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  1. johnnyfive

    diesel spam

    Tight/burnt exhaust valve?
  2. johnnyfive

    diesel spam

    Unsure if JCB application is the same, but the ones I know have strainers in the top of the mech lift pump, and a strainer in the top of the fuel tap on in the bottom of tank.
  3. johnnyfive

    diesel spam

    When it seems like it's not delivering what it should up a hill, black smoke? Aside from things like intake obstructions, the mongrel in me says to play with the pump until power happens
  4. johnnyfive

    diesel spam

    The 236 was fitted to a shed load of things with a very wide range of rated HP too, aside from pump and injector differences (& the presence of a turbo), I doubt there was much difference otherwise.
  5. johnnyfive

    diesel spam

    What sort of rpm are we talking? We've got a bunch of perkins 236 I can compare to if it helps. None of the fergies that they're in have boxes that allow much more than 20km/h
  6. Imagine all the stuff you can bring home with a ute, and rapidly in this case
  7. Very jealous, very cool, beautiful stuff.
  8. I have done very little to boat, or at least its been so longer I can't remember goodly. It got a new BMX brake/throttle lever Went boating the other day Waioeka 11-02-24 by John Bell, on Flickr
  9. johnnyfive

    diesel spam

    Nissan ED33? Based on nothing but a hunch Edit: and a couple google image searches that look like it
  10. I reckon thats a Mazda/Courier tray, based on fuel flap side & shape
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