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  1. Continuing the process of reassembling this front axle Also giving these free wheeling hubs a bit of an overhaul. Think I mentioned I wanted to go to a fixed rear glass. I got some glass cut to the required size and bent up some simple brackets to drill into the frame, very much how the rear door glass is fixed. Pretty happy with the result TBH.
  2. And requested some tools for some minor LR fettling…
  3. Making a bit more progress Due to GC @NickJ who brought me a replacement diff down I could start getting this back together. Replaced the pinion seal for good measure while it was on the bench. Bit of paint makes it all look nice. The intermediate bearings on the half shafts were stuffed so I sourced some replacements including the inner races which needed to be swapped on the shaft. Easiest way to do these is cut through most of them with an angle grinder then some solid blows with a chisel should split them off. The UJs on the halfshafts a
  4. The 'build' is going well, the builders are ace, working solid hours and a tidy side. The project management of earthworks/services is rubbish, and thats where all the variations are.... yep, its the old bait and switch....
  5. So because this is real life I am currently looking at some nasty cost over runs on the build, not a small amount either (80k). I am fairly miffed with my contractor as the communication around this have been piss poor and its only after I asked a few questions were they forthcoming around the invoices I can expect. Making it worse is the $$ I had set aside to bid on some land at auction this weekend now has to be used for these variations and pours cold water on that idea.... Not a huge amount I can do, but it grinds me - I feel there is a thin line between a provisional cost esti
  6. For all your 1UZ needs... https://www.youtube.com/user/CartuneNZ
  7. Hopefully get another good push on the site this week. External is ready for final clad, all of the batts/jib has arrived to line out the internal. Builders got caught on another job so asking them to play catchup.
  8. Cheers, I still have quite a roll of marine carpet I was looking to use. So even close cell foam I'm going to get into trouble?
  9. Is there is a foam underlay you would reccomend? I want to put something in the landrover but at the risk of doing a deep water crossing and underfelt would have to be removed entirely to dry...
  10. It is.... the previous owners didnt ensure the strainer post was vertical as the concrete dried..... That gate is probably going to go, just not sure where yet....
  11. Fixed, must have gone dud last night
  12. Time to go fishing....
  13. Spam away... You're right, in many cases, the agents work to their incentive scheme rather than maximising the situation for the seller - who said a quick sale is a good sale? potentially leaving $$$ on the table there. With what I do for a living I could look to do this myself, in all honesty its the hassle factor with everything else I have going on in life. With a well trained agent they will do your bidding... I feel the commissions should look like investment funds...... you have a super low base rate, then a large performance fee i.e. achieve x% above the average price/G
  14. For alot of them, playing the game of FOMO is all they have got....
  15. So here’s my big on selecting an agent, and a bit on our strategy for selling this thing. First disclosure, I don’t have a background in RE but my day job is in corporate sales and know a fair bit about the area (various programs, training ppl etc). Also, salespeople are people too mmmmkay. Knowing what I know, I’m able to engineer the following process to the outcome I want. Quick tip, sales is 100% built on information, be transparent with information and sharp with questioning and you can have them eating out of your hand (or visa versa…) I don’t really know any agents persona
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