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  1. Chucked a couple hooks on the the ute tray, if I can secure things, I might actually put stuff back there. Want to get my hands on some outboard style tote fuel tanks for extra capacity, as they sit a bit flatter than jerry cans. IMG_20210228_185605 by John Bell, on Flickr Put some snappy clip things for the emergency paddles to sit in. IMG_20210228_183643 by John Bell, on Flickr I also fit some Aliexpress grab handles on the dash, then fitted some Aliexpress motorcycle review mirrors to that, as I thought it would be better than looking backwards all the time. I can al
  2. Also here are two terrible photos of the bottom of Matahina Dam. Sploosh. IMG_20210208_125236_1 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20210208_125232 by John Bell, on Flickr
  3. This is looking out the ass of the nozzle thing, fairly well sandblasted, but seems sound. Note the two syphon holes for drawing the water out the bilge. IMG_20210222_171103_1 by John Bell, on Flickr I don't have bearings or seals right now, so gonna just give it a go with a mind to doing the lot at a later date. Put the dicer back on, put all the other bits on. Then realise you'll have to pull it apart again to put oil in it when you get some. IMG_20210222_171857_1 by John Bell, on Flickr There is so little to these things its laughable. Can only find bearings and seals
  4. I also had the finest Aliexpress parts delivery turn up, in the form of a replacement wear ring. It was cheap. Then the other day the a splined tool for removing the impeller turned up, and I had a few mins so had a fiddle. IMG_20210209_182308 by John Bell, on Flickr Here I will badly document some of the process, what lived inside these was a mystery to me before now, so thought it might be interesting for some. IMG_20210222_152844_1 by John Bell, on Flickr Undo these, that comes off. IMG_20210222_152923_1 by John Bell, on Flickr Check in here for oil, smells lik
  5. Looks like a nice place to sink. I must have put these bits in the general jetboat thread, the other week we travelled from Thornton boat ramp up the Rangataiki river through Edgecumbe and TeTeko to the bottom of the Matahina dam. 8-2-21 by John Bell, on Flickr VID_20210208_141549_exported_18697_1612755261877_2 by John Bell, on Flickr That was nice.
  6. That's doesn't look like a KTM? Did I miss something?
  7. This has to be some kind of child endangerment. A+ though
  8. The cows appear to have an increased vigour. I am confident I will be slowest now. A+ well done
  9. Yeah I might have to try that, I haven't had a very good success with using heat on motorcycle plastics, but may have a play sometime if it starts to bug me
  10. Have pottered about with this thing a little bit. Things looked at in no specific order. Put a pair of latches on the front of the lid, hopefully wont fly away in the bumpy stuff, I should probably put a latch or hinge on the rear. With the lid on the engine bay is virtually sealed off aside from a couple vents under the dash and a drain(into the engine bay) in the footwell. I think this thing is pretty buoyant, but I have a fear that if the lid weren't on a decent wave into the engine bay would swamp it perhaps. IMG_20210123_184257_1 by John Bell, on Flickr Put some strappy gu
  11. So yeah, went motor boating this morning with @keltik and @Vintage Grumble. Started off from Matahina dam, completed a return trip to Aniwhenua hydro outlet. Out and about for around 4hrs, only moving for around 2:45 of that. Covered around 56km, this may not be completely accurate. Used about 38L fuel. My maths may not be correct, but I believe this to be nearly 68L/100km (LOL). Plus a bit of twostroke oil I guess. Matahina, Aniwhenua return by John Bell, on Flickr Really pleased with how it went, banged into a couple bits of wood and maybe a few rocks, had a rapid or two over
  12. We plan the first one, like 3 months out. 10-11 months feels excessive lol. Gotta give you jokers some time to save your pent up spam power too. But yeah nah yeah, I'll see what I can do.
  13. That's exactly the kind of info I've been meaning to look for! Cheers, will have to study it
  14. Shrug, walking or boat launching access?
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