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  1. These paddock stands are awesome. I was probably a bit critical of the build quality. They're perfectly functional for what they need to do. I also discovered this: Best day ever!! Works so good. In the past I used blocks of wood and an axle stand, which wasn't secure and a rather optimistic amount of faith to hold the rear end off the ground. It would have looked right at home on a worksafe "what not to do" training video. Paddock stands for the win!!
  2. Cool new addition to the shed. Paddock stands: Let's just say, you get what you pay for. Mine were cheap and the quality (lack of) represents the price point. I had to manually stretch them out by standing on one end and pulling up on the other end, to fit my extra wide rear-end (thats not a flex). However price/quality aside - do they work...hell yes, they work great! Pretty handy for doing brakes, wheel changes, wheel bearings, stuff like that. I can even put the bike on the hoist and use the paddock stands under it as well...sweeeeet!! Also great way of storing bik
  3. I had to Google that to get that image above. Work phone... Just waiting for my boss to email me concerning breaching of my code of conduct.
  4. Same. But walk to the beat of my own drum...
  5. Funny how when you buy something like a motorcycle, you're also buying into a bit of a club containing others with the same obsession. Harley riders like leather and enjoy the company of other men, who also like wearing leather just a little too much. Dudes into scooters seem to do anything they can to make something that is already painfully slow...ummm...even slower by adding as much shit to them as humanely possible. And Hayabusa riders confirm that aliens have already landed!!
  6. 0.0cc???? FML...going nowhere fast, exercising to get back on my road to recovery after knee surgery. But hey, its getting better everyday, with 6 months recovery time ahead of me. After that, an actual ride going anywhere but here and really fast was in order. So I burned over to a mates house, where we rode together for a couple hours riding time. He's a very good rider and hung with me on his 1450cc softail harley. My bike would spank his if I pinned it, which we did a few times, as in totally spanked his. However at a respectful pace, he stuck with me thr
  7. This would have been so good!! It was registered too.
  8. You should totally repower a rolling motorcycle frame. Something like a hyosung, you see them for sale cheap as dereg.
  9. Quite an evolution from what it started life as eh.
  10. Picture montage inbound: Flash paint booth set up for satin black paint magic!! Now wooden blocks, hoping the rectangle shape will prevent the helmets twisting on the blocks, plus the inlet square tube will stop the block twisting on the stand...well thats the theory. Test fitting, rough enough... Finish product: And installed on the wall: If you've noticed the deer heads etc, you appreciate im having a little fun with the heads (helmets) on the wall theme. But its also a good way t
  11. Wheeled this beast out of the way, shifted platform into position. First problem...frame bottomed out on ramp. Guess it wasn't made for off-road clearances? Solution, a block of wood. Up she goes!! Hardly an achievement when my bike only weights about 220kg and the lift is rated to 450kg maximum capacity. But I'll never get sick of seeing the bike/s up off the ground either. Yip, pretty cool. Its not without its issues, mostly around some cheap quality parts and shit design ideas...but thats a story for another day.
  12. #livingmybestlife #buell4life Pump...pump...pump... Fuck yeah!!! Then, I'd be rude not to do work on it while its up there, so on go my recently acquired 40mm drop pegs: And fitted to the bike: The brake side was a real cunt. I had to cut 10mm off the brake booster input shaft to drop the brake peddle the required amount to work with the new lowered peg hight, as it was already maxed out on available adjustment. Because your leg is bent in half in the riding position, a 40m
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