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  1. I spent 4yr in a chem dept of a major uni. Lots of H&S yarns....
  2. Not sure, but better luck there than the other chem companies I know, there is an old guy (Neal) there who I used to work with. OG chem sales rep was on the road in an hq back in the day. failng that, try an online order at Sigma Aldrich
  3. If you still want to homebrew, find a chromate salt you can buy (sodium chromate?), and a zinc salt which is benign (zinc chloride?) and mix. Don't drink it. https://www.ecplabchem.co.nz/sodium-dichromate-ar-500g-see-view-product-details-for-specification-xidp1417552.html https://www.ecplabchem.co.nz/zinc-chloride-100g-lr-anhydrous-see-view-product-details-for-xidp1416386.html
  4. Cant get a roofer till the 27th, apparently these guys are super busy. Going through the process on selecting a RE agent. Might make a post on that if anyone interested?
  5. A bit more progress (but not too much pics). I must have melted the main fuel line shut when I welded the firewall and after attempting to turn it around in my street it ran out of diesel 100m from my house after sucking what was there in the filter. Got a new line made up but the cartridge filter that is in it is unobtainium at the local BNT and the existing sediment bowl is leaking air through one of the passages so will run one of the generic setups. An ongoing problem for this has been it popping out of the gearbox selector from the janky DIY shifter. The alignment pin on the shif
  6. Carjam only shows 1x other 1100 for '61 and nothing else for 60-64 (unless they screwed up the model). Be an interesting story how it ever came into the country....
  7. Milton.... former small industrial town... yep You said it would be yours....
  8. These guys are tidy and I'm impressed, I've passed that on.
  9. Again, I like the pace these guys move.
  10. Wall framing was up yesterday, I like the builders, unlike other crews on site they dont work government hours.
  11. Not my best painting in the world, nor the best photos in the light but I got the roof done and back onto where it is suppose to be. Looking alot more like a truck now...
  12. Concrete truck was here early, slab is now done, a milestone I am happy to see.
  13. Not terribly interesting but making some progress.. A tube worth of sikaflex to seal up the roof join. Also replacing the rubber donuts for where the safari roof bolts on, hope to get this all in colour soon so I can mount it. Windscreen back in with new seals Going old school glazing with the butyl tape (which I actually like working with) Bought a roll of sound deadening off TM (cheapest option I found) and working through layering all the internal panels. The roll is better than the flat pack as have less wastage.
  14. Ground level up to something closer to normal. Plumbing is in, waiting on the pour
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