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  1. Niiice. I just threw the tacho from that out not long ago
  2. I love your dedication and perseverance with this thing, but I have one issue. Its one thing to maim and injure yourself on this thing, but was it family and co-workers now in danger now too?
  3. Should be a bit of a laugh eh, looks to be about ~23 people signed up at this stage I believe. I reckon thats a pretty comfortable number, not too hektik, should be sweet with one vehicle + trailer at this rate, which thphantum has offered to do for us. Dunno if we'll get many more people what with accomodation being a bit tight. But if we need another that could be sweet man cheers
  4. Does anyone know how cold it is there in November? I want to say surprisingly cold, but don't know tbh
  5. Theres not a whole lot at all. I think it'll be a quiet night
  6. This is the line I had in mind
  7. Thats right, far overdue is an entry form. Please could everyone that is 100% committed fill in one of these, need to get a grasp on numbers. Don't fill one in if you don't have accommodation figure out, cause I don't believe there is much left on night 1. Also, not mad or anything, discussion is cool, just for those trying to find info in here
  8. johnnyfive

    Brake disc machining - cost?

    To get thinner but still warped rotors?
  9. johnnyfive

    Sheeperz MS65 Crown Chitty-Chat

    Dude seems to like dope cars and bikes. Nuts are backwards though
  10. Cold start on the Perkins with a half chooched starter motor this morning was hard going. My terminal arcing tool started to get a bit hot. Iced seat also sucked. Got in a few good hours of podcasts though.
  11. Chuur, I'd recommend having something legit-ish. If anyone asks, you're just nipping down the road to the runoff.
  12. Excellent question! I knew I should have tallied that up, maybe like 100km day one, 50km day two, and another 100 the last day. Give or take somewhat
  13. Just had a looksie at google maps sat images to try and get a rough gauge on the tarmac to gravel ratio. So not very accurate. I believe there to be ~250km of gravel.
  14. Hah! Ah yeah go on then, have a bed. I've booked a few beds in Gisborne but none spare there sorry
  15. Yeah Gisborne is up to the individual again, I'll probably aim for that place I can't remember the name of. And yep, few beds and parking spots available overnight pre and post for those Keen