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  1. Paint card...mmmm...rootbeer #brownisthenewblack
  2. Only the train spotters will notice, but the PX series has a plastic foot mat on the tunnel. I've always had a hard-on for the early wide frames, which have a couple (aluminum with rubber) channels like the floor board has, but on the tunnel as well (no ugly mat). So I've kinda copied the early models, where I reckon they got it right all those years ago.
  3. Pictures say it all. Blasted and epoxy primed...fuck yeah!! Super happy, such a mint body on this for 63 years old.
  4. I managed to find the period correct guards, so pretty stoked about that. It's now with my sandblaster...so hopefully I'll get it back in a few weeks time, blasted back to bare metal and primed. The body is really good on this one and I've been over it with a hammer and dolly, so will only require a minimal amount of body work once I get it back.
  5. Ready for sandblasting now. All rust removed, excess holes for 63 years of add on and fuckery all filled with metal. A fair amount of pannel beating done, front end was bent out of shape from previous "friendly nudges" its endured over the years. I re-upholstered the seat, and strengthened some know weak areas in the frame. Can't wait to get this to a sandblasted.
  6. Got shitloads done lately. Home for 10 days...yay covid!!
  7. Bit of progress made. Small steps, but parts seem to be finding their way to me...
  8. Motor going in. Fingers crossed at this stage. Then I set it down...gave it one kick and it fired up straight away into life on the first kick...fuck yeah!! I've put about 100km on it so far. It's got a lot more power than beforehand. I port matched the top end/intakes. Put Boyesen reeds in it and that's about it. Possibly tighter squish, though I never bothered measuring it? But whatever I did, it's working well.
  9. In the meantime I made this: Pulled together from various parts I managed to collect.
  10. Soooo...my motor blew up. Crankshaft big end took a shit. So this motor is getting a rebuild with go-fast parts.
  11. Disassembled and ready for paint...exciting!!
  12. And then this thing of beauty - 1962 classic I'm in love with this one. So awesome and if it could talk, I'm sure it has some stories to tell...
  13. Fuck yeah, awesome read. Keep up the good work
  14. Picked this up. Its actually better than it looks, although several items including the headlight have fallen off it in my short period of ownership. It was rattling and shaking like a bastatd!! So I went through it tightening up the obvious stuff. It's now 90% better...though I think there's a small bag of marbles loose inside the frame. Now - why would I purchase this, other than for its good looks, you may ask? Well, it sports a pretty wild engine. It started life as a 1977 PX125 Vespa, but now has a 177cc polini kit and port work - making this a very impressive little motor. Pulls hard and is noticeably faster than my other vespas. I think stock the little px125 is about 6hp? These polini kits are getting North of 15hp and it feels it too. So suffice to say, I'm in love with this little beastie.
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