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  1. I forgot to readdress this. I did speak to the individual last week, and from what he'd explained, was that he was residing outside of the Waikato boundary, but had travelled to his personal property inside the Waikato boundary to tend to it, adhering to whatever rules or permits applied at that time (I don't know). Probably redundant now regardless, as I understand there is no Waikato boundary any longer? I'm unsure if anyone was particularly concerned by this whole thing or not, but there it is, as I know it anyway.
  2. Yep I don't have any pictures to share or too much to recap on. Thank you to @Thphantum and @keltik for your time and effort picking up and couriering us and our trash bikes around the wilderness. And feeding us. Thank you to those that brought and shared, hunks of meat, parts, tools, time, fuel, fluids (if you know what I mean ) , yarns, the lot. Makes it a good time when the inevitable problems happen, and everyone pitches in and its no big deal. One thing I would like to mention though, I'd heard a rumour on Saturday night that someone from a group I'm not familiar with, breached the Waikato boundary to join us. I asked around a little on Sunday with little success. So if anyone can discredit or confirm this, I wouldn't mind talking to the individual.
  3. Something stops it at TDC, I think the chunk is floating round the bottom somewhere
  4. Couple bike failures closeish to the end, and rain to finish off. Pretty good though
  5. Meat was good. Aim to leave Hicks bay store around 9? Cool
  6. Ordered $40 of chips, meat on BBQ, might be a while. At camp ground
  7. I now notice theres a typo in the instructions I emailed out. Right is not Left. You'll be fine.
  8. Text directions and google maps links coming via email tonight Probably Maybe Also anymore non attendees that are still on the list in the first post? @tortron you're out yeh? Just trying to get my tallys right. @peteretep I suppose you're stuck in AKL too?
  9. Yeah I was relieved when he called, with the intention of honouring our booking, and not telling us to fuck off. I challenge @keltik and @Thphantum to see who can get the best fuel consumption. On that topic, we're gonna need gas money everyone so bring your TWENTY FUCKIN BUCKS to keep these thirsty bois running. Let me know how you get on, I intend on doing more work on backup bikes tomorrow if you get really stuck.
  10. Have sent a preliminary email, detailed directions still to come. I think everyone knows the drill by now? I know I've sent it to some people that are location restricted at the moment, on the off chance that that could change by Friday? Dreams are free
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