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  1. Kimjon

    POR15 full of shit!

    Not sure why it's rusting under the paint. But I wouldn't use the product for anything valuable. Will stick to etch primer and 2K from now on.
  2. Kimjon

    POR15 full of shit!

    I thought that too...But where the rust had little to no prep done, it's rusted the worst by far. I wasn't expecting it to work to be honest...But thought I'd share the photos. It's only visible due to it been clear, otherwise you'd think it was perfectly fine as the surface still looks fine.
  3. Kimjon

    Tire Lettering 'Pens' & painting Q's

    Come least write something funny on them?
  4. Kimjon

    POR15 full of shit!

    Finally; this part was covered in flakey paint and old rust. I hit it with a flap disc until it all looked shiny...But it wasn't the best of jobs I'll admit. However according to por15 it would just about stick to anything and prevent further this was overkill preparation. Interestingly enough, if it was black colour...I'd think it was doing it's job. The por15 looks perfect from the outside, no cracks, no chips, no hazing...nothing at all to show it's defective on the outside. It's only because I used clear, that I can see the rust growing underneath. If it was black...I would be totally unaware of any issues.
  5. Kimjon

    POR15 full of shit!

    Next up is some metal that was prepped much the same way, but obviously no as well. You can see the rust growing underneath the clear. It's like a spider web....and each month I see it spreading further.
  6. Kimjon

    POR15 full of shit!

    I'm prepared to be shown the errors of my way, but here is some photo's I thought may entertain you all. Why por15? Well online it's touted as the best thing to use on the likes of chassis, fuel tanks, engine mounts...all those places that rust really easily under the car. It's said to love rust, basically stick to it and protect it from deteriorating further etc. Apparently you don't need to put a lot of effort into prep work which is another big plus. This bike fork is looking mint, about a year on from clear coating in por15. This was sanded back with a flap disc to bear metal...then painted in por15. Looks mint, but so it should. I'd expect the same result from any normal paint too. It's kept under a cover, so no uv light can get at it, as I was told por15 doesn't like sunlight. I didn't really expect this to last in all honesty and always had my doubts about doing it like this with no etch primer...But thought these results may deter anyone who's thinking of brushing this on their chassis (in the same product, but probably with black tint in it) and calling it job done.
  7. Kimjon

    Bens 61 Belair talky talk.

    That's pretty open. Unlikely to really improve braking performance. ..but a heap easier to service and get parts for.
  8. Kimjon

    Bens 61 Belair talky talk.

    The disc they need to be certified too? Or because you've used stock spindle can you get away without cert?
  9. So I learnt how to do epic wheelies on this thing. Basically go half throttle to just touch on powerband...back off...hit it hard again...and fuck yeah! Did this all day long!!! Yip, no rear brake means no way of saving it once you go too far. Managed to fuck myself and the goped up pretty well. The brake caliper = total right-off, buy another one. Exhaust = do it all again...fucked! Front brake disc = badly buckled and miss shaped. So I bent the disc roughly into shape...then did this to get it pretty good: Finished it by mounting wheel back on and then rotating it inside the new brake caliper and taping it over little by little until no rubbing sound occurred within a nice tight gap. Mint as bro!
  10. Kimjon

    Bens 61 Belair talky talk.

    I like the glass half full outlook you have...nice one
  11. Kimjon

    Bens 61 Belair talky talk.

    I'm pretty sure that my floor is only 100mm with steel reinforced concrete. Think I'm fucked here...might have to cut out a section and reinstate it, but thicker.
  12. Kimjon

    Bens 61 Belair talky talk.

    Yip, love the 4 doors too. I think it's because a couple mates had them 20 odd years ago and we'd road trip everywhere in them. Even back then they were flash cars...spent every cent they had making them look cool. Immaculate panel and paint, 350 motors...high 13sec quater mile times. Think that's why I ended up with the 4 door too. There were cheaper 2 doors around...but I just had to get 4 door as i find the shape more appealing. Plus "4 doors, more whores" as they say:) Question: the hoist...what thickness concrete. Any issues with that expansion cut next to the post? It's seriously my next thing I want.
  13. Ordered 4 new tyres with tubes online. They arrived today. Un-boxing stuff that arrives in the post is a guilty pleasure of mine. Even though I have a pretty good idea what's going to be in the still feels like a little present to myself that I'm unwrapping. Wheel off... new tyres on...boom! Mint as!!! These new tyres are so much better in every way possible. Slightly smaller diameter gives better acceleration and they are perfectly round and ride much truer than those shit sack trolley tyres ever did. Success!
  14. Kimjon

    Kimjon's Harley bobber project

    Drive belt arrived. I worked out the length using some 7th form mathematics I kind of remember. I then had to order the closest thing to it size wise. Problem is my maths was in between sizes available. So I went bigger. Logic been worst case it should still work versus not fitting at all. My remote oil filter is a bit close to the belt. But I have an easy solution for this. I'd like another 5mm of clearance to avoid potential issues.