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  1. Its tempting though, although its 60 lousy dollars in fuel also
  2. Couple grub screws in from somewhere? Also, I guess there was oil supply to the cam, bearings will sit over the top of that?
  3. To add, I used to think everyone was pussies when trikes were referred to as dangerous and unsuitable for what they were used for. I still think you're all pussies, but also yeah, these things are somewhat unstable and a bit unnerving if you're not on the ball.
  4. Then for reasons I can't exactly explain, I bought an ATC250ES IMG_20211106_182043_077 by John Bell, on Flickr Its rough, but mostly original and nearly complete, so without going overboard, I plan on fixing whats broken, and attempting to keep it somewhat straight and usable. It'll likely just get used as a last resort backup farm bike, and to punt trailers etc around the section. A decent waterblast didn't show up too many horrors, a welded gearlever , one bent footpeg, missing small trim and rear lights. IMG_20211120_134424_1 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20211120_134439 by John Bell, on Flickr Feature laden Headlight on a string IMG_20211120_134546_1 by John Bell, on Flickr Flip up rear panelling for... reasons.... IMG_20220114_163118 by John Bell, on Flickr Refitted the battery back into its box in the middle of the bike, someone had fitted some janky extention leads, and cut a hole to place the battery in the storage compartment at the back, just flopping around, this also stopped the flip back from coming up. Unacceptable. IMG_20220114_162905 by John Bell, on Flickr
  5. So the XR100 got new tyres etc and fork boots, yet to finish off 100%, but getting close enough for my purposes. IMG_20210828_172209_1 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20210828_172142 by John Bell, on Flickr
  6. Might be some of the factory issued cooling system mud? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/263772990975
  7. Love your work! So thorough and always a great result
  8. Is that Al's Wingroad? Is he doing OK? Nice work on siiiick bikes
  9. I forgot to readdress this. I did speak to the individual last week, and from what he'd explained, was that he was residing outside of the Waikato boundary, but had travelled to his personal property inside the Waikato boundary to tend to it, adhering to whatever rules or permits applied at that time (I don't know). Probably redundant now regardless, as I understand there is no Waikato boundary any longer? I'm unsure if anyone was particularly concerned by this whole thing or not, but there it is, as I know it anyway.
  10. Yep I don't have any pictures to share or too much to recap on. Thank you to @Thphantum and @keltik for your time and effort picking up and couriering us and our trash bikes around the wilderness. And feeding us. Thank you to those that brought and shared, hunks of meat, parts, tools, time, fuel, fluids (if you know what I mean ) , yarns, the lot. Makes it a good time when the inevitable problems happen, and everyone pitches in and its no big deal. One thing I would like to mention though, I'd heard a rumour on Saturday night that someone from a group I'm not familiar with, breached the Waikato boundary to join us. I asked around a little on Sunday with little success. So if anyone can discredit or confirm this, I wouldn't mind talking to the individual.
  11. Something stops it at TDC, I think the chunk is floating round the bottom somewhere
  12. Couple bike failures closeish to the end, and rain to finish off. Pretty good though
  13. Meat was good. Aim to leave Hicks bay store around 9? Cool
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