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  1. Try and get the bulk off with mineral turps/paint thinners. Remaining residue might be susceptable to acetone, or if you can find it use dichloromethane/methylene chloride - be careful that is the active ingredient in paint strippers
  2. I am + maybe 1 other. If slim on numbers we could have a shorter blat round George king memorial drive + somewhere else and set up a longer run in the NY?
  3. Yea add me. Yes its the rugby club in Mosgiel Turn right at the lights in the middle of Mosgiel onto Factory Road, then 1st left onto Reid Av, carpark is at the end you cant miss it.
  4. I'm good with the 12th. Roll call of whos planning to attend?
  5. The deep throat shrinkers do have some extra capacity in hard to reach spots. Depends on the price difference? I need to make a decent slapper too, but you can get buy by bending up a worn out bastard file - leaves some little marks so you can follow where you are.
  6. ^I have a pair of them and made foot operated with some scrap steel. Works a treat.
  7. If you haven't seen it already, check out this channel on various tips to dress your panel up nice.
  8. If we're heading out that way do we want to meet at Peter Johnstone Park at 10am in Mosgiel? There is a big asphalt park there to meet up. Pretty limited without backtracking to Ranfurly on a halfway spot but there is a rest area just as you cross the Shag River at -45.19724, 170.42537
  9. Thats cool, I used to be on that forum yonks ago and hes one of the old hands here, I must have dropped out about the time this started.
  10. Here for no other reason.... I've bought Golf with leather seats which has some tears in the side bolster, right where the seat-airbag is. I've been advised that only certain shops can repair/re-stitch these to comply, does anyone know who can do this? Replacement seat cover from VW is now NLA... @64valiant ?
  11. Titles arrived and takeover has been pulled forward to next monday. Once the dust has settled I'll look to do some financial analysis.
  12. @vivaspeed do you want to make an executive decision on a date and route? Some good ideas in all of this.
  13. You can do the 'smaller' block run of Palmerston/Dunback/Macraes/Middlemarch which is a good trip. If you dont mind the gravel, take the moonlight valley between macraes<->middlemarch
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