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    Prepare your eyeholes, tis a van update! So far nothing has broken, which makes me rather suspicious. When i replaced the head I just filled the rad with h2o, thought i'd better chuck some coolant & a thermostat in. With the thermo in it started dieselling on shutoff, I managed to overcome my inner barry and leave it in, and fix the dodgy linkage that was causing it to idle a little too high. Carbs dont have fancy electrical wizardry solenoid. Has gotten lots of use lately, several inter-city trips etc which has been cool. Also picked up a rather cool but somewhat rotten parts ute/lawn ornament + parts from yet another ute thanks to Ben the car-wrangler (not sure what his username here is) so now have even more surplus parts for my next of kin to scrap in the future. Funnily ended up with yet another 4k motor, had given one with scooter-pile to blizzo as I really only need one spare, Ben had one lying around and was like hey, you'll want this! I was like "nah its all good just gave one away".. "yeah but this one has a k50 attached" yeah fair enough so in the back of the ute it went. Most importantly I now have genuine leyland(tm) seat mounts which will allow me to put the seats back a little further, which will improve comfort considerably, and a pair of navy xtra-cheap commercial spec door cards just like it used to have. Had to fight numerous, large, BL lovin' white-tails for these.
  2. Apparently there's another one in matamata, hence beginning a south waikato vs piako district Marina van rivalry, which I have the upper hand in as only I know about it.
  3. Gutted I missed seeing your ute thursday @tortron, wanted to foam over its champagne gloriousness
  4. May well do, usually take february in its entirety off anyway. Probably take actual station wagon haha

    Sussed out my interior light tonight, and plugged in the heater blower switch. Flicked the switch and plenty of current draw but no go.. After staring at it thoughtfully for a bit, gave the heater box a judicious kick and with a Whrcrunchsqueaksqueakwhirrcrunchsqueakwhirrrrrrrrrrr It came back to life, meaning that at this point EVERYTHING WORKS. Place your bets on what will break first now
  6. Beaubots 1982 ER30 Skyline sedan

    Cool, haven't seen an r30 for ages. Had one with an L20et and auto back when they were "random old pos" rather than "appreciating classic", always thought it was great with so many random features, including the now-common windscreen fluid low light, and a light for when the spare tyre was missing! I'm pretty sure they were specced higher than the r31 in fact. may you have many happy miles! edit: also some motor honey like moreys stabiliser or its lucas equivalent won't fix your diff, but will shut it up at about 30% by volume (only for open diff, will probably wreck an lsd)

    New fanbelt, vented the cap, re-oiled the front shocks.. turned out what I thought was diff backlash clonking was actually the u-bolts being loose a.f clonking, phew! also much less rattly in general, not that it matters as I now have giant speakers All I can really think of now to suss out before random upgrades/neglect is a non-working heater blower motor (though enough crap came flying out of the vents during test running that i'm hopeful it will work now) and a non-working front interior light. Idles a little erratically too, sometimes steady at 700rpm, sometimes steady at 1000. Probably carbs a bit out of sync or timing but no big deal, she runs good!

    Shakedown run today, "little van in the big city". Went well, just need to tighten fanbelt a touch & vent the fuelcap (is a radiator cap fitting, typical leyland build-efficiency) bit of excess lash in the diff too to look at, not terrible though.
  9. Jesses lada sharn thread

    solidarinosc comrade! Great project. I vote 4g15 power haha

    Van is now road legal for the first time in a decade Just needed a couple of bits & pieces, wiper bolts tightened, one plate light out, rear brake balance, rear door weatherstripping (chucked some random stuff on, effective and s&m looking) and headlight aim. Still heaps to tutu with as I go Next on the list: -get a needle point grease nozzle/ maybe jack van up on random angles so I can grease front & rearmost universal -halogen headlight conversion -pair of 70s house speakers for GWAR and slayer only (and jethro tull's aqualung) -keep tidying the body -idle past educational institutions etc
  11. Haha! Need a crap old piano to gut out & carry around on the roof rack
  12. Cheers! Am looking forward to bewildering the general public and concerning parents once again with hilarious underdog jalopy

    All I'm waiting on now is tie rod bushes from the UK, should have ordered them earlier damnit. Have painted a good deal of the floor pan, and ingested at least 6.2kg of ancient road debris, mostly through the eyes of course. Got a new horn, it's a Lucas high tone so a bit cheery but ah well. Jammed some cheap driving lights on, even used a relay, flash I know. They emit at least 3x as much light as the Lucas headlamps, which just get left on high beam, couldn't blind a possum. Also nos Marina front mud flaps to keep the mud out of the bottom of the guard. heater blower is no go, motor is getting current but not spinning, unsure how keen I am to get involved in 70s BL heater nightmare tbh

    Getting so close to wof-attempt time now, got windscreen squirters & fuel gauge going, chin spoiler on (+10 bhp) seats, door cards etc. Hopefully just re-attach the earth to the horn and a pair of tie-rod bushes (which I should really order) to go. Brakes work well with new fluid and various levels of abuse to free them up

    time for some panelvan particularisation! put the motor back together with the supposedly recon head from aforementioned engine collection, im no expert but looks a lot nicer, can still see toyota logo stamped on valves, rockers move a bit more freely etc, used oem gasket and the arp headbolts and pushrods from head-donor, and lower thermostat-holder thingy from the old head. I laugh now but when I fired it up, immediately a loud & terminal sounding knocking resounded, after extensive jerking about turned out to be the valve cover needed to be .027mm to the left to stop a rocker tapping it! Is now running like a dodgy 70s sewing machine, i.e beautifully. Also put the windscreen in, used the ol string trick which quickly devolved into the "steal missus good crochet-hooks and use them like tyre levers" when my crappy string broke. Used swearwords as lubricant. This led to the revelation that the windscreen wipers are in fact still operational, in all of their glorious 2 speeds (one of those speeds being "off") Have some more bodging in the works so should have another update soon