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  1. Try as I might I just couldnt get the lower quarter right, its just far too stretched and hollowed to come right again. Annoyed me so much I cut it out and started alloy welding a replacement in. Welding this burmabright isnt the easiest thing in the world, got 2/3 of the way through and ran out of gas. The fuel tank has a lead it it when the level is over 1/3 tracked it down to a section where the seam was separating. Took it into my glassblowing shop to repair, way easier to use the gas torches already set up there. I sent the second row doors and the rear barn door away for sandblasting. When you go to pick them up and they say "you've got your work cut out for you..." you know you are in for a treat.... Pretty much the entire upper box channel which starts from the window channel is gone (both sides) from those blasted drains. Decided not to much around and make it from scratch.... I really wish I had a wider folder good enough to do this kind of thing (save the $$$) as I'm having to make the channels in 2x sections...
  2. Far more civilised for the gentlemen sports car
  3. Whens the turbo and the megasquirt going in? Isnt that what all of the MX5 kids are doing these days?
  4. Lining up another batch of these skins for people who want them.... have all of my steps pretty well sorted but thinking of getting a smaller radius setup on my pipe anvil
  5. Have transfer box #3 to see if this one is any good. Later suffix D (Barry points there...). After cleaning all the crud off it this one turned into a minter, didnt bother pulling the shaft/bearings as other than a little bit of spline wear (I really cant be choosey at this point..)looked in great nick. Got it all mounted back in, new gaskets/orings etc, all went reasonably well
  6. nzstato

    ATC 200

    Used to have a racing quad back in the day. Got on a ATC at one point and tried to push it just as hard. Geeze they are tippy.... all for the price of one less wheel....
  7. Fair Just keep in mind, first shot if you do go to move it on
  8. Well this is a cool idea.... Has there been subaru conversions over the years?
  9. I'm sure most of this is boring as hell but it might help 1/100... The rear doors in these are notorious for rotting out... which means they are extremely difficult to find decent ones second had and the new reproductions are orribly expensive... I've cut that whole section away (all of these frames are going to the blasters). This little section is the cause of all of the problem. There are drain channels here (which look like an engineering afterthought) which get clogged with crud and rust out into nothingness, then you get water in the frame an the whole lot rots out. I will be making new drain channels . I'm not going to reskin these front doors, they are ok enough, I did however spend some time taking the dings out where I can (the ones hidden by the frame can stay there...). Working alluminium is SO nice, it moves so easily and files out well...
  10. Go to the godfather of the 1UZ.... He has a few vids up on the transwiring, how you can go manualising etc...
  11. Bit more time in the shed. Got these skins knocked out. Hammerform approach worked really well. Would ideally have access to slip rolls to do the radius a little bit better (and a nicer folder) but got there in the end... Will drop the frames off at the blaster, still alot of work in the back doors
  12. ^ yup, friend did the same a number of years back... had lockup converter on a seperate speed switch.
  13. Got it out this weekend.... had reset the tune on it and it starts/idles alot better, still not perfect without ICAV but good enough.... trying to track down a log manifold so I can setup an O2 to do some proper logging/tuning. Also, when I did my sale inspection I noticed a decent amount of water collecting in the bilge. Mr mechanic seller wasnt to phased and was happy to use the pump most of the time to clear the bilge, I used this to negotiate thinking that either the jet unit for the bolts holding the keel plastic on would need resealed. Turns out the solution is way easier... water is fair pissing out of the lower seal on the sandtrap. Where the seal fits to the housing was loaded up with old silt and preventing it from sealing (likely pulled apart in a hurry and never cleaned), likewise the seals are old and caked up with grit. Should be an easy fix....