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  1. Yeah I think you're on the money there. I'd like to do a bit of looking at that alternate option you guys took on year 2 between Gisborne and Tolaga Bay-ish
  2. My mind boggles, thats damn near 1kg in turn signals. For a bike that weighs what? 100kg? 1% of bike in indicators? wtf.
  3. I'd be wary of giving someone over the internet advice on tampering with their airbag system. That said, let's see what you've got, maybe a picture of the connectors concerned aswell.
  4. I'm willing to ignore the fact that an XR100 doesn't tang, and that it got ran over after Arnie saves John Connor on his potato bike (the ultimate shame)
  5. Probably not any time soon sorry. I am not stainless capable. I would be sceptical of AliExpress stainless, but for my purposes it'll be fine
  6. Aaannd bought a rough XR100 because reasons. Has had a hard life. Will attempt to tidy up without exceeding the limits of financial sensibility. And probably just use it for very light farm duties or as a loaner to beginners. IMG_20210424_115304 by John Bell, on Flickr Got vaguely correct tank graphics from.... AliExpress! Looks ok but are very thin, and have bubbled something chronic in days prior. Oh well. $$ IMG_20210425_170715 by John Bell, on Flickr Waiting on parts currently.
  7. The blue fork boots on the 185 had disintegrated after being ridden for the first time in 20 odd years. IMG_20210426_140223_1 by John Bell, on Flickr AliExpress to the rescue, they're not quite long enough but will do for now. IMG_20210501_131214 by John Bell, on Flickr Annoyingly the rear shocks that I had rebuilt at somewhat of an expense don't seem to dampen very well again, no oil lost so I'm guessing the gas has left. Might have to look to AliExpress for this also. Would like to keep the blue springs though. Have only travelled about 400km on this since reviving
  8. So bought a very rough CRF50 near the start of 2020. As is tradition, threw a bunch of AliExpress parts at it, and badly painted rusty bits. It probably wasn't safe sitting around here as I was riding it round the lawn at every opportunity. Have lent it to my nephews until my boy is big enough or they get sick of it. IMG_20200213_183639 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20200426_151544 by John Bell, on Flickr
  9. AliExpress delivered some stainless bends for the fuel filler. If I could tig stainless, I'd make some elaborate bend to get around the motor lid and line everything up. But I'm a talentless hack so just put about 45degree bend in and a slightly lesser kink and is perfectly funtional. Before IMG_20210320_150814 by John Bell, on Flickr Picture IMG_20210424_094726_1 by John Bell, on Flickr Current IMG_20210424_110310_1 by John Bell, on Flickr CUSTOM. Will get some slightly more appropriate length clamps on at some time. Anyway, pulled a few rocks out the grate. IM
  10. Anyhoo, went back out today with @Vintage Grumble who had @keltik riding along. Started in the Waimana valley, travelled up a wee bit, enjoyable. Turned around and travelled downstream through the Waimana Gorge, turned and travelled up the Whakatane river again towards Ruatoki. Went a bit further than last time as we had rain earlier in the week. Came back down, then up again to finish. Boat went really well, bashed into a bunch of shallow bits, but could have avoided those areas, didn't really find anything overly challenging but was still enjoyable. A+. Boat is still not hooking up to t
  11. Oh yeah, the back of that thing is not very square, or flat, and doesn't have uniform thickness to it, so don't judge too much.
  12. Managed to obtain 1m of the right size fuel rated hose. Was hoping that I'd get away with using straight hose and it wouldn't kink, as I couldn't find bends. IMG_20210320_140755 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20210320_150814 by John Bell, on Flickr Denied, although can just jam your filler nozzle in there and get the job done. It kinda contacts the engine lid and makes it sit up though, so am awaiting some stainless bends from AliExpress to try work something out. I also bodged a pair of hooks on the back, in case I ever try pull anything or anyone. Was worried that if I wasn'
  13. So yeah, buttoned up the refreshed pump, went for an outing last month, was expecting a night and day improvement, I mean, its better, but still struggles get a decent 'bite' on the water till you're nearly up on top of the water. Still quite driveable with 1 person, but more noticeable with 2 + extra fuel etc. Anyway, travelled from Whakatane up to Taneatua, and some distance further up the Whakatane river towards Ruatoki. There was really not a lot of water around at this point in March beyond Taneatua. Travelled about 65km, used heaps of gas going slow near Whakatane. 7-3-21 by
  14. What's a front wheel worth? (From your stash or otherwise) Know a young teen trying to get a beat up farm bike rideable
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