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  1. Blizzo's scoot hoard and projects of win

    Fuck yeah XR
  2. Johnnyfive's Land Rover

    Yeah once I've got it all sorted out (think 5-10years) I'd like to get it to some events. Canvas OG looking cover for the flatdeck for camping/touring around would be neato. Mine has an electric fuel pump in it currently and no manual primer. Seems to work OK so I might leave it in.
  3. Johnnyfive's '73 Landy

    Next step was to get rid of the coke bottle. The old man de-soldered the second skin on the bottom of the tank. It looks to be a bit of a moisture trap. 2018-02-12_05-16-08 by John Bell, on Flickr Cleaned up the tank and plugged the holes with solder, apply paint inbetween layers liberally IMG_20171210_132347 by John Bell, on Flickr Solder two bits back together, Paint, and apply seam sealer to try keep the moisture getting in the sides. IMG_20171216_093945 by John Bell, on Flickr Tank back in the hole, and plumbed back up, it looks like all the stuff is staying and going where it should. So far it has proven useful and fun to trip around the farm on. 2018-02-12_05-09-02 by John Bell, on Flickr 2018-02-12_05-07-04 by John Bell, on Flickr Next step might be to remove the deck and sort out the rust and think about deck replacement Like, comment and subscribe
  4. Johnnyfive's '73 Landy

    So if you thought I'd been sitting around doing nothing for about 6 months, you'd be correct for at least 90% of the time. I figured the clutch slave cylinder was seized in the fully extended position. So acquired a replacement from a nice man at (very cheap, A+) New IMG_20171224_164235 by John Bell, on Flickr Old and gross IMG_20171224_171726 by John Bell, on Flickr This allowed me to give it it's first drive in over 10 years on Christmas Eve which was nice although somewhat alarming. Will need a thorough going over before I get too keen to go too far from the farm. IMG_20171224_201520 by John Bell, on Flickr
  5. The Barter Barber 1971 Bedford discussion

    Hey Sam, I think you gave me a sick mullet once when you were working out of the historic village in Tauranga. Love what you're doing, hope you can get the help you need, and will have to get the mullet touched up when you're nearby sometime.
  6. azzurro's 125p Pickup dyskusja

    This is rad, is the bed super long or is the rest of it quite small?
  7. Footeys land rover seres 2a 109 safari

    Cool! Hows the front diff go clearing the LD28? Mine is a bit close.
  8. CF50 Honda Chaly

    plz join us in november, 50km/h is all it needs to do
  9. Johnnyfive's Land Rover

    True true! I guess I'll find out if I ever get the thing drivable lol.
  10. Johnnyfive's '73 Landy

    So no work has been done, surprise? I had tentatively decided I wanted some rad looking Deestone tyres in the factory size for this thing when the time arrived, accidentally found and bought these cheap, will get the Land Rover rims tidied up and the tyres swapped over sometime... So if anyone wants to buy some split rims for a Landcruiser holla at cha boy. 2017-08-11_01-01-03 by John Bell, on Flickr Might try track down a second set of rims and still get some Deestones too anyway cause you always need options.
  11. CF50 Honda Chaly

    Interested in a trip around the east coast some time?
  12. Johnnyfive's '73 Landy

    No update here, except for fixing the picture hosting. So slack. IMG_20170605_113733 by John Bell, on Flickr
  13. f100_dreamin's Land Rover

    Cheers for calling in fellas, looking forward to seeing what you do with it
  14. f100_dreamin's Land Rover

    Pics! Also feel free to call in on your way through or sing out if you need a hand retrieving it/place to stay etc.
  15. Robs 69 Patrol. Damn, good to see its still around though.