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  1. The planets were aligning, and I thought for a minute there I'd be joining you lot. But would agree with @HighLUX at this point, possibly all go for solo rides at our respective locations instead. Not quite the same though eh.
  2. It is a bit of a hoot. I thought I'd gotten over my lust for getting another something like my old street legal RMX250 again. But have been looking at CRM250 again lately. Piiine. I'm a cheap cunt though. Took the 185 and achieved its first WOF in 22 years today. Straight through M8! Its so quiet you can really take in the serenity, and not upset the livestock. Although I did get a very non-committed fist shake from a broken man in a people mover, when I left the road at 50clicks and quietly, purred across some grass siding. I think he was torn between old man angst and confusion, at the mediocrity of my transgression. IMG_20200316_182613 by John Bell, on Flickr
  3. 185 also came with original registration and story which I enjoyed. The mans work told him not to drive the work vehicle home at night, so he bought a bike, shortly thereafter they told him there wasn't enough room at the depot to park all the work vehicles, and that he needed to drive it home at night. Looks like he bought bike in '97, and WOF expired in '98. Sounds like he'd used it here and there to ride around the yard and up and down the driveway, but pretty much sat in the shed since. IMG_20200314_200224 by John Bell, on Flickr
  4. Also picked up a childens CRF50 earlier in the year, because fuck it, why not. Bought a big pile of Aliexpress parts then got distracted by, 1988 XL185S. Amusingly similar to the XR200 of my youth. Probably could be considered 'shed-find' condition. WOF expired 1998. Rego on hold. Looks better in photos but might be one of the nicer things I own. Carb seized, I might have been too mongrel un-seizing it, so it has a china carb now. Had the rear shocks tickled up/regassed. Bought a new front guard to replaced the crazed/brittle one. Might try for a WOF next week on the 32 year old, original tyres. Its a bit scabby from sitting in a damp environment, but I'm happy. IMG_20200224_180439 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20200310_174637 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20200314_124427 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20200314_114515 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20200314_114525 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20200314_125051 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20200314_125045 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20200314_130507 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20200314_130519 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20200314_130937 by John Bell, on Flickr
  5. Those with a keen eye may have noticed the CRM50 in the last photos, that I obtained a few months later. It was also quite rough. I've spent a little time sorting bodges and attempting to return things closer to original where possible. Very pleased with the 50. You'll notice tiny rear tyre. IMG_20190524_144403 by John Bell, on Flickr Better IMG_20191027_175159 by John Bell, on Flickr Nanging around. IMG_20191028_084259 by John Bell, on Flickr
  6. Found these two mid 90's XR200 in a shed from my teenage years, sold them, because even Honda can't make a bike that will stand up to teenager on a dairy farm. IMG_20180624_125712 by John Bell, on Flickr That led to me eventually buying a mid ninties XR250R. Which is everything the 200 is not. Double discs, actual power, better suspension. This one is a little bit beat up, but mostly intact, and has done fairly low KM. Currently attempting to get it a bit nicer and possibly go through the registration process. IMG_20190517_101943 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20190517_124333 by John Bell, on Flickr
  7. Picked up a 'modern' CT110 a little while after that, then another. Both ex-DX-mail. Fitted LED lights, stereo, and cruised around the farm/east cape. Currently daily-ing one for dairy farm duties. IMG_20161206_191827 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20161203_133231 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20161203_131732 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20171006_164819 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20171102_082449 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20190916_105230 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20200102_052754 by John Bell, on Flickr Bought a Hi-Lo 110 from a dairy farmer with a broken frame, stripped it for bits. Bought an old 90 with a sad motor, sat the parts next to each other, still waiting for them to combine. IMG_20171116_185208 by John Bell, on Flickr
  8. I don't think I've ever made threads for any of my current bikes. I don't do anything particularly interesting with them from a project perspective. Just attempt to maintain and improve where I can. This will mostly be pics. XR650R, have had for about 5yrs, probably only ridden actively for a year or two total of that time. Goes (IMO) hard. Probably too hard for me. Previous owner reckons it had been taken out to 680cc. It has a aftermarket CDI, noisey boi exhaust, and would probably benefit from a carb. Took it to the drags a couple times, 12.7s quarter was the best I managed. Gets pretty lively on gravel. Rode it around and have slowly attempted to sort out its issues, few more yet. Have safari tank and big stator, an the right set of wheels sitting there for it. One day. When I got it. 11536025_10155674571955099_4189236658958656570_n by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20151219_091851 by John Bell, on Flickr 15325216_454106908046730_4447607667093221977_o by John Bell, on Flickr 23333047081_0e0871bc32_z by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20160306_104356 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20160306_113924 by John Bell, on Flickr Made a spacer IMG_20180726_163359_HHT by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20180726_170446_HHT by John Bell, on Flickr Bought some black bits IMG_20181028_180740 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20190525_123410 by John Bell, on Flickr 48240827_948318268625589_5533612005623070720_o by John Bell, on Flickr 47573781_948318068625609_5746037085173710848_o by John Bell, on Flickr
  9. It sure was nice. Yeah I think basically as proposed above will be the business. Need to sort my life out and look at a calendar. Keep pestering me.
  10. Waiting on TM seller to get back to me about a purchase & hoping to secure time off. But late to party and tentatively keen.
  11. Nah Taneatua is a little place on SH2 straight after the first gravel section on Stanley road
  12. Believe it or not (I'm walking on air), the Ford was dry on Sunday.
  13. I have no footage whatsoever. I have @sentra drink bottle, @Geophy truck pictures, misc junk sale items, maybe some other stuff I'm forgetting. I think I might have misplaced a bag of tie downs and a first aid kit with @Thphantum. Very good weekend everyone, be proud, well done