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  1. Still doing this... More on the mechanicals.... Bought a valve seat cutter, refreshed the head. Inc new stem seals. Rough hone out of the cylinders. And start of the rebuild.... unfortunately I could only save 3x of the std 998 pistons so I'm on the hunt for another one. Its proving difficult...
  2. That’s the other idea. Challenging to find TDI manual which isn’t flogged out though. Will just have to see what come my way
  3. The axles I have are essentially the early version of what ended up in the defender/disco. It means a disc brake conversion can use existing LR parts.
  4. Tis the colour scheme I'm fond of. I used to drive a D2 Disco V8. I remember the fuel bills...
  5. Disco chassis is 100” wheelbase so would need to be lengthened Was trying to stay away from 200/300TDI as most stuff for sale is well worn and will need rebuilt. thinking either rebuild the running gear I have in it now (if parts are even available) or complete engine/gearbox swap to something which has the output shafts in the corect orientation. Options?
  6. I have the “when a 4x4 is born’ DVDs where a guy does exactly this. Would stay solid axle but wanted to get coils/disc brakes/power steer/modern power train in one hit rather than make up piecemeal
  7. Hmmm so that means I'm committed to a range rover chassis if I go down that path... with all the mechanical goodnesss
  8. Small win... 99% sure I can do my chassis swap as a modified production LVV assessed and not as a scratch built.... A series2 on a later chassis is an example given in this sheet.... That makes me happy.....
  9. That's an idea... Like you'd expect, a twitchy brick. But based on my experience from my previous one I know that can be improved. Just committed to not taking a spanner to it until this mini is finished...
  10. Model A fords, late model falcons, S1 land rovers... LR pricing seems two phased - either decent projects for a few k or stuff that has been barely tidied up for a WOF which is priced for moonbeams....
  11. Do it... place this came from had a paddock full of em no idea, it’s got a ratchet at the back so basically same design you’d see on s boat trailer
  12. Who knows about injector pumps? A bit smokey when you put your foot down (but otherwise fine) makes me think there is something worn in here... So whats the plan....? Firstly, I cant touch it until my mini is done... Last WOF was in 2018 so somewhat thinking of just putting it through seeing if the list is managable and using it from there. But long term I want to pull the whole thing down a do a chassis swap to a late model hilux/navara etc and build it up from there. Will respray and refit as much interior as possible to make as comfortable as possible. Only thing which would prevent that is if I have to rego as a 'scratch build' and do a cert from there. Otherwise would either repower or rebuild the running gear and do a disc brake/power steering modification. Time will tell.... Discuss
  13. So I've been somewhat pining for my old canvas topped Land Rover since I sold it a few years back.... the prices on these have started to get silly so I've been thinking I need to get back in the game or loose it forever.... But this time I've been on the lookout for a different model to allows the whole family to join in the LR fun and have been somewhat dreaming of overland camping trips in Central with the kids. So something along these lines popped up on a FB page a few months back, messaged the guy, seemed like a good option but had no funds at the time, others were interested so said thanks and moved on. Now I came into $$ and messaged again a low and behold its still available and they want to move it on.... Quick trip up to Timaru to inspect and back a few weeks later (today to pick it up....) So what have I got...? Its a 1962 SIIa (383th of the export model off the line, so early in the run) 109 StationWagon. Its been modified a fair bit (on declaration papers from '92) to run a Nissan ED30 diesel (my old one had an ED33..) into a 5speed Nissan box which is somewhat mated to a LR transfer case. It also has the (very good) later axles from a Stage1 V8 (basically a Dana60) to give 3.9 gearing with freewheeling hubs. A keen eye will note that the nose has been pushed forward - it doesnt need to be to fit the ED30, I wonder if it had an earlier 6cyl conversion. Body is a little rough (as we will see) but is largely complete. Got it home and first thing was to give it a waterblast, the lichen has gone to town on the paint.... Has a 'very period' winch.... I've figure out that most of the gauges work, has a wee heater with an exposed fan (watch the fingers)
  14. Not heaps to show with what I've been doing.... been building all the brakes/hubs up with the best used components I've sourced off these parts cars. At least I have now got it rolling.... I've bought another project so this will definately be for sale when complete....