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  1. Cheers, I still have quite a roll of marine carpet I was looking to use. So even close cell foam I'm going to get into trouble?
  2. Is there is a foam underlay you would reccomend? I want to put something in the landrover but at the risk of doing a deep water crossing and underfelt would have to be removed entirely to dry...
  3. It is.... the previous owners didnt ensure the strainer post was vertical as the concrete dried..... That gate is probably going to go, just not sure where yet....
  4. Fixed, must have gone dud last night
  5. Spam away... You're right, in many cases, the agents work to their incentive scheme rather than maximising the situation for the seller - who said a quick sale is a good sale? potentially leaving $$$ on the table there. With what I do for a living I could look to do this myself, in all honesty its the hassle factor with everything else I have going on in life. With a well trained agent they will do your bidding... I feel the commissions should look like investment funds...... you have a super low base rate, then a large performance fee i.e. achieve x% above the average price/G
  6. For alot of them, playing the game of FOMO is all they have got....
  7. So here’s my big on selecting an agent, and a bit on our strategy for selling this thing. First disclosure, I don’t have a background in RE but my day job is in corporate sales and know a fair bit about the area (various programs, training ppl etc). Also, salespeople are people too mmmmkay. Knowing what I know, I’m able to engineer the following process to the outcome I want. Quick tip, sales is 100% built on information, be transparent with information and sharp with questioning and you can have them eating out of your hand (or visa versa…) I don’t really know any agents persona
  8. Windows are now in. Picked an agent, negotiated <2% commission. Post to follow on how to do that. A few articles coming our how commission fees are obscene considering $ and the hot market, I agree but main reason is we sellers accept that without negotiation...
  9. Looking more 'house-like' now, glad they have it covered in to store materials, there is minimal room left in my shed. Likely to pick an RE agent tomorrow, will post up my process to do so.
  10. Builders weren't going to wait on the roofer so got the sheet delivered and started on it themselves. My spare shed is brimming with building materials so with the roof on they can plow on with the rest now that the weather has turned here is the south. 3 waters contractor was round to put in the new water connections, cant recall what the cost was for this (was in the total contract) but shouldnt be too much with such a short run. New power connections due in a few weeks also. Had a brief chat with my lawyer this morning, just to sign an easement to the council over the
  11. Being that I dont have too much time to keep my shed I went ahead and sprayed the front. I bashed out the main dents where there the best I could but realistically the whole front end needs alot of panel work at some point in the future - probably worthwhile to get a whole new clip. Ive got new bits on the way to rebuild the front axle so that's the next job on the list....
  12. I spent 4yr in a chem dept of a major uni. Lots of H&S yarns....
  13. Not sure, but better luck there than the other chem companies I know, there is an old guy (Neal) there who I used to work with. OG chem sales rep was on the road in an hq back in the day. failng that, try an online order at Sigma Aldrich
  14. If you still want to homebrew, find a chromate salt you can buy (sodium chromate?), and a zinc salt which is benign (zinc chloride?) and mix. Don't drink it. https://www.ecplabchem.co.nz/sodium-dichromate-ar-500g-see-view-product-details-for-specification-xidp1417552.html https://www.ecplabchem.co.nz/zinc-chloride-100g-lr-anhydrous-see-view-product-details-for-xidp1416386.html
  15. Cant get a roofer till the 27th, apparently these guys are super busy. Going through the process on selecting a RE agent. Might make a post on that if anyone interested?
  16. A bit more progress (but not too much pics). I must have melted the main fuel line shut when I welded the firewall and after attempting to turn it around in my street it ran out of diesel 100m from my house after sucking what was there in the filter. Got a new line made up but the cartridge filter that is in it is unobtainium at the local BNT and the existing sediment bowl is leaking air through one of the passages so will run one of the generic setups. An ongoing problem for this has been it popping out of the gearbox selector from the janky DIY shifter. The alignment pin on the shif
  17. Carjam only shows 1x other 1100 for '61 and nothing else for 60-64 (unless they screwed up the model). Be an interesting story how it ever came into the country....
  18. Milton.... former small industrial town... yep You said it would be yours....
  19. These guys are tidy and I'm impressed, I've passed that on.
  20. Again, I like the pace these guys move.
  21. Wall framing was up yesterday, I like the builders, unlike other crews on site they dont work government hours.
  22. Not my best painting in the world, nor the best photos in the light but I got the roof done and back onto where it is suppose to be. Looking alot more like a truck now...
  23. Concrete truck was here early, slab is now done, a milestone I am happy to see.
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