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  1. When using clear hose with water be aware that any light will allow bacteria to grow and possibly turn the clear hose a little green, easy option is to cover the hose with some dark tape, then if there is some growth you won't see it...
  2. @Mourning Cupcake if you need the rubber stoppers that act as a bumper on the wellside flick me a pm as I have a bunch of original Mazda ones
  3. What size do you need?, I have some that fit about a 30mm hole plus I might still have some that fit about a 10mm hole, did have some big ones but not sure if I can find them, they are ex factory early Mazda ones. Edit, I read you wanted bungs, also have grommet, they are about 20mm od
  4. As above, fix the rust and roll it old man spec, the vinyl roof and wheels are perfect.
  5. Have found these Toyota shims, quick Google says kingpin shims? Are these something that people require?
  6. Check out the SIP guys on YouTube They do some cool looking trips in europe
  7. Nice work, Where did you source the brake fluid reservoir from I could do with one of those
  8. Make sure you enter before you go, they like to "select" cars, not just have cars turn up, plus be ready for an early start - like being there at 8am and can't get your car until 4pm
  9. Could be the Veglia (vague liar) speedo, had that issue on one of mine and a little silicone spray into the back of the speedo did the trick
  10. Replace the plastic hose with the proper rubber fuel hose as the pvc will go hard and either crack with the good vibrations or most likely be a bitch to remove next time, I would make sure you run a filter in that line, this will save you cleaning the carb on the side of the road in the pissing rain... I found this out the hard way!
  11. There is also the Twin Rivers car show on the 25th at the A&P showgrounds as well
  12. There is one of these in the UK that has been attached to a lambretta as a sidecar, I had a magazine somewhere with an article on it, looked pretty well done.
  13. I believe that this could be one of the first Mazda's brought into NZ by Champion motors in Christchurch(who was part of Amuri motors?), do you have the original paperwork/ownership papers for it? I believe one of the senior staff owned the car.
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