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  1. First start up today. Turns out the 2 hours trying to start it this morning may have gone better if I'd figured out the the ignition was out by 180° earlier...but goes!
  2. Yes...yes...hell yes!!!! Boom!!!
  3. I had to Google what that motor is. Looks like wheelie bars may be mandatory after fitting that bad boy!
  4. Carburetor turned up today...yay!!! Another step closer. But no rush, as I don't really want to finish it, as then I'd have nothing to obsess over.
  5. Everything is looking rough as guts, and well it is. But eventually I'll flap disc it all back to pretty.
  6. I made the fake oil tank in order to house a battery for the coils (I have to externally bypass the magneto). Initially I thought undoing 4 bolts to swap would be fine, but it's a total pain in the arse! Solution:
  7. Hey, have you seen this? Similar - but different...but pretty dam cool! Just watched all of them, as I'm totally crippled by man flu right now.
  8. Not a lot going on with this lately. Toying with this idea for a choke lever And made this little fitting out of 4140 to hold the cvt to the motor. It has an 8mm hole, with allows me to use a long UNF bolt to pick up on the crank. The key way takes the torque, this just stops it going west!
  9. That came up well, what did you use?
  10. Best day ever! Went to Rotorua swap meet today with a good mate. Coffees, chups (yes I know it's spelt chips), more coffee, secondhand tools...bogans, munters, she-mullets and hardcore westies...what's not to like? Then I find it, like a diamond in a goat's arse...the missing flanges I've been looking for since ages ago! They even came with a manifold for a girl's harley (aka Sportster). Grubby as fuck and looking unloved, but a quick going over with the sandblaster had them looking new again. Pictured fitted to the 1340 manifold...success! Best day ever!!!
  11. Overview from behind with new coils fitted. I figure there's no bonnet on a motorcycle; so if you've got to have it, you may as well make it a feature.
  12. Cnt: Hole saw cuts a perfect fit. Welding stainless to mild seams to create a bit of a porous weld, but acceptable. Dry fitted...and I'm happy with the look it gives.
  13. Apparently you can buy these...actually I did, but inadvertently ordered the wrong size. So I decided to make some instead; The pipe was about 15mm in circumstance too big. I welded 25mm box section to it, then cut it right through leaving a gap. Next was hammer shrink it down to match the Lucas coil diameter. Done! Tidy it up later with flap disc.
  14. Made some leads today, fun little project where you get exactly what you want rather than some clown at Repco asking what your license plate number is and trying to find parts to match on their computer. I went straight to an auto electrician and got the right parts off him. $20 and a steal at that! I needed one end to go on the plug, the other into a Lucas coil. To achieve this the auto electrician told me a trick which was to reverse the steel clip...worked a treat!
  15. Love the front drum, fantastic innovation. How are bsa drums designed, are the leading or trailing style? Just thinking if run backwards if that changes things? Could it lock on? Sorry just thinking out reality I have no idea what I'm talking about.