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  1. Put a piece of timber across the caliper where the disc would be and that keeps the H&S clipboard monitor happy.
  2. The ol' air compressor in the port works well on gettin the pistons out. The pistons are chromed, but not very thick so expect the may or may not clean up.
  3. It’s a fun bit of electrochemistry just don’t be smoking or making sparks around the bubbles…..
  4. Ok, update time... really trying to push on with this. Gave the block a good tidyup with new gaskets/paint and ancillary parts - these early SII blocks are just different enough to the later (far more plentiful) ones to make sourcing bits annoying. Clutch was in very good nick but the ring gear was well worn (though still engaging) - gave it the ol swap using the 'perfect for all occasions' Colman liquid fuel burner. While ignoring all advice on the internet I too learned that you cannot get the engine/gbox into one of these complete. But after doing a general tidy up to the bits in the front of the frame/firewall from years of butchering it was ready for some chassis black. Got the final lot of parts on order, need to swap in some new spring bushes, run an exhaust and then we aren't too far away from having it move under its own power....
  5. Choice of materials just depends on your comfort in fabricating them as such? I think making it out of alloy sheet from a basic wireform is ideal. Once you have the pattern you can flip your sheet to mirror the same on the other side. Keep the alloy section is small as your can get away from otherwise could cause some local cracking.
  6. Yea I'm in, either drive or if there are rides going, I'll fly to Chch easy
  7. ^ Good point. @azzurro I might have an alloy gear and a few other bits (maybe a rebuilt fuel pump for you) in my barry box of bits.
  8. That guy is a f*kn tool
  9. - how you/brother/dad/uncle/cousin/mate used to have one - why my mrs is now tougher and cooler than me - why big Australian cars with a mix of metric and imperial fasteners are better than silly little European ones that only use metric ( i had to dig out my very limited and mismatched Imperial sockets and wrenches that had been banished to the back of bottom draw of the tool box and put them right in the top bit ) - where to get new parts easily/cheaply/locally - why the second hand stuff on FBMP is outrageously priced and clearly owned by meth head bogans and how to avoid them Coz I know what I got... - tips and tricks for hotting up your 173 using OEM + parts (commie inlet and exhaust manifolds? - the single stromberg and right angled log exhaust manifold offends me!)) Electronic Bosch Dizzy - can you bolt a 202 to the Torana 4 speed? Yes - where to find a nice 202. - why do i even want a 202 (re-rego mainly), the 173 is probably perfectly fine, KPie doesnt really care (unless its a v8), and it wont be the engine from the Torana any more, You dont, 202-tax - where the fuck is the fill port for the CNG system on this car? (its not behind the number plate with the petrol filler)
  10. Very cool Kyle I'll introduce you to Dave whos 5min away from you (he picked up my panel beating gear) He can 100% solve your CNG and 2nd hand part problems.....
  11. Two more options for future https://www.kurowholidaypark.co.nz/ Owners are old family friends https://nasebyhp.nz/ Bit of a regular of mine, not busy at all out of summer peak. Pack your winter woolies....
  12. Better give this an update... Yes I did find some genuine replacement parts, and so back together it goes with new bearings/syncros etc.... While I have a transfer box I rebuilt for the back end of the conversion I thought it best to rebuild the one I had here. Needed a new set of main bearings (which cost a few $$$) but everything else was in fair condition. Its way easier to assemble vertically on the bench. Though I havent yet gone to the effort to move it off yet.... With that done I need to give the engine a good clean up and external refresh, more soon.
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