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  1. I hear he's a bit tougher than the last repair cert guy. Go play nice... and let me know how you get on....
  2. So all conditions have been met and title/council willing we'll be setted in mid Nov. Once its all paid I'll do a financial wash up of it all to show where the costs were. I mentioned earlier that the whole process as resolved in a decision for us to stay in our current house where we'll undertake a restoration of the existing villa and build an extension + new shed. I'll share some of the detailed plans once they've been drawn up but there is some DIY parts of this project I'll start with early... Unless it gets boring I'll just keep adding to this thread... One of the biggest bugbears I've always had with the house is the ugly roughcast which was put over the weatherboards in the 80s. There is nothing overly sophisticated in getting it off but it is very rewarding.... chuck on some heavy metal from my youth and go to town with the crowbar. The condition of the boards on this side are all pretty good (its the northern aspect) but the otherside I'm expecting to have to reclad.... I'll probably do all the work to get back to bare timber and then pass off to a profesh for painting.
  3. Here we go again... https://www.davidbuckley.co.nz/properties/1-3-eden-st-mosgiel/
  4. Bring on L3.... paint touch ups done, stager been and gone, listing pics an vids taken. Pity the asphalt was completed the arvo the pics were done. Looking good, new listing is imminent
  5. I'm waiting on some new M8 studs but have gone through mockup. Bit of faffing around but we're getting there. Cant wait for L2 to go try it out.... Nozzle goes up.... Nozzle goes down....
  6. You work for Rocketlab? Guy I went to school with is VP of propulsion, lucky bugger....
  7. Also, can you unpick the panel to work on it off the car? Would make the job a whole lot easier...
  8. I'd suggest sorting out the damage on the arch first before tackling the broader area of the panel. With the look of that arch it'll be pulling the rest of the panel hollow and you might risk over stretching the center in the effort to get the line back.
  9. On the side of the steps? Yea, the top boards are close to cover up the framing timber behind, kind a rock and a hard place with what we could do to make it functional and attractive.
  10. Spent most of yesterday on the end of a paint brush. Still some more bits to do but definately an improvement. Should get rest of ashpalt down and then we can go back on the market.... kinda over it at this point...
  11. If you line up the jet in/exhaust out flows like in the diagram you dont necessarily divert the flow as most will pass through with some minor turbulence for your engine cooling needs - need to match inlet and outlet pipe IDs. The aim is to mix a the engine hot water outlet with a portion of the raw water to supply water inlet at your thermostat temp (I found a thread which suggests 83deg for holden v6).
  12. Have you looked into fabbing a mixing tank? Its the best way to try to limit temperature surging in a raw water application
  13. Choice, another trick is to mix dry ice in Acetone. The dry ice will sublime and leave the acetone at -78, not as cold as liquid N2 but with a higher head capacity it will suck the warmth out of anything.... extremely dangerous so only under adult supervision kids...
  14. Bling bling.... Its a decent chunk of alloy/brass when you have it sitting on the bench.
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