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  1. Nah Taneatua is a little place on SH2 straight after the first gravel section on Stanley road
  2. Believe it or not (I'm walking on air), the Ford was dry on Sunday.
  3. I have no footage whatsoever. I have @sentra drink bottle, @Geophy truck pictures, misc junk sale items, maybe some other stuff I'm forgetting. I think I might have misplaced a bag of tie downs and a first aid kit with @Thphantum. Very good weekend everyone, be proud, well done
  4. Cheers guys, I'm not sure about everyone else but I think our room is going to have a quiet night in.
  5. Gisborne has turned it up this afternoon. Sunday (tomorrow) morning if everyone wants to meet at Caltex Makaraka. Few people have a very long day tomorrow let's aim to LEAVE at 8 am. Caltex - Makaraka 105 Main Road, Makaraka, Gisborne 4010 06-867 3449
  6. Jamie says, for those traveling from the north through Tauranga, avoid the main road at paingaroa, road works and delay city
  7. Weird, looks like it took the scenic route. Safe travels everyone.
  8. I feel like the email is caught in a spam filter. Lol. It's too late for this.
  9. Entrants as of 27-11-19, x1 that I forgot to remove weeks ago. @johnnyfive @Vintage Grumble @MopedNZ @GuyWithAviators @Shakotom @cletus @tortron @datlow @keltik @Truenotch @TimShadboltfan27 @WankBankA100 @BLIZZO @MaxPower @Dolan @Mitch.W @Tumeke @Tumeke's brother Brett @UTERUS @Ned (CAR) @RUNAMUCK @Atex Lee Dan Shannon @Deano Mike @mark105 @Geophy @Duke Blackwood @Geophy's Dad @peteretep @Beaver @Archetype Lance/Julio Ryk Chris/Tofa @anglia4 @anglia4's Dad (CAR) Paul ThatSlowGuyOnTheRuckus/Dan @sentra @Thphantum (CAR)
  10. They are pretty OK. Aside from a small stretch between Matahina and Kopuriki that Google won't navigate over. I will be printing a few copies of instructions as well as emailing some out. If you don't get an email tonight, your email address may have been wrong. If you know of anyone not on here, can you check with them they've received an email after you get yours? Also I will be spread a little bit thin for much of tomorrow, so won't be checking the forum or emails till later in the day. I'll be available for phone calls though if anyone has any burning questions. Ph number in email
  11. My man! Thats cool, I'm still a little hopeless on GPS stuff. Your route is doing something a little strange around Tuai, but is minor and pretty self explanatory. Nice That one is pretty well correct, except for a stretch between Matahina Dam and Kopuriki, that google wouldn't let me route over no matter what I tried. I'll aim for a regrouping at this point though.