collect $$ etc. Bunkroom requires you to bring your own bedding, hence me going for the upscale options. Also Bill requires all garbage is taken away with at your departure, so we might have to do a dump run as part of Day 3.
  9. This guy will have some more pictures IMG_20210607_102131_1 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20210607_113330 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20210607_113357 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20210607_113435_1 by John Bell, on Flickr
  10. Yeah gidday. Need to know info FRIDAY 12TH, SATURDAY 13TH, SUNDAY 14th, NOVEMBER 2021 600km, approximately 200km/day. 160-170km between gas at worst. Book your own accommodation $20huk for vehicle fuel money So if you're in here you probably have some idea what the game is, hop on your little bike, come for a 3 day ride through quiet roads, in less populated areas. Please see other similar endeavours, refresh your mind, and the foam at your bungholes. Eastcapescapade 2017 Eastcapescapade 2018 TeUrewera Undertaking 2019 TeUrewera Undertaking 2020 Route This year will be closest to our 2018 route. Except between Gisborne and Te Araroa on day two, we will travel an inland route through hill country and forestry. Route is over public roads, tarseal and gravel. Recommend riders are comfortable with gravel, but can travel at their own pace, and learn as you go. Day one from near Ohope to Gisborne, via Motu Rd and Rere Rockslide and Falls. Day two from Gisborne into the hills, to Te Araroa/Hicks Bay for the night, optional side trip to lighthouse. Day three from Te Araroa, follow the coast back through Ohope to our starting point. Wainui to Gisborne Day 1 by John Bell, on Flickr Gisborne to Te Araroa Day 2 by John Bell, on Flickr Te Araroa to Wainui Day 3 by John Bell, on Flickr Accommodation So night one in Gisborne is easy, I intend to stay at the Waikanae Beach Motel, they should be able to house most of us, and there's plenty of choice pretty close by. Everyone group up and try and keep tabs on who you've agreed to share rooms with. https://www.waikanaebeachmotel.co.nz/ https://top10.co.nz/park/waikanae-beach-top-10-holiday-park Night two up the Cape could be somewhat of a compromise. Neither Te Araroa Holiday Park, or the nearby Hicks Bay Motel can house all of us if our numbers get up a bit. I have booked a unit at the Te Araroa Holiday Park, they have a number of units and bunk rooms available, plus lots of tent space. Some options will require linen etc. The website isn't completely accurate, and things operate on coast time there, send Bill an email and let me know if there is any issue. Some of us will probably end up staying at the Hicks Bay Motel just over the hill. http://www.teararoaholidaypark.nz/ https://www.hicksbaymotel.co.nz/ I may update this post to include things I'm missing or if changes come about. What am I missing? Attendees @johnnyfive @HighLUX @tortron @anglia4 BucketBaz @Truenotch @Itchybear @Duke Blackwood @Dolan Lee W @MopedNZ @GuyWithAviators @Shakotom @Kass @TimShadboltfan27 @MaxPower Kelven M @Pee Dubs @Tumeke @Vintage Grumble @iwanttobeamole @Tofa Dan W @GregH Ganga Purvy Johno @Atex Shannon D Jamie https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/d399yE5UL15decY24JQ5P6
  11. I really need to sort out getting mine in the system before its too difficult later this year. Just so goddamn time and money poor these days. I wholeheartedly endorse your activities
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