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  1. I took it for a big ride today. It went well, but you soon find yourself at the rev limit. I have an 80 tooth (from memory) sprocket on the rear, which is awesome for gravel roads and hills...but I could easy go to a 68 tooth for road use t get more speed. Anyway, it was fun. But I did notice a vibration...on closer inspection, the tyres are falling apart. They're just sack trolley tyres, not proper goped tyres. So the question has to be asked: "what do you do with shitty tyres" ... hmmmm???
  2. Kimjon sinks to a new low...pocket bikes!

    Warning: the following video contains excess crack possession. In most US states possession of this amount of crack would be a felony offence! Now it doesn't look fast...but it is, its really, really fast!!! My goped (26cc) does 55kph...and after riding this pocket bike, the goped feels very slow.
  3. SOHC's Briggs & stratton creation.

    Looking good. For about $160 you can buy a brand new honda 6.5hp clone. Could be the best way forward if all the others are to fucked?
  4. Kimjon sinks to a new low...pocket bikes!

    Seriously, this thing is nuts! I'm that guy who mocked their very existence when they first started showing up in the 90's. Admittedly...I similarly mocked mobile phones, also saying they'd never catch on either. So key points: 1) never take financial advice from me, as I clearly can't spot tends or recognise a good thing, even if it's right in front of me. 2) if you know someone, our see a pocket bike tucked away in the corner of their garage...ask for a cheeky ride. If it's a European motor in it, it'll blow your mind!
  5. Kimjon sinks to a new low...pocket bikes! grown ups?
  6. Kimjon sinks to a new low...pocket bikes!

    Fyi: its a Blata elite 10, which is a super rear and equally high quality European pocket bike. Not the usual Chinese junk out there. I brought it to cut up for parts and intended to use these parts for another goped project. My mistake was to: 1) Google search what I had just unknowing brought. 2) Ride it, as it was such a rush. So I'm keeping it. It's far too awesome to simply cut up for parts.
  7. I never envisaged I'd end up here. But just like weed is a precursor to more dangerous and experimental risk taking, it turns out gopeds are too. Unknowing I've gone from this: To this: And now somehow ended up here... Yes the equivalent of smoking a few harmless joints with your mates one day...then waking up on a blood stained mattress, down a dark alleyway with a smack needle hanging out your arm a few years later. Somehow, and I never saw the warning signs (though everyone else did) I've ended up buying a pocket bike. Not the best decision for a 6' 4" 100kg ginger. However...fuck yeah, seriously fuck yeah...this thing is ridiculous!!! It does 80kph, you have to be so careful or it will pop the front wheel up. It's simply mad how stupidly fast this motor is. So for now I'm embracing my new addiction...I'm in control, I only do it socially...I could give up anytime I wanted to.
  8. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Would the size of the carb be in the ballpark? I've got a 19mm deulorto (spelling?)...but I've always thought it to be a little small, despite it running okay.
  9. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Your bike is badass!!! Question: Would the VM26 work on a 2-stroke...say a 180cc twin cylinder wajax motor for example??? I can make an adapter to fit, just not sure about if it's worth trying?
  10. This thing is a torque monster! It's not even hitting power band on my driveway (not enough room), just as it's about to scream... I'm thinking about needing to stop! With more room, power band kicks in and front end feels light as it tries to lift. Flat spot all gone. Could improve tune a little, but pretty much good to go.
  11. Solved the mystery...coil, coil, coil...mother fucking brand new coil was a dud! It had me fucked as it (the God dam fucking coil) was a new part, so I was thinking it must be fuel related hesitation...but once my logic circle came full circle, I tried another coil out of!!!! No more flat spot in the mid range. Now time to ride this thing like I stole it!
  12. The price of education continues. List of things that engines don't like...earlier in the day a reed petal came loose...the screw and washer went through the lower end and jammed the motor up. Took about 2hrs to tear it down and free up the crank.
  13. Is there a Facebook page selling goped stuff?