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  1. Whats better than one awesome bike lift platform...2 of course!! Oh, and its air over hydraulic for the super dope street cred. I was half pie tempted to post a photo of my bigger one, lifting the smaller one, with the vespa on top...
  2. Added a cheap hour meter, so I can keep track of those services I won't do, then I can feel guilty about not doing them on time... That bracket for the hour meter was a nightmare to make. I stuffed up by drilling the wrong size holes, but persisted with trying to make it work after realizing what I'd done. Would've been much quicker starting again - but I didn't...FML On the plus side, it does look tidy now its done.
  3. Fancy new grips, stuck on with the old spray paint trick. I had to carefully cut the ends out enough for the bash guards to fit. Looks 1990's cool, which is the period correct look im after.
  4. I made a plate for the other side, to prevent the riders foot from going into the front sprocket. Probably not really an issue, as the way its tucked away, plus the near impossible chance something could squeeze into the gap between the upper/lower chains - but hey as I've always said "Saftey 3rd"... I also set the rear suspension up. Google tells me around 25-30mm of bike sag, plus around 100mm of rider sag is about where I want it. I measured: As it was when I brought it to be 32/120 which did feel a little droopy? 1st adjustment I made got 22/100 sag numbers, which made
  5. Built a heat shield, after all 3 of my kids got burns from the pipe. Slow learners - but so am I. Beating the flat aluminum into submission. Speed holes and file finishing. Tadah!! Pretty happy with it, should do the trick.
  6. Rear so big it doesn't fit the guard, so I cut it so it's somewhat protective, but functional.
  7. Much bigger rear sprocket. Should do the trick, along with the 11T front
  8. Had to machine this out. Didn't fit like it was supposed too. But sorted now
  9. Added neoprene fork gaiters. I think its a good preventive measure to take. Pretty cheap and easy to fit.
  10. Such a cool day yesterday. Went to a mates farm, my son was able to ride in big flat open areas at full throttle for the first time, so awesome for his confidence learning to ride in an environment like that. Then we did a few trails through tree lined tracks following a river. He loved this, however it was quite a step up in skill level, which he handled it like a champ. By the end of the day his confidence increasing more and more. We probably overdid it with the ride from the farmers house to the river trail. This was about 2km each way. My son was exhausted on the return leg. Nex
  11. All dressed up and nowhere to go... Fuck it, let's go somewhere and try it out!!
  12. I gave the carrier some absorption time overnight. I was trying to take shortcuts, and just bolt on that solution for the dirt bike, while keeping the vespa channel as well. It increases the moment something terrible. It was already pushing the limits and the additional channel increases it by 30%, something i wasn't happy about. So... Tears to my eyes cutting this masterpiece up. Additional rail welded in. This took a lot of thought. But the solution was easy once I got the idea squared away in my head. Sorted!!
  13. A mates farm had pylons replaced with bigger pylons. They got to keep the steel. Ive always tried to think of things that you could make out of it. Today I found a use: Sweeeeet!!!
  14. The boy keeps smoking the clutch. These bikes aren't really suited to hills like we have, that plus he's only just learning techniques like throttle control, not stopping halfway up a hill, conserving momentum etc...so I'm going as extreme as I can on the gear ratio. You think there'd be one that works in this pile...but nope Pretty much the same as whats on the bike. So I've ordered some shit off trademe: •11 tooth front sprocket (currently 14T on there now). •68 tooth rear sprocket (currently 54T on there now) • some
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